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Dec 08 - 9 months in, 9 months out!

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jumpjockey Thu 03-Sep-09 21:34:01

Hope you don't mind the dodgy thread name blush but all our babies are 9 months old now or in the next few weeks grin

jumpjockey Thu 03-Sep-09 21:38:11

so just briefly - happy anniversary to you too kiwi! We're 3 years in. We had a rather nice dinner of duck confit (out of a tin grin) because it has happy memories of a fabby holiday in France. DD was a snot monster all night and then DH did himself a massive injury slipping all the way down the stairs while carrying her and has a mammoth graze/bruise on his leg and side

spiggy good to see you, eek about the heating crisis, hope everything gets sorted soon!

zoejeanne Thu 03-Sep-09 22:10:49

I like the new thread name Jump – but a scary thought at all that time passing already!

I’m pleased to hear the moves went well PMK and Spiggy – but shock at the water pouring through the ceiling! I hope you both get settled and sorted very soon. And Jolly, your roof is leaking too, I hope its not got any worse (but grin at your Mum swearing – I can just imagine my Mum saying that in a moment of stress)

Happy anniversary to Kiwi as well, and didn’t Indith say it was her anniversary this week? Obviously a great week to get married

I hope your DD survived the tumble Jump, without any injuries? Very scary for your DH

grin at ‘mama’ Jolly – or do you drink strong lager from the can more often than you let on??!

DD’s new high chair arrived today, along with the next size car seat (there was a sale on) – and a very beautiful sparkly doidy cup for her! I am just going sing the praises of kiddicare – I’ve never used them before and they are mighty efficient. I got a text yesterday morning to let me know they were being dispatched and when I wanted them delivering – I just had to reply 1 for today, 2 for tomorrow and 3 for the next day. I was very impressed! Not so impressed in Tesco today, where I had 2 aubergines and they weren’t listed in the till computer. So the assistant went to check the shelf, where there was no price – to which he asked me if I’d prefer to leave them as he didn’t know what the price would be shock

modernlove Thu 03-Sep-09 22:16:38

Hey JJ - love the title.
Good evening ladies. Will be quick as DS not settling well but is asleep in cot at the moment! He has more teeth coming through so think he may be unsettled because of that. The past few nights he has only been waking once a night - I think all this crawling has been tiring him out. So tend to feed him at 2-3am ish and then get him back in the cot until 7-8am. I hope he keeps it up! Makes a change from 2-3 hourly!

Spiggy - your move sounds a nightmare. Hope you're settling in ok now.

Veggie - well done on the ride.

Happy anniversary - JJ and kiwi!

LadyT - I woke up this morning wondering how your meeting had gone. Hope things went ok.

WG - your sleep lady didn't sound helpful. I would agree with Veggie's advice. I feel much more refreshed on the nights DH sleeps inother room and brings DS in for feed and takes him away again (he hasn't done it much but really helps). When getting him to sleep in the evening I either feed to sleep or DH rocks him to sleep - if he wakes and cries we have a little winnie the poo teddy with a horrible plastic face but when we press it's stomach it's face lights up and a little tune plays - DS watches it for about 2seconds and falls asleep again. I actually bought that as someone else on here (?Bisou) had recommended a similar thing (which was out of stock in argos when I went to get it so got Winnie instead).

Right now for a small amount of cheerfulness and bed! It's my birthday tomorrow - DH is normally very last minute but when I popped into our bedroom earlier there was a little pile of presents and a card which said mummy on it!

Was sad not to get to the Yorkshire meet - hopefully will next time (if not on a wednesday).

Veggiemummy Thu 03-Sep-09 23:03:40

Happy birthday for tomorrow Modern (hooray I think I have now worked out who you are on FB then, still having trouble working everyone out).

JJ ouch for MrJJ's bruises but glad DD ok. Thanks for the thread title, but a little sad at how time is flying.

Waterworks trouble here too, our London boiler seems to be in the death throws, we knew one day we would need to replace it and it appears that day has arrived and will need to hand over vast sums of money to warm and bathe our tennants. But it's worth it because they are quite lovely.

PMK it's interesting you mention the growth spurt I think that must be what DS2 is going through as he def back to a couple of night feeds and tonight he ate a full baby bowl of penne pasta with a veggie soup I had made foe he and DS1, then he moved onto DS2's dinner and finished it off! I don't understand where he could possibly fit it! I'm not sure what to tell the HV next week for his review when she asks how he is going with solids and weaning. He is def eating solids but his appetite is such that he is still drinking a decent amount of milk as well. I think he like them both!!! He certainly needs the energy though if he's not crawling the equivalent of 10 football pitches he standing at the sofa bobbing up and down doing baby squats! The child does not stop moving.

Veggiemummy Thu 03-Sep-09 23:08:51

Oh and Spiggy I meant to say will they guarantee that the water through the ceiling won't happen again, that sounds quite scary in DD's room.

LadyT hope your ok and just a bit busy, I've been white lighting you in the hope it helps with your current situation, and Trace hope your ok with all the sadness around you too.

Oh DH is in Yorkshire for a few days in a few weeks so might pop up with him overnight so I can possibly meet up for a cuppa with any of the Yorkshire lasses.

modernlove Thu 03-Sep-09 23:32:31

Thanks Veggie. I've just changed my fb pic to one of DS. On the group page it says who we all are - I often pop on to remind myself!
I may be able to come to next Yorkshire meet also!

I was going to do a Tesco online shop for tomorrow but as we're not around much at weekend DH said to leave it - 'we've always got beans in so we could have beans on toast' - on my birthday . I may pop out and get something nice in!! He's forgiven for the comment as the pile of pressies looks exciting!

traceface Fri 04-Sep-09 01:04:09

it's way past my bedtime but little miss P is poorly so there's not much sleep going on. She's got a cough and sore throat - having recently found her voice she now seems to have lost it sad It's all hoarse and feeble. And the green snot is endless! Anyway she's settling for a minute then wakes and screams (in an almost silent gruff voice!) and it takes me ages to settle her again, then she wakes up and on it goes...I've not managed to get her in her cot yet. And I think the poor thing got stung or bitten earlier. She was in her swing in the garden and suddenly started crying, so dh brought her in and she was inconsolable, then after about 5 minutes I noticed that her left hand and arm were bright red and really puffy sad. There was a dot on her left palm so I'm not sure what it was but something got her. It was so swollen right up to her elbow, so we gave her some calpol and put antihistamine cream on it, and now her arm is back to normal but her hand is all red and hot and puffy. Mean old biting stinging creatures angry The big hand is no doubt adding to tonight's misery. SO much for not feeding her in the night anymore - since she started with this bug on Friday I've stuck her on the boob every time she's cried! Not sure she gets much because they're very saggy blush but it calms her down anyway. Guess we'll have to try the sleep training again when she's better.
She's got her 2 hour stay without me at her 2nd nursery tomorrow (the organic one) so I hope she's ok to go because it's her only chance to try. Can't believe I start my job on Monday - and I've still heard nothing!

Sorry to hear of all the heating and water woes - things like that are such a nuisance (and costly too). Hope they're all soon fixed with not too much damage.

modern and Spiggy and PMK nice to see you back again smile

veggie let me know when you know if you're coming to Yorkshire - hopefully I'll have some idea of my working hours by then and might be able to meet up!

JJ I love the thread title smile It seems so long since we were pregnant I can hardly remember what it feels like! My friend has just told me she's expecting her dc3 and I'm so excited for her grin (and just a teeny bit jealous blush)

I've just managed to put P in her cot and she's stayed asleep...

<<tiptoes off to bed...>>

Kayzr Fri 04-Sep-09 06:47:42


Thanks for the new thread Jump I have to agree with Trace. Being pregnant seems so long ago!

Veggie I might be able to meet up too depending on when you come up.

Trace Hope your P is better soon. Bless her. Horrible biting thingsangry

DS1 is having a huge tantrum now so I'd better go!!

Hope everyone is ok!

notjustanumber Fri 04-Sep-09 07:25:17

Thanks for the new thread jump

I have a friend who is pregnany too and I really cant remember what its like. I do ike sleeping on my front though

Has anyone heard from LadyT, I'm worried about how her interview went on wednesday. I'm thinking if it had gone well she might have been on and said

Kayzr Fri 04-Sep-09 07:26:26

NJAN, I think she was having a few days in London.

Veggiemummy Fri 04-Sep-09 09:05:02

Oh and Spiggy I meant to say will they guarantee that the water through the ceiling won't happen again, that sounds quite scary in DD's room.

LadyT hope your ok and just a bit busy, I've been white lighting you in the hope it helps with your current situation, and Trace hope your ok with all the sadness around you too.

Oh DH is in Yorkshire for a few days in a few weeks so might pop up with him overnight so I can possibly meet up for a cuppa with any of the Yorkshire lasses.

spiggy Fri 04-Sep-09 09:24:22

well have read all the posts but can't say I've retained much, DD has taken to filling her nappy at 5:30 every morning and refusing to go back to sleep after I've changed her so I'm knackered!

Happy birthday modern and happy anniversary for all of those celebrating this week.

Someone was saying they had problems changing their DS while he tries to grab his bits as soon as the nappy is off. We had this with DS and we now use pinning down technique for nappy changes, also works on DD as she just tries to roll over as soon as she is on the floor. Sit on the floor with DC lying facing you between your legs. Put your feet by their ears so your legs are resting on their shoulders. Hey presto they can't move and you have 2 hands to change their nappy. Just make sure that you have all the wipes/nappies etc to hand as once they are pinned down you can't get up again til they are changed!

Rewiring nearly done, plumbing fixed. Nearly at the fun point where I can get painting DD's room. Can't wait to do that. I love our new house, we keep finding more interesting things about it (and more things that need fixing!) while DP was in the loft sorting our the damage from the leak he found a sheet of newspaper from 1875 which was when the house was built.

So who is on FB? I'm a bit of a novice on it but would like to get more into it. How do I find you on there or do I tell you my real name and you find me? You'd never guess that I am actually quite compentant on computers but I just find the whole social networking thing confusing blush

Kayzr Fri 04-Sep-09 09:27:58

I think we are almost all on FB. Are you in the Decemer 08 mums groups Spiggy? If not search for it and I'll add you!

spiggy Fri 04-Sep-09 09:33:24

I'm not in that (I joined mn late) but have just done a quick search and all that came up was one for bounty.

Kayzr Fri 04-Sep-09 09:36:36

Search for December 2008 Mums if not then I have no idea.

JollyBear Fri 04-Sep-09 09:44:45

I really like the thread title, thanks JJ, although it does make me realise how much time has flown.

A daja vu moment from Veggie there! Where abouts in Yorkshire will you be?

spiggy How scary having water pour into your DD's room. I'll count myself lucky with boring old rain water. Is it fixed yet?

zoe How amusing being offered to leave part of your shopping behind! Not really the best solution. I do hope DD didn't see that man and think of me! I'm much more fragrant wink.

trace Poor P with the snots. Is her hand better now? Is it nosy to ask if you are planning another?! Just your comment about being envious of your pregnant friend made me wonder. Feel free to ignore me!

Happy birthday modern and happy anniversaries to kiwi and JJ.

I expect lady doesn't want to post on her phone after the last time she did that the thread broke grin. I do hope all went well at the meeting.

kayz How did you go on after speaking to tax credits? Can you give up work or not?

Right off to tidy.

JollyBear Fri 04-Sep-09 09:46:23

CP spiggy How exciting to find the newspaper, you could get a frame for it and display it.

waitinggirl Fri 04-Sep-09 11:29:38

hello - madam woke only 3 times last night, i fed her twice (11.30 and 4.30) and woke up cheery as a button playing on her front at 6.40am. this is good. i am fed up with people looking at me as though this is a bad night. not so. am feeling chipper as anything. weird, isn't it, what you get used to.

great thread title jj - gosh, are they getting htat old??? longer out of the womb than in . weird.

to all those techno people out there... have just downloaded skyp and used it a couple of times. now computer seems painfully slow at times. connection? what should i be doing? have task manager up and the physical memory usage history thing is nnever less than 1.3g. is that ok? normal?

omg- madam as just first succssfully attempted to move onto hands and knees from sitting. oh hell, crawling approaches, doesn't it?

traceface Fri 04-Sep-09 13:57:57

hello. I've just come on to chat to you all but Lucy wants to play with the faces, so sorry about this, but I'll try to get on without her 'help' later!


she doesn't like the green one's face!

NotQuiteSoBigBird Fri 04-Sep-09 14:13:17

Hello everyone, thought I'd try and keep up a bit better. Much easier from my desk at work though blush.

Congratulations to all those newly moved and who're having wedding anniversaries. And I can't believe our babies are coming up for or even already 9 months old.

Sympathies to all those not getting enough sleep - in our house it's drunken DHs and stroppy stepsons waking me up though hmm. I also still feel full of stupid hormones, I left my purse somewhere on my journey to work this morning, and am really struggling to apply myself here in the office. How many of us back at work? Anyone else feeling equally like a liability grin!

Indith Fri 04-Sep-09 14:17:24

JJ I made confit for our anniversary Ours was the 29th August. Happy anniversary to everyone

Spiggy good to see you are back shock at the water! Hope you don't get too many more surprises.

I have to pin dd down for nappy changes. She giggles and wriggles and flips and crawls all over the bed grin

I take it I missed the Yorkshire meet, shall keep my eyes peeled for the next one!

Dd is growing again, she always wakes lots but she has been feeding a couple of times a night and settling without milk the rest of the time but she is currently having massive feeds every couple of hours. Hey ho.

Off to tidy the kitchen and do some baking as we are running low on biscuits. Dh is upstairs sleeping/sulking. I got a bit pissed off at him as he has man flu so of course this involves telling me how russish he feels, having baths and huddling on the sofa drinking lemsip. I have pointed out to him that I have been headachy, sinusy, snotty and sneezy for a couple of weeks now but I have not felt the need to tell him constantly and have just got on with things but this is apparently undermining him

LadyThompson Fri 04-Sep-09 16:41:27

Hello kids!

I'm back. And yes Jolly, you are quite right - I don't have internet at my London flat and didn't DARE use my phone...especially with our shiny new thread which I didn't want to trash grin

Basically, they have offered me redundancy. The meeting was cordial, if a little awkward. They haven't offered me quite enough money (stingy sods) so I am going to see what I can negotiate. I would rather work but enough is enough. I am not being egotistical when I say they don't deserve me. I will find something else. I do feel sort of discarded but that's only in silly moments - self respect has got to count for something and if I am really honest I think I would have found it hard to carry on working for these myrmidons so that's that...onward and upward and other helpful cliches. Got back from London this morn and had lunch with Dad and his wife who were in the area. I don't have a fab relationship with my father but it was nice to see him actually. My stepmother's brother is getting married (he is 52) and his bride is 24. So my Dad, aged 71, will have a 24 year old SIL. Crazy...

Happy Birthday Modern Love! And thank you for your kind thoughts. Hope you are being spoiled.

NJAN - you sounded so blue earlier in the week about your relationship. Hmm. Sounds like you definitely need to ringfence a bit of time that's just for your DH and you. It's so hard though, I do agree. I honestly think time apart helps put the zing in my relationship. Which sounds awful, when you really think about it...But proper, dressing up dates are nice too. Is that a possibility?

Summer, KP and Arti are all on hols and I didn't say bye sad I have been so wrapped up in my travails last couple of weeks. Oh, and Daisy as well.

PMK - glad the move is behind you. Looking forward to the housewarming party wink

Veggie, you did brilliantly with the cycle ride. Wowzers! I am super impressed with your fortitude.

WG - sorry your sleep'expert' (hum) was such a washout. Any further thoughts on the controlled crying? Thinking of you. When does your one day a week back at work start?

Welcome back Spiggy, I was wondering where you had got to. Sorry about the leak - must be something in the air, with Jolly's leak as well.

Oh, and happy anniversary to JJ, Kiwi and Indith.

Kayz - any news re: whether it's more economical for you to stay at home?

Trace - good luck for Monday. You'll ace it I am sure, though any new job is hard at first.

DD came out for a meal with me again last night to a gastropub near my flat. She just sat in the buggy playing with a squeaky Ronald Reagan toy (well, sort of a toy) then just fell asleep after her supper and I just flipped the buggy back and put the hood up. I know the clock is ticking on this sort of night out and I wonder what I will do when she is a toddler and it is no longer feasible...

Well, girls, I am off to a wedding tomorrow. It is a Fancy Dress Wedding. Unbelievable but true. A good friend of mine has an obsession with fancy dress (oddly this is the employment lawyer) and he is insistent that every single wedding guest wears fancy dress. The theme is.................................................................................................. .................................................................................................... .................................................................................................... .................................................................................................... .........................the United Nations. Yup.

I am going as Bahrain and DP will be Ghana. I have no idea whether these countries are in fact in the UN, but it was the best I could rustle up from the thankfully very cosmopolitan charity shops of West London. If anyone has read my DH's cricket book, it's the same bloke who dressed up as Santa Claus in Argentina. He isn't wearing fancy dress for the wedding, though. The bride, groom and bridesmaids are let off.

Have smashing weekends all. Glad the Yorkshire meet up went well.

Kayzr Fri 04-Sep-09 17:40:41

Not a thing really. They can't or won't tell us. i am tempted to just quit but don't want to risk it.

I hope you manage to sort some more money out LadyT. I am tempted to tell you to fleece them for all you can.

Woo Hoo it is Saturday tomorrow!! Going to Alton Towers for my best friends 21st and I can not wait!!!

Veggiemummy Fri 04-Sep-09 19:08:13

Oh Kayz you'll be just up the road, wave to me from which ever is the tallest ride won't you. Are you coming down just for the day or staying overnight. Speaking of theme parks I really have to take DS1 to Thomas world soon or he will spontaneously combust. Lal/Urbane are you still going one day.

LadyT I'm so sorry, I'm trying to think of something to say which sums up how I feel about this and all I can come up with is quite naughty swear words so best leave it. I will say your soon to be ex-bosses are yuk yuk pooheads, and I hope the current economic crisis hits them hard, I hope no one buys books and all their clients get writers block...actually I don't really want the last two. Though I am wondering if you are made redundant can't you legally approach your clients to work for them outside the agency, though I think you have said before it's a big agency and they may not want to leave. Could you start up something on your own though, out of London. You've got a huge amount of experience.

How are you going to dress as Bahrain.

Spiggy that nappy hold technique sound very helpful.

Well I've had a very productive morning, but crap afternoon. I went to Beeston to meet with the friend who I'm setting the BF support group up with, our grand opening is on the 9th october, we are ironing out a few things and need to invite some NHS and charity types to our first group as well as some press people. Not sure why the press people but BfN seems to like it if we do.

I came home with done little tasks to get on with only to come down with an evil migraine it's subsidded now but I'm feeling tres washed out. Currently trying to get DS2 off to sleep but he is still finding his cot a novelty and keeps pulling himself to standing and walking around it even though he's so tired he keeps falling face first into the rails.

Trace tell Lucy I liked her faces, I don't like he green one either.

Indith the client may have decided to change the location for DH's job thing in Yorkshire, to the point that it may not be in Yorkshire at all so I'm a little miffed (I mean how dare they) and may not be able to meet up.

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