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July '04 mums. Anyone else pregnant again already?

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OscarPsmummy Thu 23-Jun-05 14:02:56

Anyone else in the same boat as me? Was it planned or a bit of a shock?

OscarPsmummy Thu 23-Jun-05 14:05:59

DS just woken up from nap. Will check this later.

dinosaur Thu 23-Jun-05 14:15:19

quite a few of you, I think!

spacecadet Wed 29-Jun-05 16:30:59


sweetkitty Wed 29-Jun-05 16:59:04

me too and eshay is as well!! we are lurking on the Due in Jan 06 thread

jessicasmummy Wed 29-Jun-05 16:59:53

ME!!! planned yes. shock yes. 23+5 weeks here

littlerach Wed 29-Jun-05 17:04:06

Definitely not me!!!!!

sweetkitty Wed 29-Jun-05 17:17:42

JM your keener than me I'm only 11+6 I thought that was bad!! I'm delighted with a small age gap (will I still be when they are 2 and 3 and fighting like mad though?)

jessicasmummy Wed 29-Jun-05 17:18:27

i know - ive lost the plot! I fell pg first month trying!

Jess will be 15 months when new baby arrives!!!

spacecadet Wed 29-Jun-05 22:20:30

i fell preg last december originally when em was only 5 months! but sadly m/c, so i should have been heavily preg by now. the baby was due one month after ems first birthday!

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