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March 2009 - The crawling / walking / talking race is on . . .

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jollyjoanne Sun 27-Sep-09 15:05:25

the new thread for March 09 mummies

Boobz Thu 13-Feb-14 12:44:48

Crickey, I really am the only one still around here ain't I? Babes turning 5 next month! Anyone around for a catch up?

Boobz Tue 26-Mar-13 11:49:45

All the babies turned 4 this month - happy birthday boys and girls! Anyone still around on this thread?

livismum Wed 23-May-12 11:22:33

Hello all!!! I've been very naughty and disappeared when Eleanor was little but I'm back and very excited to be expecting number 3! It's early days but if all goes well will be due 31st Dec! (whoops!) but I guess it makes a change from march (both DD's within 8 days!)
So a big hello to anyone still lurking, bit unsure how Ella will cope being a big sister she is a little dot and still very much my baby! But at least I'll be on mat leave when she goes to school next year!!! Sorry to mention that, how much our little ones are growing up, grin

kanga5 Wed 25-Apr-12 12:32:47

Boobz, congratulations on the safe arrival of Kit! I read your home birth story on the other thread, so glad it worked out for you.

Slick, sorry to hear of the rough times in your household. You haven't had an easy time, but here's hoping you've turned a corner.

Our DD2 turned three on 7 April, remember she was the last of the March 09 babies, arriving 15 days late. All five DC still keep me on my toes!

Slickbird Sat 07-Apr-12 16:34:56

shock shock shock Boobz you crazy cat!! Three under three you brave lady! grin Good for you and congratulations! Will go and have a look and see if you have any new photos.

Just been in bed the last four days with flu. Honestly there is no end! hmm

Boobz Fri 23-Mar-12 09:31:39

Hey Slick - Penny turned 3 yesterday, big party for her tomorrow, and we had our third baby, Kit, 2 weeks ago! Connie, who turned up 14 months after Pen, is a doll.

Sorry to hear about your night wakings and gluten problems. Sorry for brevity - tapping this one handed!

Slickbird Fri 02-Mar-12 23:58:22

<pokes head round door> Hellooooo? (Echo, echo, echo) I've just had a bit of a blast from the past seeing all the names from the old gang and realised I really quite missed you all. grin After Nicholas was born it just all got crazy busy and there was never ever any time for sitting and posting. I've had such a busy three years shock. My eldest, Eilidh just turned 11, Carla is now 4.5 (going on 44.5 - mind of a barrister that one) and Nick is 3 next week. I can't believe how time has flown. But in some ways it has been the hardest few years of my life. Nick and Carla turned in to shocking shocking (non) sleepers and we were so sleep deprived and failing miserably to resolve it (kept waking each other up) that short of divorce (and it was close) we ended up splitting our living room up into two bedrooms and putting a new window in one of the walls just so we could separate them to hopefully get some sleep. It is only now after more than four years that we are actually getting better sleep and we are still not completely out of the woods. So it's been a bit pants. Still the kids are gorgeous and funny and keep us laughing.

Also found out recently I have coeliacs disease which really really sucks as gluten is in sodding everything so it has taken a lot of fun out of my life. I'm still trying to get over the gluten withdrawal stage but slowly picking up. We think Carla has it too though. sad Still, I know there are far worse things in life, but it is a hell of an adjustment.

Would love to hear how any of you are getting on, especially as we will all be having birthdays of our little darlings around now. Hope you are all well. smile xx (Forgot how much I liked my smilies! grin Oooh, and there's new ones too since I was last here - brew like that one. And this wine. Hee hee.

Boobz Wed 16-Nov-11 07:52:22

Prey grinning, just noticed your post! Glad to hear Amy and Jack are well, and that you're planning number 3 as well... Did it happen yet? Are you pregnant?

Boobz Wed 16-Nov-11 07:48:55

Good to hear from you Kanga! Sounds like life is busy as always for you. We are now moving to Kenya on Dec 10th for a year at least, maybe 2, so looking to defer university in the UK if I can.

Pen has been potty trained since she was 23 months, thank the lord. Connie has just turned 17 months and I plan to get her trained before number 3 arrives so she will be 21 months by then. She is already copying her big sister by sitting on the loo saying wee wee and poo poo, but without actually performing! But looks like she has the idea already.

Wonder what everyone else is getting up to from the old gang...

kanga5 Mon 14-Nov-11 02:41:59

Hello hello hello....still wanting to talk?

Boobz congrats and grinningbee good luck!!

Jolly, we are not starting potty training yet, however DD2 insists on wearing DD1's underpants, yet doesn't get the potty idea. Will try again later.

Well we have had a busy time lately....bought our own place in the lower Blue Mountains, near Kurrajong, NSW. 5 acres for the kids to run about in. It was a difficult move, although one of our shortest. I just found it hard work, and people got ill, broke bones, unpacking, cleaning, and life going on as usual. I miss the UK quite a bit, but you can't beat the climate here. The boys love their new country school.

We got a cat, then found DD2 allergic to it. Her eyes swelled and got infected, not nice. DD1 starts school next Feb then I'll just have one at home....should be a piece of cake then.

xxx to anyone left on this old thread.

grinningbee Fri 08-Jul-11 11:22:36

Boobz!!!!!!!!! Congratulations gringrin And on the decision to be a midwife too. How fab.

We have decided to go for one more (if my aged eggs will allow me!). All I need is for Jack to sleep, and dh not to doze off on the sofa straight after dinner. Mornings are out due to the early wakings of both dc. Too much information, I know.

All is good here. Jack is now 7 1/2 months old and a little treasure. Teething like a demon (started at 17 weeks) but still managing to bf. Tis painful sometimes though. Amy is a hoot and coming out with all sorts. She told a lady this morning that she was going to have beans and jam for breakfast hmm. She also announced on seeing me pick up pantyliners, in that very loud toddler voice "for mummy's pants" in the middle of the aisle. Bless...

Will you be going for more than 3? If I am lucky enough to get pg again it will be our last as I am getting too long in the tooth.

Boobz Mon 04-Jul-11 07:23:16

Hello anyone? <echo>

Well, just in case any of the old gang are lurking (Kanga, Corgi, Jolly, grinning, mdavza..) just popping in to say #3 is brewing... due March 2012! Penny and Connie doing well here in sunny Sudan, and we're due to return back to the UK in Sept next year, when Pen will be 3 and a half, Connie will be just 2, and baby will be 6 months! And I'm going back to university to study to become a midwife!

So it's all go. Any news from your end?

Boobz Tue 01-Mar-11 18:04:08

I can't believe I asked how old he was. It's been a looooong day, sorry!

bonkers20 Tue 01-Mar-11 16:25:18

Hello Boobz, I am at work near Cambridge. DS is 2 at the end of March (by definition of the thread!).
DS1 is 12 at the end of the March.

Just started thinking about Birthdays. DS1 wants to go paintballing. DS2 hasn't got a clue but I would like to do something fun.

Boobz Tue 01-Mar-11 09:27:25

Fraid this thread is a bit dead bonkers - everyone got busy with real life and baby #2s!

But I can chat if you like. Where are you? How old is your little boy?

bonkers20 Mon 28-Feb-11 13:16:13

I'm rather new to MN. Is this where I hang out to talk about my March 2009 toddler?

Nothing to say right now....he's asleep {smile]

jollyjoanne Sun 02-Jan-11 15:19:06

PS hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and new year!

jollyjoanne Sun 02-Jan-11 15:18:05

Not sure if anyone will be reading this anytime soon - but has anyone thought about potty training yet? We're thinking about it - but have no idea where to start?

Nice to hear that most people seem to doing alright and that the new brothers and sisters have arrived safely!

Will try and pop in again soon and read a few more posts.

mdavza Sat 04-Dec-10 18:49:49

Well done, grinning! Adn big cuddles, Jake!
Is anybody else sick of the snow?

Thefearlessfreak Fri 26-Nov-10 21:28:25

Hello all.
Congratulations grinning! I don't suppose anyone willremember me but I pop in from time to time to see what's happening on this thread. I was on it yonks ago in 2009 when my 2nd boy was brewing!

Congratulations to you and hi to everyone else. We're off to Australia on Tuesday for a 3 month break and head to Sydney first off.

corgikelly Tue 23-Nov-10 07:51:06

Congrats grinning! Hope to hear more details soon!

kanga5 Mon 22-Nov-10 20:38:29

Congratulations grinning! Welcome to little Jack. Hope you are recovering well, take care x

Boobz Mon 22-Nov-10 19:16:37

That's fabulous news Grinning! We need more details than that though... home birth? Photo?

Well done you - can't remember if this is your 2nd or more... but well done xx

grinningbee Mon 22-Nov-10 10:13:42

Just in case anyone ever pops in here anymore, Jack was born on Nov 20th at 9.06am very quickly indeed, weighing 8lb 10oz.

grinningbee Wed 17-Nov-10 08:52:28

Hi Kanga, yep I'm 4 days overdue now. Grrrr.

Amy has taken to saying "alright?" whenever I have a coughing fit, and strokes my arm or leg while saying it too which is really cute.

She is currently wandering around wearing sunglasses from which she has removed one lense... bless!

I've been wondering where everyone has gone too. Must be dealing with tantrums like you say. It's certainly going to be very interesting around here when ds finally arrives grin

P.S How is life in Oz? Go on, tell me it's lovely...

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