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August 08 - they can sit, they can crawl, they can walk, and some can even sleep!

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Miamla Mon 06-Jul-09 05:54:30

hope you find me girls! the other one is completely full so i can't do a link to here!

Miamla Mon 06-Jul-09 05:58:29

notso why thank you for the congratulations! grin
Oooh, a balcony would be lovely. Its good that you get the choice to stay put if you want to

blimey, DS has just climbed onto the sofa in his babygro. thought he needed the grippiness of naked legs to get up here hmm

Miamla Mon 06-Jul-09 06:15:58

yay, nap time already, see you later<keeps fingers crossed that they don't find somewhere else to chat and just leave me here on my own>

Steaknife Mon 06-Jul-09 06:29:57

Yawning all. There might be croissants if i can make it to the bakery. Funny old weekend here, of which more later. Off to get provisions.

hotterpotter Mon 06-Jul-09 07:29:44

Morning ladies smile Well done on the new thread Miamla, I went to post on the other one and panicked a little bit that you were all gone blush Also, what fantastic news re DS and his sleeping gringringrin. Do you feel great today (despite the early wake-up) or thick-headed from more sleep than you are used to?

Hey Steaky, I'm afraid it's Monday so I am sworn off anything from the patisserie until next weekend sad so I might just sniff deeply as you waft past grin

Expectant ooh sounds exciting, promotion, balcony, baby no 2 then NYC grin. TS will be able to visit you!

Oops DD looks lovely smile Clever girl for being able to get herself out of the house into the veg patch. DS tried but unfortunately our stupid house is higher up than the garden and there are lots of steps, so we have baby gates all over to keep him inside. The only trouble is if we shut the back door without remembering to open the gate, then the cat sits forlornly on the top step pushing the flap through the bars hoping someone will let him in grin

Red and VG hope you finally get to meet this week grin

Pertelote I am still a feed-to-sleeper, although he will go to sleep fine for DH hmm I guess he knows DH's man-boobs are for display only grin

No1 well done on the race for life. By next year after all hour hot mama-ing you'll probably be able to run it in 20 minutes grin

Sazzles that looks like a great bed! And hope you've got your baby gates closed today grin

TS your sleep routine with DD2 is amazing, it must be such a relief after DD1's more challenging bedtimes grin

ALBS I hope you are feeling better today

hotterpotter Mon 06-Jul-09 07:33:12

Look at my pretty post with all the smileys grin

Need to phone the DVLA this morning and find out what's going on with my licence. I had lost my old provisional one so when they sent me a replacement it was pink, not green hmm, and when I tried to book my theory test, they told me I am exempt hmmhmm. I'm sure I didn't pass my test sometime in the late 80's...

VintageGardenia Mon 06-Jul-09 08:30:51

Message withdrawn

Miamla Mon 06-Jul-09 08:34:50

yay! steaky and hots have found our new home! Its the first one i've built myself so i'm glad you came to join me grin

hots congratulations on passing your test grin
i felt pretty good at 4.30 but i've had an hour's nap since then and now i feel groggy. Gah! i've had too much sleep! but nothing a cup of tea won't sort out!
last night was also first night of no bf after bedtime one. its been something i've been trying to do for a long time but my resolve normally disappears in the early hours of the morning!

steaky hope it was good funny not bad funny

Miamla Mon 06-Jul-09 08:35:46

ooh are you going to bantry? i love it round there!

Miamla Mon 06-Jul-09 08:36:23

sorry vg in my excitement about bantry i forgot to say good morning to you

oopsacoconut Mon 06-Jul-09 08:39:33

Morning all

Miamla - WELL DONE T you must be bounding with energy today. Are you going to carry it on and see what happens?

HP - DD only has to get down the deck onto the grass or patio so everytime she gets nearthe edge we turn her around and say 'backwards' sternly she looks at us like we are mad but hopefully it will sink in.

Miamla Mon 06-Jul-09 08:52:39

oops we will indeed be continuing! no turning back now! but no, i've had too much sleep so feel really groggy! there's no pleasing some people!

i felt quite sorry for dp last night. he'd not seen DS all weekend and he crept into his room while i was settling him last night and asked if he could have a cuddle. i felt mean because i said no but i think dp was impressed that screamy baby turned into sleeping baby 2minutes later!

pertelote Mon 06-Jul-09 09:06:23

Miamla: hurrah! hurrah! Well done.

ALBS forgot to reply re MoC... IIRC there is no play area as such but there is lots of safe-ish space in the cafe and the galleries... there always seem to be toddlers running about so hopefully our little crawlers/shufflers/cruisers can roam free as well. Plus there's a park outside if we prefer (and it's not raining...)

VG Bantry does indeed sound magical, especially with the amazing baby-proof sand grin. We will raise a cup of tea westwards to your simultaneous meet!

Miamla Mon 06-Jul-09 09:15:16

pert don't forget the Snozzcumbers and Frobscottle grin

cyteen Mon 06-Jul-09 09:30:30

Miamla what a way to finish the old thread, well done T grin and LOL at too much sleep. I think you'll find it easy to adjust once T shows he's got the hang of it wink DS has been sleeping through till 5-6am the last few nights <furiously crosses fingers> and there have been no night feeds for at least a week. I'm hoping at least the latter will stick, sad as it is in some ways - I feel it's time and am happy that he seems to have dropped them himself.

Steak glad to see you here...I'm on tenterhooks re. the weekend.

VG I expect to see photographic evidence of non-sandymouthed babes, otherwise I simply won't believe it. Was at a first birthday party yesterday and all three babies sat in the sandpit cramming handfuls into their mouths with rapt expressions hmm

Steaknife Mon 06-Jul-09 09:51:58

Croissants on the side.

Short version of my weekend...
PILs babysitting and DH and I went off for dinner. Sadly grumpiness ensued when I asked the very challenging question "what do you want to do this weekend?" which DH found too stressful to answer without turning into a complete arse so I walked out of the restaurant.
Only to have to walk back in because I had his wallet.
When we got home, about an hour and a half after we had left, Izzy was awake and stayed awake until 3.30am - five hours!

And in this time Dh decided, again, that marriage was over. Sigh

Saturday AM I went off to see his mum for a chat leaving DH with Izzy and a letter listing the things that I found unacceptable - but in a nice way - and saying that if he wanted to finish things then I would accept it.

I think this shocked him a bit as he managed to calm down by the afternoon and said he had not meant what he said, so the rest of the weekend wasn't lost. Not that we did much as Izzy did a repeat performance of night-time partying on Saturday night too.
So Sunday we had lunch with the PILs and then left the baby with them so we could come home and sleep. My PILs are ace.

Ten last night little minx slept from 8.30 till 6.30, so dont know if it was the heat or teeth or just one of those things, but I hope it is over.

oops DD looks precious.

No1 well done on RFL - and if I have mis-remembered and got the wrong person, sorry share around the well dones.

sonot that is quite a plan you have there. My only ambition this year was to not have to move countries again.

TS* wotcha! Hope all animals and smallsurfers recovered from fireworks.

sorry if I forgot anyone.

Right time to peg out laundry and wash floors.

very envy of meet ups, but thanks to sawwles and cyteen for phone meet ups.

Steaknife Mon 06-Jul-09 09:53:25

okay so not that short a version. And how could I forget to wave le pompoms for Miamla and T.

Steaknife Mon 06-Jul-09 09:55:20

sazzles even

curse this french keyboard.

Miamla Mon 06-Jul-09 10:34:59

its ok steaky, I'm sure she won't mind being called sawwles!
do your pils know what's happening? what kind of mood is DH in today? i really hope he stops saying daft things. it sounds like underneath all the nasty stuff on the surface that you've got a lovely relationship. its just a shame that its a bit hidden at the moment

DS has yet again settled in his cot, 45mins this time but hey, its the end result that counts as far as i'm concerned grin right, i'd better jump in the shower before my sleeping wonder awakes

i'm feeling a bit soppy towards you all at the moment so you're lucky you don't live closer otherwise i'd be round with hugs and sloppy kisses grin
muah ha haaaa

Miamla Mon 06-Jul-09 10:36:20

argh, i'll be on my own at the meetup tomorrow! sorry, i promise i won't sloppy kiss any of you grin
can't guarantee DS's behaviour though wink

Miamla Mon 06-Jul-09 10:40:43

cyteen sorry, missed your post
that's great about the night feeds but i know what you mean about being a bit sad too. we'll both have to have another one to feed during the night wink
How many feeds is he having during the day now? did they dwindle as well?

cyteen Mon 06-Jul-09 10:52:38

He's down to three during the day now - first thing, last thing and around midday, although in the fierce heat last week he had an extra one. I still offer just in case he wants it but he's pretty disinterested with a slight garnish of because it's nice to see him growing more independent and to imagine having a bit more freedom.

hotterpotter Mon 06-Jul-09 10:55:54

Awww Miamla grin enjoy your shower in the knowledge that you are doing a brilliant job.

Your DS sleeping too Cyteen shock it's miracles all round grin My DS is pretty good too, he might wake up in the night once a week or so; I admit I am too lazy and just let him suckle himself back to sleep. Other than that he sleeps through, just got to move wake up time past 7am...

Sambo how is your DS doing? He was in the bad sleepers club, any improvement? If not you should take heart from Miamla's DS, he was definitely the president of that club grin

Steaky sad that your Friday night was spoiled, but [hopeful] for you both, you do seem to be making slow progress. Agree that your PIL sound absolutely fab.

OK so I phoned the DVLA, asked what vehicles I was entitled to drive so the girl said "Well, since you passed your test in 1988..." so I said "what test, my car test?" and she said..."yes" shockshockshock so instead of saying OK thanks and hanging up quick smart I sort of confessed I didn't remember ever taking a test, so they are going to investigate it. Am torn, I'm 90% sure I've done the right thing - what if I'd been found out, I could have got in a lot of trouble, but 10% thinking wtf didn't I just shut up because in all probability no-one would ever have realised.

So Ann, I won the driving race grin by 21 years gringrin but am about to be disqualified for cheating grin

AnnVan Mon 06-Jul-09 10:56:05

Good morning everyone!

gringrinenvy for those who now have sleeping babies. Last night dp and I getting some lovely action going when Seb decided to wake up and cr inconsolably. We had to cease all action and see to the pickle boy <<sigh>>
Then two further wakeups after that. He will not settle again unless he's had a bf hmm I want to try train that out now, but DP reckons he's too young hmm
Ah well.
We have also started some preliminary discussions with regard to number 2. I want to get my weight down a bit before we start trying though. And also get some money in.
Speaking of money, I'm thinking of maybe starting to give private piano lessons to bring in a little extra cash. Not sure though, it's just a thought at the moment.
Sorry if I've missed anyone, or any exciting news.

AnnVan Mon 06-Jul-09 10:58:15

Hmm I say sorry if I've missed anyone, but I actually didn't mention anyone by name [rolls eyes]

Wish ds would leave the laptop alone. He just deleted half of what I'd typed. Gaaaaah.

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