Fab Feb 2009 bar: toddle on in, grab a pew: mummy's in need of a drink or two...

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dinkystinky Fri 26-Feb-10 10:12:57

New thread for us to natter on about our toddling terrors... complete with some virtual booze. Mine's a french martini....

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dinkystinky Fri 26-Feb-10 11:18:37

<Feels all alone, starts eyeing the bar snacks>

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katieblirdsnest Fri 26-Feb-10 12:01:05

i'm in, i've decided to go back in time and go for a vodka and orange. that's the only think i can contemplate with today's cold/hangover mix. i feel shocking...and not looking my best either. people are slightly recoiling when they come into my office.

katieblirdsnest Fri 26-Feb-10 12:01:43

thing not think. typing is clearly too much for me to cope with today.

mumoverseas Fri 26-Feb-10 12:16:20

<mos sticks her head in and wonders if she is allowed in as she lives in a 'dry' country?>

dinkystinky Fri 26-Feb-10 12:27:02

Its a virtual bar MOS - open to all wink

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dinkystinky Fri 26-Feb-10 12:27:45

KBN - my hangover drink of choice in my student days used to be a vodka redbull <shudder> Oh those were the days...

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mumoverseas Fri 26-Feb-10 12:32:47

yay! I'll have a baileys then. Cheers!

Its our weekend (yesterday and today) and DH has had to go into work. It was only about 2 hours yesterday and today its been nearly 4 hours which is annoying but understandable.
He is the company pensions manager and is trying to sort out the death in service benefits/pension for his friend who died yesterday. I think he is really struggling as its so close to home.

Turns out it was two cars full of bloody saudis that were racing. After his friend was run over a few seconds later another car came along and stopped. Two saudis jumped out, started wailing and crying and then drove off. Luckily one of the other cyclists got his registration number and the police have caught them all. I hope they throw the book at the bastards and don't try the old 'blood money' trick to get away with it.

Hope everyone is doing ok

katieblirdsnest Fri 26-Feb-10 13:51:59

what was i thinking? it's a bloody mary i need. with extra tabasco please dinky.

mos i'm so sorry about your dh's friend. must be horrible having to sort the paperwork for him but perhaps comforting that he's in some way helping his family.

i typed a long message yesterday but obviously failed to post (and that was before the drink!). one of the things i was telling you mos was that the observer had an article in their new (horrible) look magazine written by the author hilary mantel about the day she and her dh left saudi after living there for 4 years. thought it might be of interest to you, i'm sure you could find it online. her experience was from the early 80s so i'd hope things have improved slightly since then but i'm sure some of it will ring true with you.

dinkystinky Fri 26-Feb-10 14:05:43

Here you go KBN - complete with worcestershire sauce and tabasco on the side for you to add... enjoy!

MOS - sorry your DH is finding it so hard, but I hope it helps him with his grief actually having something practical to do to help his friends family out. Glad they caught the bastards!

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dinkystinky Fri 26-Feb-10 14:06:37

PS meant to post earlier but Danny slept through last night for the first time in longer than I care to remember. Maybe I should go for a glass of fizz to celebrate hmm

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katieblirdsnest Fri 26-Feb-10 14:14:34

you definitely get bubbles. how brilliant and i think danny deserves a special drink too, a bit of chocolate powder in his milk perhaps? did you make the most of it or did you do that thing of annoyingly waking up anyway?

TulipsInTheRain Fri 26-Feb-10 14:40:30

that'll teach me for having a thread open for 20 mins before i post.... i missed dinky's link blush

JD and a spleash of coke for me purlease..... Fridays are hellish round here, i need something with a kick to it wink

well... for anyone who cares this was my post on the other thread;

"lord MOS.... what a shock.

good for you taking the higher ground and being supportive for your dh despite how he treated you after your mums death btw, must be hard.

A had his hair cut at the barbers yesterday, he was surprisingly good, whinged a bit but stayed still enough for the barber to do a nice job of it. It badly needed doing, he had lots of long (5/6 inches) wispy bits which were getting all tangled and matted."

mumoverseas Fri 26-Feb-10 14:52:50

<mos pops in for a re-fill of her baileys>

KBN thanks for that, will google that article

TITR Can't imagine H will sit still for a haircut. DD (3.4) is having her FIRST haircut tomorrow. Its taken ages to persuade her to let me have a bit cut off and only managed to because the lovely hairdresser has a special trick. She puts sparkles in the girls hair afterwards and thats how she gets them in. She tells them they will look like princesses!

SilveryMoon Fri 26-Feb-10 19:22:50

Hey. Hope everyone's well. I still have no laptop. I'm going crazy here without it. It really is amazing how much it affects my mood and mental state. I've been really down and spent all yesterday on tears.
Anyway, will be getting back on next Friday and will catch up then.
I'm posting this from dp's iPhone and my fingers are too big and screen too small.
Take care everyone and I hope to be back soon. xxx

MrsY Fri 26-Feb-10 19:25:58

Hello lovely ladies.

Please accept my sincere apologies for utter crapness, I'll buy you all a drink to make up for it!

It's been such a long time since I have been able to get on here, with one thing and another, however, I shall try and be better. Hope we are all well.

MOS - sorry to hear about your DHs friend, did you see much of him outside work?

Dinky hurrah for Danny, hope he can send some virtual sleeping vibes to his birthday buddy, but as she's been sick most of today 'round at Nana's, I doubt tonight is going to be the night!

Any big news from the Fab Febbers?

TheHouseofMirth Fri 26-Feb-10 19:58:17

Mine's a Campari & orange and a packet of pork scratching please...

MOS DS1 was really traumatised by his first hair cut at 2.5 years. They cut it way too short and he (& I) cried all the way home with him repeating all the way "It will grow back, won't it, Mummy". Took me 2 years to get him back in a hairdressers but now he is totally seduced by the biscuits and juice they give him and he loves going. Am planning to take T to have his wispy bits dealt with but am taking him to Trotters where they have special children's hairdressers and a lovely aquarium to distract them.

Lucky you Dinky though I bet you feel rubbish today! I always do when I get a relatively good night.

Think I'm going to have to admit defeat and put Mr T in pyjamas. I had vowed to keep him in babygros until he is 17 a bit older but what with all the rolling over and running away I'm losing the will to live, especially after the initial battle to get a nappy on him.

dinkystinky Fri 26-Feb-10 20:18:11

KBN - I did the stupid thing of waking up loads of course hmm Fingers crossed he sleeps tonight again. Danny is also going through the delightful stage of wailing whenever I get him after bathtime and tell him to say goodnight to his nanny - he comes to me, has a cuddle then tries to go back to her and if I lift him up to take him to his bedroom wails like crazy stretching his arms out to his nanny. Sigh. Repeat to self ad nauseum - its just a phase and this too will pass - though doesnt half make me feel guilty/sad. sad My secretary at work (single mum, lovely 12 year old boy, really nice lady) wasnt in today as her bastard of a fiance dumped her last night - been together a year and a half, he moved in a year ago and over 2 months ago his ex dumped his 2 teenage kids (who she's really made an effort with and gets on well with) on her for 2 weeks - and they've been there ever since, taking her son's room in the tiny 2 bed house she owns, and she's been cooking and cleaning for 5 and looking after them, making sure they do their school work etc while he's off doing his own thing - and he dumps her because she told him he had to lay down the law to his ex and tell her she had to get a place and take the kids back as my secretary's tiny place simply isnt big enough for 5 people to live in full time and he didnt want to do it. angry She is devestated and the bastard didnt even say sorry or explain to her DS why he was going. Am wishing a lifetime of piles and then some on the spineless bloody wonder.

Silverymoon - nice to see you briefly but sorry you're feeling so low. Hope you're back properly v soon so we can give you a group hug and hopefully cheer you up. In the meantime sending some wine and chocolates in your direction.

MrsY - lovely to see you on. Sorry M is poorly - there are sooo many bugs doing the rounds at the moment. No big news yet but there are several acting trying to deliver some big news - Rosie, Markstretch, Spotty to name a few.

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dinkystinky Fri 26-Feb-10 20:19:45

THOM - I put Danny in Pjs at weekend and let his nanny have the babygro battle during the week. <evil cackle>

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LittleMissNorty Fri 26-Feb-10 20:23:09

but definately not me! I won't be delivering any big news!

Sorry to read about your secretary Dinky....what an arsehole!

I've had E is PJs for a while now as I was getting popper fatigue.....so much easier. I do have some babygo's still, but not many. I got out the babygro he came home from hospital in the other day.....it was soooooo teeny.

Well we've been to London for the day....boat trip from Greenwich to Westminster <vomit> then the aquarium. The DCs LOVED it but we thought £17.50 per adult was a bit steep for what you get. Hastings (although smaller) is just as good. Underground and DLR back to Greenwich and a MacDonalds to finish off. They had a whale of a time smile but we're knackered.

I do object to poxy rubgy being on the TV on a Friday night....will have to do some internet shopping I think hmm

littlesez Fri 26-Feb-10 22:03:28

hi guys fell off the lst thread so hoping to keep up here not much sleeping going on here so feel like im running on empty i need to swear! fucking bollocks hairy arsehole shitter piss fuckity fuck fuck big fat arse

feel a bit better now ! i need my hot choc fix now going to take it to bed i think night guys ill read posts nd catch up soon xxx

swampster Sat 27-Feb-10 00:30:10

You can run but you can't hide! Another Bloody Mary here too, please. Make it a triple. DS1 is SIX!!!

So sorry, MOS.

HOM, Can I tempt you to my neck of the woods for a haircut party? I have a fabulous Man who comes round to the house and does me AND the smalls for a bargainacious price. We can have a Haircut Party. With Real Alcohol.

Hellooo everyone else, hello lairysez. grin

mumoverseas Sat 27-Feb-10 05:28:52

wow, lots to catch up on overnight.

dinky sorry you are having trouble with your two, please don't be sad, I'm sure it will all pass.
Very sad for your poor secretary. What a complete arse. Didn't she suffer a bereavent last year or was that someone else's secretary? Maybe Herby? Where is she by the way?

THOM thats what has worried me about getting DD her first haircut. A few times we've talked about it she had said she doesn't want 'boy hair'.

MrsY welcome back.

littlesez sorry you seem to be having a bad day.

SM sorry you are having a crap time too. I can't cope without my laptop and quite often we lose internet connection for hours/days at a time and I feel lost. No contact with the real world!

Question for you all. Asked on another thread but got ignored sad
Doing a charity nearly new sale here in a few weeks, a bit like the NCT ones. Just pricing stuff up and have a lot of brand new (still with labels on) Osh Kosh shorts, skirts and tops. What sort of price do you think I should put. Also, what is the going rate for nearly new stuff? TIA x

SweetTalkinWoman Sat 27-Feb-10 06:27:50

Wow - loads to catch up on!

MOS - really not sure about the pricing of stuff but will be interested to hear others thoughts because I'm going to be doing a sale in a month or so. From what I can tell, I don't think you get that much for clothes, whether they are a label, or new, or not, but you never know!! So sorry to hear about your DH's friend - what an awful thing to happen sad.

Littlesez - may I join you in the ranks of the sleep deprived? Just had a run of bad nights from my two and last night DH stayed at a friend's so of course I got a good run for my money...hmm.

Dinky - we have a similar situation with our childminder - in fact O calls her "Mummy Laura". It used to hurt, but then I realised that it just means that we have found a great person to look after our kids, that they love!!

MrsY - good to have you back (and with your old name!!)

All this talk of booze is not good! I never want to touch a drop again...., well, not this weekend anyway! I had a fantastic leaving do - went to the wine bar at 1pm then staggered home at 10pm, in a surprisingly ok state. my colleagues had clubbed together an bought me a gorgeous Tiffany necklace and flowers, and joined me all afternoon, then in the evening some of my yummy mummy friends came up from Essex - one of them hasn't been back to the City for 4 years! It was a blast and I took loads of photos - the end of an era really.

Today we are off to see my Dad and Grandad, then will be staying at my mum's - she will babysit while DH and I meet some friends for a curry, then lunch and stuff with my sister on Sunday. Phew! Then new job on Monday.

I think I've missed loads of news from the old thread, but hope everyone is OK.

dinkystinky Sat 27-Feb-10 13:49:23

Bloody Marys all round then. Happy birthday to the original Swampster - hope he had a good one! MOS, STW - I know its because Danny loves his nanny and feels secure with her (and we love her too) - DS1 went through a similar stage - but still hurts abit. Ho hum - this too will pass (as did the sleeping through phase which was a one night wonder hmm). STW - sounds like you had an absolutely fantastic leaving do - am glad. MOS - I'd say half price if you definitely want to shift the brand new labelled stuff, if you're not worried I'd say maybe 60 - 75% of the retail price - though not an expert on second hand stuff pricing I have to admit. Have yet to actually make it to a nearly new sale - always seem to be otherwise occupied at the relevant time.

Had brunch with some friends of ours who have just had their third baby and the experience of cuddling a little baby to sleep has made me all broody again - our kids and theirs got on really well, we had some fizz with brunch and all in all it was a lovely morning. Danny spent most of his time walking from one room to another bless him so its definitely off to go get him some my first shoes tomorrow.

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend.

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