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Is it possible/normal not to experience any 'baby blues'?

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hobbgoblin Fri 31-Jul-09 14:15:20

Or am I heading for a mammoth blubbathon and don't yet know it?

Ok, I'm stressed as I have a very strained relationship with baby's father but as far as baby and I are concerned I couldn't be happier or more chilled.

Feeding is going brilliantly, am not at all sleep deprived, am on top of housework, etc. DC all in love with their new baby sister. The only things I have going on that are crap are phlebitis and fatness.

Not once have I felt horribly teary except that I have blubbed a little bit with sheer joy at having DD, like just when I look at her when the other 3 DC have gone to bed and she is sooo lovely and mine.

I am really a little bit concerned given my propensity towards being very emotionally turbulent sometimes. hmm

Am I just being a twat? Maybe it's this doubting happiness that mucks things up actually...

Smalline Fri 31-Jul-09 14:24:47

I felt like that with my dd (second baby). She was such an easy baby, she fed well and slept a lot, which enabled me to sleep at night. A totally different story to my firstgrin.

MrsFawlty Fri 31-Jul-09 14:26:58

hobbgoblin - congratulations on your DD! I was on your thread about going overdue, how did you get on?

I think the sheer joy bit counts, I was the same the first time, I remember crying because DS1 was so beautiful I couldn't bear it. Hopefully that's it and you've had it - try not to worry about it! And bollocks to the fatness, loads of time to worry about that, you have just had a baby!

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