April 2009 - Chapter 3 - Let us round up the stragglers

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PuzzleRocks Wed 01-Jul-09 22:16:57

Ta da.

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PuzzleRocks Wed 01-Jul-09 22:19:28

12 Feb: Skiingone: MARIANNA 4lb 4oz
20 Feb: Glaskham: RUBY MARIE 4lb 3oz
04 Mar: Barbarella: ESTELLA, ROSANNA, OTIS
05 Mar: Kazkiss: ISABELLE FLORENCE 4lb 6oz & OLIVER THOMAS 3lb 7oz
15 Mar: Babypringle: OSCAR WILLIAM 7lb 2oz
28 Mar: Claireykitten: VIOLET ROSE 7lb 9oz
29 Mar: WhatFreshHell: FELIX DEVLIN ALEXANDER 10lb 5.5oz
31 Mar: Mumblemum: ORSON XERXES
02 Apr: Oddeyes: ELEANOR 9lb 8oz
03 Apr: Bumpalump: JACOB 8lb
04 Apr: BabyBolat: KARAHAN 6lb 5oz
05 Apr: Mrsfossil: ISLA LILIAN 7lb 10oz
06 Apr: BoffinMum: FELIX DAVID GORDON 7lb 9oz
08 Apr: girlylala0807 JAMES EUAN
11 Apr: SpringySunshine: GEORGE NATHAN 8lb 15oz
11 Apr: RachelinScotland: CLEMENT JAMES 8lb 14oz
11 Apr: Lou031205: ISLA SOPHIA 7lb 9oz
11 Apr: Electra: ISABELLA CAROLINE 6lb 3oz
11 Apr: AuldAlliance: ALEXANDRE 7lb 6oz
12 Apr: Phdlife: Name TBA GIRL 9lb 3oz
12 Apr: BethDivine: Name TBA GIRL 9lb 9oz
13 Apr: MathsMummy27: AMELIA CHARLOTTE
14 Apr: Purlease: ADAM 9lb 2oz
15 Apr: Juwesm: HUGO GEORGE 9lb 2oz
15 Apr: Bronze: ISAAC JOHN
15 Apr: HeidiT: HEIDI
15 Apr: Kalikaroo: Name TBA BOY 8lb
15 Apr: Minush: ZAFIRAH ROSA 7lb 12oz
15 Apr: FatandFedup: EMILIA ROSE 7lb 6oz
16 Apr: PuzzleRocks: HOLLY ELIZABETH 8lb
16 Apr: Brettgirl: HANNAH GRACE 6lb 15oz
16 Apr: ReallyTired: Name TBA GIRL
17 Apr: DungunGirl: ADEN LEE 9lb 4oz
18 Apr: Staryeyed: Name TBA BOY 7lb 11oz
20 Apr: LuLuBai: SEBASTIAN 9lb
20 Apr: Swaliswan: BETH 7lb 9oz
21 Apr: Kittycatisgettingfat: GABRIELLA AUDREY BIANCA
21 Apr: B52s: SAM MARTIN 7lb 9oz
21 Apr: Schulte: HAZEL LOIS 7lb 9 oz
21 Apr: Mrsgboring: EDMUND 8lb 12oz
23 Apr: Tristaleejac: LEWIN 8lb 4oz
23 Apr: NuttyTaff: TIAHNA SKYE 8lb 8oz
23 Apr: Purplemonkeydishwasher: ISLA ELIZABETH 8lb 14oz
24 Apr: Soon2befamilyof4: TALIA 7lb 6oz
26 Apr: Carameli: THEO LAURENCE 7lb 6oz
26 Apr: Surprisenumber3: EVIE ANNE 8lb 2oz
26 Apr: Bicnod: OSCAR MATTHEW 8lb 1oz
27 Apr: Lauren61: OLIVER STEPHEN 7lb 7oz
27 Apr: Gingersarah: VERONICA ROISIN 9lb 1oz
30 Apr: MegBusset: ARCHIE 8lb 15oz
01 May: Satheresitting: Name TBA BOY
03 May: Conkertree: Name ANGUS ANDREW 8lbs 8oz
06 May: Frekkles: HARRIS MERLIN 8lb 5.5oz
07 May: TarteTatin: ALBERT JOHN
10 May: Ilovesummer: Name TBA BOY

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PuzzleRocks Wed 01-Jul-09 22:21:41

There are a lot of names on the list that we have not heard from for some time.

[pops on a deerstalker and grabs a rifle]

Maybe we could check on our buddies?

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AuldAlliance Wed 01-Jul-09 22:22:10

Checking in to mark the thread before I totter off to bed.
Hope this thread is full of longer nights, fewer worries, more cooing and smiling and maybe even a spot of rolling over?smile
And we all know what we do in July, ladies wink.

PuzzleRocks Wed 01-Jul-09 22:24:34

What? Get pregnant? Nooooooooooooo!

Right, I need my sleep. Night night.

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mumblemumhome4lunch Wed 01-Jul-09 22:30:22

oooh, think I might have got the last post on the old thread, that would be a first for me grin
incase your still about puzzle here's what it was...
thanks for asking Puzzle - he's fine, just a little scratch in the crease around his nostril. Poor thing had been fast asleep and I guess he was screaming at the shock of it as much as anything. You can hardly see anything now.

Swaliswan Wed 01-Jul-09 22:33:19

Marking thread for a time when I have a little energy.

That will be never, then.


PuzzleRocks Wed 01-Jul-09 22:36:53

I am Mumble. I'm glad he is ok.

Hi Swali - How is Beth getting on with the Pavlik harness?

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mumblemumhome4lunch Wed 01-Jul-09 22:48:32

Thanks for the advice on the sleeper train.

Unfortunately I don't think the logistics will work - was hoping to get up to see my mum on the cheap and once took a sleeper train to Italy when I was a teenager and loved it. Problem is I then have to get from Inverness to Ullapool to get ferry over to Stronoway. Was planing to go by bus/coach but the train gets in at 8.30 and the bus leaves at 8.15 arrgh ! No bus again til 13.30, how crap is that. Don't fancy having 5 hrs to kill even if it is much cheaper than flying !

Was also thinking I could do it without needing any ID which I have to have to fly - only form or ID I had was my driving licence and I managed to lose that last week......I'd put it in an open envelope with my marriage cert and application form to change name on my licence and was carrying it about to fill in when I got a spare moment then OOPS can't find it anywhere, must have dropped out my bag somewhere shock

If you see anyone pretending to be Mrs Mumble don't be fooled hmm

mumblemumhome4lunch Wed 01-Jul-09 22:52:46

Am actually quite worried but not sure what I can do. Have applied for new driving licence so old one will technically be invalid but who'd know looking at it??

I'm usually sooooo careful with identity information stuff

I am officially an idiot blush

want to go to bed but better do the dishwasher or DH will get the hump whe he gets in (usually his job but I said I would as he's out tonight)

night night everyone

hope it's not so hot and sticky tomorrow for you all

BoffinMum Wed 01-Jul-09 23:05:47

Purple <hugs> It will all be OK. You can do this. Thank goodness for modern medicine, eh?

Stuff fans, I am currently topless in front of our portable air conditioning unit. Yesterday I drove to Norwich and back in a car without aircon, with Felix and DS1 in there as well, and I thought we were going to DIE!! It must have been 40 degrees in the car. Suffice it to say that the car is going to the garage tomorrow for a very expensive aircon repair.

I went to the hospital for physio today, and the man did various manipulations and so on, and things do feel better because of it. I have to go every week and also start some special exercises tomorrow. The thing I like is that he seems thoroughly committed to getting me better. My secret back up plan is that if this fails, I will become a yoga teacher and by giving up a sedentary job I will get a new lease of life. However having trained to be a Boffin for 10 years it would be a real shame to have to do this 'cos actually I am quite good at the Boffin stuff really.

Re: food. Don't bother giving them solids before 5-6 months because they only spit the stuff out anyway. When DD was little they said we should wean at about 4 months, and frankly it was a total waste of time, because I spent ages pureeing lovely things only to end up chucking most of it in the bin. I think there is a certain logic in waiting until a)they have some teeth and b)they start trying to grab what you are eating, as this to me seems to indicate a suitable developmental level. FWIW I have weaned my others later rather than earlier and all mine eat very well, had no problems with lumps, eat their greens and so on. I start with a spoon of baby rice, then onto mashed up banana, pureed apple, and after that mashed potato and carrot. Cottage cheese comes next mixed into the potato and carrot, and then yoghurt into the apple puree. Then gradually we open things up to cheese, meat and fish, and wierd veg. By a year I am basically mushing up family meals (we don't use salt much in cooking) and shovelling that in them. I was given a teeny little food processor for DS2 and it was very useful, more so than the Mouli Legumes I brought back from France to feed the others with.

BoffinMum Wed 01-Jul-09 23:08:39

I would just add those weaning foods are not meant to appear in the same meal. grin

purplemonkeydishwasher Thu 02-Jul-09 07:03:46

Morning everyone!

thanks so much for all your support. I wish that I was being brave and strong by going to the docs but the fact is that the only reason I'm going is because I've almost fainted a couple of times rather than the depression. But i figure while I'm there...
TBH i think it's my iron and i'm just hoping (really really really hoping) that once that's sorted I#ll feel good again.

but anyway!

On a good note...I put Isla in the sidecar cot last night and she didn't wake up until 5:30!!!
She fell asleep on DH a little before 10 as well! this is too good to be true and i'm just enjoying it until it all goes to pot. (which i hope it doesn't but i always say hope for the best but expect the worst!)
so DH and I had a little 'mommy and daddy time' wink start July off with a bang!

he was awesome yesterday. came home from work, made an awesome dinner (barbecue steak!!) and dessert. so he deserved a little action!

Boffin - totally agree about the solids thing. I started DS when he was just shy of 6 months but he wasn't really ready yet (despite being HUGE!) and it took him a year to start really eating.

AULD - I'm totally with you on the behavior thing. DS has turned into demon child lately. and like you i'm hesitant to go anywhere. i have to weigh it up whether it's worth it.
We are trying something new today. we have a very basic chart. it's a rocket ship that moves up along the stars. at the end of each day we talk about whether or not DS's behavior has been good enough for the rocket to move up or if it has to move down.
my friend saw it on supernanny (i know, but if it works...!!) and is trying it as well. she's got a dd the same age and her's is a fairy that moves up a flower leaf to leaf.
so the idea is that if he gets to the top (there are 10 stars) he gets a special treat. i really really really hope it helps. really.

as well we are having issues with DS holding in his PEE now. grrrrrr! He's had 3 accidents lately. so we have a deal that whenever the alarm goes on my pohone he has to pee. so far that's been working. there's been none of the usual fuss.

Schulte Thu 02-Jul-09 08:31:24


Bad night here - I am worried I might be developing insomnia again. Hope it's just the heat, or my daily dose of thyroxine being too high now I am not pregnant any more, and that it won't develop into full blown, madness inducing insomnia like it did after DD1.

Purple - that chart sounds good, did you make it yourself?

Boff - hope the physio helps!

Puzzle - glad you're feeling better!

Mumble - sorry about driving license, no idea if it's a problem or not. My credit card just got cloned but somehow I don't care - DH is dealing with it grin Normally I would be furious!

Juw - if you're around, can I ask you a question? DD1 has had sticky eye about once a month for the last 5 or 6 months. Because she's over 2 (just), I just go and buy over the counter chloramphenicol eye drops but is it problem using them so often? Pharmacist here clearly seems to think so, hence the cross interrogation every time I ask for the drops. What's your view?

PuzzleRocks Thu 02-Jul-09 08:31:37

Boff - My air con is broken too. I couldn't even contemplate a trip like that with the girls. Did you drive topless?
I'm sure you will not need a back up plan. But if you do I hear this woman pays well.
What's wierd veg? grin this sort of thing?

Purple - I like the chart idea, I hope it works for DS.
Big hooray to Isla for giving you and DH some time. I'm delighted you had a good evening.
Fingers crossed for you just being a little anaemic.

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PuzzleRocks Thu 02-Jul-09 08:33:31

Morning Schulte - Hopefully it is just the heat.
How did you find out about your card?

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Schulte Thu 02-Jul-09 08:37:32

It got rejected in the supermarket. Basically the transactions were so dodgy that the bank froze the card straight away. That criminal spent several thousand pounds in a very short space of time.

PuzzleRocks Thu 02-Jul-09 08:46:23

It happened to me last year. I was trying to use my card in M&S and ended up on the phone to the cc company for half an hour to prove who I was and that I hadn't been on a shopping spree in Australia.

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WhatFreshHellIsThis Thu 02-Jul-09 09:19:26

Hello, just marking spot in new thread! DS1 still off nursery ill, which means I spent yesterday juggling Orbit, DS1 and some work DP has got me doing. Cbeebies may have been employed as babysitter for a good proportion of the day blush

He is ill.... <<self justifies telly watching in beautiful weather madly>>

Anyway, must go finish stuff before Orbit wakes up again

NuttyTaff Thu 02-Jul-09 09:47:59

Message withdrawn

SpringySponge Thu 02-Jul-09 10:03:51

I was just about to make the 'cocks leg' joke, but see Nutty beat me to it. But yes - just marking for later xx

purplemonkeydishwasher Thu 02-Jul-09 10:35:35

WFH - I don't have the 'he's ill' excuse and DS STILL watches TV all day. and then i wonder why he's got behaviour problems! wink

WhatFreshHellIsThis Thu 02-Jul-09 11:03:50

Not sure how ill he is, to be honest...he's spent the last twenty minutes jumping off the sofa onto the spare cot mattress, going 'Wheeeeeee!'


<<kicks herself for not sending him to nursery>>

NuttyTaff Thu 02-Jul-09 11:16:31

Message withdrawn

Juwesm Thu 02-Jul-09 11:53:28

<<girds loins for left-handed typathon>>

Am supposed to be going out to lunch today with my NCT ladies, but I really don't think I can face it. It's probably a 40 minute walk with the buggy, which would be fine if it were just a few degrees cooler. I know I should make myself get up and go, but I just can't be doing with going out. I really should learn to drive, shouldn't I, not that we could afford a second car. Plus, I'm feeling grotty after a not-great night. H seems to be developing a new routine, and it's leaving me knackered.

Hugo's paed appt has come through for end of August. I avoided weigh-in again this week, on the basis of not going out in the heat unnecessarily. He has reduced his poo frequency - I suppose this must be an indication he is absorbing more goodness, so fingers crossed. DH is off next Thurs so will take him for weighing then, followed by a smear and round two of his jabs. What a fun day we have planned!

Have just been informed that the wedding we're going to at the end of the month is 'no kids'. Grrrrrr. Would be fine if I were an expressing machine, but I can't reliably pump enough to last him.

Schulte - if you're having to use the drops repeatedly, it is likely that they are not active enough against the relevant bug. I would see GP and get some gentamicin drops to try instead. Chloramphenicol is a pretty toxic drug, though the amount absorbed systemically through topical use is small, but this may be why your p'cist is getting a bit hmm. The risk of any of the serious side-effects with the eye-drops is small, but possible.

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