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August 2008 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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TwilightSurfer Sat 01-Aug-09 02:41:22

24JUL Alittlebitshy-Henry
30JUL Miamla-Theodore
31JUL DizzyDixies-Dylan
01AUG CaptainCaveman-Oliver
01AUG Alieight-Adam
03AUG LoveBuckets-Kurt
04AUG VintageGardenia-Edward
04AUG Skytvaddict-Lewis
08AUG Expectant-Samuel
08AUG Pertelote-Marianne
08AUG PoppySocks-Emily
08AUG HotterPotter-Isaac
12AUG SazzlesA-Emma
12AUG Sarahnh-Tess
13AUG Shazza2002-Lexie
13AUG RedLentil-Eibhlin
13AUG LWFH-Tomás
15AUG Foghornleghorn-Lara
15AUG SausageAndMash-BOY
18AUG TwilightSurfer-Reese
22AUG No1putsbabyinthecorner-Marcus
23AUG HazieDazieandBaby-Gabriella
29AUG PetitFilou-Toby
30AUG Oopsacoconut-Poppy
30AUG Steaknife-Izzy
01SEP Cyteen-Joseph
01SEP Stillhere-Owen
04SEP Sambo303-Felix
05SEP Skybluebelle-Jamie
13SEP Ataraxis-Lana
16SEP AnnVan-Sebastian

TwilightSurfer Sat 01-Aug-09 02:44:12

Happy Birthday Oliver!!

TwilightSurfer Sat 01-Aug-09 02:44:55

Happy Birthday Adam!!

TwilightSurfer Sat 01-Aug-09 02:45:38

Please be sure to go back to the old thread and read LWFH's novel.winkgrin

steaknife Sat 01-Aug-09 02:47:46


steaknife Sat 01-Aug-09 02:54:02

Hi Ts. So this is what it is like when you are. Yawn. Dd woke at 2 she did not settle so i did a brief bf then back in cot. Was still cycle at 3 so i have spent the last hour doing controlled crying. But the little minx is sitting up every time i go in. Given i can hear our neighbour when he snores they must be loving this. All quiet now. Fingers crossed.

steaknife Sat 01-Aug-09 02:55:24

Ts you got any food? I'm starving.

TwilightSurfer Sat 01-Aug-09 03:06:43

Hey Steaky. Chocolate chip cookie??

TwilightSurfer Sat 01-Aug-09 03:08:00

Yes evenings are a bit quiet these days on here. That's a far cry to a year ago. We were all up and all hours. Ann was up with me TONS, bless her.

I'm about to head to bed though. It's been a long day.

TwilightSurfer Sat 01-Aug-09 03:09:07

Sleepy Wishes to ALL

NezLiquide Sat 01-Aug-09 04:16:22

Happy Birthday Oliver - CC Sam has exactly the same activity cube from us for his big day!

He found his birthday present stash that has been steadily arriving from the UK and bit into a present from his great grandma - just a CD according to the customs declaration so no damage done!

A lovely night out last night with the Mums although DS up at 5.30 for the day and DH and I off out tonight for our anniversary which is tomorrow - 6 years. Makes it look like I have some semblance of a social life!

MIL arriving on Wednesday and v.excited.

NezLiquide Sat 01-Aug-09 04:17:20

That should be MIL that is excited wink

SazzlesA Sat 01-Aug-09 06:11:46

Message withdrawn

oopsacoconut Sat 01-Aug-09 07:02:05



DD awake at 6.15 and as you can all see it is my lie in morning hmm. DH was up watching a film late so just needs another hour or so then I can have my lie in hmm hmm

DD awake at anytime between 6 and 8 it seems to be poo dependant. The back to sleep 3 hours later which if at home can be upto 1.5 hours in her cot. She then goes down again between 2 and 3 for another 45 mins to an hour but must be awake by 4.30 or all hell breaks loose at bedtime. Bed is anywhere between 7.15 and 7.45 depending on the messing about factor of Papa. she then wakes at abpout 1 for a huge feed again at 4 then comes in to us anytime from 5 on and will feed and sleep until she is ready to pull faces!

Off to sort out the pooey one for the second time this morning! back later.

Happy Birthday to O & A smile

Good night for me (thankgoodness)
ds slept through 7- 6.20 shock shock
No top ups, not settling nothing.
dd still asleep shock

Someone told me the other day that Banana was good for supper as aided sleep. I was undee the impression that Banana took a long time to digest so was best not given before bed. Not sure on this but I gave him half, mashed with a little milk before bed and it worked.
Coincidence maybe??? we will see.

steaknife Sat 01-Aug-09 07:50:11

Yawning all. After her marathon wake up Izzy slept til 8 and woke up happy. I woke up with a head ache from the 4Am blues. Off to get croissant for up all.

cyteen Sat 01-Aug-09 07:58:31

no1 Funnily enough Joe had a banana sandwich for tea when he got home from nursery and slept through last night. He's been waking up and refusing to settle without milk the last two nights, then DP pointed out that perhaps he was hungry, since they have tea at 3pm at nursery. I was very blush

I was awake for an hour in the night anyway, poxy glands and headache. Tired of being ill now, wish it would fark off!

HaPpY bIrThDaY oLiVeR aNd AdAm !!!

Miamla Sat 01-Aug-09 07:59:41

morning all

we bought a travel cot/play pen/cage for DS with some of his birthday money so i'm currently sitting here drinking a hot, yes hot cup of tea and DS is happily playing in it grin
this is the life i tell you!
off to catch up

Miamla Sat 01-Aug-09 08:01:48

ooh but before i forget

happy birthday littlest Caveman

hotterpotter Sat 01-Aug-09 08:16:33

Feeling almost refreshed here, DS crying at 5.45 hmm but by the time I had had a wee and was going to go into his room he had stopped. I tiptoed back into bed and stayed there until 7.40 shockgrin We are up now while DH continues snoring but it's my turn tomorrow so that's fine.

Had a letter from the DVLA yesterday. Apparently they have noticed that my driving licence shows incorrect details hmm and they want it back sad. I thought it was too good to be true, and will have to take my test like other mere mortals.

Eww poo leaking onto jamas, better do something about that. Anyone got one of those clothes pegs from yesterday?

hotterpotter Sat 01-Aug-09 08:45:48

That was gross, out the leg and up the back, ewww. I don't think anyone could let DS sit in a dirty nappy for more than 5 minutes otherwise it would peel the skin off your eyes.

Cyteen that is really rubbish about DS' nursery angry especially as you had just told them about it. Hope you feel better enough to play merry hell with them very soon.

No1 good to see you grin and oooh for your soon to be growing pony empire grin How does DH feel about the fact he'll never be able to retire now wink

Sazzles leather shockwink

Being kicked off already in favour of CBeebies hmm so

Happy Birthday babyCavey grin

(and Happy Birthday miniAli if your mama is lurking grin)

cyteen Interesting re Banana then.
I am so angry for you re Nursery/nappy.
I also hope you are feeling better soon, you have been ill for a while now.

miamla we have been using travel cot as a cage playpen for ages now. Had one with dd. I think I would have lost the plot by now if I hadn't used one.
It was the only place safe for ds away from dd battering, but she now climbs in with him hmm

hotter If I see another exploding nappy, up front back and sides It will be too soon.
Just about had enough now. 3 weeks is just too long.

re pony empire Me, mum and sister have been looking at stables and grazing so we can all move/share together. So that will be 7/8 between us.
Dh is not impressed. He says he will not have anything to do with it at all.(meanin financially and caring for it). So I am sorting it myself.
I have had horses from being very small and the only time I havn't had one is while we have been together. I lost my horse the very week we got together.
So although he know s I love them, he has never really seen or understand my deep passion and the time it takes.

This should be fun.
I had the lecture of come rain, hail or shine that horse/pony needs seeing to every day.
err yes I know dad hmm

I think it will do dd the world of good. Already being with my sisters up at farm she is loving it and is sleeping better due to fresh air and having more freedom to play with dsis dcs etc... I am hoping it will eventually distract her form bullying her brother... I live in hope.

sorry for typos blush

Repeats to self << must preview>>

CaptainCaveman Sat 01-Aug-09 10:27:21

Morning - interesting posts from miamla and hotpot*....

apparently your ds is happily playing in your cup of tea? and hotpot you seem to have poo running down the legs of your pyjamas?! shock grin

Oliver not had his presents yet as dh has just got up [lazy fecker emoticon] and O is now back in bed hmm. Still, he knows no different!

Thank you for all your lovely birthday wishes grin

cyteen Sat 01-Aug-09 10:36:30

shock at MrNo1 holding forth on horse there anything these men don't pretend to know? grin

Sorry to hear M is still suffering the exploding poo Did you get a sample off to the docs in the end? Mind you, they weren't exactly clear about the test results last time so I hope this time they make a bit more effort sense.

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