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Mother & Baby groups in Haywards Heath?

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Jaynee83 Wed 13-Mar-13 14:39:24

Hi there,

Don't worry you haven't missed out! I gave birth in October and only just started going - it is lovely to get out, have a bit of routine, and babies love it (mine's gormless for most of the group, just stunned by everything going on!). I go the a baby group at the Yews in HH, it's just up the road from the library of Boltro Road. That's Monday 10.30 til 12 and is £1.50. I've also started BabyRhyme time at the Library on Tues morns - 9.45-10.15, which is free. Another mum has told me about a music group on Thurs, Peepo? 11.15 to 12.30, which I think I might check out tomorrow, if I can get out in the snow :/ Hope this helps, and hope to see you there! xx

SmileyNx Wed 11-Nov-09 15:27:09

Hi Ladies, I just wondered if anyone knows of any mother & baby groups/coffee mornings etc. in the Haywards Heath area?
I gave birth 2 months ago but until very recently have been stuck at home after some bad luck with post birth complications so am worried I've missed out on all the usual post-birth gatherings & am not sure how to find out about baby groups now.
Would love to meet some other new mums in the area though....but as I'm sure some other mums must have felt, it feels a bit daunting so if anyone knows of any super-friendly groups that would be great!!
Thanks smilex

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