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April 2009 - Chapter 4 - Rollin, rollin, rollin............and they are over but the arm is stuck

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PuzzleRocks Thu 23-Jul-09 06:01:11

12 Feb: Skiingone: MARIANNA 4lb 4oz
20 Feb: Glaskham: RUBY MARIE 4lb 3oz
04 Mar: Barbarella: ESTELLA, ROSANNA, OTIS
05 Mar: Kazkiss: ISABELLE FLORENCE 4lb 6oz & OLIVER THOMAS 3lb 7oz
15 Mar: Babypringle: OSCAR WILLIAM 7lb 2oz
28 Mar: Claireykitten: VIOLET ROSE 7lb 9oz
29 Mar: WhatFreshHell: FELIX DEVLIN ALEXANDER 10lb 5.5oz
31 Mar: Mumblemum: ORSON XERXES
02 Apr: Oddeyes: ELEANOR 9lb 8oz
03 Apr: Bumpalump: JACOB 8lb
04 Apr: BabyBolat: KARAHAN 6lb 5oz
05 Apr: Mrsfossil: ISLA LILIAN 7lb 10oz
05 Apr: JumeirahJane: MILLICENT ROSE 5lb 15oz
06 Apr: BoffinMum: FELIX DAVID GORDON 7lb 9oz
08 Apr: girlylala0807 JAMES EUAN
11 Apr: SpringySunshine: GEORGE NATHAN 8lb 15oz
11 Apr: RachelinScotland: CLEMENT JAMES 8lb 14oz
11 Apr: Lou031205: ISLA SOPHIA 7lb 9oz
11 Apr: Electra: ISABELLA CAROLINE 6lb 3oz
11 Apr: AuldAlliance: ALEXANDRE 7lb 6oz
12 Apr: Phdlife: Name TBA GIRL 9lb 3oz
12 Apr: BethDivine: Name TBA GIRL 9lb 9oz
13 Apr: MathsMummy27: AMELIA CHARLOTTE
14 Apr: Purlease: ADAM 9lb 2oz
15 Apr: Juwesm: HUGO GEORGE 9lb 2oz
15 Apr: Bronze: ISAAC JOHN
15 Apr: HeidiT: HEIDI
15 Apr: Kalikaroo: Name TBA BOY 8lb
15 Apr: Minush: ZAFIRAH ROSA 7lb 12oz
15 Apr: FatandFedup: EMILIA ROSE 7lb 6oz
16 Apr: PuzzleRocks: HOLLY ELIZABETH 8lb
16 Apr: Brettgirl: HANNAH GRACE 6lb 15oz
16 Apr: ReallyTired: Name TBA GIRL
17 Apr: DungunGirl: ADEN LEE 9lb 4oz
18 Apr: Staryeyed: Name TBA BOY 7lb 11oz
18 Apr: Dawntigga: SAMUAL 5lb 11oz
20 Apr: LuLuBai: SEBASTIAN 9lb
20 Apr: Swaliswan: BETH 7lb 9oz
21 Apr: Kittycatisgettingfat: GABRIELLA AUDREY BIANCA
21 Apr: B52s: SAM MARTIN 7lb 9oz
21 Apr: Schulte: HAZEL LOIS 7lb 9 oz
21 Apr: Mrsgboring: EDMUND 8lb 12oz
23 Apr: Tristaleejac: LEWIN 8lb 4oz
23 Apr: NuttyTaff: TIAHNA SKYE 8lb 8oz
23 Apr: Purplemonkeydishwasher: ISLA ELIZABETH 8lb 14oz
24 Apr: Soon2befamilyof4: TALIA 7lb 6oz
26 Apr: Carameli: THEO LAURENCE 7lb 6oz
26 Apr: Surprisenumber3: EVIE ANNE 8lb 2oz
26 Apr: Bicnod: OSCAR MATTHEW 8lb 1oz
27 Apr: Lauren61: OLIVER STEPHEN 7lb 7oz
27 Apr: Gingersarah: VERONICA ROISIN 9lb 1oz
30 Apr: MegBusset: ARCHIE 8lb 15oz
01 May: Satheresitting: Name TBA BOY
03 May: Conkertree: Name ANGUS ANDREW 8lbs 8oz
06 May: Frekkles: HARRIS MERLIN 8lb 5.5oz
07 May: TarteTatin: ALBERT JOHN
10 May: Ilovesummer: Name TBA BOY

PuzzleRocks Thu 23-Jul-09 06:02:31

Wishing this thread brings only good news for all. x

Northernlurker Thu 23-Jul-09 06:52:12

Love your new thread title ladies!

Onwards and upwards grin

BabyBolat Thu 23-Jul-09 07:20:20

Morning just marking up for my return.... xxx
Hope everyone is ok

HI all

haven't been here in a while, Internet ishoos.

just wanted to say hi. and hope everyone is ok.

T'was my birthday yesterday. Spent the day with the kids in Edinburgh. Got absolutely soaked!! Then Isla gave her first proper giggle on the train home.

Not much else new. 2nd set of jabs this afternoon. not looking forward to that.

I'm hoping to catch up in everything soon. next week probably. We have I's christening on Sunday so we'll be running around like crazy people getting ready for that.

take care everyone! xx

Schulte Thu 23-Jul-09 09:05:16

Morning. Please tell me I am not the only sleep deprived mum on here today.

I need someone to help me fix my baby. She's still pooing excessively, and has started waking earlier and earlier for her night feeds. Last night she was up every 2 hours from 11pm to poo and feed. Surely at 3 months old things should be getting better rather than worse!?

WhatFreshHellIsThis Thu 23-Jul-09 09:37:03

Oh schulte you poor thing - growth spurt perhaps? Orbit is pooing at night again, which he hasn't done for quite a while, but also feeding a lot more and waking more. Not quite on the scale of H, though, by the sounds of things.

I do remember from first time round that the four month growth spurt is quite a whopper - no fun for you though.

wishing you some naps today x

WhatFreshHellIsThis Thu 23-Jul-09 09:38:56

JJ Orbit sometimes won't go for the right boob - are you lefthanded by any chance?

I normally try a different position to feed in to see if that helps - or if it's very full, express some off first as it might be coming out too forcefully.


bronze Thu 23-Jul-09 11:20:10

Puzzle- I've only done a bit, dh has his skippers license. Its a swanky cruiser on the broads though so no real need except we'll be able to teach the kids to sail in the dinghy

Hope this is the happy news thread

Izy gave his first proper chuckle last night when I tickled him. Hes gone from being a serious but chilled baby to the most smiley child ever. Helps keep me on the up

bronze Thu 23-Jul-09 11:47:33

Izy went through a stage of not wanting one side. I found rugby hold on that side helped

Schulte ds1 was like that. I think its just an individual thing. First time in my life I hagve 3 month old whowakes once and rarely poos at night

Swaliswan Thu 23-Jul-09 13:04:25

Just running in to mark the spot before B's hospital appointment (should get 4 hours harness free time this week - yay!).

Oh, and a bit of a moan. I am so stupidly tired. Why does DH find it acceptable to swan off to some course and stay in a hotel (30 mins away) while I am clearly struggling and then moan to me that he had slept uninterrupted all night and woken up naturally but wasn't happy that he had woken up at 07:30. FFS! I would kill for a night of peace in a hotel with the opportunity to sleep really well, shower in peace and then have cooked breakfast made for me and the washing up done! And, even if he was annoyed that he woke up earlier then he absolutely had to, why did he think it was a good idea to moan to me?! Then when I pointed this out to him, he said 'well, it's not like I managed to lie in or anything'. I would have slapped him if he wasn't half way across the county.

Swaliswan Thu 23-Jul-09 13:06:17

Oh, I should add that DH is half way across the county with the raincover for DD1's pushchair. So very helpful angry

BoffinMum Thu 23-Jul-09 13:24:59

I too am sleep deprived once again but only because of a nightly 3am feed and then me not being able to go back to sleep afterwards.

I lost it at the hospital today. Knowing that the disabled parking situation up there is atrocious, I allowed 30 extra minutes to park.

Not a single disabled parking space. I queued, and queued, and queued, and was honked at, and told off in sign language, and did laps around the whole place, until I finally was moved on to the multi storey by the (invariably empty) hospital disabled transfer bus man.

The following fracas ensued.

Boff loses plot totally and bursts into tears, slamming hands on steering wheel. Felix loses it in sympathy. 'I can't use that bloody car park because I can't get from the disabled car parking spaces to the disabled transfer bus pick up point without hurting myself and I haven't got a carer with me'.

Man has look on face which suggests 'Ah yes, I have done a half day course on this, patronising disabled breastfeeding mothers no 221b'. He says, 'Well if you park in the multi storey car park the bus can pick you up.'

Boff says, 'Well I can't use the multi storey car park, I have told you why'.

Man repeats himself. (NB known as 'broken record technique' amongst educationalists, I use it myself frequently). He then suggests parking at the treatment centre instead, which is approximately a quarter of a mile away on foot.

Boff then cries some more, tries to phone DH for sympathy, fails, tries to google physio department on phone to get their number to tell them what's going on, holds phone to ear wondering why it's not ringing, remembers she hasn't actually dialled the number, cries a bit more, eventually speaks to physio dept to be told there isn't enought time for her to have the appointment unless she gets there very quickly.

Boff then drives to said car park, queues 5 minutes to get in, eventually finds the last disabled space in there, hobbles a long way across car park to lift (NB disabled spaces nowhere near lift), hobbles out of lift, hobbles over to disabled bus transfer pick up point and perches with Felix on one of the four higgeldy piggeldy wheelchairs dumped in the corner (NB no bench or chairs in this area). (Also NB Boff hates being in a wheelchair, I mean really hates). Boff stared at by able bodied members of the public going past because she is not 80 years old and also because she has a baby with her. Plus she is bawling her eyes out.

Boff waits 15 minutes then realises there is no way bus is going to come for ages and that it is a total waste of time. Gives up, joins payment queue, pays £1.80 to get out of godforsaken car park, goes home crying eyes out.

Boff now thinks it is pointless trying to get to physio in future, which let's face it, is crap anyway.

Boff has also eaten four chocolate biscuits which means another day stuck looking like the back end of a bus with no improvement on the horizon.

It's not going well this week. sad

Schulte Thu 23-Jul-09 13:32:59

Oh Boff sad How awful. If it helps, I've cried today too. I am holding on to the thought that surely this is just the Evil Three Month Growth Spurt and things will get better soon. Is your SPD still not better then?

Northernlurker Thu 23-Jul-09 13:37:35

Boff - have you rung PALS about that? Disabled spaces away from the lift with a to all intents and purposes non existent bus is a truly awful service and the hospital needs it's arse kicked.

BoffinMum Thu 23-Jul-09 13:42:37

NL I am so fed up of PALS and having to complain I am slightly losing the will to live here.

What's ironic is that, technically speaking, I signed that bloody car park off and spent £60m of taxpayers' money on it. In my defence I did look at the plans and I don't recall the disabled parking being placed in the middle at that stage, not did I realise they would basically be excluding many ambulant disabled thanks to insensitive processes.

bronze Thu 23-Jul-09 13:47:02

oh boff how crap

eat some more chocolate biscuits

Northernlurker Thu 23-Jul-09 13:49:17

Well you know that only by complaining does anything ever get noted. You shouldn't have to do it but if you possibly can then you will be helping the ooodles of other people who will suffer exactly the same as you but aren't as articulate as I know you can be. I totally agree about the processes - it's so important to carry things through properly and really make things work. I think the physio department were pretty crap too - they must have lots of people in the same boat - why didn't the administrator HELP you instead of giving you more pressure?

BoffinMum Thu 23-Jul-09 13:49:19

want chocolate olives
also want to be size 12 and mobile
<boo hoo>

BoffinMum Thu 23-Jul-09 13:50:50

NL if you come with me to PALS I'll go.

Schulte Thu 23-Jul-09 13:59:10

Go and kick up a stink Boff!

So I am packing for our expedition to the South Pole weekend away and I am sure I have forgotten something essential... what could it be?

Northernlurker Thu 23-Jul-09 14:08:29

Well I would but am miles away with a poorly toddler (which is why I'm at home not at work) and I've got terrible toothache sad Can you e-mail them?

Swaliswan Thu 23-Jul-09 15:22:17

I'm back. Four hours harness-free time here we come!

Boff, very angry on your behalf. I walked through the disabled car park on my way through the hospital grounds today and was astounded to see three free parking spaces. Normally there are none and a massive queue is snaking back through the hospital grounds.

Must go and change B's nappy. She's just done her second poo of the day which is almost unheard of for her hmm

dawntigga Thu 23-Jul-09 16:02:51

Waving and bookmarking thread


PuzzleRocks Thu 23-Jul-09 16:04:13

marking thread

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