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March 2009 - The crawling / walking / talking race is on . . .

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jollyjoanne Sun 27-Sep-09 15:05:25

the new thread for March 09 mummies

jollyjoanne Sun 27-Sep-09 15:17:16

Grinning really sorry to hear about your friends experiences it all sounds horrible.

Yarnie glad the sleep tactics are working, hope you get him sleeping soon.

Miss no crawling here, still just the worm impressions, with bottom up and head down and then head up and bottom down. However, she still seems to be able to power herself around the floor / bed / cot wherever she is, so we have to be really careful with her.

meep Sun 27-Sep-09 15:50:35

<pops in and waves to bookmark new thread>

wheredidiputit Sun 27-Sep-09 15:55:27

By meep on Sun 27-Sep-09 13:37:40
wheredidiputit who are you?

By wheredidiputit on Sun 27-Sep-09 15:54:12
Sorry meep I was Lizziemun, but there seem to be a lot of 'Lizzie's' around all of sudden.

laweaselmys Sun 27-Sep-09 17:53:37

grinning am in shock at all of this, really hope your friend manages to kick him out for good and women's aid etc can be more help than the police.


No crawling here either.

But she has turned into an extremely active wriggler, even in the bath with her this afternoon she managed to fling herself half underwater twice. She's just learnt to splash though! Which is fantastically cute.

Mols is not a napper, but she sleeps well at night so I let it be. I think sometimes it is just either or with some babies.

meep Sun 27-Sep-09 18:25:01

aha lizzie in disguise.

Read my question back and it sound a bit abrupt - sorry - wasn't meant to be - knew it must be one of the March regulars! Love the new name!

wheredidiputit Sun 27-Sep-09 18:52:48

It's alright Meep, I noticed a 'Lizzymum' and lots of other 'Lizzie....' names posting and rather get into a discussion as to whether the new person should change their name like some do on here so through oh sod it I was Lizziemun when i joined and only had Lizzie but have since had 2 more so it was time for a change grin.

Gald you like it as I spend all day asking myself where have i put............ unfortunley i hardly ever remember grin.

Slickbird Sun 27-Sep-09 19:47:55

Hey Y'all - I wonder what number of thread this is for us all since (over) a year ago..hmm We clearly, like a blether! grin

Another busy weekend. I keep insisting that I am going to take some time out and do nothing and it rarely seems to happen. So I am going to go and sleep in the garage tonight (yes really) and watch my Charmed DVDs!

Friday was crazy with one thing or another and seemed to be having a day of "Poo-Pong" I sweart to God, I'd change Hb then DD2, then just get ready to leave the house and I'd have to change HB again. And then again with DD2... I've been averaging 5-6 dirty nappies with them every day last week - must be all the fruit. hmm I get so fed up of wiping up crap.

Meep seeing as you asked, the last poo-cot-fest I had, I went through (again during nap time - you think I'd learn) and she had jammed her hand inside her nappy where all the lovely squishy poo was, but she couldn't pull it back out as her vest buttons had made her stuck! I ask you! I keep saying to her, "Can you not just tell me when you need...??" No. She can't.

Still, DH and I had a lovely night on Fri eve as we haven't spent much time together lately with one thing or another, so we got the kids packed off to bed and had steak, winde, candles (small interruption with Dad walking in, but that's another story) and then a bit of the old nooky - amusingly interrupted by HB waking up around midnight to practice blowing raspberries for half an did hinder the mood somewhat. grin

We are working towards moving HB in with DD2, but are currently weaning her off her dummy (two whole days with out it and then DH goes on shift yesterday morning and immediately gives it to her angry whining; "I didn't what else to do.." Loser. Anyway, I forgave him for being crap but hopefully she's back on track now. I do think tho that when we do move them in together there will be problems to start. But am hoping they'll get used to each others' noises and sleep through them.

I hope!

Yarnie Hope things are on the up for you!

Slickbird Sun 27-Sep-09 19:50:38

Ohh, meant to say, re: weaning, I remember some posting about some babies not being interested or not taking very much, I have found that as long as I have a bottle of cooled boiled water with me while they are eating that helps them take the rest. They do get very thirsty and won't even take milk if they are. That's what mine have been like, maybe not the same as everyone elses' I'm sure. But worth a thought?

Slickbird Sun 27-Sep-09 19:52:27

Er..that was "steak, wine.." The wind came later. grin

Yarnie Mon 28-Sep-09 12:54:57

Jolly Spike's pretty much doing the same pre-crawling actions as Mae, by the sounds of it. I keep lifting his hips to help him get the idea. I'm excited about him crawling but also dreading it(!) Our house is a death trap and not much we can do about it until we move in November.

The Grand Sleep Experiment is still going well. He slept from 6.15pm until 4.30am. I went to settle him which turned out to be a mistake. Usually DP does and when Spike realised he wasn't getting any milk, he flipped out. So he ended up getting milk(!) Still, not bad going. His first nap of the day was a bit rubbish, but we'll see how the second goes. He seems to alternate from day to day between having a long nap first thing and having a long nap at lunch time, which is odd.

Weaning is also going a little better. Because of his sensitive gag reflex, I'm taking it slowly. He gets breakfast and then bits and bobs all day. Breakfast is either banana porridge or yoghurt and fruit which he spoonfeeds himself (I offer him the spoon) and some slices of peach or pear, etc. I then offer him bits of whatever I have during the day. Yesterday he had a good go at some steak and mange tout. He loved the steak. He's still sick at most breakfasts, but I think his gag reflex is not as violent and there has certainly been a much reduced quantity of sick.

I'm hoping his better napping will mean more time to actually make some suitable food for him, so I can actually offer him a bit more. I have the Annabel Karmel Finger Foods book which has some great looking recipes in it.

I'm having a serious think about work at the moment. I used to be a lawyer, but I retrained to become an interior spatial designer. I only managed two jobs after I finished my diploma before I got pregnant. Now I'm trying to work out when I am going to pick it up again and how that fits in with wanting a second child.

What's everyone else's work situation?

Wheelybug Mon 28-Sep-09 15:39:55

Found you !

Glad things are looking up Yarnie. As for work - I was an accountant before having dd1 and never went back. I had my first wobble about not having worked for 4 years a couple of weekends ago - friends were talking about how they had got to an important position in their career and 'how did we suddenly become in charge' and I thought 'sh*t, I threw my career away'. I don't regret having been at home all this time but we did intend to have a smaller gap between dd's so would have got back to work sooner but we'll see. Don't think I'll do anything until dd2 starts school.

A question for those who know about giving up breastfeeding - I gave L her last feed last saturday morning (9 days ago) and had taken about 6 weeks to stop so did it very slowly. All has been ok this week - one side has been totally fine and one side has had moments of lumpiness. Suddenly this morning it has hard lumps and a bit sore. Am worried its going to turn into mastitis. Have been massaging it and getting milk out of it but obviously don't want to do too much as I want to stop producing milk... Any advice ???

Boobz Mon 28-Sep-09 18:06:56

Am back to work hence lack of posting. Hate it. Really really don't want to be working - have done a week already and am now wishing away the day until I can pick up Penny again (mostly because thinking makes my brain hurt!)

Yarnie Mon 28-Sep-09 19:08:51

Wheely I am very far from being a BF expert, but it may just be a blocked duct which can be lumpy and a bit sore (though mastitis can follow if not addressed). If massaging isn't working, you might want to consider expressing just enough to relieve the symptoms. Note how much you express and over the course of a week, express increasingly smaller amounts.

Someone may have a better idea, but when I was plagued with blocked ducts and mastitis early on, expressing was the only answer. Hot flannels helped as well.

Missmodular Mon 28-Sep-09 21:04:55

Wheely it may sort itself out but if the pain gets worse you might be best off seeing the doc about getting some antibiotics. I got a sore boob a few months back and the pills sorted it out in a day (could've been coincidence tho - who knows?).

Boobz lots of sympathy re the work front. It does get better (or less awful, whichever way you want to look at it). Hope you get your bfp soon.

Slick will watch your progress with getting HB in with his sister with interest. Our DDs are eventually going to be sharing a room but DD1 is so possessive about her stuff atm I can't imagine it happening any time soon. However, I do have a friend with a 3 and a 5 year old who originally had separate rooms and then asked if they could share (aww), so am keeping that in mind and hoping that it will happen that way rather than us having to force the issue. Not waiting until M is three though! grin

Looking forward to another night with a teethy baby - urgh hmm

Wheelybug Mon 28-Sep-09 21:43:23

Thanks Yarnie and MissMod - it seems a bit better this evening so fingers crossed. A friend of mine had mastitis last week (baby is 8 months) so its on my mind I think !

Boobz - sorry you're feeling that way but am sure it'll get easier (or you'll get a bfp !).

laumiere Tue 29-Sep-09 19:49:41

grinning Much sympathy for your friend, Women's Aid is a great place to start.

Yarnie no crawling here either, and we have a 'sleep' window too, G either starts to zone out or rubs his hair (like Laurel in Laurel and Hardy).

law another bath explorer! Gabe keeps trying to flip onto his tum in the bath, it's cute if a bit nerve-wracking!

We're in Wales with v slow net connection so not many posts! Poor Gabriel is throwing up masses (both volume and frequency!) so we think he may have a virus of some kind. I've all but stopped BF so we're giving little and often feeds of follow on milk and no solids for a day or two. However his balance when sitting is coming along well and he's not too shabby at reasoning/memory: DS1 has a 'gumball machine' that chimes and rolls out platic balls when you pull a lever. G watched DS1 operate it once and then made it work a few hours later

mdavza Tue 29-Sep-09 22:06:57

Hiya, been busy-busy-busy and just fall into bed at night.
Grinning, jeez, what a sobering story! Makes me want to go out and clobber a policeman (what did the policewoman say?!), seriously, when is it ok to break someone's nose? The guy is obv mad as a hatter and I feel for your friend. You and your dh are good people for standing by her.

Yarnie- so good to hear that sleep is improving. B is having sleepathons the past few days, sleeping almost 4 hrs daily and 11-12 at night. I thank God and all the sleepy godesses for that, but know that it will change. Agree totally with meep. At this age they get tired for a nap after 2-3 hrs, and i believe in a dark and quiet room.
Slick. Looking forward to seeing pics of all your new diy. Respect! Here I'm sewing soft toys onto his curtains and paiting Elmer on a piece of wood, which will be stuck next to his bed.

Boobz, its hard when your job sucks. Is there any way out?

On weaning: he's on purees of all different things and sucking/chewing on carrots, bread, sausage, chicken drumsticks...and loving it. I love it, this weaning! He is often thirsty and drinks water from his sippy cup. He is still getting a lot of milk.
And he now has TWO teeth! All the miserableness has vanished, mystery solved. And hes up on all fours, swaying forwards and backwards, I think we'll be putting up the stairgate etc this weekend.
Slick, giggled a lot at your poo- pong! Ben did two massive poos yesterday... Both while dh was on duty- good boy!

I have some personal news that will hopefully end well: I am finally, after almost 7 years, weaned off antidepressants. It's a long story, basically depresdion runs in my family and I went on ad after a particularly bad episode. That dr told me I needed to stay on it for life, but I went on half dosage a few years ago with no prob. And now, with lots of support from a new doc, some counselling and lots of meditation, I'm almost off them. Feel very good, strangely alive, so there you go.
In case you wondered: I did go off when I fell pregnant, became extremely dep, went back on tiny dosage after 3 months.

mdavza Tue 29-Sep-09 22:11:33

Ps: does anybody else's baby have nigtmares? Lb woke with a sharp cry last night at around 10( he never does that) and was obv distressed. I checked his nappy, he smiled at me, I patted him and kissed gnight and that was it. Strange

Slickbird Tue 29-Sep-09 22:14:10

Just checking in quickly before bed -

Mdavza That is fantastic news!! Good for you! Who says you have to do them for life?? Being proactive about it the way you have is just the best way to try and combat it and I'm so pleased for you that you feel able to take this next step. Wish you all the best with that. smile

Just been to see my best friend in the hospital as she had to have a mammoth cyst removed from her ovarie (just had her second baby in April) and they had to remove her ovarie too as it was f*cked. sad She's ok tho and just glad it's over with. She's been living with it getting bigger and bigger for a long time now, so she's glad to get it out. Was quite emotional to see her tho as I've known her since we were 6 and have been through everything together. Shame she is still trying to BF and lift a toddler - the rocovery is going to take some time, so I don't know how she'll manage.

Anyhoo, am off to bed. Hope you're all well.

Slickbird Tue 29-Sep-09 22:15:46

That doesn't look like how you spell ovarie? hmm Ovary? Nope. Ovarie it must be.

corgikelly Wed 30-Sep-09 08:22:09

Hey all --

Rhys is taking a quick nap before heading off to nursery, so I'm trying to catch up on the mammoth backlog of posts!

Not much time to comment, but I do have to say yarnie that I'm SO glad Spike seems to be settling in. He sounds (or sounded, fingers crossed) a lot like Rhys, and I know how challenging and worrying and exhausting that can be.

laumiere, I thought I had the only baby bent on flipping over on his tummy in the bath. I let him, because I've always got a hand underneath him and he loves to float, but I've been wondering if that's encouraging bad habits...

slick, believe it or not, it is ovary. smile And glad your friend is okay.

boobz, I'm with you on the work front. Not enough to make me want to get pregnant again quite yet (I can feel DP blanching at the very thought), but close!

On the Corgi homefront, it's been all ill, all the time. All three of us have been sick for about a month - congestion, sore throat, cough, etc. I don't know if it's one virus we've not been able to shake, or whether Rhys is just cycling through new ones at the creche as fast as he can. Poor little man. My cough has settled into a permanent dry hack, and there is nothing quite as exhausting as lying in bed in the middle of the night trying as hard as you can NOT to cough for fear of waking the baby!

And speaking of sleep -- hallelujah, things are going better! We've Ferberized, and life is suddenly much brighter. Rhys is now in bed between 7.30 and 8 and generally grizzles for 5 to 15 minutes before falling asleep. On his own. And then he STAYS asleep until 1:30, when he wakes to feed. Then back to bed until 7 or 7:30. Calloo callay o frabjous day! Long may it last. (Naps are another matter, and we've not pushed the point of getting him in his cot for those. I figure that can be the childminders' job! grin)

I would love to get rid of that night feed, but he's so hungry when he wakes up, I don't know how. I'm also battling with the childminders at the creche regarding the number of bottles he gets. I don't know if I'm taking things too slow or they're being too ambitious - would love to get some opinions: Rhys will be six months old this Friday, and he is on one full meal (lunch) per day. They want to replace his afternoon bottle with fruit puree, but I'm worried he won't be getting enough calories/milk in the day. Can someone tell me roughly how much milk they should be drinking per day at this age? With Rhys, it's hard to tell because he's still breastfeeding, but he tends to be a light eater. Roughly put, now his routine is:

7.30 BF
9.30 - sometimes a quick BF before heading to the creche, sometimes not
11.30 - lunch (solids)
14.30 - the formula vs fruit debate
16.00 - sometimes a very small bottle of formula
18.00 - sometimes a small veg meal, depending on whether he's had a bottle earlier or is hungry
19.30 - BF
01.30 - BF

Should I okay the switch to fruit in the afternoon, or insist that he keep a bottle? He's thin for his size (99th percentile for length, 50th for weight) and I don't want to shortchange him calorically!

Or am I overthinking this? hmm

Slickbird Wed 30-Sep-09 10:24:16

Hey Corgi Ovary huh? grin I'm still waiting for my spelling to return to it's pre-pregnancy state. A very odd state of affairs. For a long time, I kept going to spell shock - schock - as if I suddenly had turned German! grin

Anyway, re: your feeding issues - with HB, he is 6.5 months and for a while now he has been on 3 meals a day and four 8oz bottles. He sleeps through the night, (but is noisy with it!). It's very hard to know what Rhys is getting through the breast feeding obviously, but in terms of formula, they recommend around 30oz in 24 hours. Mine has that, plus his meals, plus water. Personally, I would up his food intake. If you have a hungry baby on your hands it really can make a difference. Also, he may take some milk and water with his meal, have a break and then finish his milk at nap time.

I also feed him at these times but it's different for everyone obviously:

7.30ish - Breakfast Cereal & Milk (8oz)
9.30 - Nap (Finishes breakfast milk)
Noon - Lunch - veg/fruit/toast & Milk 8oz (and water)
2pm - a wee drink and then nap
4.30 - 5.00 - tea - as lunch.
7.30 - Night time bottle 8oz BED!!!

I wouldn't worry too much about replacing one calorie with another - it sounds like he's getting plenty BF, taking formula and would quite happily take some solids - they love (ususally) the new tastes and textures.

Good luck with it. smile

Slickbird Wed 30-Sep-09 10:25:49

P.S. I quite often throw him a wee rice cake or bit of banana mid afternoon too.

meep Wed 30-Sep-09 11:29:15

Rosie is still night waking - ugh. Ever since she was ill she tends to wake up around 4am - wants milk - and I let her have some as it means I can get back to bed.

But...............she won't finish her bottles during teh day. slick dd1 followed the sort of route that HB is on - but Rosie is having none of it. Wee question - do you use the same bottle from his 7.30 feed to give him before his nap at 9.30? I have it in muy head that you have to throw away a bottle after an hour - but I am sure that is just over cautious and I reckon what you are doing would work for Rosie.

She is also so distracted by her big sis that she would rather grin at her than drink. And I know that the 4am bottle means she's not that hungry in teh morning.

Sorry for the me me me post - just very frustrated as I woudl love to eliminate the night wakings in eth next month so we are good to go for me going back to work.

corgi I have heard that when you get them going on protein it helps them sleep longer and feel more satisfied. We have tiptoed into the realms of fish and she seemed okay with it (white fish poached in milk and mushed up with sweet potato and cream cheese - mmmmm!)

boobz sorry your feeling rubbish. The only downside about getting pregnant again is that you get to teh stage I am at - about to go back to work knowing I ain't having any more, so no lovely maternity leave ever again . You could always do a kanga and have lots and lots of babies though grin!

yarnie glad things are working out with sleep. When it sorts itself out you feel so much better about everything!

Mdavza well done you about the anti-d's. A close friend of mine has gone through it and I know it takes a lot of courage to get yourself off them.

lau you have a child prodigy on your hands grin

wheely sending healing vibes to your boobs (just read that back and it sounds a bit odd - ha ha - you know what I mean!)

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