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Elibean Mon 02-Nov-09 19:22:42

Evening all smile

Not caught up yet, but if I wait till I have time for a good catch up I end up never posting, so...blush

We had a great half term, went to Oxford to see my mum but stayed in a hotel, with pool, near city centre with horses in field outside the window: dds ecstatic, dh and I unstressed, still saw my dm every day so she wasn't tooo angsty...lovely. Doubt we can repeat without furore, but lovely.

Glad you had a good time, Castles, hope everyone else did too - and happy Halloweens. We had a mini party an hour after we got back from oxford, high point being dd1's friend losing her first tooth and swallowing it and spurting blood everywhere: very Halloweeny shockgrin

Have been missing a lot, mostly due to horrible saga of bidding on a house (dishonest vendor, led us up the rather nice garden path), dd2's tummy bug, and other mundane stuff. Hopefully some calm ahead to catch up in....hmm

Ah - think Jabber and Lucy both had a ds around the same time I had dd2: Nov 24th??

And am ashamed to say I've no idea what a lifebook is, but am curious....

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