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May 2009 - This too shall pass.. from leg warmers to pennies

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Momino Wed 29-Jul-09 17:12:18

this too shall pass!

runningmonkey Wed 29-Jul-09 17:29:51

Thanks momi, am on phone too so bit hard to Type but...

Who wants cocktails?

sophietom Wed 29-Jul-09 17:30:01

hooray lovely new thread! great title- Has the penny dropped yet Fi wink
Oh god I'm leaking through my breast pads again, I really need to buy some better ones- I seem to have wet patches on my clothes all the time.

sophietom Wed 29-Jul-09 17:31:46

oooo- can I have a bloody mary please?

Momino Wed 29-Jul-09 17:32:25

runningmonkey, i'm off to pick up dd1&2 from nursery, but when I get back please could I have a mojito? i don't get enough of those. sounds refreshing.

essenceofSES Wed 29-Jul-09 17:46:46

Hello all!

I'd just like a Bacardi and diet coke please

All been a bit hectic here. Whatever DH had has passed and neither DS or I got it.

Had DS weighed today and he's now moved up to the 9th centile and is 11lb

Off out tonight to help plan a friend's wedding! She is American and living in Canada with her English boyfriend. They got engaged 2 months ago and are getting married over here in 5 weeks time! They only arrive in the country 4 days before the wedding so we're helping out with the organising.

Can I claim a name check amnesty and go back for a quick read of the end of the old thread?

llareggub Wed 29-Jul-09 17:57:03


Just tucked into sausages this evening and they tasted wrong. Even DH agreed. Have sent him to the chip shop instead. Feel sick now!

runningmonkey Wed 29-Jul-09 18:44:25

ooh ses I love a wedding, organised mine last year on a budget was such fun.

<passes around cocktails> cheers!

Tummum Wed 29-Jul-09 18:45:19

Blimey, I'm cream crackered. It was DD2's 3rd bday today, so my day started early, then swimming lessons, then back to shower the DC, then out again to see the Drs (DD2 has earache but not infection) then out again for DD2s party then took everyone for pre-holiday haircut and now back home. Phew. DH is now complaining I haven't unlocked my PIN on my debit card... so when would I have had time for that hmm?

DS is rolling to and forth on the lounge rug. At this rate he'll be crawling soon hmm

Llare barf !! Did you eat many of them? And Mmmmm I just fancy some chips on such a miserable rainy day.

Ses yay for the weight gain of your LO

Monimo thx for setting up the thread. Hope you get the support you need from your counsellor. I don't have anything to the advice already given. When I had AND I was very nervous of being put on ADs (and actually wasn't) but if it can help you feel better about getting the underlying issues sorted.

DH has now decreed that I need to go pick up the bike racks from a friend tonight after the DC are in bed. [Running around like a blue-arsed fly emoticon] Sigh !

FiKelly Wed 29-Jul-09 18:58:30

hiya :-) grin glad you liked the thread title.. seemed apt for us atm.

the penny has just dropped.. already!! and he didn't even notice its passing gringrin

btw always meant to ask.. what's in a mojito? <whispers i've never had one blush>

FiKelly Wed 29-Jul-09 19:13:42

daisydoo anytime you fancy a trip to the seaside you're more than welcome.. or if you want to do a meet up somewhere half way we can do that too.

tummum wow major busy day and happy birthday to your dd2. try and have a rest though as you're just recovering from sf <fi frets & worries you'll over do it and get post viral fatigue..> nag over!

FiKelly Wed 29-Jul-09 19:43:13

brownieb we do have a Facebook group.. it's an invitation one only. if you search me out on fb or email me i can add you as a friend then send you an invite. search for Fiona kelly <not on a network> my email is fionakelly111 at

FiKelly Wed 29-Jul-09 19:58:49

hmm i'm peckish.. sainsburys not delivering till tomorrow.. <fi tries to remember what have I got left that appeals>

FiKelly Wed 29-Jul-09 20:01:49

wow 4posts in a row shockgrin a record for me!!

Febes Wed 29-Jul-09 20:19:16

Gin & Tonic for me please.

Fi Glad the penny has dropped grin (note to self: put all coins and other assorted crap out of DDs reach)

Momino its good to post about how you are feeling as from a totally selfish point of view its good to know that I not the only one who feels out of control and over my head some of the time. I'm also scared to say anything to GP about my feelings. The health visitor rang me back last week to check up on me after I had told them how I was feeling at the 8 weeks check. Anyway I missed the call and haven't called back... I am feeling a bit better though but am really worried about how I'll cope as DH is away in the morning and not back till Tuesday.

My MIL has offered to pay for us to go to SA so they can all meet the DCs so I think we will go for 3 weeks in November. We are seriously in debt and as DH doesn't get holiday pay I'm a bit stressed about how we will cope but I can hardly say we can't go when she has offered us. I guess we will just have to make it happen. I'm really excited about going.

FiKelly Wed 29-Jul-09 20:33:13

febes how lovely of your mil.. the no holiday pay is a tough one though. glad you're feeling better and i'm sure you'll cope better than you're thinking you'll do when dh is away.

Momino Wed 29-Jul-09 21:46:35

Fi, great news about the penny! we were all holding our breath, waiting.

Febes, that is lovely of your MIL. do you think you could ask her if she could pay for me/harper (ideally all of us) to go to Ohio to see my mum wink? been almost a year and a half since i've seen her sad.

I agree with what you say about knowing you're not the only one. do keep a check on your feelings. i'm taking on board what everyone here is saying and will follow up with my GP in a few weeks' time.

tummum, happy Birthday to your DD2! ilove birthdays, hope she had a good one.

llare, how's your tummy?

Ses, glad you haven't fallen to your DH's illness and great news on O's weight.

sophietom, i've got a leaky problem as well. I use the tommee tippee ones which are better than most but still leaking quite a bit at night. i hate waking up with two big wet circles on my top.

BrownieBells Wed 29-Jul-09 21:52:16

Hello all...hope everyone is well.
A new thread - with a fab title!

Llare - I know the pub - never been in the family room though! A meet up sounds good - will have to arrange, but am on hols for a couple of weeks during Aug - so perhaps after that? Wedding dilemma sounds awkward - have you made any decisions? Think dpeending on how close a friend it is, would be inclined to either go late (letting her know beforehand) or not go at all. Like you say - DH needs to have the meeting if he is now self employed.....good luck with the decision.

Fi - have emailed you - hope you receive it ok - and thanks for agreeing to invite me to FB group.

Momino - hope you are feeling others have said - these groups are a great place to let all of your feelings out - hope meeting with counsellor goes ok. Have no experience with ADs personally so cannot offer any advice other than to make sure you keep letting any feelings out - I may not have any experience with ADs - but have 2 very good ears!

Take care all - ooh and could I have a pink gin witha dash of lemonade to make a long drink - yummy!!!


BrownieBells Wed 29-Jul-09 21:52:52

Oh yes - and good news about the penny - forgot to mention that!

Jennster Wed 29-Jul-09 22:00:15

Momino OMG. You leak with the Tommee Tippee? Wow. I was very leaky with the other 2 dc, but still only leaked a couple of times with the TT pads.

FiKelly Sugar, lime, mint and rum. Personally I prefer a Caiparina with cachaça, lime, brown sugar, and crushed ice. Wow I could drink

Ses That weight gain is brilliant. Bet you feel so proud!

tummum happy birthday to dd2

pulapula Wed 29-Jul-09 22:20:39

Jennster/Momino - I leak with the TT breast pads at night too, and my lilypadz aren't doing much for me- i wore them when out today in Pizza Express (with pads for backup) and ended up with a very wet top blush - luckily it was white so the wet patches weren't very visible.

euromum Wed 29-Jul-09 22:21:32

Bookmarking for later, sorry not to reply properly. Bit worried that T's temp has gone up again, he seems very unsettled. Off to check and dream feed now, guess we might be seeing doctor in the morning. I am all in favour of vaccinations but am not liking this very much sad.

flippineck Wed 29-Jul-09 22:40:03

Lovely new thread. Mojito please!

I've missed too much again, sorry for not name checking everyone.

llaregub - difficult dilemma. Hope you've managed to find a solution.

momino - sorry to hear you're struggling. Let as much out on here as you want.

I'm still having bad days too, dreadful day yesterday when everything was wrong, I felt terrible, DD1 had repeated tantrums, A was grumpy etc etc. Slightly better today, but I often wonder what I'm doing and how I'm coping.

I'm leaking through the TT breastpads at times too. Drives me mad.

Jennster Wed 29-Jul-09 22:48:22

pula have you tried really flattening your nipple? It minimises the air space around. That said, I've only used them this time and not when I was leaking much worse.

Momino Wed 29-Jul-09 23:08:57

euro, hope T is better soon.
flippin, sorry to hear you're having bad days too. Toddler tantrums are so awful and even worse when you've got another LO to worry about.
Browniebells, a pink gin sounds absolutely divine! how is it pink?

again, i'm sat here late at night in the dark and fallin asleep on the key boad... ccan't type now, must go to bed <eyes closing and yawns>.

good night all.

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