january babies are now riggling,giggling & crawling to keep us on our toes

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bodenaddict Wed 16-Sep-09 17:51:58


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stripeywoollenhat Wed 16-Sep-09 18:23:21

bookmarking - back later smile

moosemama Wed 16-Sep-09 18:29:11

Weird, the other 'new' thread was fine with no bold here until now. Now its all gone bold again. hmm

This one seems ok though - for now.

heron22 Wed 16-Sep-09 18:48:43

hello! ok, this time i am determined to keep up with this thread

hi, my LO was born 13th Jan, so he is 8 months old grin

heron22 Wed 16-Sep-09 18:49:11

OMG, it is all bold!

PatTheHammer Wed 16-Sep-09 19:00:07

Ahhhhhhhhh, I'm confused as to where I'm meant to post???????? Still bold, what is the matter with this thing!! Has somebody asked MN?

stripeywoollenhat Wed 16-Sep-09 19:26:39

still bold here, and i looked and the other post natal clubs are bold for me, but not other sections...

can't remember the other thread now, but will give it a go - moose, you shouldn't worry about your house, if that other mum is the kind of person who cares about a bit of scruffiness, then you wouldn't want to hang out with her anyway....

hkz, glad ds hasn't got erb's palsy, glad it seems to be resolving itself a bit

dog and moose, both of your salt/senco (have i got that right?) people sound a bit rubbish. can you change them at all?

chefswife, sorry you are so down and happy birthday, sorry to be a day late. having a kid is totally overwhelming sometimes, i find, and i have no idea how to reorientate myself. i really think that finding a separate space to work in might help you, though obviously i know that that's easier to say then to do. i am turning the idea of making nursery art over in my mind at the moment, and think that if i decide to give it a go, i am going to have find a studio space, since it's not realistic to work and look after c at the same time.

missj, hope your day improved. i am dreading the crawling, really, so glad she is taking after me in that regard and is still sitting on her bum giving directions grin

boden, thank you for doing the new thread smile

and hiya heron, don't worry about popping in and out, we are all getting busier here, i fear....

stripeywoollenhat Wed 16-Sep-09 19:29:41

than to do, i mean, obviously blush

habving a vile time with teething here still - poor c can't bf at the moment, even with drugs and teetha - she also keeps biting me when she tries. surely it can't take much longer [despairing emoticon]

hackneyzoo Wed 16-Sep-09 19:31:26

Is this the right thread? Am bookmarking, still bold.

Chef- Happy Birthday to you, grrr at lack of birthday celebrations. Hope you had a nice time with V instead. Sorry you are feeling emotional and a bit up and odwn, have you talked to DH about it?

Moose- That sounds liek a good thing, meeting up with another mum for coffee. You could always arrange to meet her someone else if you don't want to invite her back next time. I'm sure she won't care what your house looks like, isn't every house with children under 10 living in it a complete tip? (I hope so cos mine is grin)

Have a good time in Bristol Miss J!

News, my SIL is an osteo and has given us advice, and we have also seen an osteo when he was newborn. It has helped, but not massively. We live near the Children's Osteopath Centre, so am trying to get a referral there as it costs $$$$$. They do make concessions though. Its just worrying because there is no apparent cause and to look at it is an unatural way to hold an arm, not the sort of habit you'd learn. The way he holds it is called 'a waiter's tip' as he hold his had out as if asking for a tip IYSWIM. Anyway, am trying not to think about it til we see the Doc next friday.
How was DD's day at school today?

Hello Heron, how are you doing?

hackneyzoo Wed 16-Sep-09 19:36:12

Stripey, sorry you are having a crazy teething time. J is teething still, but still no teeth, just dribble and grumpiness. I like the idea of nursery art. MIL was going to do a mural on the DCs wall but is too busy to do it until after xmas, so might give it a shot myself...give me inspiration stripey!

newspaperdelivery Wed 16-Sep-09 19:38:00


Bookmarking. x

DogAgain Wed 16-Sep-09 19:54:00

Message withdrawn

PatTheHammer Wed 16-Sep-09 19:54:42

Chef- sorry to hear about the birthday, or lack of! i hope things pick up, its quite normal in the first year for your hormones to be all over the place. It will settle down, but if you do feel not 'on top' of it as such, like Lenni said, talk to your GP or something. So glad Violet seemed to know it was your special daygrin.

HZ- Know how you feel with the work thing, I am spending every spare second at work still sorting out my room, putting up work etc. Have not even started on marking yet.......thats this weekends taskblush.

Stripey- How evil with the teething. Z has now cut number SEVEN (all the better to BITE you with mother deargrin). Nursery art sounds a great idea.

Heron- Hi, things are a lot slower on here (thankfully) so you may be able to keep up to date, I am trying but failing miserably.

MissJ....Enjoy Bristol, will wave down the road at you! I think it is getting easier with the crawling, Z is VERY firm on his feet so stands most of thime now. Still crawls like a rocket though, especially when the back door opens!

Moose- You could always suggest another meet at a cafe or park? This is what I do as our place is so small, and a dump (not for much longer, fingers crossed!). The CRB thing is essential for any visiting helpers or teachers (ie music tuition) as far as I'm aware, or it is at my school.

Boden- good luck for tomorrow, hope DD has a fantastic day and you are ok too!

Nice day here, recieved news from 2 friends that they had had their second babies yesterday. My friend from uni had a little girl at 8pm (6lb 12oz so a titch compared to her big strapping DS who was 9lbs) and my friend at work also had a girl at 5pm yesterday (8lb 5oz). Need to get 2 pink cards tomorrow!!!!!!!!

Gumps Wed 16-Sep-09 20:14:49

Found you! Sorry been away. Work getting in the way of MN.
Off to cathc up.

Gumps Wed 16-Sep-09 20:30:34

Wow the bold is weird. And Moose it makes your posts look even longer grin
Had a quick read through but feel bad I have missed out on so much. Acn't remember much but HKZ great news that its not erbs.

S said ma ma today. I nearly fell off my chair in excitement. Ds1 was da da all the way. I think its his way of apologising for getting me out of bed each day at 4am. He spends his day cruising and climbed up 2 strangers at playgroup today, leaving a lovely snot snail trail.
Right randomly have to go look for a cheerleaders outfit on ebay.

moosemama Wed 16-Sep-09 20:43:57

Mumsnet are onto the bold thing apparently, just read a thread about it in Tech.

Just passing through, not stopping. I'm completely knackered! Not finding it easy getting back into the whole school run/homework/tea/bed routine, the time from 3.00 pm to 7.00 pm just shoots past and leaves me a gibbering wreck collapsed on the sofa.

Tomorrow looks interesting, got to collect ds2 at 3.00 do the whole snack/drink/homework thing with him, then go back to school at 4.00 for ds2 (after his first judo lesson) followed by snack/drink/homework with him, then make tea and be back at the school again for 6.00 in time for year 3 parents information meeting. I'll be meeting meself coming back if I'm not careful.

Oh gotta go, dh has just come home and now he's going to boot me off the computer so he can do some work.

<wails. I need chocolate and we have none in the house!

PatTheHammer Wed 16-Sep-09 20:46:00

Hey Gumps, shock at Ma-ma!!!

We have had Ba-ba-ba and Wa-wa-wa in the last 2 days which is an improvement on permanent growling. Think Z is going to be more of a doer than a sayer (thank goodness as DD talks enough for Everybody in this house).

Funny thing, just after I finished typing about those babies had a text from a friend at playgroup who was due next week and she had her little girl today, 6lb 2 ozs and a very straightforward birth apparently.

baby bonanza round here, make that 3 pink cardsshock.

VeryHungryLennipillar Wed 16-Sep-09 22:13:42

I can't do bold sad will be back when it is fixed. I just can't read it.

newspaperdelivery Wed 16-Sep-09 22:41:40

This school business is full-on! Its all so hectic! No car which is really bad timing.

H finally had her last set of jabs and is miserable so I wont stop. Haven't read either blush

missjackson Wed 16-Sep-09 22:59:07

I can't handle the bold either plus am typing on my phone so will keep this short.

Yey for mama qumps. N says it plenty but not in relation to me. Like z I think he is destined to be a doer. Sounds like z will be walking soon! Gosh.

No can't do this from iPhone. Head is hurting. Had lovely day in Bristol. Waves to pat nearby. These friends of mine are moving to Stroud they hope next year.

elkiedee Thu 17-Sep-09 00:42:13

Bold is driving me crazy too. Moose, enjoy visiting your new friend. Maybe her house will be scruffy too. If not, invite her to meet up somewhere away from home next time - I usually go for park cafes for flexibility - if money's tight and it's not too wet you can even do a picnic lunch.

chefswife Thu 17-Sep-09 03:19:36

Bookmarking. Will be back in a couple of hours.

chefswife Thu 17-Sep-09 05:33:55

Good Morning Ladies.

moose I know what you mean about the 3-7pm thing leaving you gibbering wreck... I only have one and I find the 4-8pm is a whirlwind of dinner, clean-up, bath, getting stuff ready for the next day... blah blah blah. Some days I sit down after putting DD to bed and think, where the hell did the last few hours of my life go. Sometimes I think I don't even have a structured thought; I'm merely going through the motions of a basic routine.

stripey Nursery art? Like what? Sounds intriguing.

Is it possible to have PPD 10 months after having a baby? I don't feel resentful or indifferent to DD or anything. I love my family. I have tried to talk to DH but I'm getting almost a flippant attitude from him about my need to get back to work. He says things like, 'You'll get back to it soon'. (When? After the next two kids have grown and moved out?) My friend reckons he is like this because it isn't a financial reason that I need to get back to work, however, I disagree. I haven't made any work for a year and could quite potentially get dumped by my London agent, (they cleanse every year) which would be a career disaster. If I'm not making art and showing, there is no hope in hell of me getting a professorship at the university either, no matter who I know. If I sell only 3 pieces at my show in January, we could be in our very own house, or at least looking for one, in the Spring. Why wouldn't you go out of your way to support that? (Sigh) Well, after that unloading, I'm off to bed.

chefswife Thu 17-Sep-09 05:36:30

I'm sorry. My post is such a complete downer to read first thing in the day.

bodenaddict Thu 17-Sep-09 09:31:57

oh poor you chef

dd1 started school this morning she is so excited and looks so scrummy in uniform

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