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9 months on and no period...

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Beans33 Fri 11-Sep-09 19:38:38

Hi there. Quick background - I was recommended by my GP to go back on the pill when my nipper was 6 weeks old (back in January!) and did (I probably shouldn't have done, but shot hormones etc and took his word for it!) Anyway, I came off it three weeks ago and stopped breastfeeding at the end of June and still nothing in the period department.

I'm not overly worried yet, but we're v keen to get trying for baby number 2, and don't want to try until I've had at least one period. So it's getting a bit annoying now. Hmmm.

Health Visitor said not to worry til it had been a year, but that's not that helpful!

Is anyone else in the same/similar boat?

Beans33 Fri 11-Sep-09 19:45:44

PS Crap timing for a post from me as am off on holiday for a week tomorrow! But hoping will have a few tips on return - if I still haven't had my period!!!


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