FEB 2010 Valentines, pancakes and BABIES!!

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InmaculadaConcepcion Sat 13-Feb-10 19:17:01

Here it is, then - the post natal thread for the Feb 2010 gang - let the poo/bf/nappy rash/sleeplessness/crying

OMG whatdoIdonow!! conversations commence...

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BabyGiraffes Sat 13-Feb-10 20:37:45

Lovely smile

InmaculadaConcepcion Sat 13-Feb-10 21:07:23

How's the BF going, preemie/tiny babies club? (Angela, Clappedout)

Rosie is now pretty much weaned off the nipple guards and has most of her supplements from a lactation aid instead of a bottle - her latch still isn't great, but she's getting better and the nipple confusion is on the way to being fully resolved. It'll be a little while before she's sucking and latching efficiently enough not to need the supplementation, but I feel happier now she's only getting it from a bottle a couple of times in 24 hours and that she's now on 100 per cent EBM instead of formula. She's now up to 2.5kg and steadily gaining weight.

It's a pretty gruelling routine, though! A feed every 2.5 hours, which can take more than an hour each time, then ten mins or more expressing of each boob, then a short break before it all starts again.

For the sake of my sanity, I've spaced out the night feeds a bit and give her a larger amount instead of sticking to the 2.5 hours routine - besides, she and I are both too sleepy to do it properly then!

Thank goodness I don't have any other children to look after and thank goodness my DH is such a legend when it comes to taking care of everything else so I can devote myself to the feeding regime.

What are your feeding experiences, ladies?

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woowa Sun 14-Feb-10 15:18:23

is anyone else having to give Vitamin K supplement to their BF baby? I'm supposed to give it for 3 months, daily, but have forgotten every day so far...

ems147 Sun 14-Feb-10 16:54:26

Jaime-Leigh had a vitamin k injection when born but not had to do anymore glad tbh as she was a bit jaundice when born and had to be on a billiblanket for 24 hours and has had loads on blood taken from her foot which really tugs on my heart strings.

how are peoples nether regions? my stiches hav come loose apparently and im quite sore, but i dont know whether thats a mental thing cos i know they have come loose. really worried about them getting infected. wonder when my first pain free day will be.... with no sore nether regions or cracked nipples.

had a better night last nite she actually settled in her moses basket with help from a hot water bottle and a couple of my tops that smell of me!! feel mean tricking her!

sunnybump Sun 14-Feb-10 16:58:46

Good news on the supplementation IC, it really has been an uphill struggle for you - well done on sticking it out. I was lucky enough to have a feed straight away in the pool before having to go off for a spinal and manual placenta removal - didn't want to say too much on the AN thread as it sounds awful but was actually ok. Then managed to feed pretty much all that night -although with a bad latch as my boobs were a bit frozen!

We went for the vit K injection which is a one off. The other option was 3 oral doses. Does little Elisheba need extra for a reason? Could you get the midwives to remind you or pt a post it next to the loo? We're feeding every 2-3 hours, although a couple of times it's been 4, so the sleeping time between feeds is generally about 1.5 hours. I'm managing to sleep soundly though which is good, and have listened to my natal hypnotherapy- postnatal recovery cd a couple of times too.

My milk proper came in 2 days ago and for me the engorgement pain was so much worse than childbirth. Things are settling now though. I have blisters/ damaged bits running like a diamond shape top to bottom across my nipple. (Thank heavens for lanisoh!) Getting better every day though.

We also had our first bright yellow explosive poo today! Whooohoo! And went for a wee walk. A very short stroll and I'm knackered - apparently to do with my haemoglobin.

I can't believe Arlo was only born 6 days ago, I just can't imagine life without him grin

sunnybump Sun 14-Feb-10 17:05:08

x-post Ems.

I'm super lucky to only have one external stitch but it is getting tight. Going to sit in the bath this evening to see if it helps.

Our trick for getting the wee man to settle at night is to feed him wrapped in a blanket, then when he falls asleep on the breast he can move with his cosy blanket into the basket. It's not mean tricking her though, you're just making her feel safe.

InmaculadaConcepcion Sun 14-Feb-10 17:14:14

Hey Ladies, glad you could join me!

Yep, vit K was given as a one-off jab here - and I know what you mean about the heel thing, poor little mite! It tore at my heart when she had her hepatitis jab too - thankfully she soon stopped squealing.

Ah yes, lots of bright yellow poo here as well - sign of a healthy baby!

Woah, sunny, what did happen during your birth?!

My nethers are fine - one benefit of a CS, I guess, although the scar is still a tad sore. Still, it really wasn't as bad as all that.

Good luck all with the early discomfort of bf! Motherhood is all about pain, huh? Good job men don't have to do it! grin

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sunnybump Sun 14-Feb-10 18:15:02

Ok here's the full story, feel free to skip past as it's long!

*Sunnybump's Birth Experience*

My waters went in little gushes from 2.20pm on Mon, with contractions starting at the same time and building pretty quickly. Fluid was clear and I was most worried about our new carpet and not getting it messy so was in the kitchen/bathroom. Used the tens machine, my natal hypnotherapy cd along with breathing and it helped so much. A little part of me wishes it could have built up slower so I had more chance to get into the breathing, but that said, nah, I'm glad I wasn't in labour for days!

Triage kept telling me/DH to wait at home and not come in too early so he encouraged me to hang off. He ran a bath - took the tens off to get in and got a contraction so tens back on with a dress and slippers and in the car! Got in about 8pm, I travelled in the back on all 4's contracting at about 3 in 10 by this time! Arrived at the wrong place (deliberately - there was no way I was walking down the long corridor to assesment by this time) and was told I would need to go elsewhere to be examined. Had a contraction on the receptionists desk - was examined pretty quickly and was fully dilated so wouldn't have to move after all! I had 2 amazing Midwives, a really experienced one and a student, both with a total can-do attitude, who started filling up the inflatable pool, and they carried jugs and jugs of hot water to fill it. Got in just before 10 and had a lovely, controlled birth. His head came out and he opened his eyes, looked around and slowly turned sideways, then he just gently wriggled out! Crowning hurt like hell but was slow so only had a graze. 8 hours from labour starting to delivery which was ace!

Fed in the pool while I tried for a physiological 3rd stage. Got out so the MW's could give me a helping hand but the cord snapped. Then tried synto injection but didn't work. So docs were called, blood loss measured and manual removal was attempted with G&A but as it couldn't be done, had to go down the corridor into theatre for a spinal to get it out. It was all dealt with so calmly and explained so well, and because I was on such a high I didn't feel scared at all. Lost 1.1l of of blood so it was quite serious. For me it seemed perfect, if I'd had my home birth I would have had to be rushed in in an ambulance with blue lights, as it was I had a calm roll down the corridor. I chatted away in the theatre while they did their stuff and felt so looked after.

Meanwhile DH had skin to skin with Arlo and was looked after by one of the MW's that delivered us, and the student MW stayed with me. Then back to recovery to be together again. Tea and toast and both my wonderful boys with me.

I feel blessed to have had such a wonderful experience and would do it all again tomorrow. I also believe the yoga and hypnotherapy I did made a huge difference to my experience. I was amazed how calm I was about the unexpected complications - everyone just did what had to be done but in such a caring considerate way.

I still can't get over the fact that this time last week he was inside my belly, how did he ever fit!

watercress Sun 14-Feb-10 21:02:22

Hello everyone!

Sunnybump, your birth experience sounds really good. Well done you.

Struggling with the whole feeding thing (waits for shouting to start at what I'm about to type). About once a day we're resorting to formula when I've been feeding for an hour or so and am starting to feel quite unwell with it all. Shona only has half an ounce or so but it really settles her (she'll still have been hungry and crying despite the long feed).

I wasn't very good at feeding last time (just didn't have enough), whereas this time I feel I have more milk but feel so guilty giving the odd ounce of formula and DH keeps asking if she'll get confused and stop being able to breastfeed. I so want to do the right thing, but with a 3yo as well it's just so hard. DH has another week off work and then I'm pretty much on my own Monday to Friday as he works really long hours and will need his sleep.

I'm not after advice or anything, I just wanted to say how I'm feeling. Very teary and overwhelmed today (DD is five days old).

Hope everyone else is OK and coping a lot better than me x

sunnybump Sun 14-Feb-10 21:54:59

Oh Watercress, no-one is going to shout at you here. The right thing is the right thing for you and your family, and you are the judge of that. Go easy on yourself, your hormones will be making everything extra difficult today. Is your Midwife coming in tomorrow?

InmaculadaConcepcion Mon 15-Feb-10 08:30:32

Wow, Sunny - I envy you your birth! OK, the blood loss could have been serious, but sounds like it was dealt with in a calm way. Good for you and little Arlo...

Don't beat yourself up, Watercress - I had to supplement with formula too - until some serious expressing got my supply up and now I use that instead. But hey, I don't have a 3yo to look after! btw I myself was a formula fed baby and so was my sister and we're both very healthy and always have been.

Incidentally, has Shona's latch been checked? Could be she's not removing your milk efficiently enough, hence the long feed times and hunger etc. I'm pretty sure my own mum had that situation with me, which is why she switched to formula - I was always hungry. Not much bf support back in the '70s, though...

Check this out - you may find it helpful, I know I did!

Sending you good bf vibes...

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ktpie Mon 15-Feb-10 08:53:53

Hi everyone, glad I've found you.

Henry is 2 weeks old today. He is doing fine. Breastfeeding is starting to settle down, he had a marathon feeding session last Monday but more normal since then. Nipples are still a bit sore but not scabby anymore thanks to lansinoh. I'm finding it mentally easier second time around as I know with a bit of perseverance and teeth gritting in a few weeks it will all get better.

Stitches seem to be healing, but if I stand for too long the whole area seems to ache in a really unpleasant way and I have to sit down, has anyone else got this? My midwife thinks it could be my pelvic floor muscles, although if I do pelvic floor exercises they feel fine. The midwife is coming back today to see how it's going.

This is my first full week on my own, had 3 days on my own last week, managed fine although the house was a tip by the time DH got home!

How are other people with toddlers getting on? Mine loves his brother and wants to kiss him and cuddle him all the time but also wants to try and pick him up and waves his arms around for him, which is not so good.

ems - I'm looking forward to the first day with no aches and pains too!

Watercress - it sounds like you are doing really well, hope you are feeling a bit brighter today.

GuernseyFrench Mon 15-Feb-10 12:03:06

Hi girls,

This is a very very long thread, so feel free to skip it!

Here is my full labour story, I didn't wanted to tell it on the AN thread in order not to make them panic

Went to the ward at 8am on Wednesday, as ward was busy I was put under monitor to check on LO. At 2pm, I was given the 1st pessary and walked along the corridors of the ward for most of the afternoon. Was given the 2nd pessary at 8pm and 45mn later, my waters went and I started to have contractions (mostly on the lower back). So I asked for the Tens.

At 1am on Thursday, I was transfered into the labour room where I was given some diamorphine in order to help me sleep / relax.

At 6am, I was put under 2 drips because of my diabetes. I went on gas & air at that point.

At 10am, I was only 3cm dilated so they decided to put me under another drip to accelerate the contractions, so I asked for an epidural as all the others painkillers were just making the pains less strong but they were still painful. Once the epidural kicked in, it was a bliss!

Contractions were on a completely irregular pattern and the mw had to increase the drip twice in order to keep them going.

At 7pm I was 8cm dilated so they told my DH to go home and have some sleep. A bit later, I told the mw that I thought the head had drop, after a check I was found to be fully dilated but they were not able to decide in which position his head was.

So they called my DH back and the obstetrician to come and have a 'look' at me.

When DH walked into the room, I was pushing! 5 mn later the obstetrician arrived, examined me and told me to stop pushing as the baby's head was not position properly and therefore I'll need an emergency cs.

At that point, both the baby and I were started to be in distress (my BP was high up, I had temperature and baby heart bit was sky high!)

So they brought me down to theatre, increased the epidural, DH got changed and Samuel was born at 11.41pm on Thursday!

Labour officially lasted 22.15 hours

Unfortunately, he had breathing difficulties as he was very mucussy (sp) so he was brought to intensive care where they discovered that he had an infection so he was put under a drip of antibiotics.

It was quite an upsetting time as I didn't really see him after the birth, only my DH did and hold him in his arm. luckily, the mw realized it was upsetting me and by 5am on the night, she asked the ICU nurse if I could have him for a bit, so they brought him for 1 hour, I was soo pleased and relieved.

Samuel left ICU on Friday by 2pm and still had to be checked for his blood sugar and received his antibiotic.

We finally left the hospital the following Wednesday, once al the treatment was over (his and mine as I developed a mild infection at the level of the cs scar!).

Now we are settled down, feeding goes well (he is bottlefed) every 3 to 4 hours and he takes 100ml each time.

Sam also received a one shot of vit K.

Sorry for the long post, but it is good to be able to put the story 'down on paper'.

Hope you are all doing well and that BF is starting to work fine.

InmaculadaConcepcion Mon 15-Feb-10 14:38:59

Wow GF, that's quite a story! How frustrating to get so far then have to have EmCS. So glad you and baby Henry are ok. I can relate to the agony of not being able to be with your baby, especially when you knew he was poorly.

Seriously, are you ok with it all now? Other posters have said they found it helpful to speak to Birth Crisis when things went unexpected - to tie up the loose ends, so to speak.

Out of interest (no judgement, Guides Honour) why bottles? 2 of my sisters bottle-fed 'cos of inverted nipples, other one bf her babies - all the kids are equally robust! Anyway, I'm just interested in the reasons, pure curiosity, nothing more!!

Have you emptied your well-stocked freezer yet, btw?!

Hey kptie, good to have you along.

Can't imagine how you deal with a toddler as well as a newborn...! I take my hat off afresh to all mothers with 2 or more now I appreciate the effort required!

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sunnybump Mon 15-Feb-10 16:37:32

Thanks for sharing GF. Having the whole plan change when you were at the pushing stage must have been scary, did they explain everything well to you? Then having to be separated as Sam was poorly must have been heartbreaking. I think I'm just beginning to understand how easy I had it. Plus I totally agree IC how anyone can do this with a toddler in tow... well I hope I'll be back in a few years asking for tips!

I felt funny about putting my birth story on the AN thread too, glad it wasn't just me.

I have a couple of really hard lumps in one of my breasts that I really am struggling to shift. Have been massaging the before and during feeding, and still have the cabbage leaves on the go. Any other ideas of things to try?

BabyGiraffes Mon 15-Feb-10 17:18:28

Just a quick supportive messsage to watercress - please don't feel guilty about supplementing with formula and don't see it as failure. It's much more important for your little one to be happy and full.
I went on a massive guilt trip with dd1 when my milk supply was too low and never picked up, leading to her having to be switched to formula because she also had severe jaundice and needed the fluid. Now with dd2 I started well with bf but after a week I was in tears feeding with cracked bleeding nipples (and yes, she did latch on properly- my nipples just couldn't cope)and she became miserable and hungry and was losing weight. She's now on expressed milk plus formula and doing well. The midwife did put in the notes something like 'mother understands benefits of exclusive breastfeeding' to which I want to add 'mother understands it's cruel to let a baby starve only to satisfy current policy!' I am not blaming myself this time but simply pleased she is doing well, and unlike last time when I got pretty awful postnatal depression, I am getting on with actually enjoying my newborn.
Sorry, long post but feel strongly about those people ramming the importance of breastfeeding exclusively down your throat at every opportunity...

InmaculadaConcepcion Mon 15-Feb-10 18:05:53

sunny it's probably worth asking for suggestions about your breast lumps in the bf and bottle feeding threads - in the Feed The World section of talk, if you haven't been there already...

BG - I second that. It's so easy to take bf problems personally, I know I've been feeling shit about it at times too. But you speak words of wisdom.

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Clappedout Tue 16-Feb-10 12:34:40

Hi all,

Glad you are all doing so well with your LOs.

Hiwatercress, no harm in topping up with formula and as others have said, whatever works and as long as your LO is happy, don't feel guilty or bad about it. I did this with my DD and am doing it now in the evenings. You sound like you are doing really well, I have had those days when it all feels too much and the tears are never far from the surface, it's early days for all of us and takes a while for things to settle down.

I am still getting over the separation I had with my DS following the birth, he was in the Special Baby Unit for 5 days because his blood sugar was low, he was very small and a bit early. I mainly sat by his cot in the SCBU and sobbed, luckily the baby nurses mainly ignored me! I couldn't hold him as he was on drips and monitors. Thankfully the post natal ward sister took pity on me being surrounded by new Mums with their babies and put me in a side room, without which I wouldn't have survived. We were only in for a week in total but it felt like forever and I was so relieved to get my baby home. He is doing well and has put on weight since his birth so all good so far.

How are those with toddlers coping? I have really missed my DD, feel like I am endlessly breastfeeding and she looks a bit confused sometimes, the guilt is terrible! Managed to spend a few hours with her on our own at the weekend which was lovely now that I feel a bit stronger. I guess we will all take time to adjust...

Thanks for the birth stories, fascinating how they are all so different.

Good luck with feeding and sleeping to all of you.

Nikki87 Tue 16-Feb-10 18:53:22

heyy, it feels great to be able to join the posstnatal thread :D
just a few little worries tho, hopefully one of you will be able to help me out... i had to have stitches as they had to cut me, which then tore [very painful!] well, i was bunged up all through my pregnancy, and now when i try to go to the toilet the pain is so bad, i told them when i was in the ward i asked them and they checked and said it was fine, but im worried about trying to pass something and breaking them =[
also, this is re breastfeeding, corey will only latch onto one side, so have decided to express and feed that way, i feel really bad about it tho, i really wanted to, but just can't! =[ =[ is anyone else having these worries?

Nikki87 Tue 16-Feb-10 18:54:58

ohh, sorry watercress missed your post about your bf'ing experience, glad to know that someone else is having trouble, i was getting fed up at the mw's trying to force it on me...

flyingcloud Tue 16-Feb-10 19:40:59

Oh I wish I had some time to read everyone's posts and write a reply. I so want to get back to MNetting and the shared experience but DH is here and Victoria is sleeping and I feel that we never have any time together anymore when a baby isn't clamped to my breast! BF is quite isolating for him - all he does is run errands for me and I just want to give him some time...

Will try and read and reply tonight during the nighttime feeds.

Oh, am loving the whole experience but gosh it's hard at times! Wouldn't change a thing though and I think my daughter may just be the most beautiful being in the whole world.

InmaculadaConcepcion Tue 16-Feb-10 19:47:29

Lots of fluid and fibre to help things pass through you with ease - also, a few drops of lavender oil in a warm bath and application of teatree oil on the tender bits should help, or so I'm told...

BF has been un uphill battle for me too, Nikki - Rosie is only just starting to get the hang of it and I'm still giving her a couple of bottles at night. Prematurity and nipple confusion were the source of our problems.

Most important thing is to feed the baby and try not to feel guilty about how (but we do, don't we?!)

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InmaculadaConcepcion Tue 16-Feb-10 19:58:07

Agree, flying!

Don't worry, you'll make time for DH - where there's a will...!

You'll get good at one-handed typing, too!

Your DD can't possibly be the most beautiful being in the world, mine is(!)

Give Victoria a hug from me...

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comeonbishbosh Tue 16-Feb-10 20:35:39

Hello everybody from an exhausted comeonbisbosh. I'm prevaricating waking up Iris for a feed. We're two weeks on now and I'm feel like I'm hitting an energy wall... just have to summon up such mental willpower to get back onto the sofa and latch her on.

And it's not even that I've been having too much problem with the technicalities of latching on - I know I'm lucky here and every good onze of luck to those of you struggling, more common than not - just it's so sore and makes me feel so drained. Iris has started getting all het up and furious, particularly at night but now at random points during the day, and though she obviously wants to feed, once she's near the nipple she just punches and kicks herself away. I don't understand it. Just frustrating for us both. We had a few dreadful nights when the fury fits went on from 11pm to 6am.

On the plus side, the 2 hourly during the day feeds (letting it slide to on demand at night), seem to be doing the trick and I was as proud as punch when midwife weighed her today and she's back to and more than her original birth weight (6,lb6and she's now 6lb8). I'm trying to summon up the energy and willpower to begin expressing. I can't even bring myself to read the instructions even though I'm sure it's a good idea for the long haul... maybe tomorrow.

Best of everything to you all whatever the days and nights bring.

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