Jan 2009...'twas the thread before christmas, soon the babies turn one, the years been quite busy, pass the red wine to mum.

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SherryMerryLennipillar Thu 03-Dec-09 21:18:57

Merry Christmas babies smile

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stripeywoollenhat Thu 03-Dec-09 21:21:48

hurrah! (bookmarking smile)

hackneyzoo Thu 03-Dec-09 21:31:53

ho ho ho. I have just cracked open the red. Anyone want a glass?

SherryMerryLennipillar Thu 03-Dec-09 21:33:03

It will forever haunt me that I missed the apostrophe in year's but being as I've realised this quickly can any pedants let me off please?

Busy here, hence relative absence. DD wet herself 3 times today and soiled herself once. This is a girl who hasn't had an accident since potty training in March apart from a couple of toilet misses and one nightmare induced night time accident. Am hoping it isn't a UTI. Will head for docs tomorrow if she has any other toilet trouble.

Hope you are feeling better soon Dog, sounds pretty rubbish but glad you are being looked after.

Hope you have averted DP's complaints with wine Stripey. Is a truly rubbish situation, hope you muddle through. You aren't boring us with it though, is good to vent. You are all in my thoughts.

HKZ - Glad you got through the day with J. Poor thing with his blood test. Oncology ward does sound very sad, but also lovely to think they all cope so well and are well cared for. Am worried for you going full time in Jan, are you sure you'll cope with everything with J and work? I know just how hard that job is, make sure you look after yourself. Have you looked into funding options with your MA?

MissJ, hope your two boys are better soon. Your book sounds intriging. I'm planning on continuing to feed DS morning and night for as long as he and I want. Not really sure how long that will be yet. I originally thought I would stop altogether at 12mo, but now that's a month away I can't see me stopping just yet. Am so glad I dropped the daytime feeds though, was getting me down to never be able to leave him. He has 2 cups/bottles of milk during the day, but took a long time to take anything other than bm. How is work? Still enjoying it?

Must go, got a lot to do. Will try and finish catching up later.

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hackneyzoo Thu 03-Dec-09 21:33:21

Think I might go for a christmas name change too...

SherryMerryLennipillar Thu 03-Dec-09 21:34:37

Yes I will have a glass of vino - make it a large one please? Can I have a hot chocolate on the side too? [boring old fart emoticon]

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hackneyzoowithbellson Thu 03-Dec-09 21:36:16

Lenni, it seems I only have very large glasses, so a large one it is. Green and Blacks or Dairy Milk?

treedelivery Thu 03-Dec-09 21:40:56

Just popping back to mark our festive thread and say GreenBaby have 20% off everything <<gasp>> with code THRILL20

Go girls!!

hackneyzoowithbellson Thu 03-Dec-09 21:45:38

Lenni I am still haunted by my 'cumcumber' thread. blush Too scared to type a thread title these days. Good news on the MA front, work want me to be a SENCO specifically for KS4 and so I can do three modules from the MA in SEN and Inclusion at the IOE for free as part of my training...paid for by.....the government! So am starting in January and will just pick up the other modules when I can/when I find funding. Full time will be hard, but DH has agreed to stick to working saturdays and evenings so we can save a bit until next September, then we shall see. Work have been amazing about J, the head and assistant head are very supportive and have taken a lot of pressure off me while J gets sorted. So we shall see.
Hope your DD is ok, sounds like a UTI or maybe she is coming down with something.

Stripey, here's your glass.... (I've run out of wine glasses now so yours is in a pint glass grin)

hackneyzoowithbellson Thu 03-Dec-09 21:48:59

Tree, I'd really like this for DD in the blue, but MUST RESIST. And I love all the stripey organic cotton stuff...DS would look so cute. Damn being on the Greenbaby mailing list and there tempting discount codes... <<Whispers...there's also 30% off at ASOS kids today and 20% off at Figleaves...arghhhhh>>

treedelivery Thu 03-Dec-09 21:52:46

Oh that is totally fab. Oh God. I can't I won't I shouldn't. Wont never ever....<<checks whereabouts of purse>>

Lenni - gosh I never said blush but hope dd is ok and does not have a UTI. Too sore for little bodies!! Poor lamb.

SherryMerryLennipillar Thu 03-Dec-09 21:58:03

Your cumcumber thread was funny HKZ grin

Ooooh, SENCO. Have heard about the new accreditation for SENCOs - sounds like a really amazing deal. And that MA looks like a good course. I still haven't submitted my dissertation yet sad so still don't officially have my MEd. I need to get my backside in gear, but couldn't even begin to list the things that are consuming my life right now. It is fascinating being a SENCO, I loved doing it.

Tree - get those piccies on fb, can't wait to see your gorgeous girls again.

MissJ - We had some canvases made last year that were quite reasonable and lovely. Will try to search email in hope of tracking them down.

Moose - grrr at rubbish grotto.

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stripeywoollenhat Thu 03-Dec-09 21:59:43

thanks hkz <<quaffs>> smile

am not looking at greenbaby <<stern look>>

lenni, hope dd is doesn't have a uti, poor wee girl

SherryMerryLennipillar Thu 03-Dec-09 22:02:08

Just noticed your Christmas outfit HKZ, very nice, really must go now. Will do better this week and keep up.

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SherryMerryLennipillar Thu 03-Dec-09 22:02:54

wee girl grin grin grin grin PMSL

Very apt!

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120cmsOfSnow Thu 03-Dec-09 22:06:47

fab new thread name... managed to read this far. night all!

hackneyzoowithbellson Thu 03-Dec-09 22:11:56

their not there blush

Hey 120... am going toddler dancing at St John's (off clap. sq.) if you fancy it...10am kick off I think.. (Its really good, run my flamboyantly camp SA dance instructor who struts about in very very tight leggins, DD loves it and its free (I heart surestart))

moosemama Thu 03-Dec-09 22:47:01

Bookmarking. Great title HKZ. grin

Too tired to read. Will catch up in the morning.

Night folks.

tinkerbellstinkerbells Fri 04-Dec-09 09:38:15


great title grin

hkz - glad it went ok yest

my dd1 went throught a stage of wetting herself saw dr said anxiety related wasnt long after having baby

activity centre went into paper today really hoping it sells otherwise i will put it onto ebay wasnt sure what price was best to try and sell rrp are £80 i got for £60 have out in for £40

elkiedee Fri 04-Dec-09 10:23:06

Hi all, posting to bookmark. Grr at missing the Green Baby discount code - I'm on the email list but didn't take in the deadline of midnight last night. I didn't have the chance to get to Gap with the kids being sick last week and not being at work.

HZ, congratulations on your work/course news, hope it all goes well. Am going back to other thread because I looked in to see what had happened at hospital and haven't found it yet.

Hi to everyone else.

Have a day off today, planning to take C out to play and hopefully make up a bit for last Friday, when I was going to take both boys out and obviously wans't able to.

elkiedee Fri 04-Dec-09 10:28:54

Haven't caught up on everything but read the final page of the previous thread.

MissJ, I read The Politics of Breastfeeding in May/June and it had that effect on me, I hope to carry on bf although he's having to have some formula in the day when I'm at work, and I do feel sad about that. He's obviously keen to carry on at night and at home though, which is reassuring though tiring.

moosemama Fri 04-Dec-09 12:26:58

HKZ, glad you got through yesterday ok. Sorry to hear about the horrible blood test though, been there with ds2 last year and then dd when she was 5 weeks old so totally get where you are coming from.

Been trying to finally nail the Christmas presents thing but failing dismally. Still have 9 presents and 2 birthday presents to buy. shock (They're all for the awkward people as well.) I seem to spend hours looking, then find something I like and its too expensive.

Have just received ds1's appointment for the paediatrician, which will be the start of things moving towards assessment/diagnosis. Have to admit my tummy did a flip when I opened it. I was expecting to have to wait for ages for an appointment and it all feels very big and scary at the moment. I've found myself backtracking and trying to talk myself out of believing there's a problem in the last few days. The appointment is for Tuesday 5th January at 9.30, so he will miss his first morning back at school after the Christmas holidays.

Elkie, I missed all the discount shopping as well. Probably for the best really, as we can't afford all the christmas presents we have to buy, let alone spend any more on dd's wardrobe.

Adogisforlife Fri 04-Dec-09 12:54:05

Message withdrawn

tinkerbellstinkerbells Fri 04-Dec-09 16:12:07

well no phone calls think ebay will be in order for £20 instead

hackneyzoowithbellson Fri 04-Dec-09 17:39:45

Moose, good news that you got the pead appointment through, hopefully you'll get some answers and your mind will be put at rest. Christmas shopping= nightmare, am trying to do it cheaply and all online...on a budget of about £100! No chance shock Made a dozen bottles of olive oil infused with various things, thoght I would be saving money, but bottles, plus oil, plus stuff to put in the oil ended up at about £5 a bottle...they do look good though...blah blah blah, I digress.

Elkie, hope you've had a good day off. I managed to show restraint and bought nothing from Green baby (mainly due to having no money to buy it with grin)

Well, we went and got a christmas tree, it's pretty small, DD and I spent about an hour decorating it. I was going for a red and silver theme, unfortunately DD has spent the last month bringing home daily offerings of homemade tat christmas decorations, so they have added a certain...je ne sais quoi . Anyway, needless to say the tree is now sagging under the weight of DD's enthusiastic decorating and looks, well, like it was decorated by a 2 year old...hey ho, its what christmas is all about...

Right, the bedtime hours is almost upon us..

Dog are you feeling better?

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