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May 2008 bubbas: Walking, Talking (& climbing!) Little Monkeys

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monkeysmama Thu 15-Oct-09 10:15:12

Thought we deserved a new thread grin

Niknak21 Wed 28-Oct-09 19:03:41

Loads of people don't go full stop, 20yrs is move common than you think.

Just remember it will only be another check up 1st and you may have a few more little bits since you last went, but you'll be fine!

monkeysmama Wed 28-Oct-09 20:39:50

I won't be able to go for a week or so NN but will let you know how I get on. Thank you again.

On the subject of teeth - do all your LOs brish their teeth properly. Dd would spend her entire day with her toothbrush and a Rod Stewart cd grin if I allowed her but she doesn't actually brush and I find it hard to get the brush to move up and down in her mouth. When should they be going to the dentist for the first time?

I think I am going to fill up this thread all on my own. Maybe I shouldve called it Monkeysmama's Moany Monologue blush

Mitchell81 Wed 28-Oct-09 20:46:34

Hello I'm back from a wonderful holiday in the sun,have come home nice and tanned. (unfortunetley no one will see as winter is definetley on its way)

Kids were good on the plane, but thank goodness for two hotels rooms as I think would have left a child in dubai if we had to share with them. blush

We all had a great time in the pool and on the beach. It went so quickly though. DS2 can now swim with just armbands so pleased that he managed so quickly. DS1 still refusing to put face in water, so will have to work on that.

monkeysmama Wed 28-Oct-09 21:32:29

Mitchell welcome back. Since I am attempting to single handedly fill this thread myself blush I have a question. What did you do about a car seat?

We want to go away on NY Day and Dubai is the only hot placed we can find which isn't miles away (& we have lots of friends there) but dp has been there loads of times and says we'd have to get taxis everywhere and what would we do about a car seat?

harimosmummy Wed 28-Oct-09 21:58:10

MM - Just about the teeth brushing. Haribo is already going to the dentist. He wails like a banshee just loves it wink
He brushes his teeth twice a day. Morning, he brushes them himself. He is pretty good at it, but obviously doesn't do it properly.

Evenings (after last snack) I brush them for him. I find laughing hysterically a lot makes him laugh and he lets me brush them, then I let him play with the brush (like he does in the morning - puts the brush under the water / sucks off the water etcetc!)

Mitchell - Your photos are wonderful... Glad you had such a super time!!

Niknak - Good for you about the interview (and about posting on other threads!! MN is quite addictive!!)

LM - Glad you had a good holiday too.

We're having a bit of a rough old time of it here. Poor old Mimi has been in bad shape for the last couple of days - turns out the poor mite has 6 (yes 6) teeth cut through and another 2 just itching to break through. She's in agony. She's only 13 weeks old today sad Poor baby.

I've dosed her up with teething gel and calpol and she's asleep now - first time, properly, in about 48 hours.

And, other news here... Haribo has a big boys bed in his room... He's still in his cot for now, but we'll make the transition sometime soon... He is such a big boy now... He can feed himself without too many mishaps now and it won't be long before we attempt potty training........

My babies are growing up [proud, but just a tweeny bit sentimental mummy emoticon!]

I have uni tomorrow - I've completed my first assignment on time!! It doesn't have to be in till Friday and I think I'll hold off handing it in first thing tomorrow for fear I'll look like a total swot!!!

Night all,

HM x

Niknak21 Thu 29-Oct-09 07:38:21

I got the job, start in 2 wks! shock

Niknak21 Thu 29-Oct-09 08:54:26

Just done the nursery run, and they can't get either children in on a Friday til Sept 2011, that's what happens when you pick a good/popular nursery.My Mum said she would help out, but they live 3 hrs away. Going to look on Netmums childcare section.....

Mitchell81 Thu 29-Oct-09 11:01:29

Niknak congratulations on the new job, Will you be working full time? Hope you find a solution to your child care problem.

MM The taxis don't offer car seats so we managed without shock hmm Before anyone judges we had no choice, caught taxis everywhere and no carseats on offer and even if we took our own for DS2 what would we do with it when we arrived at beach, shopping center, markets, restaurants etc. Already had 2 pushchairs. So we just put him on the seat with a seat belt. Would never do that normally but really had no choice.

Would recommend dubai, great for kids but would be better with older kids for eating out, water parks, using holiday clubs etc. But still a great holiday.

Harimo Thanks

Boonnomanom Thu 29-Oct-09 12:50:19

DD wiggles her toothbrush about in her mouth but it doesnt travel very far.

HM your poor dd gettin all those teeth at the same time and she's soo young too!
Niknak congrats on the job!
Mitchell looks like you had a grat holiday - those fish are HUGE!

I know they have said in the press that swine flu is particularly dangerous to pregnant women, but has anyone heard of any babies being born with any complications as a result of their mumma having swine flu whilst pregnant? Reason I ask is my bf from college spent alll of last week in hospital with the flu and only found yday that it was swine flu and was simply told that the baby appeared fine in the scans so that at worst it only had it mild hmm. needless to say my bf is quite worried, she's 7 months pregnant.

Sho x

Niknak21 Thu 29-Oct-09 12:55:01

No not working full time, 3 days, couldn't do anymore and I'm worried 3 will be too much. But trying not to worry and get exciting about getting out there again.

Had some luck with nursery, one can take them both til May next year, but it's very bug and I'm not sure. There's also another which can take DS1 all day but DS2 Fri pm from Jan. Not sure if I could look into a nanny for the morning for DS2 since it's a better nursery.

All fun anyway.

Mitchell your photos look amazing, I wanted to get out to UAE to visit my friend this month, but thought we didn't have the money. I'm thinking maybe next April before we need a seat on the plane for DS2 now I have a job grin

Mitchell81 Thu 29-Oct-09 13:13:00

Boo I know have never seen such a big fish before. They look prehistoric (sp?)

Niknak You will have a great time with the kids and agree no point in paying for a seat while you can. grin

Niknak21 Thu 29-Oct-09 13:19:13

Boo I'm sure the baby will be fine, I wouldn't have worried about getting a bad cold and effects on baby so I'm sure the flu virus will be the same, even if it is swine flu one.

DS2 loves brushing his teeth and gets most upset if everyone else is doing it and he's not. We do sometimes have a fight over the brush when it's my turn though. You should do it a bit yourself until they're 8. And take them with you for check ups, so MM when you're into the swing of it take DD along, or if DH regularly attends he could take her. Well done for sorting it

Bellared Thu 29-Oct-09 13:30:27

Can I join? DS was born in May 08 but only says Hiya! to everything and everyone. Climbing? on coffee tables, beds, sofas, in cupboards and out the bath then dances on the coffee table. He's a bit of a clumsy walker (been walking for 3 months now). He's our first one so I don't know if this is the norm.

Do any of yours not sit still for one minute unless they are eating??

Well done on the job! I went for an interview yesterday and she should have rang me back then but hasn't. It's a Monday start and I've found a nursery with 2 toddler places. I've just left her a message now so hopefully she'll ring me back and tell me I've got the job.

Niknak21 Thu 29-Oct-09 13:35:44

Afternoon Bellared! Welcome to the FMLs (Freindly May Ladies) grin

Mitchell81 Thu 29-Oct-09 13:42:51

Welcome Bellared good luck on the job. Yes DS2 doesn't stop all day and into everything and saying lots of words and seems to understand more everyday. Can't believe he is 18 months, where has the time gone. Feel sad that my baby is growing up. sad

harimosmummy Thu 29-Oct-09 20:55:40

Hello Bellared!! My DS is on the go constantly! One of his favourite things is just to run from the lounge right through to the kitchen (and into the utility if the dorr is open) and then back through to the lounge... it is funny to watch!!! but I am surprised at his attention span when he plays with his cars... or is allowed watch Peppa Pig hmm

NIknak - Huge congratulations on the job!! I hope you are able to find suitable nursery places. I would recommend a nanny - I am ever so pleased with ours, but they are expensive!!! shock

Mitchell - I don't think it's too outrageous that you didn't use a carseat... I don't when we get taxis in the UK, It's easier with Mimi because she is still in a portable one, but haribo just sits in his own seat or on my lap... And when we get black cabs (which is quite often, as I only like to park in two places in London blush) they both just stay in the buggy.

Boo - My gut feeling is that if swine Flu hasn't affected the mum too badly, then the baby should be OK. The baby has another 2 months which is probably a blessing, but I haven't heard of any babies being born with complications (and, obviously with mimi, it's a subject, I've taken a reasonable amount of notice of!)

Definitely agree with nimnak and mitchell - I am planning on taking haribo and Mimi to NYC before Haribo is 2 to get around the seating charges!!

Well, I've had a busy day at Uni... Felt a bit hmm because I was the only person to have completed the assignment on time - and some of the excuses were, frankly, laughable. I felt like wailing "If I can look after two small children on my own and still find time to research and write this assignment (which was only 1500 words, so hardly the Spanish Inquisition!!!!), then you have no excuse" GRRRR!!!!!!

Got to go back tomorrow... AIBU to think most students are utter lazy wasters!!? grin wink

Night, HM x

monkeysmama Thu 29-Oct-09 22:21:46

Hey girls

NikNak congratulations - really, well done!

Welcome Bellared - what kind of work do you do? Good luck.

Thanks for the car seat info Mitchell. We'd been trying to work out how to get to a beach and what to do with the car seat. We usually take ours on holiday but dd is too big for the really portable one now. I have a bit of a car seat obsession which I won't go into but there are reasons. I got my rear facing current one from Sweden. I'd never harshly judge any of my loved FMLs though!

Hoping to take dd out tomorrow for lunch with dad and my 3 little sisters. I am really, really, really, really looking forward to it! Hope dad feels ok for it.

Thanks for all the tooth brushing and dentist info NN, HM and others. Dd is also tooth brushing obsessed - or tooth brush obsessed but I am not sure the actual cleaning is up to scratch. I reckon I should go once or twice on my own to get over my issues then take dd. I think I am quite good at hiding my fears from dd - she loves birds so I must be! grin

So, shall we organise meeting up before Christmas?

Off to finish watching Eastenders.


Bellared Thu 29-Oct-09 23:34:47

Hi MN, I'm looking for anything Admin/Internal Account Manager/After Sales Care but atm I'm a SAHM.

She never rang back nor returned my calls! My guess is they didn't want to pay what I asked (£15.5k which I don't think is that much) as she said can you start on Monday and I think you're more than capable of doing the job. She even let me take DS to the interview she was that eager to interview. He stayed with the other girls who worked there whilst we went into the office.


DS stole my toothbrush before after I had done his and let him have a go himself with his own.

I often wonder too where my lovely toddler has gone when he starts screaming because he can't undo something.

What is it with kitchens and toddlers?

monkeysmama Fri 30-Oct-09 09:57:05

That's a pity about the job Bellared. Good luck finding something else.

Off to get ready for lunch with my daddy, dd and my sisters. It's the first time he's felt properly up to going out in ages and I am very excited!

Niknak21 Fri 30-Oct-09 12:08:29

MM enjoy your lunch smile

harimosmummy Fri 30-Oct-09 14:14:35

MM - Hope you all have a lovely lunch.

baiyu Fri 30-Oct-09 14:30:48

Hello ladies, getting settled in my new home smile DS seems to love it here, he's even sleeping better! Still in a mostly unfurnished house and with most boxes still in the garage so I really should be unpacking! Just wanted to check in and say we made it! Just got a dongle thing for a bit of internet til our phone line is reconnected (had to wait 10 days, gah!)

Still up for a meet up I think, I would be really nervous! I think I'm the baby of the group so maybe that's normal!

Big hugs and hellos to all.

Bellared Fri 30-Oct-09 20:45:45

Thanks, I had another place ring me today for interview on Wed.

Mmmmm, lunch! I know its late but hey ho!

Baiyu, and I bet DS is loving all the boxes!

All ready for the Treat or Treater's tomorrow?


monkeysmama Fri 30-Oct-09 21:15:17

Hey girls

Well, lunch was really nice but a bit sad. I've said before but I have 3 little sisters (well, actually I have 6 but 3 of them are still little) who're my dad's with his now ex-partner (oh, life gets so complicated!) It was really nice & they felt totally spoilt. They're my "half sisters" (a term we all reject - we're sisters full stop! grin) but their parents are separated and money is too tight to mention so Pizza Express is a bIg treat. Got a bit sad though when the eldest (she's 13) (she also, though it is not a defining feature, has SN) asked whether dad was going to die or not. I tried to deal with it but she said she just wanted us to be honest and to know if we were celebrating life being fine again or not.

I bought a pumpkin for a quid earlier and we had great fun making a face in it. We live in London which lots of people think is scary and horrible but there are at least 8 houses on our road with pumpkins outside and we had a fun (ten or so!) trips up and down growling at the scary pumpkins....

We've got bf and her two dss coming over for apple bobbing tomorrow. I am not a big Halloween fan but any excuse for a party!

Thanks all for your messages earlier. We got stuck on the Jubilee line earlier on our way to lunch and dd was asleep so I checked MN and it made me feel really happy.

MM wink

Mitchell81 Fri 30-Oct-09 22:06:21

MM Lunch sounded lovely, Sorry to hear it was sad, but glad your dad was well enough to go out for lunch (((hugs)))

We have also done pumpkins and the kids were all dressed up for School, nursery and went to a toddler group Halloween party today.
Will take them Trick or treating to the neighbours only thats if the wind and rain stops.

Baiyu Glad to hear that you are getting settled in your new house.

So excited going tomorrow to a new shopping center which has opened in the city which might have my favourite restaurant franchise from South Africa (The Spur), can't wait to see if its the real thing. I feel like its Christmas eve. blush grin

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