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anyone with july 09 babies?

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gemgem83 Sat 22-Aug-09 08:48:25

hi, im gemma, i have a six week old ds and wanted to chat to mums with babies similar age. id love to know what other mummys are going through in similar situation

montymoo Sat 29-Aug-09 16:34:00

Hi Gemma. I have a 7 week old ds and an older child of 5. The older one was a piece of cake compared to DS! He consumes vast quantities of milk and needs feeding roughly every 3 hrs so I am still getting used to the sleep deprivation! Has your ds smiled at you yet? I have seen one smile from mine that made my heart melt, sadly I don't see it very often as he cries a lot :-(
How are things with your ds?

trixiechick Wed 02-Sep-09 13:54:37

Hi guys
I'm a July 09 mama. My little princess is nearly seven weeks. I've been breastfeeding and for some reason thought I might get my evenings back as she got a little older. She cluster feeds from five or six until eleven or twelve making any thought of... well...anything other than sitting on the couch with her impossible. I've been looking at the b/f threads and the news doesn't look good, this aint going to ease off any time soon. I love her to bits and she's a very calm chilled baby who never cries unless not fed when she asks but.... anyone secretly craving a bit of me time and maybe...maybe (I'll whisper this) a long bath and a few glasses of wine...?

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