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March 06 *#* all around the world

(817 Posts)
UniS Wed 12-Aug-09 17:03:11

sorry couldn;t think of a funny title. but here goes.

Anyone with Dcs born March 06 welcome to come on in and introduce yourselves.

laundrylover Wed 12-Aug-09 22:40:55

Thanks Uni -like the title too...well done on house exchange. Reckon you should go for the renovation project - you'd soon get into the wiring etc.

Friz, how can anyone spend 2.5k on a stairs carpet????? Mind you my bi fold door and matching windows are edging up to least they can't be ruined by teenage puke etc. thoughgrin.

Well Coen is doing well here - we are all a bit anxious as my sis is Strep B so are looking out for any signs on the baby...OK so far though.

Unfortunately my best friend at home was induced yesterday and had a little boy, Dylan, this morning. I say unfortunately as she was meant to wait until I was home!!! He had to come at 38 weeks due to liver troublessad. Was over 6 lbs thoughsmile.

So I am spending my days washing pots, nappies and can anyone be a full time housewife?? It's far too much like hard workshock. Don't know how you do it Astro.

Glad Clemmie is doing well...ready for number 4 yet???wink....where's Caddy these days anyhow???

BTW I can report not even a twinge of broodiness and also the fact that I have popped only one anti depressant pill in over a weeksmile.

Frizbe Thu 13-Aug-09 20:28:00

Thanks for the thread Uni! is this our 3rd one or 4th? should we celebrate grin (unlike that fast moving feb one, where we do one a month sometimes! hard to keep up!)

smile that's great news re Cohen LL, sorry to hear that your friends little boy had to come early due to trouble though sad I hope he's ok.

Not seen Caddy for a while, didn't she go on hols when I did? did she ever come back on after then? (lost in the Baltics?)

Astro, sending you baby sleeping through the night thoughts!

Mine are still rattling round here hmm I've stupidly let them share a room......mind you we're away larping this weekend, so they'll be sharing then anyway, and dh and I actually got a night out last night, as the kids spent night with Grandparents, after going to skeg with them during the day smile we took ourselves out for a bite to eat and then GI Joe at the flicks, which is great if you ever get chance to go smile

laundrylover Thu 13-Aug-09 22:52:09

envy of your night out Friz...this is the longest I've been away from DP since university in our early dating days! Missing him lots actuallysad.

It's a bit tough being up here - feel like I am intruding and have offered to take girls away for a few days but sister wants me here. She is very tired and emotional and is suffering with pain alot - her ab muscles have totally come apart which isn't good. Her bump was so big tho. Milk really in now and Coen is weeing for England so that always makes you feel better eh? He was well pleased with himself earlier as he projectile vomited all over me - over full methinks!!

Sorry having a selfish moan here - just spoke to DP and he is off on a stag do tomo....I am taking the girls and Kito out. Beach if sunny or yet more charity shopping if not!!! I am getting so fat from my cake habit to fill the daysshock...

Chamomile Thu 13-Aug-09 23:14:50

Would it be terribly rude of me to post now after 3yrs? I did post on the antenatal thread a few times but then got distracted by RL. My DD is quite a little lady now. Funnily enough I've just been looking at some old photos and going Ahh!

laundrylover Fri 14-Aug-09 20:02:15

Of course not rude! There are only a handful of us on regularly and a couple more who drop by now and again...join us dogrin.

BTW, we'd love a broody lady as none of us are likely to reproduce again anytime soon (unless Uni makes a surprise annoucement!)...

UniS Fri 14-Aug-09 20:15:51

Unis will not be making suprise announcements on that subject.

Its been kinda fun telling family that we have "news" for them and then pausing. I suspect most of them have thought we were going to announce a sibling for boy, but no, just that we are moving next week.

Have done quite a lot of address change things to day so allowing myself a little MN before I go and paint new book case.

UniS Fri 14-Aug-09 20:16:11

Oh, and, Hi Cham, welcome back.

Astrophe Sat 15-Aug-09 12:01:06

LL, hope you are going ok and not too homesick and DP sick Great to hear about the lack of need for antidepressants though

Hope your LARP weekend is a good one Friz

Uni - LOL at your 'news'

DH asked me about number 4 today shock - he swears I said "next time I'm having LOTS of pethidine"...whereas I think I may have said " if we have another, I'm having lots of pethidine" ...wait and see what the years bring huh? wink

Clementine is very windy today and last night...hoping things settle done a bit tonight or...? Maybe I will go off caffine for a few days and see if it helps?

Astrophe Sat 15-Aug-09 12:02:15

And welcome to Chamomile lovely to have you back.

Frizbe Sun 16-Aug-09 21:47:07

Hi Chamomile smile

Astro, tell dh to get stuffed grin strewth, he needs to give you a month at least before mentioning no 4 wink do you think he's thinking 9 mths flat between the two grin

LL, {{{Hugs}}} I'm sure your not in the way, you're doing a good job helping your sister out, ouch for her muscles, give her some hugs from us.

grin Uni you made me laugh.

Had great weekend here thanks, we let the girls loose with snazaroo, they've both taken a lot of getting clean, as have been painted yellow and red all weekend (by their own hands!) and running around in fairy dresses, they've had a great time smile

Astrophe Mon 17-Aug-09 05:35:10

Ha, DH isn't under any illusion that we are having a 9 month gap...still taking paracetamol daily for stitches pain, DH isn't getting anywhere near me for aaaaages wink. Would LOVE a number 4, just not sure my body will be up to it...and certainly not while DD2 is still a baby.

Friz, sounds like a great weekend!

LL, meant to say, My abdominals seperated badly as well - about an 8-10cm gap after giving birth, but now they are about 4cm, and thats less than 3 weeks later. Please tell your sister and encourage her that they can heal themselves quite quickly, even if they never quite come back 100%. Does she have some supports to wear? I was quite breathless and shaky for a good 10 days - tubi-grip (like a big elastic bandage to wear aroung stomach) helped a lot. If she doesn't have, get some from the hospital physio.

Lovely hot day here - 23 degrees and its still winter! Trying to decide if I should walk to do kindy pick up, or if I should give it a bit longer (lots of stairs). The sun is so nice though...

Uni - you've sold your place, and moving to rented house - is that right?

Chamomile Mon 17-Aug-09 10:01:15

DD has started asking at regular intervals for a little sister. I'm afraid she is going to be disappointed. I'm 45 now and have 3DC so she'll have to make do with her big brothers.

UniS Mon 17-Aug-09 19:06:20

thats right Astro, tennancy here we come. Just watch that capital dwindle to uselessness.

I spke to local preschool in new vilage today, they will see if they can find a space in a session for boy, but he prob won't get more than 1 till after christmas. and may not even get one till mid term.

laundrylover Mon 17-Aug-09 21:54:16

Uni, that is bad news about there another anywhere near or a playgroup/nursery where you can use your vouchers?

Friz, your weekend sounds great fungrin. We've had fairies living under the table den this morning!!

Astro, good to hear your abs are coming back together...sis is wobbly as you say. She has a tubigrip and also some M&S magic knickers which MW swears by! MW also trying to get her a pelvic girdle thingy from the hosp to stabilise her pelvis. Hormones seem to have settled and she has been out and about a bit and allowed me to take Coen out for a push round town. We are off to look at new kitchens tomorrow.....

Went to beach this afty with girls and Kito. Great fun although much sand in boy bits which I am not used to!

BTW staying here has put me off ever having another baby and especailly with a 13 month age gap - crazy!! Apart from the advantage of a big baby relieving the mammoth boobs on day 4 I can see no proshmm. I stuck Coen on for a quick feed the other night to stop him whinging - still got a bit of milk out after 6 months of no bfeeding - amazing!

UniS Mon 17-Aug-09 23:15:48

Not a worry about preschool at all. Boy will stay at his city preschool till Christmas, doing 2 days (12 hours) a week at start of term as I have some work lined up in city. Once work is gone he may drop down to one day.
So village preschool I only really want one session at per week as we will be paying for it till Christmas. There is a toddler group and fortnightly rhyme time as well. and I think I'll sign him up for swim lessons or something sporty in nearest town ( 4 miles away).

Frizbe Tue 18-Aug-09 22:46:26

Sounds like you have it all sussed out Uni smile tis good, fingers x'd the local pre school comes up tops after Xmas smile I can't believe that we have to apply for school shortly doesn't time fly shocksmile

Astro 23 degrees, bloomin warmer than here! winter indeed hmm Ouch for you still being in a bit of pain, {{hugs}} agree, keep dh away grin for now at least!

Chamomile, aww that's so sweet smile thankfully dd2 hasn't asked the question here, phew!

LL, ouch again for your sis and shock at still getting milk out 6 mths on! madness.

Went to sil's yesterday, had lovely day, though dd1 managed to bash heads with dd2 and get a huge nose bleed on the trampoline, we both yelled, 'no don't come in the house' at her and dragged her back outside into the middle of the lawn to deal with the blood, which was good,as she then proceeded to spit a mouthful out all over her jeans/floor shock but all was well after a few minutes, dd1 has also gotten over her dog fear, and now loves sil's Dog, which is great smile

Cadmum Wed 19-Aug-09 22:14:09

Caddie is being a lazy, delinquent lurker...

Congrats to astro!!

Same old excuses here but no time for an update.

(DO NOT all breathe a collective sigh of relief as I know that you love my novellas!)

Take care and keep chatting!


laundrylover Wed 19-Aug-09 22:30:28

Hi Caddy - kep lurking but throw us a bone now and again toogrin.

Friz, nose bleed -erk! Glad dog fear is subsiding - we have it too with Tilly. Kiah on the other hand would snog a rottweilerhmm.

Am going home in next few days and have found a house that we can rent for a few weeks whilst extension continues to rumble a nearby village and no idea what sort of house but is only £50 a week. Owned by our friend's pub as a staff house - see what a bit of asking can get yousmile. At least we'll have a bit of stability for school starting again...and DP and I can commute to our respective works - at our own house!!!

Off to bed...night all. Tired out by afternoon at the beach - hurrah!

Astro -more pics please (will check on facebook tomo as may have missed a notice).

Astrophe Thu 20-Aug-09 00:30:30

Hey Caddy! I love your epic updates...give us one when you have the time eh? I thought of you yesterday when I looked at DS's teeth outside (rather than in the dim light of bathroom) and saw that they are horribly yellow at the edges! shock blush - we brush, no juice, sweets only as treats...argh! Anyway I thought of your DD and wondered how things were going with her (and with you generally).

LL, great sis is feeling a little better, and great her midwife is on the ball and recomending magic knickers (boy do I need some now...nothing to do with abs though!), and great you could BF Coen to give sis a break too! I'm sure it will be nice to get 'home' though, even if to a borrowed home for a few weeks. Are the renos going ok then?

Friz, ouch at trampoline nose bleeds! Do they have many accidents on it? We are thinking of one at Christmas, assuming we have a home to put it it!

Uni, hope you find a place to buy soon...still looking while you rent? Have you chosen the village then, and are just waiting for a good house to come up?

We are house hunting too...impossible though, this city is too big!

chilling out at home today as no kindy run. Clemmie was awake every 2 hours all night again I spoke to a BF advisor who suggested expressing some off at the beginning of each feed, to try and slow milk down, stop her gulping and getting windy, and get her to take more hind milk in an attempt to get my supply to settle and DD to sleep a bit longer between feeds. She is going a bit longer in the day . 2-3 hours, but not at night when I could really use it!

Happily the lovely ladies from church have been bringing us meals 3 times a week, so at least I don't have to cook! Meal arriving soon, after that I will put a DVD on for the kids and see if I can catch some zzzzzzz

laundrylover Thu 20-Aug-09 21:51:31

Astro - be careful you don't wear yourself out missus...keep an eye on that PND - def get a trampoline to keep the older two busy! We would have one if we had the space. Sympathies on the waking - we are the same here (well, not me as I sleep throughblush). Coen all over the place sleep wise but def up all night and is such a sucky baby - even I would opt for a dummy! Sis not been well today and is on ABs, last time she had retained membranes and got an infection (in fact I left her back in hosp at 2 weeks post partum) so everyone wary of it happening againsad.

Anyways the girls and I are heading home tomorrow - think sis and family need some peace. Train at 8.13am and home by about 6.30pm. Am hoping for plug points this time and will get the DVD players out. Really looking forward to being home even if it is a building site. Extension is nearly at roof height but it has made slow progress. DP out with 'friend with house to spare' tonight so can find out more about our next squat! Girls staying at my parents on Sat night so DP and I can have night out - wippee!!

Think I should try to go to bed so as not to be too short tempered in extrememly close contact with the delightfuls for so long tomorrowgrin...maybe I should take an AD as a precaution!!?

Frizbe Sat 22-Aug-09 20:34:26

LL hope you had a safe trip home and didn't strangle the kids! tis a long train trip.
Glad the house is going up, even if it is slowly, it will be so worth it smile Hope you're enjoying your night out and have the accomodation sorted too £50 a week is very good, fingers x'd.

Astro, {{Hugs}} that lack of sleep is a killer, hope this week is the one where she starts going a little longer, you're half way through those 1st 6 weeks, remember they're the worst, it does get easier {{hugs}} Try not to worry about ds's teeth too much, at least they're baby ones, so they will be replaced, some teeth are yellower than others too, ss's are all very yellow, where as mine are only slightly, but yellow is healthier apparently!

Hi Caddy smile

Well we went camping with the girls, was lovely, great gastro pub 'The Druids Inn' at Birchover for tea, then star watching and wine drinking smile whilst we attempted to get the kids to sleep.
Kitten appears to have missed me, he's trying to stick his nose between my hands as I type!

UniS Sat 22-Aug-09 21:06:59

I be back. urrgh about teh nose bleed. Hope teh squat is OK for 50 quid a week, bargin place, we are paying WAY more than that.

Yes we chose teh village and will wait for eth right house to come up. I wanted to be somewhere we wanted to be BEFORE school application deadline in Jan. The village school here is OK ( ofstead gave it a good in 2007) and I don;t want to try and deal with amid year move maybe before boy has even started school. He will be Jan 2011 stater unless the county change to 1 September only intake at all schools.

We are mostly out of boxes now, broadband is connected 3 days ahead of schedule- hurrah- and rather faster than it ever was at old house, also hurrah.

This place is HUGE, we rattle, and yet have managed to fill up the kitchen AND utility room cupboards already. We only had a small kitchen at old house, guess we just packed more effiently.

Up to Mum and das for 4 days R&R tomorrow ( and an Ikea trip, visting my gran and picking up boys uni. )
see you.

Frizbe Sun 23-Aug-09 11:59:18

Woot Uni's moved smile yay! glad all seems to be ok and you're fitting in to the house smile Have a great time at your mums too.
School starts in Sept 2010 here, as the cut off is end of March, so yikes (or is that yay? as less nursery fees to pay) my youngest starts school in a year! where does the time go?

Astro, sorry I forgot to say re the trampoline, it was the 1st time they'd bashed on it together, we haven't got our own though, it was at SIL's so not sure if they'd have more bashing accidents or not? IUSWIM?

laundrylover Mon 24-Aug-09 23:17:47

Moved at last Uni!! Enjoy your R & Rsmile.

Well, the rented house was indeed much like a squat - worrying as it was lived in by a chef at a posh restauranthmm. Anyway after a morning scrubbing we hadn't even made a dent so decided to stay put and work around the mess!

Off to a wedding on Fri and am a real ten ton Tessa - what am I going to wear????

Am a bit down in the dumps, missing my ADs!! Ran into the back of a car yesterdayblush. It was a health visitor who I met with Kiah. She was very nice and I managed not to cry until she drove off!

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