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midwife told me not 2give my newborn more food...:(

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baby1onway Wed 28-Oct-09 15:09:04

not sure where 2put this thread as this website confuses me slightly :S but have got a 3week old baby that has bout 5oz every 3hours, but mw today told me not 2give him 5 cut it down 2 4oz, give him boiled water inbetween.but i really dont agree as he's very hungry baby and after polishing off 4-then screams until we give him another oz!!can anyone give me advice on this as its heartbreakin seeing him so hungry!!

herewegrow Wed 28-Oct-09 15:26:49

Go with your gut instincts. I think give him what he wants but try some cooled boiled water inbetween feeds just incase he is thirsty. If you were BF you wouldn't know how much he was getting and would be encouraged to feed on demand.

Can you speak to a HV and see what they have to say? Not sure if it's too early to switch to a hungrier baby formula.

MegSophandEmma Wed 28-Oct-09 15:31:49

I agree with herewego. You're his mum and IMO you know best.

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