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June 08- the shoes, the food, the glamour!

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pureeandpearls Fri 25-Sep-09 14:36:40

Struggling to load pages these days and saw we were over the 900 so took the liberty of starting a new thread.

Amberc Fri 25-Sep-09 15:31:39

Hello.....? Where is everyone today? After my mega posts I must have scared everyone off!

PiggyPenguin Fri 25-Sep-09 16:59:02

thanks for the new thread P&P, it was starting to take ages to load

Amber nice to think I can inspire anyone grin the nice thing about meatballs is that you can do different types and they look the same to the lo. Jamie gets chicken/pork/beef in a variety of concoctions, although he does seem to like it best if it comes with apple!

spongebrainmaternitypants Fri 25-Sep-09 17:40:00

Hi guys, have read posts but too tired to reply to much blush, although lol at the harvest festival stories and special huge hugs to poppy.

Update from me: saw consultant today and BP right back up sad - 160 over 95. I also have protein in my urine now, plus blood and some luxalites [sp?] which can indicate a UTI. I was sent to DAU where my BP was then right back down again hmm so really don't know what's happening. Long and short of it is that I'm back into DAU on Tuesday and back to see consultant on Friday with possible induction the week after when I make 37 wks. They think that it would be safer just to get the baby out now, but that may change again depending on what happens in the next couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, I have to do a 24 hr urine sample - every wee for the next 24 hrs has to be collected in a bottle! Sorry TMI blush grin. It's delightful smile.

Anyway, hi to everyone. I'll do what I can to keep you posted.

SpiderWilliam Fri 25-Sep-09 17:54:12

Sponge, sorry to hear about the high BP, but sorry, you did make me laugh about every wee going in a pot. Do take care of yourself. BTW what does "DTU" stand for. Sorry if I am being a bit thick for not knowing.

Sybil - how are you getting on with your veg mountain? I have enjoyed all the harvert festival stories. I remember getting sent in with a can of something leftover. Meanwhile there was the mother of my arch enemy who would handmake her own bread into a giant wheatsheaf. Competitive parenting or what? Puts the pineapples into perspective Sybil!

Amber - this week P has started being noticably keener on me that on DH. It's a massive issue just a subtle new preference. I feel sorry for James too. Nothing to suggest though.

We had a good day in the old Muslim quarter of Granada which has amazing views of the Alhambra Palace and the mountains behind. We got a bit lost walking round but had a good lunch and hopefully no sunstroke for P. He has thrown all his hats away this week.

whinegums Fri 25-Sep-09 20:52:00

SpiderW - glad you're enjoying your hols. Sponge - fingers crossed for you - and good luck with the wee collection.

I did read the end of the old thread, but can't remember any of it now.... But I remember thinking - Deb you are NOT old. And BDQ - well done on the assignment front.

I am knackered (sorry, that seems to be all I've posted this week) but in a good way. I'm really happy in my new job. There was a big HoD meeting with the Principal this week, and he's just as fab as I thought he was - and hilarious. He lives and breathes the place, and is inspirational. I am also getting quite excited about some spod type stuff like design and print. So glad to be back at work and starting to get into my groove!

B is doing great at nursery, as he's the first one in there (others are starting next week after settling in this week) the nursery manager says they feel like he's one of their own. Awwwww. He gave me a massive sloppy slobbery kiss when I picked him up tonight. grin

The wumman/sales rep from the builder we're buying our house from called to see how things were going today. I asked her if she had carpets for us to choose from - she's been waiting for new samples. They still haven't turned up, so she's said we're to go up and just pick ones from the 'upgraded' selection instead - result. I wanted to go and see how the house is coming along over the weekend anyhow.

Amber, how is all your house stuff coming along?

DebInAustria Fri 25-Sep-09 22:00:23

Thanks for the new thread Puree - only you could have written that title! and thanks for the hugs

Thanks for all the well wishes from everyone else, I'll keep track of my periods and see what's happening over a few months.

Sponge - sorry to hear about your bp going back up, good luck with all that wee collecting, no fun when you're pregnant, well no fun anytime actually!

Spider, holiday's sounding great, how many hats did P start off with?

Whinegums - you sound so happy, everything's working out for you now, work, nursery, upgraded carpets, grin

I must have missed Sybils meatballs - recipe please

Amber - what's happening now with your thyroid problem - is it under control?

Viewing tomorrow morning at 9.20 am, keep everything crossed for us please, well not you Sponge - or there'll be no chance of collecting that wee.

PenguinProject Fri 25-Sep-09 23:36:45

Hello - just adding this to my threads.

bitofadramaqueen Sat 26-Sep-09 11:53:01

Me too. Did actually write a big post earlier but it's disappeared. Away to the north west for the weekend!

neenz Sat 26-Sep-09 15:21:15

Can't believe PP is going camping too! We went in April and it was so cold I vowed never to go again unless it was summer. Hope you have a good time!

Sponge, bummer about the BP - you just rest as much as you can.

Debs, that's a shame you thinking it might be the menopause. My mum started at 40 which is a bit early but not unheard of. I can understand you feeling a bit sad. But it can also be seen as a new chapter in your life.

Spider, how is the holiday going? We were thinking of going away in November but then thought what do you do in the evenings when the kids go to bed? Do you just stay in? Do you cook for yourselves? I'm not sure about spending £1,000 or more to go and spend every night sat in a hotel/apartment. Especially when we have two days of childcare paid for here with the CM. Plus babysitting on tap with the PILS grin. So I think maybe a holiday at home would suit us better. A lot cheaper too. But let me know how you make it work.

Amber, can Mark maybe get involved in bathtime or does he get home too late for that? I'd suggest making sure Mark spends time alone with Luke, even if it is just 10 mins a day or time at the weekends. Luke will get used to it - kids swap their affections very easily! It will only work if you are not around, because obviously he is going to prefer you but you have to make it so you are not an option. Does he like playing wrestling? The DTs love that and DH loves it too - they just roll around on the floor tickling etc.

poppy34 Sat 26-Sep-09 15:22:39

Adding this to my threads- deb sorry youbate feeling so low so hugs here. Amber your numerous posts were impressive- maybe only advice is persistence and silly games from mark. I think fact edie is no 3 for dh definitely means he is very relaxed and competent with her. Sponge - tedious peeing in pot and puzzling what is going on but hope things hey better. Spider v jealous as Alhambra on my wishlist. Whinegums glad it's going well.

Thanks to all for kind words - feeling bit better now thanks to chocolate therapy and a good nights sleep. Off out tonight for nice meal then dss off to uni tomorrow.

Anyone else having disturbed nights for no obvious reason? Or is e just getting ready for jet lag? Could be teeth or fact dropped her mid pm milk - when reinstated it slept ok so can't tell if it is that.

Still no walking and wedding next Saturday - have suggested dh dresses as a pageboy to carry her. Also given how close she is (will walk holding my hand and will stand alone) my bet is she will do it the day after!

Hi to everyone else - purée lovely fb photos of toddlerpearls

poppy34 Sat 26-Sep-09 15:24:43

Crossposts - neenz we take DVDs books and have wine at night and go out at lunchtime. Also bathtime or wake up milk a good idea - dh does both(if he can) for edie

vivaGlasvegas Sat 26-Sep-09 21:34:24

Hi all, been away for a restful study-free few days. Exams went, we shall have to wait and see how well sad

have tried to catch up but there was too much to read - so will just stick to this new thread for now!

Sponge have been wracking my brains over the luxalites in your urine - could they have said leucocytes? that would fit with a UTI

spider holiday sounds fab - very jealous! we had a few days away on the Isle of Bute, which was verty relaxing, but damp as Scotland tends to be! we went on a cool lantern light walk last night as the island is taking part in a thing called bigman walking which was very exciting for C - she fell asleep.

whinegums glad all is going well with the new job and nursery - and hoorah for carpet upgrade!

Deb good luck with viewing!

poppy no walking here yet either - I'm convinced it's because C has microfeet - size 2E at the last measurement. She's refusing to walk independently until she has feet big enough for proper walking shoes.

neenz To follow on from our facebook conversation, I grew up in Wilmslow, so definitely close enough to Old Trafford to be allowed to be a Utd fan! (also, my Dad works for them, so pretty much a family prerequisite!)

neenz Sun 27-Sep-09 16:32:17

I'll let you off then Viva!! wink

I can't talk as I was born in Brisbane blush but my dad was born in Withington and grew up in Rusholme so I am claiming Manc status! Lived from age 10 in Rochdale and always wished it was proper Manchester but it just isn't! What does your dad do at United? Sounds very exciting!

I went out with my friend last night and when we go out in Formby we always seem to meet footballers. First time it was Michael Ball (man City), then Steven Gerrard then last night Glen Johnson who plays for Liverpool. It was very exciting, I was a bit drunk though, I was having a very deep convo with him about fantasy league and how he gets loads of points. He admitted that a lot of the players go on to have a look how many points they have got and how many people have them in their team. I said DH had him in his team and he asked if he was in mine and I said no, I've got Wayne Bridge. He said 'Wayne Bridge?!' lol We were also talking kids - he said he had a little girl, and said him and his girlfriend were going to be moving here (a few footballers live here, Gerrard, er, Michael Ball!). When the pub chucked us out I asked him and his FIL if they wanted to come back here for a drink but they politely declined - I was gutted, DH would have been made up if I'd got Johnson here! But all he got was me going on and on about it when I got home. Poor DH.

Poppy, glad you are feeling better. So how does E sleep when you are away? When we were camping the DTs didn't go to bed till about 9pm and that was fine and we expected it but, well, it is nice at home when they go to bed at 7pm and sleep all night. We are very spoilt. We put them in the same room to sleep last night so my friend could sleep in E's room and it was so sweet, they were nattering away to each other for ages before they fell asleep - and they were still happy playing in their cots at 8.30 this morning grin. So I would feel cheated if we spent £1000 on a holiday only for them to sleep worse.

Yes you are probably right, Edie will walk the day after the wedding! DH carrying her sounds like a good idea. My SIL/BIL's little boy has just started walking - at 21 months!

2E is so small Viva! It is bad that they don't do proper shoes for that size. I know Essie has the same problem with I's feet. E is a 3E and we struggled to get a shoe that size, they had none in the first shop and only one pair in the second.

poppy34 Sun 27-Sep-09 18:12:30

neenz sounds like you had a great night out. Edie generally sleeps ok when we're away - sometimes if she is in teh same room (it varies depending on where we;ve been on size of room or if we are at the flat, she is in with us if we have people staying too) she doesnt sleep as well but I guess that wouldnt be an issue if you get a villa or apartment. The only thing is that travel cots can be quite uncomfy so might want to put an extra blanket or duvet on top of mattress to help things. that definitely helped edie. I have to say I've not noticed her (jetlag aside) being noticeably worse when we're away (in fact going to the flat seems to improve her as its small and she is with us all day).

am so [jealous] re twins chatting and playign in their cot - edie screams dada (whcih is i suppose better than mama...!!) the minute she wakes up.

hadnt thought about the feet being small thing but e's are - not sure what she is but size 4/5 stuff has qutie a lot of room in so is not quite that and also I've not had to replace her 6 - 12 month socks yet. but whilst the walking is defo on the slow curve , she is good on her soudns/words - she does love to chat. the nanny finds it hilarious when they go on playdates she tries to join in adult chat - does the smae with dh and me.

well landmark here at the other end of the sclae - dss off to uni . was a bit upset about it (dh on the other hand and dsd couldnt see the fuss- you can see they are cut from teh same cloth wink). still all settled in with my bil - he hasnt got a room allocated yet which is a bit of a shame as doesnt help the settling in.

better go as computer keys about to be scragged by e.

spongebrainmaternitypants Sun 27-Sep-09 21:04:50

Thank you viva, yes it was leucocytes - not luxalites! blush Not very good at medical terminology. Tbh, I don't know what it really means - UTI? I was more concerned about the high BP and protein present, but she said UTI could bring on prem labour but that not a problem at my stage of pg?

Deb, I would second what Amber said about getting your cycle checked out for other things - I have had 21 day cycles before and I'm certainly not peri-menopausal! Could be hormone changes due to giving up bf? Hope nothing to worry about smile.

Neenz, get you hanging out with footie stars!

Bless at some of the small-footed babies on here - that's crap that they don't make shoes big enough though angry.

poppy, can't wait to see your gorgeous little girl in her bridesmaid dress smile.

vivaGlasvegas Sun 27-Sep-09 21:47:12

Quiet today!

Sponge leucocytes are white blood cells, so can be an indication of infection, but can also sometimes just be a trace of them that shows up and incidental. I would also have been more concerned about BP and protein, sounds like you are doing all the right things though and they days are being crossed off one by one!

Neenz My Dad is the property manager. It's all good fun!

Deb I'd also second getting your cycle checked out, you're still feeding Ethan though aren't you? could it be related to that?

poppy I bet your DSS is having a great time already...

babybillandsplodge Sun 27-Sep-09 21:52:33

viva, thanks, good to know it could be nothing.

Deb, sorry blush, I thought you'd given up bf - must be getting you confused with someone else.

abdnhiker Mon 28-Sep-09 07:47:00

I think deb is slowing down on the BFing though isn't she? It does play havoc with my hormones whenever I drop a feed.

poppy I'm envy that E will sleep when you're away. F is horrible so we mostly don't travel. That being said, he's sleeping so well at home now! 11 hours straight!

F just fell off the back of the sofa onto the floor so I'd better start paying my kids more attention - plus I am typing one handed now....

ktpie Mon 28-Sep-09 08:46:35

Morning everyone! Camping went well, helped by the fact we had a heater which was great at night. J had a whale of a time, lots of people to amuse him and 3 dogs, all great with screechy toddlers. He even got himself sat in the driver seat of our friends VW camper and spent a happy half hour pressing buttons and doing the steering wheel while making a brum brum noise (how does he know to do that?).
We had great weather, no rain and it was boiling on Saturday, reached over 30 degrees in our tent!

Sponge - it sounds like they are keeping an eye on you, I hope it all goes well. Doesn't sound like it will be long now!

Neenz - exciting about the footballer, although I haven't got a clue who you are talking about, I once met all of Leeds United (years ago before they went downhill) and only knew I was talking to Rio Ferdinand because I heard someone else calling him Rio blush

I seem to have lost track of the rest of the chat so hope you all had a good weekend.

Upsidedowncake Mon 28-Sep-09 13:38:56

Hi everyone

Having a day working from home so have a bit of time to post. blush

Sponge, sorry about the BP and UTI. Is the BP stress related or are they worried about pre-eclampsia? I can sympathise as had both at the end of my last pregnancy, and it just feels like you're permanently a medical case instead of a person. I found all that added to the stress and my BP just got higher. But laughing though poor you at daily little pots. HOw is your aim re collecting your wee?? Should we get you a she-wee?

WHinegums, glad work and nursery are going OK. I find that it's lovely to be so enthusiastic about something other people care about, instead of being chuffed because DD had an extra helping of pudding or something!

Debs, hope you're feeling better. Are you sleeping OK with it as well? I find that BF plays havoc with my hormones too. I have the coil now, but last time at about this age, my cycles varied from 17 days to three months.

Neenz, it's obviously footballer spy weekend. DH spotted Frank Lampard refuelling his car at a petrol station on the A3 this morning. (Wouldn't you have thought he'd have had someone to do that for him?) It was a very Top Gearish looking car. Needless to say, I didn't really know who he was, but DH (even tho American) was pretty excited!

Spider, lucky you going to Granada. It's one of my favourite places. BTW, are you still feeding P?

Poppy, sorry about your nights. We have just been through a very disturbed phase - lots of teeth, but then waking for no apparent reason. In the last couple of days, we have taken to tucking Dorothy's sleeping bag into the bottom of the cot (which we also did for DS) and she seems (fingers crossed)to be soothing herself now. It sounds cruel and unusual, but I think it's like an early toddler version of swaddling and makes them feel more secure. Keep your fingers crossed for us, though.

Just back from Dorothy's hip appointment and Xray. Her left hip socket has now developed to match right one (which would have slowed her development) smile.

But Paed says she is probably still not walking as she is old enough now to be scared of falling, so we have to do what we can to boost her confidence about letting go of supports. When she is pushing her trolley, we have to give her things with both hands, so that she forgets to lean on something else and starts to balance herself.

bitofadramaqueen Mon 28-Sep-09 16:32:52

Hi everyone. Just had the briefest of skim throughs and marking my place. Just home from a weekend in the northwest and my house is a tip!

PiggyPenguin Mon 28-Sep-09 17:43:03

UPC that's fantastic news about the hips. Lots of babies don't walk until this age though so I wouldn't be too concerned about that, surely they are not all scared, just not bothered?

J is currently walking around the house on tiptoe. Its his new 'thing'. He is also still very keen on walking backwards which is slightly more problematic as he keeps banging into things. What 'interesting' developmental things are your lo's doing?

SpiderWilliam Mon 28-Sep-09 18:34:57

LOL at getting poor Sponge a shewee UDC. How are you today Sponge?

UDC yes, I am still BF P. Before we went away I dropped it to once on alternate days (only kept going so I could feed him on the plane). Now though after going away it has gone up to 2 a day. Arghhh!!!! Between now and Friday I at least need to get back to one so that I can go on a hen weekend without needing to borrow another hen's breast pump grin

Poppy Granada is lovely. A good place for a mini break. You can fly there directly from Stansted. We didn't go to the Alhambra though: a) we left buying tickets too late, b) we have both been before although I was 10 at the time so would like to go again. c) P gets somewhat grumpy on slow guided tours as we discovered in Austria when we took him too a castle. <waves at Deb>

Neenz there are definitely pros and cons to taking toddlers abroad. On the positive it is good to get away from home and the normal niggles (vacuuming, neglected DIY etc), as a result I feel quite refreshed. On the downside there is a certain amount of hassle. The flight home yesterday was hard work. We couldn't sit together, so I had P on my lap on an aisle seat trying to BF him whilst sitting next to a rather large man. I read an article by Stephanie Flanders (BBC economics editor) a few months ago about taking a toddler and a new baby to Dubai. One of the positives of travelling in that direction is that the time difference means you can keep them on a 7-7 GMT routine, but they are awake in the evening for dinner and you get a lie in in the mornings. If only I wanted to go to Dubai! Last week, we did the same thing as Poppy and went out for lunch as the main meal. In the evening we took DVDs with us and chilled out in the villa.

It takes two has started, so had better go. Does it make me a selfish mother if I start delaying P's bathtime so that I can watch Claudia?

SpiderWilliam Mon 28-Sep-09 18:42:52

Ooh BTW, enjoying the football chat. DH was impressed by your evening Neenz. I can only add:

a) I have seen John Terry. I managed to get lost looking for a work away day and ended up turning round in the car park of the Chelsea training ground as he was driving up.

b) We lived in the flat above Eugene Bop, who used to be one of Notts County's finest I think. wink

c) One of DH's friends is the cousin of Mark Bowen (Manchester City's assistant manager). We haven't met him though as he didn't make it to his wedding. In fact our friend's wife still hasn't met him and they have two kids now.

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