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June 2008: birthdays, bunting and bumps make mummy a little bit tired!

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pureeandpearls Wed 17-Jun-09 12:42:18

Bring it on!!!

Rolf Wed 17-Jun-09 12:53:32

Well done Puree smile. If we couldn't have rhymes, at least we got some alliteration grin

Essie3 Wed 17-Jun-09 13:07:16

Alliteration? Right, I'm gone! grin No, alliteration is fine, and is the basis of the complex Welsh cynghanedd metric system in poetry.

Now I'm trying to remember things I wanted to respond to from previous thread!

Bunting - should mention that the instructions I gave are for complex but superior bunting. You can do the bondaweb without sewing, and just cut the triangles with pinking shears, but you'd only have one-sided floppy flags. I would love to see a page of photos!
Also, seriously, if anyone is struggling I'm happy to help out. I could:
Do the whole thing from scratch at a price (pref. with supplied fabric) - I could do it at £4 for each letter flag and £3.00 for each plain. Just realised Amber would be the winner with four-letter Luke! (Actually, I could do your whole family as you all have short names, which is great smile)
Do the applique but leave the rest
Do the tape bit which is tricky

Whinegums great news on the sleeping. Not so great here - I had an awful night. (Correct, Ali, Tim went away but he's furious because today he turned up at court and went to three different ones but due to a mix-up he wasn't at any of them until next week...) So after the endless settling, I eventually went to bed, but Iestyn woke at 1.30 and stayed awake until 3.15, only eventually going to sleep after a bf. But to make things worse, I was sick in the night - probably wouldn't have been if I had stayed asleep - and that was a total mare because Iestyn was screaming, couldn't do anything with him, and basically had to dump him on the bathroom floor. Still feel a bit dodgy today.

Ali forgot to say I loved your post, and I wish I'd done something like that for Iestyn.

There were other things...but I can't remember them. Off to buy tommee tippee cups online - for some reason they're like gold dust around here. Nowhere seems to stock them!

neenztwinz Wed 17-Jun-09 13:13:01

Hello there, so much good stuff at the end of the other thread - too much to comment on! But Rolf I have asked you a little question here about how much having four kids costs! (In case you didn;t see it).

Essie, no I don't think you were BU because you have to go to work all day, if you weren't at work then fine, but you are busy and yes his birhday is about you - more than about his grandparents anyway! I am a fan of birthdays too and it has to be the actual birthday but he is only 1!!

Whinegums, yes I am so proud of your success with the CC! I knew you (and B) could do it. I was bored the other night and posted on a couple of sleep threads. I shouldn't do cos they just wind me up. There was the usual nonsense from all the APers saying 'just feed or cuddle him to sleep - what's the problem?' hmm. I'm glad to say the advice I gave to one woman, she took and it worked grin here if you're interested.

We had some success with sleep last night - E has been crying for an hour till 8pm before dropping off to sleep, this had been going on for a few days. Yesterday I cut her lunch sleep down to one hour and she went straight to sleep at 7pm. So it's a shame that I wont get my long lunch break now but it is not so bad just having her up - T still has two hours so it's much easier than looking after two. She is starting to walk more now and is getting really chuffed when I praise her. Poor T though still can't even stand unless he is holding on to something! I think he is a bit top heavy hmm.

neenztwinz Wed 17-Jun-09 13:14:45

x-posted Essie, hope you feel better soon, bit strange being sick?

neenztwinz Wed 17-Jun-09 13:19:17

ktpie - search for me on fb. my name is n i n a k i l l e n grin

Essie3 Wed 17-Jun-09 13:45:14

Oh, no, the being sick thing is just random - can't be anything else as a pg would be totally miraculous and they would do a Channel 4 documentary on me. grin Actually, I've been a bit of a hypochondriac recently, so I was convinced I was going to have to go to hospital last night. blush My current concerns are (a) cancer (had an abnormal smear but having another smear next week - yaay! hmm and (b) Weil's disease, because on Sunday we got our croquet set out blush and a mouse had made a nest in it, but there was a dead mouse in the nest because a rat - yes, a rat!! shock - had been in as well and chewed the end of the winning peg. Gross, major teeth marks. So I naturally started to panic because rats are incontinent, and you can get Weil's disease from their urine, and I can't remember whether I washed my hands 20 times or just the 18 times which means disease is inevitable...

Can I ask folks about car seats? I know I'm way behind with this discussion! Is Isofix the way to go? (I have it in my Golf.) And if so, what's the best rated one? Maxi Cosi? I know noooooothing!

Iestyn had his jab today - poor guy, he was really quite angry! He's gone to nursery now though. blush

Essie3 Wed 17-Jun-09 13:49:59

From the other thread: I don't shop every week, more like every other (usually online shop but supplemented, and I eat at my Mum's at least 2 nights a week, usually Sunday too blush) and it's always over £60. Used to be £50 and under, but I think it reflects the price of shopping going up.
Amber domestic goddess maybe, but you haven't tasted my cooking. But I'm dead keen on living with women and always did want to be a lesbian. Keep asking me and I will cave! grin

Neenz, Rolf, I'm one of three, but my brother was an accident (my mum got the flu...but dad?!! shock). Mum was horrified, and really really panicked a lot about the cost as my dad wasn't in a good job and she wasn't working. But a somewhat careless cousin of hers (4 kids by 4 men) said that every baby comes with a loaf of bread. I.e. you manage. We had a wonderful happy childhood and I don't remember wanting for anything.

Rolf Wed 17-Jun-09 14:29:06

Neenz I am mortified to admit that I'm not sure how much I spend on food blush but I am now going to make a point of finding out and being a Proper Mother blush. It's really really bad to be that gormless, isn't it? DH quite often goes to Waitrose, Costco or the Chinese supermarket so it's often outside my control but I reckon when he is safely out of the way in court busy, and with popping out for extra bits etc, I probably spend around £100 a week. I do an online Tesco order once every 6 weeks or so for detergent, tins, nappies etc and that is usually about £200. And every few weeks I do a Northern Harvest order (nice organic meat etc) for about £40 - 50. So yes I'm dopey but quite close to knowing where we are, right?

I feel like Smiffy from the Bast Street Kids!

Rolf Wed 17-Jun-09 14:29:55

I'll go away now

Amberc Wed 17-Jun-09 14:30:45

Essie - I'm fairly sure I have tasted your cooking. Was it brownies or something sweet? Was nice anyway I do remember. By the way you are clearly mad and a hypochondriac so I retract my marriage offer grin. Oh and Luke is short for Luciasdecimusmeridius. When are you next down in London again anyway? I wonder what Tim would say if you told him you were running away with a woman and coming to live in London!

You know I hadn't even really thought about this time last year as to be honest I can't blimmin well remember! when I look at pics of Luke when he was born it seems so strange - almost like it's someone else's baby. I much prefer him now.

Are any babies saying any words yet?

Rolf Wed 17-Jun-09 14:32:32

grin grin Amber

DebInAustria Wed 17-Jun-09 14:46:35

I posted this on the old thread too

Hello everyone, I haven't caught up yet, had a great, but tiring time in the UK(6.30 am flight back meant leaving Mums at 3.00 am - Ethan then screamed the 1.5 hours to the airport). Did lots of shopping, had fish and chips, and came home with my English goodies (clothes, books, teabags, biscuits, jelly, etc etc)

Today it's Ethan's Birthday(I'm feeling quite sad too), I can't quite believe that at this time last year I was posting here from hospital between contractions!!Having a lovely time so far, got Mum here too which is great, cake sank in the middle and E only liked the icing, but apart from that everything's fine!!

Will read back and catch up, hope you're all OK.

ps Happy Birthday Peter, see you on Sunday , Ali - lovely letter to Peter

Essie - I's birthday sounded stressful, poor you.

Amber -sorry top hear about the negative tests

Going2 - I'd advise a trip to the drs rather than finding the strings yourself!!

Whinegums - great news re sleeping, might be worth asking the hotel if they can get nappies in for you?

Puree - How's C? still clingy?

people I've missed - I'm sorry

Essie3 Wed 17-Jun-09 15:58:10

LOL Amber, I've just sent you an e-mail, but now you're having cold feet on the whole marriage it my underarm hair?? As for Tim, well, he'd be thrilled if I moved to London, and would be fine if he was allowed to visit me and my woman preferably when we're all in bikinis... But in all seriousness, I think my place in Wales is more appropriate for that kind of setup! (I do make good cakes, but if it's a healthy diet you['re after, you need a more crusty vegetarian type, I think.)
The e-mail was saying I'm back in London next week! Hang out the bunting! grin But only if your child has a short name! Anybody else around? I'm coming by train I think so I'm less mobile.
Puree, I'm now doubly trebly devastated that I failed to meet up with you last time: I missed you, Cecily Jean, and your funny dog, but also - gasp! - there's a Lakeland shop where you live!!!
If people are around, why don't we have a little birthday party so that I can use the fun cutter I bought? Iestyn's actual party was somewhat marred by the PILs and their issues.

Essie3 Wed 17-Jun-09 15:58:59

I have got to do work now. Oh, crap, look at the time!! I need to go to Tesco!

Amberc Wed 17-Jun-09 16:04:30

Count me in Essie - please make it Thursday or Friday! By the way, in order to perform certain practices married couples are expected to partake in, being a lesbian and crusty is not a good pairing (sorry grin)

FiveGoMadInDorset Wed 17-Jun-09 17:39:50

Happy Birthday Ethan,

Rolf we are probably going with Howdens as we can get a discount through the family business, but what essentials would you have on your list, we have gone for a larger wine cooler blush

ktpie Wed 17-Jun-09 17:49:18

Oooo a new thread, exciting.

Whinegums - glad the CC is working.

Purree - When do they have their MMR? I have in my head 13 months but not sure where I got that from.

Rolf - what a pleasant image carrying your uterus around like the oods!

Goingto - you described exactly why I have always been put off the coil, at least I don't have to worry about contraception for a while but when I do I have no idea what we are going to do, the pill was starting to give me migraines, and I think we do need to use some method judging by my present state!

Deb - glad you had a good trip and happy birthday Ethan! I remember you posting between contractions, I was very impressed!

Essie - rubbish about being sick, it's awful when you don't feel 100% and you have a screaming baby to contend with. I was only saying to DH the other week that I couldn't possibly be pregnant either!

Neenz - will go and look for you on FB, I am k a t y b u s s by the way if anyone wants to find me. No one on there knows I am pregnant yet so don't mention it.

Essie - hope the smear turns out allright, I've had dodgy ones before and have lots of experience of colposcopy clinics. Certainly sounds like Weil's disease is likely.

5 - wine cooler sounds like a good option to me!

Better go DH is home!

whinegums Wed 17-Jun-09 19:37:20

Happy Birthday Ethan.

Ah, Puree, could you not handle BDQ's sweary thread title?? I have to say, I am fecking knackered too.

Will be back later, just getting this on my threads.

poppy34 Wed 17-Jun-09 19:54:52

Posting to mark place - can't keep up - are amber and essie an item or not? Also think you were very mild about your reaction to the disturbance essie. Rolf I am afraid I did smile about your dh and his road blocks. Purée how is pearls now (and ktpie think it is 13 months here). Deb happy birthday ethan. Hello to everyone else - viva had forgotten who it was after edie.
Lieing on sofa too tired to move so sympthies to anyone else being broken by their yearlings

Essie3 Wed 17-Jun-09 20:11:42

Evening - Iestyn has settled, so I think I've demonstrated the importance of routine! smile Let's hope he sleeps through though because I'm feeling sick still. I wonder whether it might be stress? It definitely isn't pg, as I withhold when the PILs are around. (Joking - but I'm certainly never in the mood when they're around!)

Back later - I'm trying to find a decent father's day present (yes, yes, I know you've all probably sorted this out last month blush) and also check out Which. I have a temporary subscription if anyone is after any reviews.

abdnhiker Wed 17-Jun-09 20:41:43

all this talk about more kids is making me broody As well as feeling like we're already so blessed and don't want to push our luck, there's also the matter of only having a 3-bdrm house. How big a deal is it for kids to share a room?

essie - meant so say that the grandparents were out of line - bedtimes are important and it's not fair to work Iestyn up and then leave!

bunting - you don't need the bondaweb stuff though, if you trace the outline of the letter on your fabric right side up, place it on the triangle in the right location and then use a zigzag stitch (big, but close together) to outline the letter. Then very carefully use scissors to cut away the other fabric.

neenz I spend about £100 on us and that's with nappies for Fraser and a organic veggie box which is not good value for money. It could be £10 cheaper if we gave up alcohol though.

ktpie - once you find neenz, we will all find you on FB.

I'm registering Duncan in the local state nursery tomorrow. Five months past the deadline blush but we really didn't think that we'd be so seriously considering me quitting work. We've coming to the decision that it's ridiculous for me to stay in a job I don't really like when I'm not making any money just to keep my hand in my field. I could easily enough do some volunteer work to keep my CV up to date for the next few years (I've a PhD that deals with climate change, it's easy to fit into the work of non-profits). But it's so scary after all these years of following career goals...

abdnhiker Wed 17-Jun-09 20:48:05

oh and rolf, my DH hasn't gone quite as far as roadblocks but the more involved he is about work, the more absentminded he is at home. I used to worry that he was this forgetful at work too and we'd all end up on the street but now I'm convinced that his brain has a limited amount of shortterm memory and work just tends to fill it up as he does a good job there.

parofleurmapu Wed 17-Jun-09 21:37:44

Hi all quick post to mark new thread.

Here we are all ok, not long to go now. Movers have been and gone we have a very empty house. Surving on borrowed stuff and bare essentials

One major prob we have is that we left fleurs passport in the safe that has gone on the container to Holland.!!! ARRGGGH Weve applied for a new one to Madrid It takes max 10 days (we have 13 til the flight!!) so fingers crossed it arrives in time.

Have skim read most posts but now cant remember anything. Someone did mention talking, Fleur says auto (car in ducth) hiya, buk (book) and baba (bye bye) She also has tendency to say something that sounds like bugger at moment too!!!!

FiveGoMadInDorset Wed 17-Jun-09 21:57:55

Fingers crossed Paro

MMr is usually at 13months and should be a month after their Hib etc booster (the one that DD got which she shouldn't have).

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