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October 04 - Nearly 8 Months!

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hotmama1 Fri 27-May-05 12:58:57

Thanks girls, for letting me start this thread.

Well as Maisiemog and Biglips have said --- I am pregnant!

OMG - once I got over the shock I am now quite excited and dp is absolutely delighted.

EEK - I'm still on maternity leave!

Anyone else got a small age difference between babas - if everything goes O.K there will only be nearly 16 months between them.

Anyway, dd is fine and is now eating happily if not too well - still a bit of a chunkster - but lovely. She is now also drinking water - hurrah!!!!! Still no teeth or crawling but she is creeping backwards and sits up well.

Hope you are all well - still think this parenthood lark can be difficult!

docket Fri 27-May-05 13:58:53

Congratulations Hotmama! I am glad you are excited. My sister's boys are very close in age and she always swears it was the best thing, especially now they are older (7 and 9) and play together very well. How will your work take it do you think?!

My ds is drinking water now too, suddenly 'got it' out of the blue.

geogteach Fri 27-May-05 14:06:11

Congrats hotmama, and snap this is what happened to me, there are 16 months between DS2 and DD and I was still on mat leave too.
I won't deny its tough at the start DD still wasn't walking when DS2 was born. But in some ways it was easier because she was too young to realise what was going on. Its great now because they entertain each other, they are rolling round on the floor together and it sounds like a riot, she gives him kisses and sings to him and is the first to inform me if he is crying!

KathH Fri 27-May-05 17:00:14

hotmama1 - congrats! Didnt have such a small gap but there was 20 mths between dd2 and ds1 and it was a lot easier than having six years between ds1 and ds2. I think part of it is because you're still in baby mode if that makes sense whereas with 6 years i'd forgotten everything when babymole was born - like today we realised how much our house needs baby proofing (new trick is he crawls dead fast after the hoover and starts pulling it and i caught him in the cat bowl today!) Also when ds1 was born dd2 hadnt learnt how to be really naughty so that was easier as well (she has however more than made up for it since) If it helps my friend has 3 dds, after trying for years she had dd1 in March 2000, dd2 in March 2001 and dd3 in March 2002 and they all get on really well and she says it was nowhere near as terrible as she thought it would be.

hotmama1 Fri 27-May-05 17:39:47

Thanks girls!

Geogteach - I am grateful for any advice/guidance you can give e.g. do I need a double buggy as dd will be too young for a buggyboard? Will dd be too young to go into a junior bed - she is in a cotbed at the moment - think she is?

I look at it this way, I haven't had a day off sick for nearly 10 years including when pregnant, I'm 38 and need to get cracking, when at work I give my heart and soul so they have no choice than to be O.K about another maternity leave - otherwise tough!

Just looked in the guidance and I need to back to work by week 18 to qualify for full SMP - and I will be - hurrah.

geogteach Fri 27-May-05 18:32:10

Hotmama if work is anything like mine they'll grin and bear it, they've got no choice legally. You will be doing better than me i've had 3 maternity leaves in less than 4 years!
Double buggy I think you'll need I had no choice as DD couldn't walk but when she was born DS1 went straigt to a buggy board but he was over 2. I recomend the E3, not cheap but narrow like a single and much shorter than a tandem, you can also use it just as a single when you only have one or when the older one nolonger needs a buggy.
I think a cot too, DD stayed in the cot bed and we borrowed a cot for DS2, i'm planning to take the sides off the cotbed this weekend and she is 2 next week, we took them off earlier for DS1 but he was up and down like a yoyo all night.
Let me know any other questions, this is one area where I could be the resident expert!

hotmama1 Fri 27-May-05 18:42:26

Thanks for the advice Geogteach - who makes the E3? I didn't know if I could make do with my Jane Powertrack and a baby bjorn until dd could use a buggy board - but thought this wasn't a very realistic option?

I have a dropside crib as well as a cotbed and didn't know if this would do until dd could use the cotbed as a junior bed.

Just loathe to shell out loads of cash when probably be using a single buggy after a few months IYKWIM

geogteach Fri 27-May-05 19:01:18

Don't really know anything about drop side cribs but it may work, as I said we just borrowed from a friend.
I know that I couldn't manage DS2 in the baby bjorn now and DD isn't reliable on the buggy board yet ( I do use it for short trips e.g to get from the car park into soft play). Phil and Ted make the E3 there are loads of threads on here about it, I imported mine from the states but with tax the difference isn't that great, if you sold your original at least you can use this as a single too, I sold one of my buggies to help fund it!
Thinking of other things as I go along, will your current child be in some sort of childcare when you go back to work? If so and you can afford it I would recomend keeping some of it while you are on mat leave, DS1 went 3 days a week when I had DD and they both have been 1 day a week this time round, you will need time with the new baby and your first may need a chance to escape especially in the early weeks when it is more difficult for you all to get out together.
Keep on asking, where do you live and what job do you do?

huppa Fri 27-May-05 19:03:45

Congratulations Hotmama! How are you feeling - any morning sickness, sore boobs etc. yet?

I´ve got 22 months between mine and found I still needed a double buggy because although dd loved walking she also loved running away, throwing herself on the floor having tantrums etc etc...
She´s much better now I should add.

I think you´d struggle with a single buggy and baby bjorn because it will be winter and trying to push a buggy and hold an umbrella to keep the baby dry might be a bit tricky.

Phil and Ted make the E3 - if you search the archives, there´s quite a few threads about it.

biglips - I thought you´d not been around because you´d been celebrating the Liverpool victory or if you´re an Everton fan drowning your sorrows.

geogteach Fri 27-May-05 19:08:14

Forgot to say I was extatic (can't spell that) at lunch time,, me and 3 children all ate the same thing without so much as a multiblender in sight, now all I need is to get through the stage where every meal requires the sort of cleaning I only used to do on the first day of the school holidays!

Maisiemog Fri 27-May-05 20:03:59

Hotmama, fab! It's funny, I had forgotten being pregnant, because the whole new baby thing had killed my brain/memory cells. It's so exciting though - you are so lucky.
There is 18 months between me and my older brother and we used to be very close as children. He now lives miles away, but we are very comfortable together. I think it helped to knock the jealousy thing on the head, because he was a bit too little to be very peculiar about it. He was very attentive if anything and really looked out for me (according to my mum, he would cry when I had an injection as a baby).
Speaking of transport, I saw a woman the other day with a front baby sling and a buggy with a baby and a toddler walking. I don't know about baby bjorn slings, but I use a wrap sling which you can adapt for hip carrying or back carrying a bigger baby or toddler.
It would be a pain selling your powertrack if you had to, but they keep their price really well on Ebay and you could always use the proceeds towards a powertwin. Heehee. We've got the powertrack too and I do love it and I ram bugaboos with it as well. (only kidding)
You will have to keep us very well informed of your progress. I will probably have to do all this in a year so I am all ears.
Now I hope you are putting at least one of your feet up.

Maisiemog Fri 27-May-05 20:04:26

Biglips I'm sending you a shoulder rub.

Maisiemog Fri 27-May-05 20:05:37

AAAAAAAAAAARAADgh (I don't think I will be able to keep typing that, we'll have to think of a suitably short petname for you)
Hello and welcome.

biglips Fri 27-May-05 21:54:50

well i am a liverpool supporter and in town there was 750,000 people there to celebrate - i didnt as im saving it all for tmrw as off to Blackpool for nearly flippin 12/13 hours as settingoff @ 1pm from liverpool and coming home early hours sunday (i havent got the energy and Sh*ting myself too as baba had been waking me nearly all week due to teething - she knows im going tmrw as i just know!).. one of my uncles is a man united supporter (grrrr!)

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S!!!!! hotmama1.. how fab!!!! ...

baba is going from lying down to sitting up straight away (well advanced!).
yesterday she threw a BIG tantrum as i went off to get her foods and she was crawling in the living room and went into bin and pulled out a paper and a lollyice wrapper, just playing with it and putting it in her mouth. i put her in the bouncer and was trying to feed her but she kept on putting the lollyice wrapper in her mouth at the same time, i took it off her and there she went..WWWWAAAAAIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!! i completely ignored her till she stopped 3 mins later and then she started to laugh!! (hmmm , not impressed!)

florenceuk Sat 28-May-05 10:02:55

Congrats Hotmama1! I do remember one woman at work who had two, and actually stayed off work from when no 1 was born until her second was 4mths. However in the public service you can get away with things like this

Anyway, my big news is DD is now crawling properly! Only on Wednesday i commented to DH that she was sitting up really well, and then Friday she was off on all fours and very pleased with herself. So it may be very soon for your DD Hotmama.

Geogteach, what did you feed your kids for lunch? DD now actually eating - I can see her swallowing, whereas before it just kind of went everywhere. But her rate of poo-ing has slowed enormously (one a day or less) so I'm still going slow and keeping everything sloppy.

DD now sleeps through to 5am - which is not too bad but still a pain. Bibiboo, has your DD improved at all?

Anyway, happy Bank Holiday!

Maisiemog Sat 28-May-05 12:39:42

Hi Florence - well done your DD! You will now have to stop leaving steak knives laying about on the floor.
Solids - I have found Pog is pooing a lot more since starting solids - from once every two or three days, to two or three every day. Changing his bum is now a lot more complicated. Aaaargh, just flushed a bit of his cloth nappy down the loo by accident. Hrrmph!
He doesn't go to bed until between 11:30 and 2:30(at the weekend), which means he doesn't get up until 11 or 12 the next day - works for me!
He had a breast feed when he wakes, then about an hour later he has some porridge with fruit. He then has more breast feeds on and off until about 5ish when he has a protein thing - like chick peas or tuna or egg yolk and sweet potato and mango and squash or some other weird concoction.
Much later, about 9:30 or 10 he usually has either pureed fruit or porridge with fruit - kept from the morning.
Biglips I have found that when Pog is really fed-up with his teeth at night medised helps him to sleep through (I don't know if you have tried that?). I give it to him when I put on his night nappy and sleepsuit and he's conked out within half an hour (you can time it). ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!
Have a nice time in Blackpool!

hotmama1 Sat 28-May-05 14:11:27

Hi everyone. I'm feeling lovely and sicky in the evenings - but no chucking - this happened last time so hopefully I won't actually be sick - because I cry when I chuck - hate it!

DD is being good fun at the moment - started doing a put on crinkly eye thing yesterday when smiling - had us in stitches!

Had to wake dd today at 8.20 - now that is what I call bliss - hurrah.

DD is getting to be a bit of a buddha - I wonder if she is being fed too much - how much do you lot feed? DD usually has a homemade meal of say cauliflower cheese followd by a fruit puree at lunch and perhaps a 7 month jar and yogurt for tea. She may have a bit of porridge at brekkie but this is negligible as she never seems hungry first thing. On top of this she is given 20ozs milk and water at lunch and dinner - does this seem about right or too much?

Hope you are all keeping well an having a fab bank holiday weekend.

CoveredInDribble Sat 28-May-05 14:30:05

Congrats to hotmama, and fingers crossed for no chucking!

Sounds like your dd is eating a similar amount to our ds, so I don't think it's too much - mind you, our ds is looking a bit porky at the minute, but he usually does right before a growth spurt, then he kind of evens out again!

Still no crawling here, but tooth #2 looks to be on it's way, so one grumpy baby! Plus it's too hot, but if we strip him down too much he scratches at his eczema ... butif he gets too warm, his eczema gets worse .. ho hum, am sure we'll find a happy medium somewhere!

Maisiemog Sat 28-May-05 16:58:53

Oh no, feeling sicky is rubbish. Just eat a million rennie rapeze's - that's what I did. It's full of calcium as well, so you'll have lovely nails and baby bones too.
Pog isn't that bothered about food in the morning either. I think it's his sore gums.
Today though he was loving his porridge with mango and nana, I left it a bit lumpier than normal - maybe that's it?
I love the sound of the crinkly eye smile, like a pretend smile. You should put a photo on the member's bit if you can capture it.
Pog only gets one course for his meals, I wonder if I'm giving him enough food. Do you keep going until they don't want any more?
I just give Pog what's in his bowl and then tell him it's finished - he doesn't seem to mind. I'm starving my baby waaaaaaaaaah!

biglips Sun 29-May-05 09:49:48

morning everyone- hope everyone is coping with our grumpy babas due to teething. yesterday DP told me that baba refused to eat solids but had milk one after the other (she must've of missed me!)....

got home @ 4am from blackpool, had a wild time and a gud laugh.. we all bought a pink cowboy hats to feel the part of the gud party... didnt want to leave as had a gud laugh.. the limo was fanstastic and they dropped me off at my doorstep too.

snowfallinthesahara Sun 29-May-05 12:04:14

hi all,im new to the room and sounds like fun in here..i was just looking for some help coz ds has me at my wit's end-hes 7 mnths and is suddenly refusing to eat!!
a complete battleground is what im going thru at the moment!started weaning at 5 mo & till abt 3 weeks ago was on 3 proper meals a day!

then the resistance started where he would just Not open his mouth!!

we then had to leave on hol for dubai,where i am now, and he is still refusing to family and i have tried Everything here from singing to him to staying calm,nothing works!!
im not introducing too many new tastes to help keep things familiar,doesnt help.when i gave him babyfood out of the jar,he'd finish a whole one--now he just throws up if it goes beyond half a jar.he does sleep thru the night tho and is bfeeding.
but food has become an absolute no-no even before we left for holiday!
what do i do???plzzz help.
ps-congrats hotmama!my sister n i have 20 mnths b/w us & hvign a sibling close in age is the best thing as u grow~

jbadgirl Sun 29-May-05 12:12:42

morning to you all, still no sign of teeth at all! so ds not grumpy in that way. he has ANOTHER chest infection so coughing and being sick again poor thing.

Solids are going well he is eating everything at nursery mosr of the time, he wolfed down roast chicken with veg etc! (pureed tho!)

Friend has taken him for a couple of hours so i can do stuff round the house etc. Dp is working on a ramp on the beach (for jet skis and boats) with his uncle to earn us some cash. He is trying to set up a buisness from home and has been for 4 weeks with no luck. so we have been really skint. have got to the point where i will throw him out for a bit if he doesnt sort it. i may sound harsh but he wont really take me seriously unless i do something big and threatening! he just needs to get off his arse, at least when i was off looking after ds i was get mat pay!!!!!

Sorry for a bit of a long one!!

huppa Sun 29-May-05 12:54:43

snowfallinthesahara - welcome!
Sorry it sounds like you´re having problems. I know Bellie was also having problems, so hopefully she´ll be around to give some tips. Is your ds still drinking plenty of milk? If he is I wouldn´t worry too much and try not to make mealtimes too stressful - I know it´s probably easier said than done.

jbadgirl - sorry you´re having such a hard time at the moment. Has your dp got another job and is just doing this to earn some extra cash or is this his main job. Hopefully now the weather is improving he might get some business.

Well talking of weather, I better go an enjoy the sunshine while it lasts.

jbadgirl Sun 29-May-05 13:50:19

Dp works 3 afternoons a week for a couple of hours since he lost his last job but he is doing this to try and get some more money for us to survive. I have said that he needs to find something by the end of next week!

geogteach Mon 30-May-05 13:16:39

Florence we had scrambed eggs with hunks of multi grain bread and bits of asparagus to chew on (we'd just been to the farmers market).
DS2 still not crawling thank goodness, similar pooing probs to Florence though. Have got a hospital appointment for Wed as GP refered him when he wasn't going at all, not sure whether to go or not as although he doesn't go much not sure there is a problem as such

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