July 2008- The wonderful/ whingey Ones! - Delete as approriate!

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pigleychez Sat 08-Aug-09 15:17:01

Shiney new thread now our Bubbas are One.

The wonderful/Whingy Ones!

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sweetkitty Sat 08-Aug-09 16:02:12

hello new thread grin thanks for doing that pigley

Finally got DD1's school shoes this morning, had to have them ordered especially as she has such narrow feet, got her black plimsolls too, tried on all her uniform and then sobbed, my baby is going to school next week. Soppy Mum that I am. Took big too dancing am now chilling for a wee while before dinner.

Hope everyone else is having a good Saturday x

MinnieMummy Sat 08-Aug-09 16:17:07

Hello all, was just thinking that I had to post on the old thread as it's no longer on my 'I'm on' convos, and there's a new one!!

Although I noticed we've been dropped off the last weight/hight chart sad!! I don't post that infrequently do I??!

We've been for a long cycle ride this morning, was lovely although am now hot and tired. I think I get slightly anaemic when it's my period, does anyone else get this?? I take soluble iron which seems to help but some days it almost seems worth getting pregnant again to avoid having periods wink.

No shoes here, although P is pulling herself up absolutely non-stop and we've even had a few steps holding hands. Is the advice still to leave it a few weeks after they start walking before getting proper shoes??

Am considering trying to potty train DS (he's 2.8) this coming week but I think it may be a nightmare... he knows what's going on physically and is happy to sit on the potty but only ever with his clothes on hmm. Will perhaps try it for a couple of days and if he gets too upset I'll give up. Any quick top tips??

purplejennyrose Sat 08-Aug-09 16:53:46

Oops, really sorry minnie, and bebe -that was my rubbish copy-and-pasting!!

Here we go, for the new thread:



JODIES' SAM 74cm 18lb 12oz

MINIS' ABBIE 78cm 20lb

SWEETKITTYS' BETHANY 76cms 19lbs 4ozs

MCCHESERS' AIDAN 82cm 24lbs 16oz

PIGLEYS' ABIGAIL 79cm 19lbs 5oz




BEBES' PHOEBE 72cm 19lbs 6oz

pigleychez Sat 08-Aug-09 17:19:48

Minnie- Yeah I was told for clarks walkers they need to be steady on thier feet for about 4 weeks. If not then get cruisers first or wait. Abigails walkers are slightly heavier and harder than the cruisers so I can see the logic.
I really didnt miss my periods at all when pregnant! I joked to DH that I should just be preg non stop!

Abigail has been a complete gannet today! We went to a National trust place and was just wanting food the whole time... I had taken a packed lunch for her but that was gone in minutes. Even used up my emergency supplies in her changing bag!
Just been out for an early dinner to the Harvester and shes scoffed things from the salad cart and 3 bread rolls! She must be full to the brim!

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LibrasBiscuitsOfFortune Sat 08-Aug-09 18:51:58


disneystar1 Sat 08-Aug-09 19:23:12

you have a mighty baby there pigley then....i love to see them eat though and have lovely appetites

well new development advise please
well you know samuels been very poorly lately well this morning hes still very grumpy but he has a rash behind his ears both ears in the course of the day his rash has spread over his cheeks and round his eyes arms back of his neck tummy, and hes miserable and itchy....obviously he was coming down with something but chicken pox perhaps? i have very healthy children regarding childhood illnesses . he was ill for 4 days before the rash/spots?

went to town this afternoon to waterstones to get my new book im reading the series by kathleen dayus and they didnt have it....im such an avid reader i love to get the boys to bed and shower and read...but i sew so much and im busy knitting there school jumpers right now but im having a night of to read tonight.

M2L hope you are ok thinking of you x

minipinkscottish Sat 08-Aug-09 20:03:04

Ah shiny new thread!!! I think we might set a record ladies....imagine.......post natal 2026 our bubbas are turning 18gringrin

Had a yard sale today...spent days sorting out everything and giving out leaflets etc and sad it was a disaster.....made £19.....hmm..going to car boot tomorrow though so let's hope that's more worthwhile.

PJR - Abbie is the same with her dance and movement...great little mover..sweet isn't itsmile dh is a bit of a singer and his family all sing in bands so he is chuffed that she is showing such musical interest at such an early age wink

sweetkitty Sat 08-Aug-09 20:51:07

minniemummy - no advice re potty training even though I have been through it twice each time was very different I think it depends on the child, my advice is to wait until he is really ready as before that is just hassle for you and for him. Best of luck though.

pigley - B is the same scoffing everything, she even climbs up her sisters to try and steal food off them if she doesn't have any and the coming to the baby gate screaming, you do wonder what size their tummies are and where they put it all B is a wee slender thing

disney - aww no poor Samuel chicken pox, have your other DC had it? I remember Abbie was ill the day before the spots came out, high temp only wanted to sleep. What are the spots like? When the pox appear they are like blisters filled with yellow liquid but they quickly crust over into scabs, poor wee baby having them so young sad hope they are not too bad

minipink - I do hope we do stay together on this thread, DD1's has died and DD2's well a post every few months sad. Bethany dances too to her little ELC music centre she knows which buttons to press and away she goes, cannot walk but can dance!

Poledra Sat 08-Aug-09 20:59:50

Quick post, need to go make broccoli soup with some slightly-less-than-fresh broccoli. Disney, doesn't sound like chocken pox, the spots generally appear randomly over the body for that. It could be a rash associated with a virus - sometimes if they've had a virus, a rash will just appear over the next few days. worth getting it checked out though.

Re the periods, mine hadn't come back yet (was on Cezarette while still bfeeding O). I had a contraceptive implant put in last week, and the GP is hopeful that my periods just won;t come back at all - fingers crossed! Won't know for definite till I completely stop feeding O, as they didn't come back with the other two until every last feed was dropped.

Right, off to make my soup. Night all!

disneystar1 Sat 08-Aug-09 22:28:36

ok thanks for the rash answers hmmm the rash is def itchy as calamine and piriton helped but they dont look like blisters filled with anything, il look again tomorrow and i guess il know better then.

oh ladies we have to make this thread go on and on and on....
i would miss it and you guys so much
i love hearing about your babies its like we have grown together isnt it,
your stories sometimes make me laugh and what all these babies get up too grin

i hope we have many a story to share together for a long time to come.

mini il be ancient when samuel turns 18 shhhhhhh, you didnt say it really.

bebejones Sat 08-Aug-09 22:35:22

V Quick post, will catch up after the manic weekend! Hope eevryone is ok! P's birthday 2moro!! So knackered today and 2moro will be worse! Just off to eat dinner (10.35!) and make jelly!!!

disneystar1 Sat 08-Aug-09 22:49:42

bebe take it easy girl......grin

have a wonderful day tomorrow hope the weather is lovely, want to see lots of pics of the birthday girl grin

P is our last baby on our thread isnt she? i mean our youngest

disneystar1 Sun 09-Aug-09 08:31:41

and kisses and a hug from samuel x

disneystar1 Sun 09-Aug-09 09:51:14

samuel has roseola....at least we know now, hence the high temps her had of 104, hes covered in the rash its terrible but you can see he feels better in himself.
is this contagious to the other dc,s

sweetkitty Sun 09-Aug-09 14:20:45

Disney - poor Samuel, have a google that's what I always do

Happy 1st Birthday to Phoebe the last of our babies

Speaking of which I wonder how M2L is getting on, hard ot believe one of our little babies is probably a big sister by now aww very sweet x

mama2leah Sun 09-Aug-09 14:53:31

gal born friday 5lbs15...natural n very fast..i refused further induction after the gel...was 4 hours... from 6cm dilated to breathing her out in 5 mins....was QUICK!

happy days


sweetkitty Sun 09-Aug-09 14:58:37

Congratulations M2L you will have to name change now, do you have a name for her yet?

purplejennyrose Sun 09-Aug-09 19:36:59

Oh wow congratulations M2L - I just went all goosepimply reading that!! So quick too, hope that was OK for you..
Enjoy!! xxx

MinnieMummy Sun 09-Aug-09 20:24:04

Congrats M2L, very exciting!! Wow!!
I wanted to ask you SK and others with 3 or more, I was talking to someone this week, said we were thinking about a third, she said immediately 'Oh no, don't, I had 3, it breaks my heart even now, there wasn't anyone to give her enough love and attention, she got left out, it needs another person'??! I immediately thought of Bethany and that she's clearly a very happy little girl who gets enough love. Is it just me or is that an odd comment?? Of all the reasons not to have another (and there are many!) that never occurred to me!
Hope Samuel feels better soon Disney

Poledra Sun 09-Aug-09 20:37:05

Minniemummy, what a bizarre thing to say! In no way is Orlaith neglected and unloved - yes, things are different with a third but that doesn't mean it's great. OK, I have 3 girls looking for my attention, but I can find love and time for all of them (though not much time left for myself, mind you). Orlaith has got to co-sleep with me, which the other 2 didn't. She still spends a large proportion of hte night in my bed grin.

Truly odd hmm

M2L, great news, looking forward to hearing the whole story and of course, her namegrin

Poledra Sun 09-Aug-09 20:37:55

Shit, that doesn't mean it's not great, of course!

pigleychez Sun 09-Aug-09 20:40:36

PJR- Abigail is another dancer.. any music and she has a jig. Doesnt matter where either.. in the bath,car, in a resturant etc.

MINIPINK- Hope the bootfair went better today.

BEBE- Happy Birthday Phoebe! FB photos look likes she enjoyed her day.

Disney- Hope Sams feeling better.

M2L- Congratulations!!! Any names?

Abigail has now learnt how to go outside on her own. I thought it had gone quiet and found Abigail in the garden playing with her ball. So cute.
She also found a puddle from watering the plants this evening when we were all out playing ball and sat playing in it- Fully clothed!

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bebejones Sun 09-Aug-09 20:49:41

Well the last due July 2008 baby is 1!! We had her cake at the exact time she was born!! I feel completely done in now! She has been very very spoilt & I have no idea where we are going to put all the stuff she got! Her fave pressies were a bubble machine (from Nana & Grandad) and a toy bus (from her Auntie). She is on a bit of a sugar high now though & isn't settling very well! She has eaten tonnes of party food today including masses of cake!! blush

Disney - poor Sam hope he is feeling a bit better today!

M2L - Congratulations!!! How exciting! Does she have a name yet? Hope you are feeling ok after that quick delivery!

Off to put my feet up before tidying the kitchen!!

sweetkitty Sun 09-Aug-09 21:32:23

Minniemummy - in no way do I think Bethany is neglected, I think being one of three enriches her life, this morning the other two were sitting with her reading her stories and it was so cute, her face lights up when she sees them come into the room. In terms of my time she has plenty of one to one time with me, her older sisters often go upstairs to play leaving B and me alone downstairs, I don't always have time to fuss around with her but she is quite content pottering about playing by herself which is a useful skill to learn. She's very independent in her nature and sometimes if I try to play with her or cuddle her she will push me away. Like Poledra said very little time left over for DP or myself but the girls are very young and they demand a lot of time but I can already see that DD1 is getting a lot easier and also great company.

bebejones - birthday looked fab, spoiled little girl, put your feet up now

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