June 2005 babies

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uwila Wed 01-Jun-05 07:16:27

Hi everyone. Thought it was time we have a post-natal thread.

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uwila Fri 03-Jun-05 08:49:41

well, this has to be the most unsuccessful thread ever.

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tribpot Fri 03-Jun-05 08:57:06

Have patience Uwila, we shall be with you shortly

How is young Alex doing?

welshmum Sat 04-Jun-05 16:22:11

Just discovered it Uwila so count me in.
How's the recovery going? I must admit to getting over mine incredibly speedily - feel really great - apart from the residual 'pouch' but that will disappear in time I guess.
How's your boy doing? You getting sleep enough to survive on?
I suppose I should whisper this but I'm finding it so much easier 2nd time around - dh hasn't gone back to work yet so I may be taking all this back next week but at the moment that's the state of play here.

lummox Sat 04-Jun-05 20:46:59

Only just found it too.

Hello all. Keep lurking on the June thread, but not sure what to post there as the pregnancy stuff already seems a long time ago.

Looking forward to posting here, though.

Kicking off with a bf query - all seems to be going fine except that baby J massively prefers one boob to the other. I try to offer the less favoured one every time, but he keeps de-latching and I generally just give up and offer him the other. Then he feeds fine. I don't think it's much of a problem, but would be interested to know if there are any techniques to bring the other one into favour!

Hope that everyone else doing well. Looking forward to hearing about everyone else's babies.

mears Sat 04-Jun-05 22:02:48

lummox - this thread might help

Lua Mon 06-Jun-05 11:26:39

Hi there!
Very happy to join thus thread! How's everybody doing?
Lummox, DD had a preference for one boob too. I think I tackled by offering the other boob in a similar angle as the one she liked better, IYSWIM. For example, have her laying down just as she woulf for the left breast but slide her over to the right, It is a bit ackward in the beggining, your partner and lots of pillows will be helpful .

I have to agree with Welshie and said I can't believe how easy DS is being so far - knock on wood! Handling DD on the other hand continues to be a bit of a challenge! She has been overall ok, but I am finding very hard to divide my attention between the two!
Has anyone started in any kind of routine yet? When is a good time? I can't remember what we did with DD....So far we are completely off any, but I can see I'll need to come up with something soon, specially for DD's sake.

welshmum Mon 06-Jun-05 11:47:42

Hi Lua, I've been thinking about routines myself too - although I'm finding it easy to go with the flow at the moment - but only when it's just me and the new boy - as soon as dd is introduced into the picture it does feel a bit chaotic. Dh goes back to work tomorrow so I thought I'd start by putting ds in his own room for all his daytime sleeps and take it from there - not exactly a routine but a start anyway. It's the whole bed/bathtime thing that seems too difficult at the moment.

uwila Tue 07-Jun-05 09:40:35

Hi guys. I haven't really tackled the routines largely because I've been attempting to breastfeed which is not looking to be a success. I just don't produce the milk. And if another midwife ever tells me there is such thing as someone who doesn't produce enough milk I'm going to scream. Anyway, the result is that I spend half the day in my bedroon with DS sucking on empty boobs in an attempt to encourage milk supply and then I still have to feed him formula because he hasn't actually had much to eat. But, I'm going to throw the towel in on this very soon and go to a bottle feeding schedule. He has pretty much established a 3 hour feeding preference during the night. I thinkI'll work with that.

However, today, we all slept until 9:00... yippee!! I feel almost like I got a whole nights sleep.

Oh, and Lua, I agree with your point that some kind of schedule is only fair to the older one. Thnik I'll crack out the Gina book today and modify the feeding plan to suit our existing routines (whatever those used to be).

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welshmum Tue 07-Jun-05 10:23:52

I know what you mean Uwila - about wondering whether they're actually getting any milk. Seems to have come good at our place but I did get a bit obsessive about it and it did seem to require alot of sitting about letting him feed whenever he opened his mouth. Suppose it depends on how hung up you are on breastfeeding how long you pursue it. Good luck which ever way you decide to go.
It's my first day at home on my own - only got the baby as dd is in nursery. Also have a MIL hanging about who is trying her best to be useful in the face of a slightly childish DIL who was hoping to be left alone a bit today. Can't decide how useful having them about is going to be - bit of a shame as they've come all the way from NZ

teabelly Tue 07-Jun-05 12:30:11

Hi girls!!

Just popping in quickly as no-one seems to be about on the due in thread at the mo.

Welshie - it's my first day alone with dd today and so far I'm loving it...but hiding in the back rooms of the house incase my mum decides to just pop over and see how we're getting on I know she's terribly excited, but I really just want a few hours for just me and babes!

Haven't started any routines with dd yet, she seems to be settling in with a 3-4hour feeding routine followed by a wonderful 6 hour stint at night...unfortunately it doesn't start til 3am , but at least it means we can give ds abit of time and get him up and breakfasted before she's awake again. Re ds - oohhhh the green eyed monster has reared his ugly little head already . He's generally fine unless we're doing something with dd - then he wants us to stop and play with him, if we don't then a wilful streak manifests itself and we become sullen or do something deliberately naughty...and there was us thinking it would be plain sailing after he'd been so very good with my friends dd! Still his little world has been turned around so it's gonna take some time to adjust, even though we try to include him in baby tasks like feeding (bottle, not boobie! ) and nappy changing and cuddles - thank goodness for mil who's taking him in his usual tues/wed routine

welshmum Tue 07-Jun-05 14:02:27

Tea - it feels really luxurious just having time with the new ones doesn't it? Ds is currently sleeping beautifully in the garden so I can put my feet up and read the paper. Sure it's not meant to be like this....am trying to remmind myself that the newborn sleeping phas doesn't last long so to make the most of it and try not to do too much - so far I've proved quite good at this .
On the routines I think I'm going to resist for a while as I'd rather he did it himself and seeing as the nights are not too bad - he wakes for 2 or 3 feeds between 10pm and 7pm but then goes back to sleep - it seems like a good plan at the moment.
Dd just wants to 'love' ds - alot and she can be quite physical so there's a lot of 'gentle' 'don't touch his head' etc etc and I feel sorry for her that she's not allowed to do the things she can seet he adults doing. So far no toilet training or sleep regression though - which was what I was most scared of.

Lua Tue 07-Jun-05 16:31:17

Hi there!
Well, you guys are doing good! DS eats ALL the time, every hour perhaps?! He also haven't really slept on its own for more than an hour or so. he is still a much easier baby than his sister because he takes to the breast really well, but I was just thinking that he might need to be taught how to sleep on his own soon...
BTW Uwila, why do you think you don't have enough milk?

Tea, deal done on the second marriage, LOL! We can have them both at the same day and save some money . Heck, we can have it on their birthday and save even more money, since it might be both of our anniversaries too!

uwila Tue 07-Jun-05 17:26:36

Because he sucks and sucks and sucks, doses off for ten minutes, wakes up crying for food. If I give him a bottle, he falls asleep and snoozes for a couple of hours or more. Also, when midwife came to visit second day home, he had lost 10% of bodyweight, which suggests not much food. As I really did want it to work, I have kept at it but then topped him up with formula after he sucks away and gets nothing (or perhaps little).

Oh well, I shouldn't go on about it. I promised myself that when and if I completely give up breast feeding, I wouldn't beat myself up over it. So I'm on the verge of throwing in the towel but haven't quite yet done it. But, I must not look back because that will only make me feel bad about it.

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teabelly Tue 07-Jun-05 18:25:31

Uwila - please don't feel bad about it - I posted this afternoon abit on the due in thread for Pink...I've always been very anti bf for me - fine for those who wanted to, but it just wasn't for me. Then I was persuaded to give it a go with Amber and it hurt like hell but she really took to it, so I persevered, bled & cracked, gave up, added formula (so mixed feeding for a few days). Yesterday I decided to just go formula and then today dropping ds off at mil I was caught short when dd awoke and I had no bottles (bad mummy, wasn't planning on staying out) so decided to give a last bf to pacify her - found something had just clicked and it was fine for me, even made me feel quite contented... then she decides yuck, formula is nicer !!!!! Kids eh! So I'm back with the formula only plan again!!! At the end of the day I figure this is a joint decision between both us and the babies and if either one of us doesn't appear to be happy then you should stop and don't feel guilty...you gave it a shot, if you give it up at least you know you tried

Lua - ok all done then! - love the money saving ideas too! So is your anniversary in June?? ours was saturday (4th)

Welshie - love the resting and taking it easy plan - they lull you into a false sense of security with their sleeping all the time don't they, he he he!

welshmum Tue 07-Jun-05 19:24:31

Tea's right - not worth feeling guilty about it. Decide what to do then be happy about it - no point beating yourself up about this motherhood lark.

Lua Wed 08-Jun-05 11:31:01

Yep, I agree! Shouldn't feel guilty either way. Do what is right for you!
Just in case you want to stick to BF and are worried about the weight loss, I want to let you know that DD was the worst feeder ever. She lost more than a pound to begin with and drove me crazy, but in the end has thrived and bf until 14 months. According to the paed, the signs of poor feeding is dehidration. The feeding frequency is more dependent on baby's personality. DD ate badly and slept well. DS feeds like a fiend and don't sleep at all! Go figure!!

Tea, mine aniversary was on the third, so I spent it giving birth! Hopefully DH found the baby enough of a present!

lummox Wed 08-Jun-05 11:56:46

Hi all,

Thanks to Lua and Mears for the advice. I think I'm slowly getting there with the one-sidedness thing though as he will stay with the less favoured side for about 20 minutes now (although he still de-latches a lot).

Understand your thoughts, though, Uwila - baby has been weighed twice so far and didn't put on any weight in between the two (was still 7 oz below birthweight). Also had lots of starting to suck, then falling asleep after five minutes. I got very down about it all, and very worried that I wasn't producing enough for him. MW was very reassuring though, and said that if he was producing plenty of wet and dirty nappies all was probably fine and he should start to put on weight soon. Don't know if that is true, but it did make me feel better.

We also don't have any routine as yet, although baby mostly sleeps for about 3/4 hours between feeds.

More excitingly, he does seem to be getting more and more of a personality each day - certainly he's spending more time awake. Perhaps we should be enjoying this sleepy bit!

Hope everyone else getting on well. Don't think I have congratulated tea or Lua yet - CONGRATULATIONS

tribpot Wed 08-Jun-05 12:09:19

Greetings fellow Junies!

Just to say on the weight thing, my cousin's baby lost nearly 20% of her birth weight - my cousin was told she should formula feed but, being a doctor, basically just told her HV to naff off and of course the baby is perfectly fine. (Admittedly cousin is an eye surgeon so not overly qualified in the area of breast feeding, but when did that ever stop a doctor having an opinion about something?!).

Take care and hope to be joining you over on 'this side' officially soon!

welshmum Wed 08-Jun-05 14:31:30

I've just had an irritating midwife here. She says she isn't worried about ds but I should take him to the paediatric outpatients clinic as he still has a touch of jaundice and is 100g off his birthweight. Wish I was brave enough not to take him as I know he's fine - she had such a bad manner this woman she's really annoyed me. I was really hoping that this baby wouldn't have to go anywhere near a hospital once we'd left after the birth. I feel quite upset and angry about it really. Oh well I suppose I'd better do it....

Noggermum Thu 09-Jun-05 10:56:47

I'm sure you MW is being cautious Welshie, but if you think he's fine, he almost certainly will be. Some health professionals need refresher courses in bed side manner!

I have v sore cracked and bleeding right nipple and my toes positively curl every time i feed on that side. Am currently gluing myself together with lansinoh. Any tips for curing this quickly? I want to BF and will keep going through the pain but obviously would prefer no pain at all! I'm sure baby girl is picking up on my fear too and she is much more fussy during and after right side feeds. ho hum. her latch is crap. I have to keep de-latching and re-latching and she gets cross and i get cross and she gets frantic and then it all degenerates. She opens her mouth nice and wide but as soon as nipple is in sight she clamps it tight and ends up nipple chewing. Tips for stopping this??? All help gratefully received..........

lummox Thu 09-Jun-05 12:14:49

Hi Noggermum,

Expect you've already been told about this, but Savoy cabbage leaves (put the cabbage in the fridge first) are absolutely fantastic. I'm using Lansinoh as well, but there is something that comes out of the cabbage leaves that is incredibly soothing. Not sure I'd have managed without them. My midwife also mentioned grated carrot (apparently the vitamin A does some good), but I haven't tried it yet. Not as practical as the cabbage (the shape of which could have been designed for the job).

Know exactly what you mean about feeds being toe curling to start off with. That's a fantastic description.

Welshmum - sounds like the MW is being pretty stupid. 100g either way could simply be whether the baby has pooed or peed recently. It's so annoying when you know nothing is wrong, but you feel you have to go along with what they say.

We've just had the health visitor round, and amazingly she was very nice and sensible.

Lua Thu 09-Jun-05 13:16:37

Morning all!

Baby has finally slept for more than an hour so I am catching up on the news. He is cheating though, since he is on MIL's arms the whole time. I guess I'll have to try putting him on the sling next, to help with increasing time between feeds...

Welshie, how was in the doctor??

Nogger, sorry to hear about the cracked nipple. They can be very painful! I have one a bit more sensitive, that curls my toes in the beggining too. With DD though I got really bad nipples because she wasn't latched properly. You probably have checked that, but I just thought I would mention...

enjoy the beautiful day!

welshmum Thu 09-Jun-05 14:14:04

Hello all - just back from the hospital and it was pretty annoying really. I'm feeling a bit fragile. The doctor wasn't worried about weight at all - breastfed babies taking their time etc which was exactly what I said to the midwife However doc insisted on taking blood and urine from ds for tests re jaundice - even though she didn't think it was anything to worry about. I know they have to do it and I know I'm supposed to be grown up about it but I find it so diffficult to watch them stick a needle in his hand and collect the blood as it runs off - it took forever and he absolutely hated it. All that and then she said at the end if the samples were too small I'd have to bring him back next week for another go
As for breastfeeding Nogger I definitely went through the pain barrier with it - around day 6/7 - only down to bloody mindedness on my part. Ds isn't the best at latching either although he's getting better now. Don't have any tips that you wouldn't have thought of yourself - apart from are you trying it lying down too? Ds seemed to have much better luck with this position
Hello Lummox and Lua (waves)

MrsWednesday Thu 09-Jun-05 21:29:30

Ahh, here you all are!

DS1 is asleep (finally) and DS2 is snoozing in his moses basket. He's been asleep most of the day, hope he continues during the night (doubt it though).

I've been reading this and nodding in agreement with lots of things - have also got extremely sore nipples, have the toe-curling sensation every time he latches on, and I seem to have gallons more milk than he needs, but I'm too sore to express it away so have got boobs like Jordan's. Went to be fitted for a proper nursing bra today and I'm a ridiculous 34DD - was enjoying being able to see my feet after giving birth but enormous boobs have obscured the view again. Must get some cabbage leaves, thanks for the tip.

Welshie, you have my sympathy about today's hospital experience, having had the two days of the same myself. Your instinct as a parent is to smack the person who is causing your child pain, not to stand there and watch (or even worse, hold the baby down whilst they do it ). So sorry you and DS are having to go through this, really hope it's nothing to worry about.

You all sound like you are coping so well with having two! I'm feeling quite frazzled myself, even with DH here. DS1 isn't behaving brilliantly and neither of us have much patience because we're tired, which is making him worse. Any handy hints and tips from those further down the line than me?

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