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May 2008 bubbas: Walking, Talking (& climbing!) Little Monkeys

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monkeysmama Thu 15-Oct-09 10:15:12

Thought we deserved a new thread grin

monkeysmama Fri 23-Oct-09 20:09:26

Evening girls

How is everyone? Anyone heard from LM? Hope Michell's having fun & Baiyu's move has gone/goes? ok.

Dd isn't well at all. She's had bad rashes & now a cold. Dr was unhelpful so I've been keeping her in the warm & giving her lots of cuddles and letting her bf what feels like a hundred times a day! I'm sure she'll be fine.

Sounds like a few of us could meet. Anyone else before we think of whenmihht suit us. It'll be wonderful for the GMBs (gorgeous May babies grin) to meet.

I usually don't like Christnmas but am
so excited this year already. I booked panto tickets for dp to take dd on 23rd. He was pleased.

I can hear dd calling me (already!!??) so better run!

Happy weekend everyone.

MM wink

Niknak21 Fri 23-Oct-09 20:44:57

I think LM is on her hols next week, or was it this week?

MM sorry to hear about your DD, I remember feeding DS2 loads one afternoon when he was under the weather, it makes me miss it a little bit thinking of you.

Did our course this afternoon, bit rubbish, not much learnt. Although my DH's old boss suggested I email him my CV to send out to all the dentists in his address book. We've decided to send DSs to a private school so do need the money!

I think I would be too scared to do a meet up blush.

DS2 not quite right at the moment, no real temp but not himself. We a had a difficult night, DS1 came in at 12am then at 2am (he had a cuddle for me hmm) then DS2 was wailing so much at 3.30 he came in with us, and thought Mummy was best to lean on, so had a very odd night. My heart goes out to all of you who have this as a regular occurrance. DS2 had some calpol before bed so hopefully he'll have a better night.

Got parents down this weekend to babysit for course today. Good timing since DH is off tomorrow to friends and going to watch the American Football game at Wembley on Sunday so I'll have some company. We have a new John Lewis at home shop opened just down the road and parent have bought a flat,so I feel some window shopping coming on.

Have a good one x

Harimosbroomstick Fri 23-Oct-09 21:01:35

LM is away.

Flick is massively with the business (let alone the boys / house. DH etc!) but I'll keep her posted on any meet up as she's in London and I'm sure would like to come along if she could make it.

NIknak - Don't be scared!! If it's about meeting people you don't know... I have met some really good friends on line.... (though if it's about the anonimity thing.. then I appreciate your point of view!!)

Sorry to hear the little ones are not 100%... My two are doing very well. Mimi is just an angel and could teach her big brother a thing or two about sleeping through the night. She's not yet 3 months but is already quite happy to go from now (8:30) through to 5am... That's my girl!! grin Haribo is up every night and last couple of nights he's wooken up crying for a few minutes, a couple of times per night... He has very red cheeks and keeps point to his mouth and trying to say something (I have no clue what he's trying to say! blush) so I think he's getting more teeth!

I'm home alone tonight, as DSDs have gone to their mum for the weekend and DH has gone to some gig... So it's just me and the kids this evening but Doof is coming back tomorrow...

I am SOOO happy that he's finally coming home. It's not really with DH's blessing (actually, it's not at all with Dh's blessing) but he's not here most of the time and I miss Doof terribly. It'll be great to have him back. smile

I am happy - just as a suggestion - to host a meet up. I have more bedrooms here than I know what to do with... I'm about 35 minutes west of London. Just an idea?

Night all. HM x

Niknak21 Fri 23-Oct-09 21:12:19

HM Yes it's the anonmity thing. So what happened to Doof, was he meant to go for good? I would love to have a dog. My DH's family have flat coat retrievers from the same family, ILs have the biggest boy, and his Aunt and Uncle have a girl each. Caspar my ILs is lovely but his Aunt's bitch has had a snap at DS2 so I'm a bit wary of her. She is more a farm dog really so not used to annoying LOs. It must have been really hard for you, isn't he like your 1st born? Hope you have a fun weekend together.

I'll hover on the meet up plans and see what happens!

PS Ibuprofen best for teeth! shock, and we have a proper 'Mummy', but not much else! Although my friend today reminded me DS1 was slow at speaking but when he did it was very clear, and now you can't shut him up (just like his Mummy once she gets going...)

Harimosbroomstick Fri 23-Oct-09 21:20:24

No, Niknak - He bloody well wasn't meant to go for good, but Dh would get rid of him in a heartbeat if he could get away with it.

I almost gave in, but I miss him soo much and I love having him about - for a million different reasons. Haribo loves him, he makes sure we take plent of exercise, he's a great guard dog... the list is endless.

Anyway, he's back grin. I've seen him loads but it'll be great to have him back to live here full time.

We have a few proper words - mummy, daddy, doofus, yes, no (especially bloody no!!!), but there are times that Haribo chats away to me and I have no clue what he's babbling on about - I just make out that I understand.. It's funny if I get it obviously wrong, as he holds out his hands and shakes his head (or waggles his finger - I must stop doing that - at me) to vernt his gfrustration.

My two littlies are asleep now.. I'd like to say I have a fun filled evening planned, but I don't. I will annoy everyone on FB by filling their homepages up with my shenanigans on Farmville!!

HM x

Niknak21 Fri 23-Oct-09 21:53:44

Hmmmm no is a favourite round here too, with lots of head shaking. It makes me laugh when I say 'kiss for Mummy' and I get 'Nugh' with a frown and the head shaking, sometimes I get the kiss!

Off to check out FB now! My net life it FB, netmums, my email, DH's email (he never checks it himself and gets load more spam than me) and MN. One day I will get a RL

Harimosbroomstick Fri 23-Oct-09 21:57:16

Right here with you, Niknak

My night consists of FB, MN, yahoo and several other online communication websites!!!


Hm x

monkeysmama Fri 23-Oct-09 22:08:56

Me three. FB, MN, my email and the news (I have a news addiction). My net surfing is much more fun this evening. Our laptop's not been working properly for ages and when I got home there was a box in the hallway. Dp wouldn't say what it was until we put dd to bed and he got me to undo it - a new Macbook Air. grin He says he already regrets it - I use my iphone for most of my posts and websurfing and now we have this he thinks I may withdraw totally from any RL which doesn't involve dd. Having said that, at 10pm on a Friday night he is snoring on the sofa angry. But I can have a love in with my new laptop so that's fine.

NN I know what you mean about the anonimity (spg??). I was mortified a few months back when I thought I'd bumped into someone I knew in RL on here even though it was about something totally benign. But then I think that we'll still be a bit anon. because we might have faces and RL names instead of being MN nicknames but it isn't like we're involved in each others' lives.

I am rambling and making no sense. I am also having problems with my spelling and grammar this evening so am off to bond with my laptop in private.


Niknak21 Fri 23-Oct-09 22:20:22

MM enjoy your new toy, I'm a real technophobe, no room in my brain for even learning how to down load photos from the camera. Tried to create some photo albums on FB but computer crashes when I have set up name of album, just deleted a load of empty ones of SIL's wedding. DH was playing with friends iphones today, he's not allowed one, he's always losing his mobile he uses it so little. Boys and their toys....

I know no one I know in RL is on here, all my friends look at me like I'm mad when I say about it. I just think on here I don't worry what people think of me, in RL it's one of my confidence things.

I also must go to bed, I'm working tomorrow! Just an emergency clinic, but it pays well and keeps my hand in a bit......

Harimosbroomstick Fri 23-Oct-09 22:28:49

I really do know what you mean, Niknak. But, I've been 'scared' by thinking people in RL know who I am more than once (once really badly, when I delisted completely and changed my name)

ANd now I just think... Whatever.... This is something that works well for me. I've met some really good friends, have some great contacts, have an outlet when I'm at home with the kids...

I'm pretty obvious now...I'm pretty easily identifiable... And I'm OK with that now.

I don't have any state secrets to tell (well, not that I'm going to put on this forum anyway!!!) LOL! and I like the friendship it offers.

Not sure what's happening with your photo albums on FB... they should upload fine... Have you tried the simple uploader?

Niknak21 Sat 24-Oct-09 02:19:12

HMIt's not even at the uploader point it 'crashes'. I put in a title for the album and press create album and the screen disappears and goes back to screen saver hmm. I remember your delist, that was in my lurking phase, it was good to see you back after.

monkeysmama Sat 24-Oct-09 09:24:36

I remember your delisting too HM - very pleased we got you back grin.

I know what you mean Niknak. In RL I just get on with my life and have very few people I talk to about anything. I do have friends I love a lot (and of course my wonderful sister(s) but we don't really talk about somethings. I found it very odd when I first joined MN but I have really enjoyed and benefitted from being able to post questions, thoughts etc and have people who always support me. In RL I wouldn't be able to do that. I just can't be that open with people and am pretty shy (though everyone thinks I am very confident) Anyway - I think I know what you mean.

Can you tell I am happy using my new Mac? Three or four posts in a few hours!

I am very angry with dp this morning. He was supposed to be looking after dd last night in the night. Having been at dad's for a few nights he said he'd let me have a proper sleep and get up with her in the night (she's waking 3 or 4 times again atm) At 1am I woke up to hear her yelling and went into her room to see him asleep on her bed and her crying her eyes out. She came in with me and I woke up with her a further 4 times to bf / change nappy / cuddle / comfort. This morning he got up when we went into him and asked why I wasn't getting up. I know lots of women don't get any support or help but I expect it from him - and am thus often very disappointed! Like this afternoon I am taking dd out for a few hours so he can go the the gym and have some time to chill out. I never get that offer! I will stop moaning - I am going to have another fun day with my beautiful baby girl. That's something to be grin about!

We have a gardener coming over this morning to give us a quote for landscaping our garden. I am not sure winter is the best time to plan it but we need to have loads of other stuff done and seeing as the only way into the garden is through the house it doesn't seem to make sense to have new florring put down and then get a gardener in to drag crap through the house.

Now I am rambling. I'm off to start the day.

Happy weekend everyone.

MM wink

Niknak21 Sat 24-Oct-09 13:47:32

MM enjoy your gardening plans.

I think the men don't have the gene that makes you always listen out for the baby's crying/needs and they can sleep through loads more. I would also be angry.

Had a busy morning at work, lots of swollen faces loads of Abs, and I felt like a dentist, not someone pretending like I did last time I did it. It is very empowering to go back to some thing you did well before LOs and enjoy it grin.

DH off to London now, he's going to see the American Football game with friends tomorrow and they needed a BBQ the night before hmm. I'm looking forward to the bed all to myself! blush.

I can see sunshine here, hope you all see some today too x

luckypumpkin74 Sat 24-Oct-09 18:08:27

marking for later....back from fabby hols.

monkeysmama Tue 27-Oct-09 08:43:17

Welcome back LM. Has everyone disappeared again?

Had mil and fil over all day (and evening!) yesterday and felt like I spent all day in the kitchen. Made soup and fresh bread for lunch and then a nice meal for us in the evening and between the cooking and endless tea making, dishwasher filling/emptying and putting away I felt chained to the kitchen sink.

Dp's been unhelpful in the past few days and am very angry with him tbh. Friday he was supposed to be looking after dd when she woke in the night but (I mentioned this before) when she woke up screaming and I went in he was asleep next to her [unimpressed emotiocon]] On Saturday he complained that I'd not allowed him to cope with the situation so he slept in her room again and low and behold at 2am the screaming starts and in he comes with her saying she won't sleep. Just as he is telling me he's given her 3 bottles in half hour (WTF!!) to try and get her to sleep she vomits all over me. Sunday he got to 245 before he carried her into me and last night I gave up and slept with her and apart from a quick cuddle at 2 she slept all night. The reason I get angry is that he thinks, and says, he is doing everything. I'd love to have someone to share the responsibility with and to know that if I had enough of trying to get her to sleep I could take her to someone else and go back to bed! Right, moan over.

Off to a friend's for lunch so best get dd ready for her morning nap so she's not angry when we get there.

Have a good day everyone.

MM wink

Niknak21 Tue 27-Oct-09 14:05:18

Off for a job interview tonight!

Been posting on other threads, very daring of me.

Have had parents withe me for last 5 days, and I've now had enough of them. Saturday and Sunday was on my own, they did help with the children, but it was good to see DH back yesterday to dilute them down a bit.

Gorgeous sunshine here grin

Niknak21 Wed 28-Oct-09 12:13:56

How is everyone?

Interview went ok last night, exceptionally small surgery, but it is a mostly private practice and those usually have quite static staff. Is at least 30mind drive, but not too bad really. They said they like me etc, but got to wait for any other applications/interviews so will hear next week.

Otherwise been busy here with parents visiting to look after boys, I do get on with them but they also drive me mad. My dad will shout at DS1 very easily, and he's a grumpy old bugger.
My Mum also has different parenting views, but hey ho, they look after the boys for me so can't complain, much!

I always find half term a bit of trial even though my nursery doesn't close, the things we usually do do, so not sure what to do this afternoon, and playgrounds are always busy etc.

Right, nuff moaning, must go and put shopping away and get my little darlings.

luckypumpkin74 Wed 28-Oct-09 14:33:05

currently sitting at MIL's while DD1 and her cousin do fuzzy felts.

I have just broached the subject with MIL that we actually all just have Christmas dinner in our own houses with our own families and then just meet up in the evening for pressies etc. She actually liked the idea.....just got to get SIL's to agree.

LM x

monkeysmama Wed 28-Oct-09 14:38:55

Interview sounds pretty positive NikNak I want to ask your professional advice actually though I feel really, really embarrassed. I am going to put my question at the end of my post so no one else has to read it. What other threads have you been posting on? Well done.

All ok here - off to dad's in half hour. Going up north to my nan's next week with mum for a few days which I always really look forward to. I love my mum.

Saw bf and her two boys (3.5 and 1.5) for lunch yesterday. I am in awe of you mums who cope with 2. I felt very sorry for her and didn't quite know how to help.

Is anyone else interested in meeting up? Let me know and we'll get organised. I would be happy to come to you HM - your house sounds awesome!

MM wink

Right - the following is for NikNak Dentist only!

I have awful teeth. They were "perfect" until I hit my twenties and lived a slightly (ahem) wild life for a few years, and smoked over 40 a day for 15 years as well as other gum eroding activities for a year or two. I still drink a lot of strong coffee and enjoy red wine. Anyway, I went to the dentist when I was pg because a tooth had broken. They said I had to go back when dd was born so they could do x-rays and that I'd need 6 fillings, rot canal in two places and even a hospital referral for hereditary gum disease blush hmm shock but - and I am so ashamed - I've never been back. So my question is this, as a dentist what would you say if I sauntered back in almost 2 years later and expected you to help? I feel like a fool but it is a big thing for me. I spend a lot of time, effort and money on my appearance but as soon as I smile I look like a grenade's gone off in my mouth. Thank you very much NikNak! A very ashamed MM

monkeysmama Wed 28-Oct-09 14:39:59

LM - will you come and broach the subject with my family in law too? wink

Niknak21 Wed 28-Oct-09 14:49:18

LM We did one Xmas on our own when DS1 was 1, I was depressed/anxious and it was great to not have to do the big family meet up. If SILs still want to see MIL isn't that up to them?

Message for MM, in case no one else wants to read:
I would go back if you were happy with them. The most worrying thing is probably the gum disease but you can help yourself to a certain extent by regular thorough cleaning, maybe flossing, but best to get some instruction. And definitely no smoking, the red wine and coffee only stains, no real harm done to your teeth.

Why didn't you go back, was it all too much
treatment to contemplate?

If you'd not been for a long time 6 fillings and 2 RCTs (root canal treatment) isn't too bad, although it is best to crown these teeth after. Be brave phone them up, and if they can't see you get a recommendation from a friend for another.

Good luck x

monkeysmama Wed 28-Oct-09 15:13:06

Oooh NikNak thank you. I feel so, so much better. It is such a big thing for me but I am going to call now and make an appointment while I am on a roll! Thank you. X

Niknak21 Wed 28-Oct-09 15:14:49

I'm hovering to check you do MM wink

harimosmummy Wed 28-Oct-09 17:51:37

I can rent DH out to anyone who needs the IL's dealing with!!! grin

My mum is seriously hard work, but DH can phrase things in such a way, i swear she thinks she thought of it... And if that doesn't work, i can assure you, my DH will leave your IL's in no doubt as to what will be happening!!! grin

MM - my Dsis is a dentist and she wouldn't bat an eyelid about a two year gap.... my dad didn't go to the dentist for nearer 20 years and i reckon most dentists have people like that (sorry for reading - nosey emoticon)


monkeysmama Wed 28-Oct-09 19:00:49

I'm actually quite proud of myself about Christmas. We spent it just us 3 last year & twas fab (though I really missed my sisters) and when MIL mentioned it the other day I was very quick to say it'd be us 3 at home full stop. Have I mentioned the holiday next June - fil have booked 2 appartments, sil & bil & 2 sons going too? I can't wait wink. Funny thing is, place we are going is one of the only places in the world I've been and swore I'd never go back to. English breakfasts & drunk English girls with their boobs out all over the place. Just the kind of place I fancy with dd, dp, mil, fil, sil who thinks she's got a harder life than anyone ever, bil who has no personality whatsoever & chose to spend his 40th completing his sudoku book at home, & newphews who eat nothing & are 4 going on 80. I am being cynical but have been v nice about it to pil. The problem is the sil and her dh not pil. I'll be a good girl anyway & be lovely. Just dreading it already! [ungrateful horrible mm emotiocon]

hm that makes me feel better. I have been so worried. Dp is getting a day off & I'm making an appointment! Pearly whites here I come!

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