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Please can someone suggest appropriate and welcome presents for new mother and baby son - what did you receive that you loved, was very practical...

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BobtheWoodmouse Thu 05-Nov-09 11:36:21

I am very out of touch - my DD is 14 and no-one has had a new baby in my circle of friends for years...until now.

This friend is English and lives in the South of France with her DH. She had a baby boy the day before yesterday grin

I would love to send her something for both her and her baby. I have no clue what would be popular or appropriate other than baby clothes. Any ideas anyone - The mum likes yoga so I was thinking about something pampering for her, maybe something not easily obtainable in France.

What did you get that was great and you loved but might not have thought of as an obvious present?

Please help, my mind is a blank. I wasn't even sure where to post this - if you can suggest a more appropriate thread, please do. This is my first visit to post-natal grin

Budget up to £30.

Thanks in advance smile

BobtheWoodmouse Thu 05-Nov-09 11:37:11

It's her first baby.

Biobytes Thu 05-Nov-09 11:39:58

My neighbour got me a wonderful bottle of bath oil. You can't believe how touched I was, someone thought I could be exhausted and actually focused on me! How refreshing.

In terms of baby. Someone got DS a fabric book that only contained black and white figures hmm. They were an ABSOLUTE hit with him, he used to spend hours after hour staring at them and even started treating the book as a "teddy"

posieparker Thu 05-Nov-09 11:40:27

I loved a little basket of cakes that my friend made me, but not sendable.

My friend sent me one of these with my son's name and date of birth He still takes it to bed now, he's just one.

And bubble bath/salts.

Rhubarb Thu 05-Nov-09 11:43:11

A large changing box that included a changing mat and a portable one for when you're out and about, nappies, babywipes, sudacrem or other nappy rash cream and you can also fill the box up with moisturising cream for the mother, a little bottle of fizzy wine, a teddy bear etc.

The box is great for storing all the changing gear in and tbh no-one else thinks of buying such practicalities. I had so many photo frames given me, nice but of no help whatsoever when you've a new baby.

messymissy Thu 05-Nov-09 11:53:33

Well the most useful thing that I got and I use again and again, was the one gift I thought - oh that's a bit boring,

but its proved to be fantastic.....

a nappy bucket with a tight lid!

although I gave up very early with the real nappies, its been brilliant for wee'd on sicked on clothes etc and for soaking out pureed carrot stains!

still in use now, but this time for potty training accidents!

you could fill it with helpful goodies and a treat for the mum.

BobtheWoodmouse Thu 05-Nov-09 18:00:04

ladies - THANK YOU - lots of inspiration here.

posie - I'm intrigued by the 'taggies' what are they used for? Are the material tags along the edges something for the baby to chew or play with? Or for hanging. I like the look of them.

Biobytes - I like both your ideas

posie - like the taggies (see ^^ query!) and the cakes - could probably get mail order - I wonder if some English brands would go down well- maybe a few M&S things in a hamper and some good old Cadburys dairy milk chocolate.

Rhubarb - is there a specific box for the purpose or just any old box' - do you have a link to the sort of thing you mean.

messy - good idea - seal in the mess and smell to deal with later, I bet this would go down well after the initial hmm maybe I could soften the gift by putting some goodies inside too.

Thanks again ladies - I appreciate the time you've taken to get back to me - some great ideas - definitely got me thinking along the right lines. smile

posieparker Fri 06-Nov-09 12:42:23

The taggies are for babies who love labels to chew, stroke or look at, all of mine loved labelsgrin.

missmama Fri 06-Nov-09 13:01:48

My best one was from my Nan.
A thermal teapot!!
I even took it to bed.

ben5 Fri 06-Nov-09 13:05:25

it's abit late now but newspapers that were published on the day of birth.

BobtheWoodmouse Fri 06-Nov-09 14:11:58

Thanks Posie for the taggies explanation - I like it grin

missmama - that's a good idea - my friend is a big tea drinker and I can remember having no time to make myself a drink when I was a new mum.

ben - great idea, thanks - if it's too late for this one, that's an idea to tuck away for the next time.

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