May 2008 bubbas: Walking, Talking (& climbing!) Little Monkeys

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monkeysmama Thu 15-Oct-09 10:15:12

Thought we deserved a new thread grin

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Harimosbroomstick Thu 15-Oct-09 14:36:39


if only there was more talking and less climbing in the Haribo household!!! grin

Am having a stupid pig of a day today. Could happily call it quits here right now. I got about an hours sleep last night, feel like a bag of c**p and am trying to deal with my DSDs school - and stuck between one parent who won't speak to me (their mother - cos she is annoying) and one who can't (their father - cos he's not in the UK) and if one more person says to me today 'but we can't talk to you because you aren't the parent' I am going to frigging KNEECAP them. [and breathe]

Just burst out crying to one woman (which, to be fair, did help!) - I have really just had enough.

trying to deal with a demanding toddler and a newborn on your own is not something I'd recommend today! They are both asleep at the mo, and I'm actually dreading them waking up - how shit is that? But, we have swimming this afternoon and haribo loves that, so I don't think we can miss it.

Sorry, that's a bit of a downer for our new thread. sad

monkeysmama Thu 15-Oct-09 16:36:52

Hey HM

Hope your day has improved. We all have shitty days sometimes. I am in awe of you.

I've had mil, fil & great granny in law here all day. How much tea can people drink?! Just what I neededhmm. Back to dad's now. I am knackered!


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Harimosbroomstick Fri 16-Oct-09 07:21:03

It didn't!! hmm You know when everything you do or try to do goes wrong? That's what yesterday was like!!! Just everything from the gardeners turning up unexpectedly and not being able to find the keys to the garden to not being able to sort out school fees even though DH and I are listed as the parents!!!!!!!!!!! And Haribo just playing up about EVERYTHING!! From what clothes to wear, food to eat......... The first word he says at every available oportunity is NO!

And Haribo decided that, for one day only, he would HATE swimming I think the terrible twos have arrived early!!!!!!!!!!

Trouble is, I KNOW that we have to go through this. Haribo is just pushing buttons to see how far he can go / what he can get away with, so (as much as it would make me life easier in the short term) I have to maintain boundaries.... It is paying off though - at 2am, he started crying to come into my bed and I just said 'mummy loves you, night night.' and within 5 minutes he was asleep again (HUGE improvement on last night!!) and it has to help that he KNOWS I'm not going to back down... But it's not doing the bags under my eyes any good at all!!!

Anyway, it's Friday and today will be better!! GOsh, sorry for long rambling post!

Fllick - Hope the babyshow goes well!!

Hope everyone has lovely weekends.

HM xx

Harimosbroomstick Fri 16-Oct-09 07:22:07

And, MM, hope you got some sleep... Here's me rambling on and you are dealing with your DDad... Hope you are all OK.

Mitchell81 Fri 16-Oct-09 10:53:30

Sorry about the stressful day Harimo,
Thanks MM for starting new thread and hope you get a break soon.

Well its the end of the first week of school holidays and its been ok. DS1 and DS2 fight constantly over the same toy (different toys but both always want the same one) it is driving me mad.

Thinking about going away on monday but it seems like one of the kids always look like they are coming down with something. DS1 has a rash all over hos body, but no fever (doc has given be a prescription to get if fever starts today) so far so good. DS2 is just a grumpy little boy(hopefully just teeth) and DD suddenly got a temp out of nowhere, but seems ok today.

Will decide tonight/tomorrow morning if we are going to book. I could do with some sunshine. grin

Shonnamanon Your DD is very cute on FB

baiyu Fri 16-Oct-09 11:15:24

mitchell go for it! Get a break, I think you deserve it!

harimosmummy So sorry you're having a crappy day. Hope it improves very quickly!

I got back last night from Cheltenham having signed the lease on a house smile. It's a lot more...suburban than we're used to but I think it's time to stop pretending we're still students and living in tiny tiny spaces! New house is a semi, decent sized rooms and a GARDEN! grin And a lovely park about 20 metres away! About 4 miles from town centre, I don't think there's much else there apart from DH's workplace! Very convenient for that. Can't wait for the space! Will need to get a bike with a child seat. Moving in on the 26th, DH and DS at the park so really should be packing!

Mitchell81 Fri 16-Oct-09 11:32:29

Baiyu Are you moving in 10 days time? How exciting, when does DH start his new job. That is all great news.

luckypumpkin74 Fri 16-Oct-09 19:18:31

HM so sorry to hear you've been suffering. I am also in complete awe of how you cope, just keep reminding yourself that!

MM thanks for the info on languages. The name of the book would be great if you have it.

mitchell go on holiday!!! We're going away Mon-Fri next week and both my girls have stinking colds and coughs now....hmm.

Baiyu I am VERY envy of you living in Cheltenham!!!

Must dash....!!!

LP xxx

monkeysmama Fri 16-Oct-09 21:52:23

Hello girls

Baiyu that's exciting. Good luck with the packing.

LM I haven't had a chance to look for the book - will do and will let you know.

HM hope things are brighter now. Thanks for thinking of me grin.

We went to a brilliant museum today (dp had the day off) set in a beautiful park with lovely animals (deer, goats, gorgeous bunnies etc) and had a brilliant day grin. Dd loved it and her bunny impressions are second to none.

Planning a big family weekend - well our little 3 person family. Tomorrow we're thinking of driving out to a little village in Kent where there's a stream LOs can "fish" in and an old castle.

Got a massive Ocado on line food delivery today so am going to cook up a storm over the next week that we're home and dsis is with our dad.

Anyway - supposed to be having a nice evening with dp so ciao for now.

MM wink

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Boonnomanom Sat 17-Oct-09 14:35:24

Hello ladies! smile

Baiyu congrats on the new house with garden - very envy my garden is the size of a postage stamp!

MM hope you have a nice relaxing week at home

Mitchell you should definately go on holiday, just think, its your last chance before christmas! and thank you

HM hope ur days are getting better

What a week we have had.
DD has been sleeping all night from roughly 8-9 to past 9 in the morning which is sooo not like her. But unfortunatly school hols are over and im back to work on monday and need to take the kids to school at least twice next week which means very early rises for dd and myself. Needless to say iv been enjoying the sleep while it lasts.

Also DP's sister had to airlifted from Inverness to Glasgow on Tuesday night after having a fit. She has SpinaBifida and a shunt so we were all really worried. She's alot better now but is still in hospital as she had to wait 2days to get an MRI scan and now has to wait until Monday to get the results as the doctor who is dealing with her doesnt work weekends (wtf!)

My bff from high school is coming to visit tomorrow grin she moved to ireland a few years ago as her dh is based there(he's in the army) so I havent seen her in ages!! V excited!!

Happy weekend everyone!
Sho x

Mitchell81 Sun 18-Oct-09 19:25:06

Hello, well decided to book a holiday so we are off to Dubai for 8 days tomorrow. Very exicted as have never been and are splashing out grin blush staying at the Atlantis the Palm. See you all next week

monkeysmama Sun 18-Oct-09 19:48:33

Have a lovely time Mitchell. I am very envy it's freezing all of a sudden and I hate the cold! Enjoy.

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Harimosbroomstick Sun 18-Oct-09 23:07:12

sooooooooooo envy - it's supposed to be soo fabulous!!
Have a super time!!

HM x

Mitchell81 Mon 19-Oct-09 06:18:22

Thanks for the messages, So excited that I am up all by myself at 6am. should really be sleeping. [sceptical]

Mitchell81 Mon 19-Oct-09 06:19:17

hmm obviously far too early for my brain to work blush blush

monkeysmama Tue 20-Oct-09 13:46:06

Where is everyone?

I have a quick question. Do you think our LOs are old enough for panto? There's a really good one locally & though I hate it, dp loves it & thought it might be a nice surprise present for him.

Dd's all covered in a rash today-all around her face & neck. We are going to the dr at 3 but am sure they'll say it's teething related (again).

She missed her nap today because we went with a friend to another local mum's for a morning of them selling their clothes & cards and the kids playing together. My dd seems so, well nicer, than other kids (even taking my huge bias into consideration). She says hello (or ciao) and her name when she's playing with new kids (& if they don't listen shouts her name very loudly blush) but plays nicely & includes all the kids. Then someone will push her or, as happened earlier, throw the tea cup at her when she offers them pretend tea. I know she has to learn that lots of kids are little sh&ts but it makes me hurt to see her little confused face trying to work out what's happening.

I was half wondering if, now our bubbas are a bit bigger (& some of us have 2!), anyone in/near London fancied a Christmas meet up.

Right, off to make a Tuscan stew for tonight!

MM wink

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Harimosbroomstick Tue 20-Oct-09 18:07:01

I'm planning to take Haribo to the panto... I took him to Peppa Pig live a while ago and he loved the whole thing from start to finish.

I think it's always hard when you see your kid lose a toy or get whacked in the face - I know it used to happen a lot to Haribo - but I think they all learn to deal with it (and dish it out!) - Haribo is certainly better at fighting for his rights than he used to be!!!!!

I'm def. up for a meet up.. Days (and with kids) work far better for me, but that's not to say I would rule out a night 'do' as long as there was plenty of notice and I could get a babysitter...

I've just enrolled Haribo in a really nice nursery two afternoons a week... In one way I'm really looking forward to it ,as I think he's ready for the extra interaction and I think it'll be good for him to spend a little time without me, but I know I'll hate it when I first actually have to leave him somewhere (and I don't think I'll go far from him) [wuss emoticon]

I've also reactivated my gym membership - the gym has an Ofsted registered creche attached, which gets an outstanding report - and I'll only be in the next room, so feel OK about that too... Really need to do something about the extra weight before it solidifies where it is.

Right best be off, I'm making Haribos dinner while he plays with his cars and I do believe the potatos and veg are done!!

HM x

monkeysmama Tue 20-Oct-09 19:35:17

Hey HM

I'm thinking the same re nursery and feeling the same. We've found a lovely place ten minutes walk away but (& I never ever expected to be like this) I feel incredibly worried about leaving her. She needs the interaction & I am keen for her to go but now I know everything about her every day. Tbh the nasty stuff in the news has got to me too (I'm not usually so silly) even though I'm well aware it's an isolated incident etc etc. I've got to get over it. My gym has an ofsted registered crèche too & am planning on taking dd for the 3 settling in sessions once our life's a bit calmer. Hoping that'll ease us (or foolish me) Into proper nursery.

Let's see if anyone else fancies meeting & get something organised.

Enough rambling - my tuscan stew's ready!


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baiyu Wed 21-Oct-09 23:00:09

All chaos and boxes here so just a quick hello. I'll just be 2 hours from London when we've moved so could probably manage a meet up too. smile

Boonnomanom Thu 22-Oct-09 11:31:21

Morning Everyone!

So the joy of DD sleeping all night long for 11 nights in a row was brilliant whilst it lasted but sadly it is over. sad She was up 4 times during the night and ended up in our bed as well. Ah well, I thought it was too good to last!

Hannah successfully climbed out her cot this morning! She was playing in her cot while I was putting away her laundry, the next thing I know she is giving me a hug! We'r thinking its maybe time to take off the bars, but that would mean rather than just shouting for me in the middle of the night she'l be running through and putting her freezing cold wee hands on my face - eek

Hope everyone is well
Sho x

Niknak21 Thu 22-Oct-09 15:36:54

That's one of the reasons I swear by grobags, not climbing!

Harimosbroomstick Thu 22-Oct-09 21:29:15

smile Niknak - I am trying to get Mimi to settle in a growbag now....

Haribo would scream the house down if I put him a sleeping bag - he won't even keep a blanket on him!!!!

Niknak21 Thu 22-Oct-09 21:47:56

The best grobags are the travel ones, great for transferring from the car when we leave Granny's at bed time, I have quite a collection. Thinking of increasing my 18-36mnth ones though...

Off one a course tomorrow, chance to catch up with some of my friends if nothing else. Maybe do a bit of job searching.

Niknak21 Thu 22-Oct-09 21:49:06

Thinking of Mitchell in that lovely sunshine envy

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