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Happy Birthday July Babies ! ! !

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Springchicken Mon 04-Jul-05 11:02:34

Thought i would start our own Happy Birthday thread off now we are in July.

Anybodies little ones had their first milestone yet???

Evie is on 16th July - starting to wish i had never decided on a big party, it such hard work.
Think i have got most things sorted now, just the bouncy castle remains!

spacecadet Tue 05-Jul-05 16:54:21

gosh cant beleive weare on a happy birthday thread already, emily is one on 20th july, no party planned, dh will be at work and all my family live in wales, so just a normal day really

jessicaandbumpsmummy Tue 05-Jul-05 16:56:19

i started one of these, but it died a nasty death... thought i was the only july mummy for a little while!

Jess is 1 on the 24th - cant believe where this year has gone! 19 days til the big day!

spacecadet Tue 05-Jul-05 18:12:15

2weeks for em!! jess's b;day is the same day as my dads jessicaandbumpsmummy.

vickiyumyum Tue 05-Jul-05 18:20:07

my ds1 was 8 yesterday!! not a little onw but still my baby, does he count?

oh and happy birthday to all the other july babies!

Springchicken Wed 06-Jul-05 08:41:38

Course he does

It's my 21st on 20th July SC - absolutely great day to be born .
MarmaladeSun's DD was born on 16th same as my DD but i think she was actually due on my birthday.

DD been up all night throwing up, been a bug going round at nursery. Hope it's only 24 hrs

teeavee Wed 06-Jul-05 09:22:45

my ds is 1 on the 18th - we're now going to a party that weekendm so will take cake and drink there and get everyone to raise a toast!

the only other thing I would like is some balloons - no birthday is complete without them.

sweetkitty Wed 06-Jul-05 16:22:04

2 weeks til Abbie's first birthday on the 20th July too, must be something in the water know at least 5 babies born on the 20th July.

Cannot believe it's been a year and my babies 1 - in 6 months time she'll be a big sister (worried emoticon).

We're just having a little tea party for her with loads of balloons!!

spacecadet Wed 06-Jul-05 16:58:04

gosh loads of 20th july babies!

jessicaandbumpsmummy Wed 06-Jul-05 17:13:33

sweet kitty - in 15 weeks my baby will be a big sister!!!

we are having a birthday lunch with baloons and banenrs and then bbq for us adults!!!

only bought her a book and a puzzle for her birthday to open as we have spend silly amounts on clothes and reusable nappies this month as extra treats!!!

sweetkitty Wed 06-Jul-05 17:25:06

I know JABM, I thought I was mad enough having less than 18 months between my two, I'll be looking to you for advise!

We're buying her things that we would have bought anyway i.e. toys for over 1 year old although I am buying her her first baby doll.

PeachyClair Wed 06-Jul-05 18:07:10

My ds3 is 2 on the 27th.

I am 32 on the 8th but I think I am more babe than baby

(I wish!!!! )

13.5 months between my eldest two, madness but I like it

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