August 08 - We three kings of orient are, one in a taxi one in a car..

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steaknife Sat 12-Dec-09 23:22:08 on a scooter beeping his hooter, smoking a fat cigar

Apologies to the goodly and the good amongst us.

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steaknife Sat 12-Dec-09 23:29:45

Godly and the good

Or even goodly and the god

<steaky stops digging and shouts for a rope ladder to be lowered down the hole>

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SazzlesOnASled Sat 12-Dec-09 23:32:02

<<passes firemans pole>>

Tis quicker wink

SazzlesOnASled Sat 12-Dec-09 23:32:50

DD2 now waddling round in her grobag chasing balloons hmm

steaknife Sat 12-Dec-09 23:34:04

Only for going down, surely?

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SazzlesOnASled Sat 12-Dec-09 23:34:07

and grinning hmm[tinker]hmm

SazzlesOnASled Sat 12-Dec-09 23:35:32

Oh sorry, you need help getting out? blush

<<Dials 999 and specifically asks for hunky firemen>>

steaknife Sat 12-Dec-09 23:37:24

DD has stopped singing so I might try to get to bed without waking her and hopefully she will go till morning. Fingers crossed and all.

Night night ladies.

Not sure how my pooter fixing will go so might not see you for a while. I expect the tent christmas party to be in full swing when I get back.
Do we have a stationery/ary? cupboard for foolhardy festive snoggin?

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steaknife Sat 12-Dec-09 23:38:50

Quick build me a snoggin cupboard, Sazz has ordered me a fireman. [overexcited meeping]

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dizzycringles Sat 12-Dec-09 23:42:18

Hello emergency services

No, no absolutely not madam you can't have a hunky fireman shock

No, I don't care if its to lower your friend down a hole hmm

No, I'm not joking, this is an emergency line and I will have your mobile cut off if you don't stop calling 999 <<stern stare>>

sheesh, its like being at work hmmgringringrinwink

SazzlesOnASled Sat 12-Dec-09 23:42:46

You're going to bed. He's all mine <mwah mwah>

Hope you get some sleep envy

SazzlesOnASled Sat 12-Dec-09 23:43:32

Bloody jobsworth spoilsport angry

dizzycringles Sat 12-Dec-09 23:48:09

Glamis castle was lovely, in laws not so much sad it was -3 though [brrrr] Santa was lovely, and a I managed not to cry this year and the girls enjoyed the story telling and the carriage ride which was the main thing - not cheap but really really nicely done and not over subscribed so no waiting which is brilliant

No1 - lovely to see you back, sorry about the lurgy and there are still some tickets left for Pearly Jam wink

Steaky - glad your puter is back on form smile

oops sounds like you had a lovely LOVELY well deserved night/lie in

Red thanks for today's lesson, I think I may be off the day I have to deliver mine so as not to embarrass myself blush

sazz how is PapaSazz doing? loving the idea of the hamper btw smile my dad is getting a book about our local village, calendar of the girls, box of thorntons special toffee, tube of fruit pastilles (family joke) and thats about all I've got at the minute [meep] all suggestions gratefully received

well done on getting the christmas shopping finished ladies envy I've done and wrapped the ones that will be going home with the inlaws but apart from that the rest are hidden upstairs in boxes - will have to sort them all this week sometime

LWFH how are you darling? hope keeping well and cockroach free - has Mr Longway been shown how to post when Baby Longway appears grin

SazzlesOnASled Sat 12-Dec-09 23:54:11

DD2 now doing various yoga positions grin

Glad to hear your day with the girls was fab dizz. Just block out the IL's bit hmm
PapaSazz is back to his normal condition (effects of the cold and urine infection passed), but it is a pretty bad base condition IYSWIM, so he is convinced he will not see next Xmas so no point in any presents with longevity. The thing is no one really knows, or is telling at any rate sad

Can i have a book of your local village? grin. Only obviously once a recommendation oof the local cafe is included wink

SazzlesOnASled Sat 12-Dec-09 23:58:15

Do you think we need to send out an IL rescue party for TS? grin

DD2 now reading Thomas and The Ghost Engine. Upside down hmm

SazzlesOnASled Sun 13-Dec-09 00:05:16

Now playing lego

Do you think she is playing me up on the 'i am truly ill mummy' front? [suspicious]

dizzycringles Sun 13-Dec-09 00:09:57

oh bless her, I think she thinks she's keeping YOU company!!!

fully understanding of the PapaSazz mentality and have no great advice for you sorry sad

FIL actually wandered off and left D unattended because he spotted someone he knew at home shock DH utterly furious and apparently going to have words tomorrow hmm I am however more angry at myself as he has previous and should have known better than to think he was watching her angry am trying not to get too hung up on it all as they are here doing us a favour looking after the girls but bloody hell tis hard work <<sigh>> and to top it all after 4 days of shitey late shits & a week of the PIL, my dad arrives on Mon and will no doubt be full of woes and hard done by tales - not sure my nerves can take it [meep]

dizzycringles Sun 13-Dec-09 00:11:50

No1 forgot to mention that Pearl Jam is in Belfast so it merits a weekend away - am NO we will NOT be staying with the inlaws grin

VG - I tried to get tickets for Dublin but they were all sold out - obviously a higher grungy/goth following down there !! how is Mamma VG? and is DS1 still doing ok at the new school?

btw I still haven't opened my secret santa - am I the only one?!

SazzlesOnASled Sun 13-Dec-09 00:16:16

You may be right dizzy but she's happy as larry, i'm not too tired and i can't be doing with a fight into the cot
and hope she might lie in in the morning
shock at PIL's leaving D unattended. Just glad all was ok and DH promising a few words. You definitely are due to keep the DIL/D crown for some time <<big hugs and fortification for the nerves>>smile

SazzlesOnASled Sun 13-Dec-09 00:18:44

Oh, bless her little cottons. I just went to spy on what she is up to next door and she is trying to build towers out of wooden blocks. She had managed 5 <proud mummy>
<wells up>blush

I have never seen her do anything constructive before grin

dizzycringles Sun 13-Dec-09 00:19:17

thank you <<weeps>>

I didn't manage to switch off from late shift last night till 1am, L was up at 3am and needed persuading to go back to bed and D was up UP at 5.45 sad its been a very long day - when we were on our way back from the castle I stopped in Morrisons and had a sleep in the car park blush

SazzlesOnASled Sun 13-Dec-09 00:27:36

You are very welcome smile

LOL at Morrisons kip grin, but seriously you must be shattered. Go to bed now <pf stare>

I went to play blocks with DD2 and all she did was build a couple and knock them over when she knew i was watching hmm. Back in teh cot now, no screaming yet, so will give her 5 and then i am off to bed

dizzycringles Sun 13-Dec-09 00:28:33

I can't am now too stuck on Shiney's thread grin tis like a car crash blush

SazzlesOnASled Sun 13-Dec-09 00:35:09

I know. Or maybe her and BoF are making it all up, i can't believe a random bloke would text that shock. Very funny though regardless grin

dizzycringles Sun 13-Dec-09 00:40:39

right sweetie, am off as it all begins again tomorrow, hopefully later than 5.45

hope E sleeps well for you

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