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Fab Feb 2009 - hey ho, hey ho, its off to babyproof we go...

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dinkystinky Wed 12-Aug-09 21:48:31

off we go again grin

littleboyblue Wed 12-Aug-09 21:53:41

Hello grin

dinkystinky Wed 12-Aug-09 21:59:45

hurray the link worked!

PinkTulips Wed 12-Aug-09 22:02:18

ooooh, it's all shiny and new and needs filling up grin

[gives dinky a round of applause for mastering linking]

elkiedee Wed 12-Aug-09 23:08:31

MOS, re CTF, you get sent a voucher following on from claiming Child Benefit, and then have to open an account. Don't know what your position is though.

I can get to the South Bank quite easily as there's a bus from near here which goes to Waterloo, and it sets out from there on the way back (getting on buses at the start in central London is always a good move).

I've never been to Bluewater. I'm not a great fan of indoor shopping centres. I've once made it to Brent Cross but it was the day I dropped 10 week old ds1 out of his pram getting on a bus on the way there and I felt so terrible about that that it really put me off.

Calico1 Thu 13-Aug-09 15:41:24

Well done on the new link Dinky. Very impressed with Danny sitting up already. The only skill Lilian has mastered is to blow raspberries - from both ends at the same time grin.

THOM - awful news about your friend's little boy - hope he makes a fast recovery. Sorry to hear that Mr T has the pox. My DS had it at 7 months and only had about 6 spots and to be honest he hardly noticed it, whereas older children can be quite ill. At least at that age he doesn't know how to scratch the itch - so less chance of scarring.

Hope you're all enjoying the sunshine!

mumoverseas Thu 13-Aug-09 18:09:34

hello all,
busy day today, took all 4 DCs swimming and they had a great time then had lunch at the leisure centre and drove straight over to Guildford to 'visit' mum and dad. Went 3 weeks ago and felt very sad as no gravestone etc so took a miniture rose bush and planted that to brighten it up a bit. I still can't believe mum has gone and nearly picked up the phone to call her a few days ago when DS got his GCSE results sad

Think I'm going to brave it and drive down to mum's bungalow tomorrow as I need to clear some more stuff out. I have a feeling that it may be the last time I get to go down as I go back to KSA in less than 4 weeks and not back until the end of December and my brothers may have sold it by then. Still undecided about whether to try to buy them out or not

So if meet up is South bank area as a lot of you seem to suggest, where would I need to get train/tube to? (very crap at London geography!)

thehouseofmirth Thu 13-Aug-09 18:26:53

MOS poor old you but it sounds like you're doing well. Know what you mean about not getting your head round it. I remember a few months after my mum died trying to ring her to tell her her favourite musical was on tv...

For South Bank you can get a train to Waterloo (you might need to change at Clapham Junction) then it's a short level walk from there.

dinkystinky Thu 13-Aug-09 20:17:47

Evening all. Sounds like you've had a really busy day MoS - hope the trip to your mum's bungalow tomorrow goes ok. I agree with THOM, you really do sound like you're doing well - do you think its helping come to terms with things you being over in the UK and visiting their graves?

THOM - how is Mr T doing?

So, Southbank Meet Up - how are people fixed for the last week of August then, before MoS heads back to the land of sand?

thehouseofmirth Thu 13-Aug-09 21:09:01

He's getting spottier by the minute Dinky! Touch wood he seems OK in himself & I hope it stays that way. We spent the day on Wimbledon Common today. Can't quite face staying indoors till he's out of quarantine but don't want to give it to anyone either.

I can do the Monday or Friday of that last week in August.

dinkystinky Thu 13-Aug-09 21:13:17

Glad to hear that T is doing ok at the moment - hope he stays that way. Danny has another bloody cold (have lost count of how many he's had) and is truly miserable with this one - high temp, snot pouring down his face etc. so you have my utmost sympathy with Mr T and the chickenpox.

Monday or Friday of that week good by me. Catstar, MoS, Elkiedee - those work for you? Anyone else?

mumoverseas Thu 13-Aug-09 21:31:08

THOM, its so hard isn't it. I do that all the time, think 'mum would like that' or even my dad who died nearly 4 years ago. A while ago there was something on tv about the Mary Rose and he was one of the divers involved in the recovery and raising of her and I was going to ring him sad

dinky I think it does help being able to visit them (they are both in the same grave with my brother who died age 3) but I'm sort of dreading leaving them next month if that makes sense. Made a start on sorting out some of the bags of stuff I brought back from mums when I went over a month ago and what is spooky is the envelope I pulled out was a picture of their grave, obviously a few years after their first son was buried and my older brother putting flowers on it. It makes me sad that the gravestone was never replaced after my dad died (think mum developed ostrich syndrome) and one thing I insisted on when I spoke to my brother a few weeks ago (the one I'm talking to!) is that I want the grave done, ie new surround, gravestone etc with all their details on. I don't care if I have to pay for it all myself, I want it done as it makes me sad seeing it all abandoned. Felt better today brightening it up with the rose bush and will plant something else next month when DH is over, just before I leave.
Sorry, doom and gloom over!

THOM hope Mr T is ok. I remember DD1 getting it really badly when she was just over a year old and she kept rubbing her eyes and her mouth and had it everywhere poor little thing. DS1 had it very mildly and I hope Mr T gets it in a very mild form.

*meet up* Checking my diary I am definitely free on the Friday of that week so could do anytime (will also have DCs 1 and 2 for crowd control and help on journey. Ref the Monday, have something on from 10am to 11am but could be up there by about 1pm if thats the only day everyone can do

MarkStretch Thu 13-Aug-09 22:10:55

Hello Feb Biatches!

I'm so sorry I haven't been on for so long but as I know you all know we have been having some family trauma recently and i haven't had the time to dedicate to to you all sad. We had the funeral yesterday and it was a fantastic day, I know that sounds weird but it was so lovely to have the family together again, from all corners of the world.

My cousin made a speech in the crem which had everyone falling about laughing as we remembered big Frank and his many stories.

Anyway, small Frank is doing well apart from the trip to --A&E--.

He's well into his solids and can pack away a serious amount of food, he has an obssession with buttons and now has his own remote and calculator to play with grin. He is still a big fan of the boob and can sit for quite long periods of time before headbutting the floor.

Sooooooo, anyone pregnant again yet?

littleboyblue Thu 13-Aug-09 22:15:51

Hey MS. Good to see you. You sound quite upbeat grin
Glad yesterday went well. It doesn't sound odd at all, good that you could all celebrate his life.

mumoverseas Thu 13-Aug-09 22:51:37

hi MS good to see you back again. So sorry about your loss but glad it went well, well as well as can be expected

I for one, am definitely NOT pregnant. Well I'd better not be seeing as how DH is 3,000 miles away. That would take some explaining!

Will you be able to come down for the meet up MS? Want to pick your brains about Norfolk. DH and I are going up for a few days at the beginning of September to have a mooch and seriously think about house hunting. I'd been a bit unsure before as didn't want to move further from my mum but don't have that problem anymore sad

MarkStretch Fri 14-Aug-09 07:48:28

When is the meet up? Are the details on FB?

yummyspottyblueberry Fri 14-Aug-09 08:12:27

Hello lovely ladies. Howse everyone been?


I've been a baaaaad Fab Febber but I really can't keep up!

Sam is nearly 24wks, has been able to sit unsupported and sleep through the night since 4 mths which has been fab. Although he has started teething with a vengence this past week and has been up 6+ times a night shock Can't wait to see some teeth!!! We've been giving him sticks of cold melon and cucumber for his gums and last night officially started weaning and gave him sticks of sweet potato which he loved. No more little baby now sad

Would love to be pregnant again - just dont want the baby bit grin

That's all my baby news really - just plodding along.

yummyspottyblueberry Fri 14-Aug-09 08:13:38

Oh and I've changed my name to reflect my nappy addiction!

And that was meant to be a hug for MS (( ))

thehouseofmirth Fri 14-Aug-09 08:46:37

Spotty maybe we can come to an arrangement-I want another baby but can't be bothered with the being pregnant bit!

littleboyblue Fri 14-Aug-09 08:59:59

spotty Celery is supposed to be good for teething. It has a natural numbing thing or something in it or something hmm but I've heard it's quite good for sore little gums.
I give Luke frozen carrot batons which calms him down through the day.
I'm very lucky, he isn't waking at night, and if he is, I'm not!

Ds1's big boy bed is coming in the next half hour. Very excited. It means spending the day re-organising his room to fit the bigger bed in. Might mean lots of rows with dp though.
Wish me luck!

MarkStretch Fri 14-Aug-09 09:02:15

My big child is at Pleasurewood Hills all day for a friends birthday and then having a sleep over tonight. DH is at work all day. Just me and DS.

Feels weird.

Can we have the meet up today please?

MarkStretch Fri 14-Aug-09 09:06:21

By the way DS is still asleep. He went down at 9pm last night, had a feed at half 6 this morning and is STILL ASLEEP. I've just checked on him and his nappy has leaked, he's soaking wet down one leg and yet it's not bothering him.

I am loathed to wake him up even though I need to have the car in the garage by 9.30. He looks so comfy and peaceful.

yummyspottyblueberry Fri 14-Aug-09 09:14:15

grin THOM

Thanks LBB, will give the celery a go.

Very impressed at F's ability to sleep wet!!S has just woken too. Would be lovely, if only I hadn't been up since 5.30 with H hmm

Yesterday S slept for 3 hours, got up just as H went to sleep for 3hrs. H got up and S went back to sleep for 2 hrs!!!! Am going to try and co-ordinate them today wink

littleboyblue Fri 14-Aug-09 09:15:50

I've been to Pleasurewood Hills. Last year for my nephews birthday.

Luke can sleep wet too, ds1 cannot.

woozlet Fri 14-Aug-09 09:35:19

Hey, do you accept newbies?? I just found this group, only joined MN a few months ago and normally only look in parenting, AIBU and relationships!! DS was born 3rd Feb...

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