April 2009 - Episode 12 - 'I'm wearing mine pink one Princess Tutu'

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Feierabend Mon 15-Feb-10 12:20:11

Here we go!

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bronze Mon 15-Feb-10 12:32:35


BoffinMum Mon 15-Feb-10 12:58:00

Feier, WRT househunting, just give feedback to each agent saying you wouldn't consider buying the house because it looks too uncared for.

Thanks for supportive messages re: DD. Thing is, she has used up a lot of family time, emotional support and money only to drop out at the final hurdle, and her real reason, if you delve beneath the spin, is that she is a bit scared of exams, an old problem a lot of people have given her help with over the years.

I am not convinced she will make a go of it because frankly she's a bit lazy. But there you go, that's kids for you.

bronze Mon 15-Feb-10 13:35:01

I can understand not liking exams. It's the main reason I never went on to any higher education. Even now I would love to go back and learn something different but even evening classes these days require you to get a qualification which generally means coursework and exam.

At least she will have learned something from her time at uni even if it's only a few life lessons.

getOVERyourself Mon 15-Feb-10 13:54:55

<<runs in>>

Marking place

<<runs out again>>

dawntigga Mon 15-Feb-10 13:55:03

Waves to all.

Went to Dr's with The Cub - has had a bad cold for over a week and blisters started to appear on his hands yesterday out of nowhere. The Dr scared the crap out of my by asking if he had blisters around his mouth or on his feet as he might have bloody foot and mouth!!!!!! He hasn't but for a minute there my heart was in my mouth!


gingersarah Mon 15-Feb-10 14:19:25


I hope you are all well – I have skimmed through to catch up but don’t think I can respond to everything!

Boff – every idiot and his tamagotchi has a degree these days, it may be neither here nor there for your dd as having one does nothing to differentiate one 22 year old from another. I would argue that doing something she is passionate about is far more likely to be the making of her than half-arsedly “finishing” a degree with poor grades, even if she doesn’t fail. And anyway – it’s her life.

Fei – what do you care if the house seller hasn’t cleaned? Be the clever one who can see past the cat shit and put in canny low offer. Honestly, the less they care about superficial crap, the better, if you have any sense.

Bronze, good luck with your house selling. Have you seen a place you want?

Best wishes to WFH and her mother.

Auld – what is happening about your temporary house move? I think you need to tell your husband to pull his finger out on this one, force him to book a week off and pack, or tell him to hire people and supervise it.

Bicnod, glad the sleeping is improving. There’s nothing like it…

Well I am back at work (4 days) and it is surprisingly ok. V is fine between the childminder, me, and DP, and is not as sick or tired as the other babies I know who have been going to nursery. She still breastfeeds morning and evening, although I can’t tell anyone else about this as everyone else I know who has babies has been obsessed with getting them off the breast since the second they turned 6 months and they will think I am a weirdo. It’s fun going somewhere that I don’t have to clean in nice clothes. And work is essentially really easy, and doesn’t matter all that much, and you can read on the train. It’s an unstable industry and my job is far from safe, so I it’s important to enjoy it while it lasts, I might be job hunting tomorrow. It’s nice to feel active and slim again now that I can walk properly. One day I got stuck at a meeting and didn’t make it back in time to see V and I felt broken hearted. But that was just one day.

V is trying to walk, doesn’t see the point of crawling and rarely bothers trying – when she does, she goes backwards – still loves clapping and will give spontaneous rounds of applause to anything that amuses her, eats everything in the world, pulls strange little girls’ hair and still somehow manages to make friends after what you would think would not be an inauspicious start.

gingersarah Mon 15-Feb-10 14:23:08

double negatives! Damn multitasking. auspicious.

Feierabend Mon 15-Feb-10 16:22:47

Hello Ginger, nice to see you. Well I think it would be basic politeness to clean something that you're trying to sell hmm Anyway they still expect to get the asking price so no point in making a low offer. I think we will just not be buying that particular house as it's also got all sorts of other things wrong with it grin

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Bicnod Mon 15-Feb-10 16:58:43

<cocks leg>

mrsgboring Tue 16-Feb-10 07:54:32

Morning all

Got back from Brussels late last night after a very very loooooong journey because of Belgian commuter train crash.

Boys were amazing on the fearfully long trip - we stood in Lille station for well over an hour and DS1 barely complained, even though it was freezing and boring. I could cheerfully strangle the man in the station sandwich shop/bar in Lille for being slow and obtuse and complaining about being given a 5 Euro note instead of change. But Eurostar were excellent.

Proper catchup coming when the boys aren't throwing plates round the dining room <oops>

PuzzleRocks Tue 16-Feb-10 08:52:28

Ah here we are.

Welcome back MrsG.

Hi Ginger - Sounds like everything is falling into place beautifully.
As for not telling people you are breastfeeding. shock Tell them about the crazy lady you know from t'internet who fed her eldest until she was 30months. That'll make their hair stand on end. grin

PuzzleRocks Tue 16-Feb-10 08:54:37

Gosh yes, that dreadful crash. sad

LoobyLaBoobs Tue 16-Feb-10 10:52:37

Hey everyone im back been toooooooooo long! x

LoobyLaBoobs Tue 16-Feb-10 10:54:09

and i need help.... il wait til someones here x

Bicnod Tue 16-Feb-10 11:29:38

Fei, you're a sneaky one bagging the last thread wink

Ginger - sounds like things are going well... you give me hope that I won't stop living when I'm parted from O on my return to work.

Boff how's the DD situation now?

Tigs glad the Cub hasn't got foot and mouth shock

MrsG welcome back, well done your sons grin I would definitely have been whingy and moany in their position

Hi Puzzle <waves>

Looby welcome back grin what's up?

Feierabend Tue 16-Feb-10 11:37:39

Bicnod mwah! I never replied re meeting up this week, what are you doing tomorrow? Or even this afternoon?

Hello Looby!

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LoobyLaBoobs Tue 16-Feb-10 11:41:39

Oliver will not go to sleep in his cot.
He used to, until recently, now he just cries and cries and cries, not even cries, he screams the house down!

Even if hes fell fast asleep downstairs and we put him down he will wake up and bawl.

Everynight he has to come in our bed to go to sleep. I love having bedtime snuggles but its getting out of hand now. i know we have given in too easily by putting him into bed with us but when i have to study all day and dp is working 14 hour shifts we just want a quick fix!

last night is a good example of how it is. Oliver started falling asleep downstairs so i took him to his cot, as soon as he realised he was in his room he started to cry, i rocked him til his eyes shut and went to put him down and he screamed hysterically, as soon as i pick him up he stopped, i gave up and put him in bed with me til he was flat out then put him down, he stayed asleep. 3o'clck this morning he started screaming and wouldnt go back down. 2 hours of trying and he ended up in our bed.

ive tried leaving him to cry and hope he goes to sleep but he just gets hysterical and makes himself sick.

i actually cant take anymore, this probably sounds pathetic but hes always been such a good baby, now hes gone off track i dont know what to do.... please please save my sanity sad

Bicnod Tue 16-Feb-10 11:52:49

Hey Fei - I've just made some banana bread and my neighbour and her DD (same age as ours) are coming over to demolish it at 2ish... do you fancy coming over too? Would be lovely to see you and H and might be fun having 3 babies creating havoc in my kitchen. grin Not around tomorrow but around Wed and Thurs next week...

Looby you poor thing I can definitely relate to sleep issues, Oscar is a terrible sleeper but is improving. Will post more in a sec...

BoffinMum Tue 16-Feb-10 12:01:42

That's a tough one Looby. In your position I would be inclined to be very regimented on a timetable for a few days and just let him cry. I would however pop my head around the door at the beginning of each apparent cry fest (and possible after each 20 minutes or so) and say something like 'night night, sleeping time now' and go out again, only pausing to change the bed very deftly if there's sick on it. I would then put ear plugs in and let him get on with it. This is very hard to do but after 3 nights of comparative cold turkey, there's usually a sudden big improvement, and they start settling themselves a bit better. Providing they're not ill and don't have teething pains, of course.

BoffinMum Tue 16-Feb-10 12:03:12

PS I find with mine if they start falling asleep downstairs it is usually best to whisk them into the cot before they actually nod off for real, or they do create something rotten.

dawntigga Tue 16-Feb-10 12:04:38

Looby who were you? I'm trying Elizabeth whatsherfaces No Cry Sleep Solution, which doesn't promise a quick fix as The Cub goes to sleep only on the boob atm.

I think Bicnod is already well progressed on it.

Did I mention The Cub has hand, foot and mouth disease? The dr called it foot and mouth disease and I nearly died. Anyone know when it stops being contagious[sp?]


BoffinMum Tue 16-Feb-10 12:08:57

I don't think they're going to burn him in a pit with his hooves upwards any time soon, Tigga wink grin

It's quite common and relatively mild as a disease. It clears up in 7-10 days.

Feierabend Tue 16-Feb-10 12:11:08

Ooooh Bicnod are you sure? Your banana bread is divine grin

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LoobyLaBoobs Tue 16-Feb-10 12:11:42

i might have to resort to cold turkey boff.

i didnt specify this but ds stays at his dads once or twice a week, he lives with his mum and dad and all they do is sit around 24/7 and im under the impression they cuddle him until the early hours when they go to bed.. which obviously would confuse ds.

also when at his dads ds sleeps in a travel cot next to his dads bed as they dont have a spare room for him, awful isnt it hmm

but anything i say to ds's dads mum is wrong
im just his mum i know nothing smile as far as shes concerned! those who knew me during pregnancy may vaguely remember this!

dawntigga i dont remember you either. i lived on mumsnet during the pregnant era smile

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