October 2007- These Little Piggies started throwing tantrums

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FloriaTosca Wed 02-Sep-09 07:47:16

The lastest thread for the fabulous women who were due their babies in the October of the Chinese year of the pig and who now have terrible tantrums and delightful cuddles in equal measure from their almost 2 year olds. New and old members welcome to drop in for a chat anytime....

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Dalrymps Wed 02-Sep-09 08:11:36

Moring! A fresh new thread for a fresh new day smile

How is everyone?

Dalrymps Wed 02-Sep-09 08:12:17

grin obviously I meant morning

inzidoodle Wed 02-Sep-09 10:03:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NeedCoffee Wed 02-Sep-09 11:42:20

Morning ladies

I'm very lucky today, being in the company of 4 kids, looking after my friends 2 thins morning, oh the joy!

inzidoodle Wed 02-Sep-09 15:48:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Dalrymps Wed 02-Sep-09 16:47:45

NC- Lucky you, sounds tiring to me!

Inzi - Dylan is still stuck on one morning nap a day, tried moving it till after lunch but he sometimes as lunch quite late as he take ages to build an apetite so he can't quite last yet...

Wakes 7-8am
nap 9/10- 12/1 ish, depends how tired he us but usually about 2hrs

Bed at 8.30, would like earlier but he has to have so many bottles of his high cal milk a day so we have to put him to bed later to fit it in!

Don't know what you should to about beds, I would take the travel cot but Dylans small so fitting in it wouldn't be a prob...

FloriaTosca Wed 02-Sep-09 20:13:43

NC; I hope they didnt run you too ragged hmm

Inzi; We have absolutely no regular routinesad...no matter how hard I try to impose one...today wake;6.00 (after an utterly rubbish night where he barely left my bed, fed about 4 times and kept hugging and kissing me...that bit is lovely but I need sleep!...), started to nap on me at 10am but kicked off when I put him in his bed (tried to put him back 3 times but he was having none of it), passed out on my Mum at 4.15(just before his tea was cooked), napped until 5.50, woke and had a hissy fit with Mil(hungry I assume), refused to eat much and only settled after I finished teaching at 7.00 and gave him bm...bed time is supposed to be 8.00 but he is still playing trains and nibbling his tea when I shove it in his face, his bath is run and cooling and I'm starving...crikey but I miss Dh when he is working away.

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WhiteWineAndJaffaCakes Wed 02-Sep-09 20:18:06

NC - so glad you had a great weekend in Prague. Salt scrub sounds lovely - I could do with one of those!

FT - wow at your dh doing all that work - he must be exhausted. It will be so worth the effort - Alex will love it. Quadro looks fab. Loving the thread title btw.

Inzi - Anya wakes about 7:00, bedtime about 8:00. Nap after lunch for 1.5 - 2 hours. She's not showing any signs of wanting to drop her nap. Lol at Jane shouting "hellllooooo". I'm keeping Anya in a cot for the time being - obviously she's not going to be able to climb out of it any time soon and she's quite happy with the space. Not much help to you, sorry!

Yesterday went well, although much of the day was spent sorting out desk/computer/business cards/etc. I've got plenty of work to do already but I don't feel under any pressure time-wise, which is great, and everybody is very friendly. Anya was still asleep when I left but I was back at 5pm so I still got an hour with her before her tea then her whole tea/bath/bed routine, so it didn't feel like I'd missed most of her day. So far so good! Today is one of my days off - working tomorrow and Friday.

WhiteWineAndJaffaCakes Wed 02-Sep-09 20:22:24

FT x-posted - hugs to you, so hard when you can't settle into some kind of routine yourself. Not much comfort I suppose that he will eventually grow out of it.

FloriaTosca Wed 02-Sep-09 20:45:11

ooops forgot about the cot issue...personally after my experience I'd say, if she isnt climbing out of it keep her in it until after your hols

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NeedCoffee Wed 02-Sep-09 21:10:59

FT-They where too bad tbh, DD1 is the worst out of all of them, trying to play 2nd in command to mehmm always has done from the 2 eldest being one! Sorry you had such a bad night, you poor thing, no idea what to do unfortunately, apart from maybe horlix before bed? Not ideal but I know some ppl who swear by it, can't stand the dtuff myself, yuck.

Inzi-Routine not been great since she can climb out the cot but basically up any time between 5-8 usually has a nap after dinner for an 1hr-1 and a half hours, shes a grumpy bum at teatime if she doesn't have a nap, but even after 2 hours ealier she was still aright PITA, so I can't win, bed between 7-8. I think they're maybe getting to the age of growing out of naps () so maybe just put her in her room for an hour on an afternoon, with books and she'll still think of it as quiet time and you can chill do whatever you need to do.
Re the cot, um, tbh, I think you're mad to even think about putting her in a bed whilst she's still not climbing out lol but thats because I value my sleep-I'd say if she can stretch out to sleep without being squashed, leave her in it

WWAJC-so happy for you that work seems good, I hope it continues

I've been to enroll on my college course today, well, one of them, it was sooooo much messing about, I really don't know how they manage to get people enrolled each year, as they never seem to have a clue, anyway, ended up having to pay £195 deposit so just hope I manage to carry it on, 2 full days a week, can't wait to get into it

I have quite a lot on, as you all know, also need to go for a minor op in Oct which is going to eat into at least one of my college days and will also need to arrange childcare and transport. Sounds awful but I'm so wishing the next 2 months away..

Watching Harry Potter, its quite good!

NeedCoffee Wed 02-Sep-09 21:12:07

ooops I meant they wer'nt too bad

Dalrymps Wed 02-Sep-09 22:27:56

Floria - Sorry you had a bad nights sleep. Hope you get to catch up at some point, it's awful being tired... How long is your dh away for? I admire all you ladies who 'go it alone' a lot more than I do, must be hard. Hope he's back soon anyway.

WWAJC - Glad your first day went well and you got to see Anya for a good amount of time when you go in too smile

NC - Glad you managed to get enrolled on your course, why do these things have to be so complicated?! Sorry you've got so much on at the moment as well as the obvious 'issue' you're having to deal with.. Hope everything you have to get done over the next
few months goes smoothly and quickly then you can relax a bit...

Is it the first Harry Potter you're watching? I think i've seen 2 of em but not sure which ones!

I've been feeling a lot better the past few days, hope it lasts. Still suffering from the insomnia but appetite seems to be a bit better and eating frequently is helping my indigestion. I've also had more energy so have managed to actually do some housework and even cooked a cottage pie yesterday, get me smile.

The insomnia is not helped by the fact DH has blocked sinuses at the moment and it's making him snore.. It doesn't really wake me but when I wake and can't get back to sleep it's annoying and I have to keep nudging him grin he keeps saying he'll sleep on the sofa so I can sleep better but I don't like sleeping in bed alone so won't let him... Could be worse I suppose smile

I could have sworn I felt some very faint fluttering tonight but i'm only 13 and a half weeks and didn't feel movement till 16 weeks last time, time will tell I suppose eek!
How is everyone I haven't mentioned anyway?

NeedCoffee Wed 02-Sep-09 22:32:32

Dal it was the goblet of fire one, got distracted on here at the end so didn't rrally watch the ending properly. Can't DH sleep ni a spare room/on the couch? I've had Rich staying for the past week or so as his mate and his GF have taken over his house for a few weeks while they get there arses into gear find somewhere to live and I told him He'd have to go home for a day/night or 3 as he is doing my head in making me feel a bit suffocated, so he's on his own couch tonightgrin Good news for if we ever live together thenhmm

Dalrymps Wed 02-Sep-09 22:35:47

Hmm not sure if i've seen that one, not much use am I?!

Yeah, he would happily sleep on the couch or the floor, he's offered.. I just won't let him, glutten for punishment I guess!

Lol at Rich sleeping on the sofa, supppose it's just what you're used to... I'm used to having someone else there when I wake. I do like to stretch out when I have a morning nap though, bliss! ( I don't always have morning naps by the way, just since i've been not sleeping at night)

NeedCoffee Wed 02-Sep-09 22:48:03

hehe it wouldn't matter if you did have morning naps...aw bless, I can't stand someone in my bed for too many nights in a row, I get irritated.

Dalrymps Wed 02-Sep-09 23:13:18

grin I can see what you mean, i'll be more comfortable in winter when we don't make each other so warm and stuffy! Off to bed now, sleep well NC x

NeedCoffee Wed 02-Sep-09 23:31:27

thanks Dal, you too

Dalrymps Thu 03-Sep-09 08:27:43

Morning ladies, how is everyone today?

FloriaTosca Thu 03-Sep-09 09:16:00

Good morning!!!
Didn't get Alex down until 10pm and was in my own bed at 10.30 last night but he slept until 5.30 and then went back in his own bed until 7.00!!!!grin...I feel human again! And Dh came back from Sweden last night(a day early)grin So life is good, despite the weather...isn't it awful? We always went on hols in the last week of August and first week of September and rarely had a wet day ..I'm glad we aren't doing it this year!

NC lol at you getting irritated with someone in your bed...I'm like Dal, I would rather put up with snoring/over heating than have the bed to myself ...it's what you get used to I suppose. Oh, forgot to say, I lurve the motorbike and side car you got Shannon ... good job you live far enough away for Alex never to see it or I'd be guilt tripped into one too (sorry we were a bad influenceblush)...if it makes you feel any better it guilt tripped Dhs pal into buying the Thomas the Tank engine one for their lo too....Alex can't use his atm because I've managed to lose the charger/transformer [bad mother emoticon]blush

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NeedCoffee Thu 03-Sep-09 11:18:59

Morning Dal

FT-great news about getting sleep lol at guilting people into getting toys, we haven't even opened the bike toy yet, its for her birthday, so hope it bloody works. Weather crap here too, am still in my dressing gown and the girls are still in their PJs, got first utility coming between 2.30 and 3 today to fit a meter so could go out before then, but not really got the energy to, apart from DD! nagging to do something, I said we'd get board games out, she wants to play monopoly with Shannon, I was thinking morew like Buckaroo....

Dalrymps Thu 03-Sep-09 13:08:22

Ah glad you got some sleep Flori smile, great that dh is back too!

NC - I've had my morning nap again so am still in my dressing gown now shock

Lol at your dd's playing monopoly, don't think shannon would get the rules! grin

Gonna feed his lordship his lunch in a min, should be fun hmm

strawberrylace Thu 03-Sep-09 21:04:05

just a quick hello everyone so i can find you. very stressed at work at the mo with new job, need to get on with some more work this evening just to try and catch up with myself. only good thing is everyone else at work is stressed too, so i am not alone.

sorry for a me me me post, too tired to think properly. in bed typing now cos it's relaxing and warm - how come autumn is here so soon?

DS is sleeping next to me - he refuses to fall asleep in his own bed at the moment, will only sleep on our bed, usually with me watching tv next to him. We can then transfer him to his one bed and he'll just come into us about 6am to watch milkshake. I know i need to get him to sleep in his own - anyone get any top tips please?

Hope you are all ok xx

NeedCoffee Thu 03-Sep-09 21:59:26

sorry you're so stressed Strawberry, re DS being in your bed, personally, I think you're going to have to bite the bullet and have a few nights where you put him in his own bed and leave him, or do the retreating method? Never done that method myself, not got enough patience. But I wouldn't do it while you have a lot on, its exhausting, even the'put to bed, run down stairs, have tv really loud so don't hear the cries' method like I do is quite hard work grin

Well we had a game of Buckaroo, Shannon wouldn't put the things on after the first 2 go's as she was frightened, but then she got more into it, then we had half an hour of ring a roses, row row the boat and pretending to be various animals, including lions, cats that meow and dogs that woof and cock their legs to psssssssss up the wallblush and running to me or dd1 to be lifted into the air, until they banged heads resulting in a sore mouth~(dd1) and an egg on the head(Shannon) so then it was time to calm down.

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