June09: the one where we learn to type with one finger

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Tee2072 Sat 04-Jul-09 08:42:36

Hi all and welcome to our first post-natal thread! Nappy's, colic and burping OH MY!

Come join the conversation as our baby's grow and grow. grin

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silkcushion Sat 04-Jul-09 08:45:10

thanks Tee and I apologise for all my typos on my last post. One finger typing eh? hmm

bunnymother Sat 04-Jul-09 08:58:00


one handed post to mark my spot. off to bed for a nap. delie doesn't do long sleeps yet, so i take what i can get!!

thinking of you all!

Naat Sat 04-Jul-09 10:17:47

Hi all!
Mila calling for a feed so quick one.
Thanks Tee for setting up the thread!
Have a lovely day Juners!

lauraloo09 Sat 04-Jul-09 10:58:06

Can't believe we're off the ante-natal threads, doesn't seem that long ago that we had started our first thread all those many moons ago! Thanks tee for setting it up

Poor Sarah yesterday, everytime she was doing a poo she would burst into tears, must have been causing her a lot of pain, not sure if she is a bit constipated with this heat, after she gave me 1 dirty nappy she gave me another 3 in quick succession. WRT sleeping Sarah was excellent again last night, waking at 11.30 and 4.30 for feeds and going straight back to sleep...she has caused DH some stress this morning with crying but thats my fault for not having any bottles made up. She is sound asleep after her feed. Dreading Monday as DH goes back to work after his 2 week holiday. He still has paternity leave he can take so he is going to put in for that as soon as he goes back for 1 week in sept to tie in with his week's holiday then

june I have been feeding Sarah 90mls around 6 to 8 times a day, sometimes she is a greedy girl and takes a top up but this makes her sick so i try not to offer a top up too often. The formula tub says that after 2 weeks i should be feeding 120mls so will offer her that amount from Tuesday but i dont expect her to start taking that amount until end of next week. I so wish i could have stuck with breastfeeding but after the emergency section i just felt i was unable to cope with the on demand feeding and worry i wasn't giving Sarah the amount she needed.

MrsMcJnr Sat 04-Jul-09 11:16:54

Hey ladies smile just book marking! never seem to get a chance to get on at the mo, I haven't mastered the art of breastfeeding and typing whilst balancing on a ball yet and DH has discovered facebook so I never get a chance to get online anymore sad hope everyone is well smile Aaliyah is such a milk guzzler, sometimes I just feel drained. I weighed her yesterday and she was nearly 12 pounds, she is wearing cloths that DS was wearing at 3 months. 1 lb a week gain since birth seems a lot, how are your babies doing weight wise?

And how are you all feeling? sometimes I feel really overwhelmed trying to manage 2 little ones and still find some time to see to DH. I feel i can't ever say anything to him or I won't be allowed any more babies but some days are really hard, yesterday morning I spent the whole time trying to get out of the house but couldn't as Aaliyah seemed to want to be fed constantly and DS isn't feeling well and was playing up. I guess there will be days like that!!

MrsMcJnr Sat 04-Jul-09 11:53:05

I can hear a little someone waking up for milk so I doubt I’ll get much said but it is comforting to see so many of us in the same boat, thank god for MN grin I’d feel much more sane if I could just get on here more often!

Laura – great news that Sarah is a good sleeper, it makes all the difference to how you feel when you have got some sleep. Don’t feel guilty about how you feed her, you are doing the best for her that you know how and it sounds like she is doing fabulously grin how are you feeling in yourself?

bigcar Sat 04-Jul-09 13:04:35

Bigcar - Edward, born 28th May 2009, 3:30pm, 9lb 8 oz!! (37, dd 18, dd 9, ds 8,dd3 2, due 1st June) csection
Effie - Rupert Edward, born 1st June 2009, 2:23am, 7lb 1oz (3rd child, due 28 June)
Ineed - Emily Rose, born 3rd June 2009, 7.34pm, 8lb, 30z (31, DS 2.5, due 5 June)
Blueberrysorbet - daughter born 4th June (ds, due 3rd June) csection
Borriebear Jasper born 4th June 8 pounds 3 oz
LittleSarah - Alexander, born 6th June 2009, 2.46am, 7Ib 5oz (26, dd 4, due 6th June) homebirth -2 hours!
DorisIsAPinkDragon - Annabelle Rose, born 6th June, 2.24pm, 8lb 1.5 oz (32, dd1 3yrs, DD2 1yr, due 2nd June)
helpivegottogivebirth - Polly Diana, born 8th June, 8.50pm, 6lbs 9oz (30, 1st one, due 6th June)
MrsMcJnr - Aaliyah Rosemary born 10th June, 11.12am 8lbs 9oz (35, ds 1yr, due 4th June) unplanned home birth
Tee2072 - Adam Jacob Fraser, born 11th June, 10.30am, 8lbs 10oz (40, 1st baby, due 26 June)
Snowwombat - Baby boy born 3:01am saturday 13th, 7lb 11oz, 54cm long
Nemoandthefishes - Charlotte Isabel Saturday 13th 7.50pm 7lb14ozs
llynnnn - Isobel arrived 13.06.09 AM
Bunnymother - Cordelia 12:03pm on 14 June, 7lb 11oz
chocciedooby - Elina 13.18pm on 14th June 8lbs 4ozs
Naat - Mila Maunier weighing 3.255kg and measuring 51cm 14th june 2.53 pm
Daisy- Fraser Alistair was born Monday 15th June 2009 at 10:08pm. A handsome chap, he weighs in at a tidy 7lbs 13.5oz (3.56kg) and is 56cm long.
insywinsyspider - Boy Edward (Bear) 16th June 2009 7am
dreamydowler - Evie Rose born 17th June 4.50pm 8lb 2oz
June2009 - calypso lilly raphaelle 18th June, 7lbs!!
silkcushion - Eleri Isabella born 20th June at 1.52pm 7lb 13.5 oz
Zozokat - Leo Cooper born 21 June, 3.5kg
Loooouise - - Ishbel Verity born 25 June, 6lb 11oz
lauraloo09 - Sarah Margaret Emily 23 June, 8.39pm
ermintrude13 - Arthur Joseph, 29 June, 10lb
worriedamy - Caelan Jak, 3 July, 1.31pm, 8lb 6oz

Hope this is right grin

bigcar Sat 04-Jul-09 13:39:42

worried, huge congratulations and welcome to little Caelan smile Hope to hear more soon!

choccie, Edward has 2 stork marks, 1 on the back of his neck, the other between his eyes (not sure you can see them that well on my profile pics). Dd1 had 2 as well, the one between her eyes faded and disappeared, the one on the back of her neck is still there but not noticeable most of the time, only really when she gets really hot, like about this time of year but most of it is under her hairline!

MrsMcJnr, Edward was weighed on wednesday and was 11lb 9oz (no clothes or nappy), he was 5 weeks old on Thursday if that's any use. His 0 - 3 month clothes are getting a little snug now and it won't be much longer until he's out of his moses basket, he just doesn't have the room for a good wriggle and kick about! Hope you're having a better day today smile

help, lovely pics smile

june, love the paddling pool pic, such a cute cossie!

Edward is doing really well, feeding and putting the weight on nicely and growing up way to quickly! He's still sleeping well at night (and in his basket, sorry!) and I think we're getting a few proper smiles now smile His head control is getting better and he's taking more of an interest in what's going on around him. Dd3 is starting to get a little jealous but I'm getting used to having both her and Edward on my knee at the same time grin It's impossible to imagine life before Edward now, pregnancy was a lifetime ago grin And he's still absolutely gorgeous smile

thanks for starting the new thread tee!

waves to all smile

June2009 Sat 04-Jul-09 15:31:04

Thanks tee for setting up the new thread, kinda feels like we passed an exam or something ;)

and thanks bigcar for the updated list
When you had your first c-section did the doctor go into details about the operation afterward and explain what the repercussions are? I kinda want to know exactly what is stitched up inside (guessing it is the womb). Also bit worried about future pregnancies as well, I hope it still works.
Did they specify an amount of time that was needed to heal inside (like 2 years or whatever?) I think I am afraid to look it up, the little bits I read were scary enough for me to stop reading. My GP is not very talkative and it's suc h an emotional thing for me still.
Did they make you sign a release form before they took you away to have it? They made me sign a form that said I consented to them removing my womb if necessary, I thought that was just awful to have to sign this after a doctor who came to see me in the afternoon had said "it would be too risky to do a c-section". It's not like I had a choice.

worried congrats! I hope you're both OK.

I am in a bit of haze (lack of sleep probably) and seen some half written posts on notepads that I never quite finished or sent to the thread..

Ineed I hope you had a good day at the farm, and the colic didn't play up too much. It's horrible isn't it, it looks so painful.
Calypso has/had colic as well, we have been using Infacol which seems to be working ok, she certainly brings up burps faster now and there's plenty of wind coming out the other side. Her rash is a little better thanks to sudocrem.
She'll sleep sitting down and in my arms or on her side/front (supervised) but as soon as we put her in her moses basket she'd wake up. Infacol has helped since and she's been sleeping better in her basket today, it did take a couple of days to work. Either that or colic went away, who knows, she looked in so much pain it's heartbreaking.

I know how you feel about the breastfeeding. Usually when something is hard work, well I just work harder at it and always make it work so it's a huge disappointment.
I also think the section took a lot out of me, I was straigth away on strong painkillers, add to that the flat nipples, the baby falling asleep minutes after latching on every time, not having enough colostrum come out when I was expressing in the labour ward and no milk or colostrum whatsoever the day after I got back...after all baby has to be fed so if there is no other way than formula well you don't have a choice. By the time my milk came in my scar was playing up and I was worried about the let down reflex making it worse and then it got infected and I'm now on antibiotics. Succession of events there was nothing I could have done about.
I imagine by the time I'm not taking antibiotics or painkillers anymore it'll be too late. My breast feel fuller but they're not huge and they're not leaking at all.
I think once you have accepted you are not going to breastfeed, and maybe it'll work out better next time, then it's easier emotionnally.
As other people have said, as long as baby is happy, feeding and growing ok then you're doing fab.

Does your formula box says how many feeds are recommended for 120ml?
We use aptamil "breastfeeding substitue" milk powder as that's what they had in the labour ward but they would not recommend any specific milk in particular.

At the risk of sounding a bit hippy, has anyone tried organic baby milk or made their own? Just curious, I don't think we'd ever make our own but dh wants to try the organic stuff. Not sure what the implications of switching milk on baby is.

The health visitor is coming on wednesday, what are they here for again? Is there an official definition/description of their job?
She spoke to dh over the phone and asked him 3 times if the baby was fully breastfed. (Exactly which part of the word "no" did you not get??)
She'd better not try and make me feel even worse about it otherwise I'm so tired I migth not have the patience and just end up snapping at her.

well it's a nice day and as soon as baby is up we're taking her for coffee and cake, we she deserves it ;)

Naat Sat 04-Jul-09 17:24:27

Hi Juners!

Well, I've been reading all posts yesterday and today but it's been quite crazy here so no time to catch up! Let's see if I remember enough grin

June, as far as I know, HV are there to "follow the baby's growth and development" and also "help you in whatever you may need wrt the baby"... some are absolutely great and others are plain crap grin just like MWs or anyone else for that matter grin Hope yours is just a bit distracted and turns out to be nice and sensitive. sad for you that it's all still so emotional when it comes to talking about your c-sec, I understand as I'd feel the same... when I read what you said about just trying harder and getting things done eventually when they are difficult I could completely relate, as I'm the same. I send you a very un-MN huge hug. Hope you enjoy the cake!!! Sounds like a lovely plan for the three of you in a sunny day smile

Bigcar, sooooooooo envy of mellow Edward grin I'm telling myself it's because he's a bit older that he sleeps in his moses grin but I know I'm kidding myself. Glad to hear everything is going so well.

Mrsmc, oh honey, soooo envy of your tan!!! You can't picture my face when I saw your pic the other day grin And yes, I guess many of us are in the same emotional boat and having good and bad days...I felt sad when I read you saying that you didn't want to complain much or ask for too much of DH's help as you were afraid of being told "no more babies"... you shouldn't feel like that, sweetie... This is a hard time for us all, either first timers or mums of second or third or eighth child and you deserve to get all the emotional and physical support from DH sad You don't have to cope with everything all the time in order to show him you can handle more babies in the future... you have your days, and when DS is maybe being a bit difficult then you of course need help. I apologise if I'm out of order writing this, I just felt sad, I don't mean to be nosy, I promise. (((hug)))

Laura, so so sorry to hear about Sarah's day yesterday... it's so heartbreaking when they have such a hard time pooing sad Hope she's better today.

Bunny, hi!!! You're doing the right thing, sleep whenever you can! smile HOpe to read you soon smile

Ohhhh I can't remember the posts from the other thread grin

Help, looooooooovely pics!! And no alien, lady, she's lovely! grin

Ineed, oh, so sorry to hear Emily suffered from a nasty colic... Hope you had a nice and "relaxing" day at the farm. I know what you mean re. comments from the ILs... I hope they realised today was not the day to be too "expressive".

Ermin, hi!! I loved the "lalala" comment grin I tend to do the same grin

Oh well, I give up, if not I'll have to go back to the other thread blush

Right, this hormonal state of crying over absolutely nothing from one nano-second to the other is really getting the best of me hmm I keep crying, not for long, but out of the blue! DH is being lovely about it, he hugs me and gives me support but it just happens every single day several times a day hmm Anyone else in this nice rollercoaster? grin

Oh, yesterday I stayed at the airport with my mum until she caught her flight (DH had to go back to work). Then Mila and I ventured back home by train from Manchester Airport!! All by ourselves!! I was terrified grin but we succeeded grin Of course it started raining heavily as soon as mum left hmm luckily we were "indoors" until we got to Huddersfield and then I decided to take a taxi (I never do) as I didn't have a raincover for the pushchair (yes, rookie mistake, I know grin). Mila was brilliant, though, she fed, pooed and slept but didn't complain at all!! smile

Anyway, hope you're all having a nice day today!


zozokat Sat 04-Jul-09 17:46:13

Hi all! Just saying a quick hello on the new thread as i've just put Leo down for a nap!

Congratulations worriedamy on the birth of Caelan look forward to hearing more news!!

Unfortunately, Ineed and June I also have a very fussy eater on my hands, so totally sympathize!! for the last few days, Leo has seemed to develop colic or acid reflux and feeding has become a screaming session (he latches on 5 mins then comes off screaming and arching his back ) I'm going to send DH for Infacol tomorrow to see if that will help and get to the GP on monday to see if i can get some answers.

He's put on loads of weight too, apparently this can be a symptom of acid reflux -- weighed in at 4.1 kg on Wednesday (10 days old) up from 3.5 kg at birth.

Hope you're all able to get out a bit in this summer weather waves to everyone!

bigcar Sat 04-Jul-09 17:53:43

june, unfortunately not, noone went through the operation with me or why it had happened. Any other surgery you have they go through it in every detail, doesn't seem to apply to a cs hmm I think I got the most info about cs in general when I had my postnatal check with the gp. This time round, the midwife went through what happened with dh while I was in recovery. I remember signing the consent form too, and telling the consultant that was waving it front of me to talk faster so I could just sign the damn thing! Hysterectomy really is the last resort, it's a tiny risk but they still have to mention it, otherwise you may sue hmm Like you say, at that stage I think I would have signed anything if they said they could stop the pain, choice doesn't come into it! The gp recommended we wait at least a year before trying for another baby from what I remember.

you could try reading this or this but think carefully if you want to read birth stories, might be better just to stick to the info bits. You can ask the hospital for a copy of your birth notes or ask the head of midwifery at the hospital if someone could go through what happened with you, a debrief. Noone could tell me what went wrong for me but I did feel better having spoken to someone, although I was daft enough to leave it until I was expecting Edward.

health visitors are there to stick their nose in, judge, apply liberal helpings of guilt, over obssess about bloody growth charts and then leave grin They are supposed to look after health and welfare of mother and baby and give advice, and despite what I said, some are very good smile They run the baby clinics where you get your lo wieghed and will do developmental checks for Calypso. They are supposed to be there until our dcs start school as a source of advice and info but you rarely see one round here after about 18 months. If you haven't got your red book yet, they will give you that which will detail all the things you need to know like when they are due their jabs (if you decide to have them) etc. I hope you get on well with yours, and anyone that judges you really isn't worth listening too, it's really NOT part of the job description smile

hope you Calypso enjoyed the coffee and cake grin

MrsMcJnr Sat 04-Jul-09 18:38:26

Tried to catch up, forgive me for repeats or forgottens blush

Naat – hope all the registrations are going well. When I took Aaliyah to the midwife (thankfully a lovely female one from the AN classes) she confirmed that Aaliyah should have seen the pediatrician at 15 days angry the health centre clearly discriminated against me for being foreign angry all was well anyway so that put my mind at rest. She sees the pediatrician on Tuesday. How are you getting on without your Mum?

June – how is the scar now hon? I know what you mean about little ones preferring to sleep in your arms, I don’t get it, I thought she’d prefer being down in this heat hmm don’t worry, you’ll be looking fabulous by September smile I know a girl here who has had 5 c-sections by the way and she hasn’t been told not to have anymore kids!

Tee – my DS screamed with fury every time we changed his nappy in the early days and then later screamed to have it changed as he couldn’t stand being wet or dirty.

Littlesarah – hope you are getting to sleep for a little longer between feeds now, I feel for you because I feel exactly the same, sometimes I don’t get more than 45mins kip in between feeds and the whole process of them! I believe that I only feel rested if I get at least 2 ½ hrs consecutively.

Hey Daisy – that’s kind of why I end up co-sleeping with DD too, if I can’t get her wind up quickly, I start to drop off.

Ineedmore – how did the first trip out with the double buggy go? I know exactly what you mean about trying to get back before the next feed! Hope you’ve had fun at the farm.
Help – it does feel lovely when they sleep on you doesn’t it? grin

Llynnn – hope all is resolved with the urine problem? Great to have the catheter out smile

Silk – fabulous to hear things are improving on the BF front grin

Hey Loouise smile so pleased to hear that the Baby father is besotted too, how was the family visit? <<whispers>> sometimes I don’t like DH even holding Aaliyah and he is my husband so it’s a lot to do with hormones I think!

WorriedAmy – many, many congrats on your little man grin sorry I wasn’t around to wish you luck for your induction hon.

hello Bigcar smile

Doris – well done on the trip to the zoo grin shock Sounds like you are being a bit harsh with yourself, it is hard to feed out and about and it does take its toll but with other DCs what else can you do?

Choccie – smile I think my bleeding is ending too.

ermintrude13 Sat 04-Jul-09 19:34:49

Worriedamy Hurray, well done you and welcome to Caelan - did you end up being induced? Hope to hear more news when you've had a chance to rest and get to know that baby.

Tee ta for doing new thread, and bigcar for comprehensive list of births. Who wins the cake for guessing the birth date correctly? Can I have a jar of chutney for producing the heaviest baby? grin

MrsMc Even with 2 much older DC and a DH who is doing everything for me I've had moments of anxiety and weepiness, so dealing with 2 LOs and worrying that you have to hold it together in front of DH must put a lot of strain on you emotionally. I'm sure things will get easier as time goes on but meanwhile hope you get some chances to share the burden and feel supported.

June A woman from La Leche League told me that over many years working with new mums she was convinced that successful b/feeding is very much helped along by a good birth experience, both physically and emotionally. The stress caused by emergency C/S or situations in which the mother is made to feel powerless can have a knock-on effect on her ability to relax into b/feeding. This makes sense to me, and also suggests that firstly you mustn't blame yourself for it not working out this time around - you were contending with so much - and secondly it can be done in future. (Apparently it is possible for some women to stimulate lactation weeks after the birth, by spending a weekend in bed with baby feeding at every opportunity to build up supply - maybe call them for advice?) Hope you find the info you're looking for about VBAC or further C/Ss.

Organic formula like Hipp has a good reputation; can't see any reason why you can't change to another 'brand'; we buy organic milk for the family so I'd tend to do the same for formula but hospitals seem to stock big brands only and then mums just stick with the original type.

I had 2 glasses of Bucks Fizz today because sister and her fiance were visiting, and am feeling a bit light-headed. Such a lightweight these days smile

llynnnn Sat 04-Jul-09 20:30:28

hi all

just a quickie as I'm super tired today (busy day at the beach and visiting family!)

Amy - huge congratulations on the birth of Caelan! Hope you are both well

Thanks for setting the new thread up Tee, pregnancy already seems like a million years ago (and a much simpler time sometimes too wink!)

I will be back tomorrow to catch up properly (hopefully!)

Hi to everyone else

LittleSarah Sat 04-Jul-09 22:38:59

Hey all

Congrats worried! Can't wait to see and hear more about Caelan Jak!

Lovely day at the beach today with dh's brothers. What was rather funny was his brother (whose girlfriend is due to give birth in a month) kept saying how he felt that he'll start enjoying baby when it's older. (Brother no 3 has a 1 yr old so he kept looking at her and saying that's when it is fun, etc, etc, I decided not to take this personally!). I know some men are like that but if I was his lady I would be getting rather irritated to hear that before baby even arrives! I rather think she was too, saying things like I'll see you in a year then... smile

I felt sad for brother 2 (with 1 yr old), he has split with his lady and mentioned her a good few times in conversation, definitely not over her, and she is all loved up with new man. Such a shame.

Feel tired and all over the place still. Dd has just gone to her dad's for a week (going on a wee holiday with him) so I hope it will give me some time to chill. Typically I have decided to apply for phD so I now need to write research proposal and really should do so this week while I have time, and so I have a first draft to show the course leader...

Alexander is great, still waking a fair amount MrsMcJnr (!) but mostly twice a night now (say 2.30 and 5.30) which is an improvement and he will also take EBM from a bottle. This will hopefully give me a little more freedom, not that I'm planning anything wild, just to be able to go to the library to start this proposal for example, and to give dh a chance to feed sometimes.

He is giving us little smiles already, probably not on purpose but still gorgeous and making the cutest cooing sounds, love it!

Laura - lucky you with the sleeping! I think the wee ones do feel the heat more don't they? Alexander has definitely been grumpier outside in the heat. (Dh not handling it well either! He appears to be asleep on the floor now).

MrsMcJnr - Alexander is a guzzler too! And I also feel extremely drained, that's why I'm so glad he'll also take the bottle. What I really can't wait for is the leaking to stop. It has been great in that I have lots of frozen milk but I feel like such a machine sometimes, breast cups and storage bags and leaking on clothes and so on, I just want to feed without mess and fuss! Alex is definitely growing rapidly, he hasn't been weighed recently but is clear to see!

Bigcar - Alexander also has definite stork marks between the eyes and on nape of neck, just adds to his charm! How adorable is all the smiling! Dh read somewhere they don't laugh til about 6 months and was gutted! grin] Patience my friend, it will all be over horribly fast!

Naat - Well done with your airport trip! How are you feeling without your mum? I hope you aren't missing her too much. It is a very emotional time isn't it? I haven't cried much, but I slump regularly, IYKWIM, feeling I am not getting enough done or being a good wife and or mother! Sometimes I just feel so exhausted and that my brain barely works - not good fo trying to write a research proposal!

Hello to everyone else!

silkcushion Sat 04-Jul-09 23:00:06

trying to find 5 minutes for an update

June - friend of mine had a traumatic birth experience and lo was 5 weeks early. She ff but managed to introduce bf after 6 weeks. lo was never fully bf but had 2/3 bf per day which my friend loved doing - might be a future possibility for you if you want.

HV - think a large part of their job is to keep an eye out for families that are struggling/children who may be at risk. I went back to work when dd1 was 4 months old and we never saw one after that. HV did first visit on wed and I asked her if she wanted to see dd1 next time - she said she wasn't bothered. My HV is a patronising old cow and probably the last person on earth I would want advice from.

Bf update - Eleri has been in a feeding frenzy for 3 days. Thurs/Fri she bf loads morning and evening with ff inbetween (but overall still taking 6 x 3oz feeds). Todya she fed all morning and most of the afternoon/evening and has only had 3 x 3oz feeds so I'm hopeful that I may have more milk now or it's more satisfying. I didn't realise quite how much of my time would be spent bfeeding and this si whilst giving formula. how do the rest of you fbeeding mummies ever get anything done?

Have had my brother and his wife and girls here all day. Dd1 is exhausted from running about with her older cousins. I managed to feed in front of them all (first time for me) easy with sil, not so easy with a 4 and 5yr old fascinated with how the baby was feeding!

DH's last day tomorrow at home so hope it's a nice one.

June2009 Sun 05-Jul-09 10:58:45

Hey just wanted to mention that baby will scream the house down if we change her before feeding (I thought she would prefer feeding in a clean nappy) but we just noticed she doesn't make a sound if we change her after feeding.

laura good to know your little one feeds as much as mine.
I'm still puzzled with the feeding amounts (you'd think it would be more straightforward with bottles wouldn't you), Calypso seems to be on a mission to feed feed feed since yesterday. We're still doing 6 feeds at 120 and I don't know how we could reduce that to 5. We bought the organic formula "hipp" and she seems to like it.

envy at those of you who went to the beach, can't wait till I'm better so we can travel a little.

mrsmc, you're in a difficult situation without the full support of your dh, mine has seen me cry several times and always been really helpful and positive which always gets me back on track.
He's doing loads around the house and says he wants me to get better as a priority.
Do you have anyone who can help you out, I can't imagine having to do everything on my own. Even sil who I was dreading has been coming over around 3 times a week and is very welcome to feed and change baby while dh can get some rest and I can get on with some work.

I have a lingering migraine which is a little worrying. Before we left the nurse said that I might get one 2 weeks after the epidural and that it's a very specific migraine that only another epidural can fix.
It was really bad yesterday, not as bad today so I'm hoping it's just the lack of sleep/water/food (who would have thought I woudl ever forget to eat) and messing up my medication (I'm finding it difficult to remember what I took when.)
There are nurses/midwives that will come and look after the baby for a night if needed, I might look into that if things get out of hand.
right, maybe I could grab some sleep right now in fact...

take care everyone!

chocciedooby Sun 05-Jul-09 11:55:40

Well done for setting up the thread Tee.

Elina has been awake since her lasat feed at 8am. Just fed again but only took 2ozs and finally gone to sleep She is such a diamond.

We took all the kids out for dinner last night. It was so enjoyable being out altogether. Elina slept the whole time and the boys were very well behaved.

Spent 3 hours yesterday at a photo shoot for Elina and the boys. A friend of ours knew a photographer that just so happened to have been awarded with photographer of the year and was looking for a newborn to shoot Free of charge! We jumped at the opportunity. We were there so long though as I had to feed Elina and get her off to sleep for the shoot.

It was amazing!!!! I actually cried a couple of times whilst I was there. Elina looked so beautiful and I was overwhelmed with love for her. (I know, a bit icky). They were nude shots of her sleeping in such artistic positions. We never had this done with our other dcs but I would highly recommend it as they are small for such a small amount of time. (best photographed before they are 3 weeks old as they still curl up when sleeping). The photographer also took pictures of Elina and the boys and some family portraits I can't wait to see them.

Tee2072 Sun 05-Jul-09 12:50:59

Okay, if anyone is wondering where I've been...I've been at the hospital with Adam.

At about 7:15 last night he fell out of my arms. I dropped my baby on our hardwood floor. We rushed to A&E to find out he cracked his skull slightly.

He's going to be fine, in hospital to at least tomorrow due to tests and 24 hours of observation. He never lost conciousness or vomited. He's going to be fine.

Mummy, on the other hand, has been crying for 16 hours and feels like the worst mummy in the world. I know it was an accident, but I dropped my baby!!!!!!!!!!

We are going to be visit by social services, as he is so small and due to his injuries. No one at the hospital thinks it was deliberate, they all believe it was an accident, but they have to report it. I'm glad they do, better to report it and find nothing than take it at my word and have another dead baby in the world.

So I'm home to eat and get some sleep and bathe and then I'll head back to the hospital.

Everyone please be very careful. They are stronger than they look and the fall really really easily.

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June2009 Sun 05-Jul-09 13:39:47

oh tee, you must feel awful but please don't be too hard on yourself, it happened to someone in the recovery ward where I was, I was dropped when I was little, these things do happen and luckily babies are very resiient. It must have been very scary for you, very glad james is fine. He doesn't know why you're crying and will never remember. I hope you get back home to normal soon xxx

Naat Sun 05-Jul-09 14:03:35

Oh Tee, sweetie, the biggest and strongest un-MN hug for you right now. It must have been awful for you but I'm glad to hear Adam is fine... babies are strong, as you say, and move so quickly sometimes!

I can completely understand your tears, we all can and would have done the same, but as June said, please don't torture yourself too much now... Adam is OK, it was an accident and you'll have him home in no time to cuddle him 24/7 smile

Keep us posted, please. Another hug!


silkcushion Sun 05-Jul-09 15:09:27

Tee so sorry to hear this sad and very glad to know your little boy is ok. x

Ineedmorechocolatenow Sun 05-Jul-09 17:17:19

Oh my God Tee. You poor thing. You both must have been so scared. When DS was a baby DH slipped down the stairs while carrying him in the moses basket he slid all the way down in the basket, but was fine. It's so, so scary I'm just pleased that Adam's okay. Please don't beat yourself up about it xx

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