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October 08 - Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others

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CantSleepWontSleep Wed 24-Jun-09 21:24:18

Thread title in honour of HoneymoonMummy

10th Sept (Due 1st Oct) - loulou33 - Boy - Joe Louis David - 6lbs 12oz - Induction due to rhesus sensitivity, G&A.
16th Sept (Due 8th Oct) - Ksal - Girl - Emma Rae - 6lbs - Just beat induction for PE!
21st Sept (Due 5th Oct) - myjobismum - Girl - Naomi Caitlin - 5lbs 10oz - Fast and furious hospital birth.
22nd Sept (Due 10th Oct) - Lozza70 - Boy - Sander Gene - 7lbs 5oz - Em C-Sec due to raised BP and high ALTs from liver.
2nd Oct (Due 12th Oct) - star6 - Boy - Quinlan - 5lbs 15oz - 36hr labour, ventouse and stitches.
3rd Oct (Due 6th Oct) - Bethoo - Girl - Maia - 7lbs -
4th Oct (Due 30th Sept) - Aubergenie - Boy - Stanley - 7lbs 12oz -
5th Oct (Due 4th Oct) - hedgepig - Boy - Oliver - 6lbs 3oz -
5th Oct (Due 29th Sept Oct) - CherryChoc - Boy - Ryan - 6lbs 11oz - 3 day labour with natural birth in hospital
8th Oct (Due 6th Oct) - ronshar - Boy - William Dexter - 7lbs 11oz -
9th Oct (Due 17th) - Marthasmama - Girl - Martha - 7lbs 10oz - Elective c-sec
10th Oct (Due 1st Oct) - CantSleepWontSleep - Boy - Duncan Elliot - 8lbs 4oz - 4 day induction with 1 hour established labour!
12th Oct (Due 4th Oct) - pistachio - Boy - Thomas Fraser - 10lbs 2oz - Homebirth.
13th Oct (Due 15th Oct) - jrsqueak - Boy - Joshua - 7lbs 2oz - Delivered in car by dh!
16th Oct (Due 11th Oct) - heather1980 - Boy - Alexander James - 9lbs 5oz - Homebirth
17th Oct (Due 10th Oct) - pepperrabbit - Girl - Jessica Rose - 7lbs 15.5oz -
17th Oct (Due 27th Oct) - Rhian82 - Boy - - - Episiotomy and ventouse.
20th Oct (Due 16th Oct) - bigmouthstrikesagain - Girl - Polly - 8lbs 7oz - Good hospital birth with synto drip.
21st Oct (Due 21st Oct) - hansnava - Girl - Sophia Leigh - 7lbs 6oz - Elective c-sec
24th Oct (Due 29th Oct) - Ekka - Boy - Matthew - 7lbs 15oz - Home water birth with gas and air.
26th Oct (Due 20th Oct) - jenwa - Girl - Phoebe Jasmine - 9lbs 2.5oz -
28th Oct (Due 23rd Oct) - RachieW - Boy - Jack - 7lbs 4oz - hospital birth, epidural, stitches, 24hrs start to finish
28th Oct (Due 31st Oct) - Jojay - Boy - Edward Alexander - 7lbs 7oz - hospital birth - gas and air, 2nd degree tear. 7 hrs start to finish.
31st Oct (Due 20th Oct) - KnickersOnMaHead - Boy - Samuel Paul - 9lbs 11oz - No stitches!
1st Nov (Due 22nd Oct) - SmudgeyDoodle - Girl - - 8lbs 2oz - Hospital water birth.
5th Nov (Due 29th Oct) - Honeymoonmummy - Girl - Poppy Grace - 6lbs 15oz -
5th Nov (Due 30th Oct) - MamaG - Boy - Harry James - 10lbs 9oz - Em C-Sec. Back to back and knotted cord around neck. 24 hours of labour first though, and don't you forget it!

(I've taken purpleflower off, as she doesn't seem to be posting here anymore, but if you're still about pf then just let me know)

Honeymoonmummy Wed 24-Jun-09 21:28:09

Good name grin

aubergenie Wed 24-Jun-09 21:33:46

Lovely new thread. Thanks CSWS!

myjobismum Wed 24-Jun-09 21:35:39

obviously totally missed something..... how did HMM inspire such a name?

Thanks CSWS!

CantSleepWontSleep Wed 24-Jun-09 21:43:28

246 or 272 hmm .

myjob - when BMSA came back to the thread hmm got all nostalgic about the Smiths, and considered changing her name to this title, but asked if it could be the next thread title instead.

KSal Wed 24-Jun-09 21:44:18

thanks for the new thread... i have also heard similar said about the relative sizes of some girls' mothers...

Marthasmama Wed 24-Jun-09 21:50:08

Damn it I posted on the old thread..... I said Hm - 246 and 272. They are amazing! Such beautiful pictures, she looks so lovely & confident. I am very envy.

CSWS and I agree again, we must be right. wink

myjobismum Wed 24-Jun-09 21:53:08

right quick before I forget the numbers..... HMM I LOVE 272 - that is by far the best picture - close 2nd's are 270 and 246 grin lovely pictures, well done Poppy!

right off to read other posts!

myjobismum Wed 24-Jun-09 21:57:41

OIC CSWS - thanks for that!

jenwa Wed 24-Jun-09 22:09:31

HM Love those pics, 240 246 272 they are great. Shame you not feeling great sad

P not herself today, think teething but quite clingy and not settling so well sad may have to give more calpol if she wakes again poor thing.

jenwa Wed 24-Jun-09 22:11:05

pistachio meant to say fab to Dh and that you got to go out and come back in time too smile Lovely DH you have. MIne came back and did mow the lawn as it was a jungle so I did cook him tea and now he is at the pub with his brother, I think mowing the lawn means he gets to go to the pub hmm

RachieW Wed 24-Jun-09 22:13:39

HMM- Those pics are so lovely. I'm so amazed that babies can be underwater so confidently. I really like 246 too. Hope you get a good nights sleep and feel happier in the morning.

MM- Glad you have the NCT helping you out. I agree with what's been said before..fight!

Pistachio- Can I send my Dh to yours for some lessons please grin

Sorry to hear about all the teething. Things have been very quiet on the teeth front here..the calm before the storm I fear. Had a lovely day just playing with J in our sunshade tent in the garden. No 8 months check in this area either MM- we aren't that far away from each other I think so it is the same story here, too many babies/families not enough HV. I supposed to call with concerns, but not too sure what I should be looking for hmm

Thanks for the new thread CSWS

pepperrabbit Wed 24-Jun-09 22:27:38

Hello, popping on day 3 of DHs trip away. Don't know how single mums cope. Boys doing their best to run rings round me. DS2 has morphed into Dennis the Menace, He poured strawberry milk over his head at breakfast hmm though his face was a picture when I told him buzzy bees would chase him all day [evil laugh].
And this evening he got his hand stuck in a watering can. Goodness knows what the neighnours think as I shout from the bathroom window (with DD) "what do you mean you're stuck? I haven't got time to go to casualty, you'll have to stay stuck in the watering can till tomorrow"

ronshar Wed 24-Jun-09 23:22:51

Just popping in to say hello, I am still alive. This perfect daughter in law business is bloody exhausting. I did manage to fit in a weekend away mind you. No children. Loved every single second of it.

I hope everyone is ok I shall try and read back but I think it is about 2 weeks worth and not sure if I have the time to catch up.

So Myjob, or anyone else, could you do a brief over view

Honeymoonmummy Wed 24-Jun-09 23:31:16

Thanks all for your nice comments, you've cheered me up a bit, the pics are good aren't they.

I'm off to bed now, but quickly, I'm gonna make some white bread for Poppy in the breadmaker tomorrow, did someone say you don't need any salt at all?

Night all!

CantSleepWontSleep Thu 25-Jun-09 05:59:48

No, you need some salt hmm, but I think Aubergenie had managed it with about half of the recipe quantity.

Up early as ds wet by 5am again. Had tried a few days with fleece wrap and then a few days with size 5, both successfully, but the size 5 let us down without actually being that wet last night, so it might be too big.

pistachio Thu 25-Jun-09 08:28:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jenwa Thu 25-Jun-09 08:29:14

csws sorry about the wet nappies waking D up sad what a pain. Not sure how to go about that! When do you do his last nappy change and does he feed alot in the night? Is he also wetting heavily in the day?

ronshar glad you got time to go away and had a nice time.

pepper lol re your ds and you not having time to go to casualty, I take it he never went to bed with a watering can on his hand grin

Off to get car mot'd today. More money and where is the sun??? dropping car and going to park but weather not bright!

Honeymoonmummy Thu 25-Jun-09 08:35:03

Hey all, it's a lovely day here!(sorry Jenwa)

Pepper, I love you telling your DS bees would follow him! grin

Thanks CSWS, I assume that will still be lower salt content than bought? Who said they give their LO's crumpets? The ones I looked at seemed pretty high in salt.

Who gives pitta bread? I got some kiddy size ones. Do you cut them into strips and what do you put on them? Soft cheese or houmous? Should I soak them in milk first time? Do you toast them?

Honeymoonmummy Thu 25-Jun-09 08:38:14

Oh and Poppy did her first commando crawl about half an hour ago (can't believe I forgot that bit!!) smilesmilesmile

CantSleepWontSleep Thu 25-Jun-09 08:46:57

ahem pistachio - 7am is a lie in!

Jenwa - new nappy right before feed then bed, but yes to taking lots of milk in night (not lots of feeds, but big ones). Not a heavy daytime wetter, but he doesn't drink as much in the day. Will go back to fleece wrap over 4+ or 5 (are yours same brand pistachio, as sizes differ across brands? what weight range is your size 5?).

I've offered crumpet, though not recently. Always pick lowest salt type and offer only 1 with otherwise low salt day.

CantSleepWontSleep Thu 25-Jun-09 08:48:51

oh yay for poppy!
No pitta bread unless purely as a carrier for hummous here.

star6 Thu 25-Jun-09 08:52:56

wow, I agree csws. 7am is most definitely a lie in!! I'd think the world had turned upside down if Q slept so long!

Congrats to poppy's commando crawl... what does that mean? Like commando in the army on tummy, pulling arms? I assume?

CantSleepWontSleep Thu 25-Jun-09 09:26:58

yes re commando star.

RachieW Thu 25-Jun-09 09:35:21

Morning all- Have also had a lie in today, J woke at 7 which was great and then after his bottle went back to sleep with me until 9 shock. He's now dancing (sitting on his bum rocking back and forward) to his fisher price piano thingy. So sweet.

CSWS- J always has a really heavy nappy in the morning and sometimes soaks through. I've been using the pampers super/ultra dry ones which seem to help.

HMM- You sound much brighter this morning Yay for Poppy commando crawling! I've given J pitta bread, I just cut it into thin strips, I toast mine so it's probably a bit tough for him but as he is blw I've got a bit lax in softening food and just let him have a go. I have tried to use some of my lovingly made purees as dips on it so you could try that? He did have some humous yesterday and seemed to like it whereas before he pulled an urgh face. J also loves dairylea and philli so you could try those too. I meant to post yesterday to you that I've also found Tesco sliced white bread (just the plain not fancy one) only has 0.1g salt per slice. Have you tried breadsticks too? J likes those and they suck down to soft mush very easily... hmm looking back at this post my baby has a very bad diet, oh well he is a fussy eater so I have to go with what he'll have After a recommendation from Star (I think) I tried the Annabel Karmel pasta shells last night and he ate them quite easily.

Right off to make a very late breakfast. Will he accept porridge today from the spoon or not....

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