Calling all Submariners wives!!! can we chat so I don't feel like I'm the only one in the world :o)

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trinityrocks Tue 10-May-05 16:37:30

Hi, just wondered how many other mumsnetters were submariners wives.
Would like to chat to others who really understand what it is like.
We have a 5 yr old DD and a 4 wk old DD, he is going away in June for 6 months and I'm not sure how I'm going to deal with that!!

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trinityrocks Tue 10-May-05 19:14:51

Bumpety bump

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happymerryberries Tue 10-May-05 19:18:34

Hope that someone comes along for you on MN soon.

I know that there are a few Army wives that post regularly. My dh is in the RAF, not the same I know. He has done dome longish tours away 4-5 months, but we still had regular contact so I know it isn't the same.

All the best

Janh Tue 10-May-05 19:28:54

One of my neighbours is one, but I don't suppose that helps much?

She had twin DDs Dec before last, when her DS was barely 2, and her DH was off on a 3-monther almost immediately - she has family nearby and lots of help though. (He's based in Scotland I think, where is yours, tr?)

trinityrocks Tue 10-May-05 19:36:08

he's based in scotland too

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sammac Tue 10-May-05 19:37:14

Not one either, but dh works for company that makes periscopes and was regularly on board. He had to go through survival training to work on the sub. He says that if he was leaving school now he would want to join the navy to go on the subs. I'm no help really, but wanted to show support for you

sammac Tue 10-May-05 19:37:43

me too

trinityrocks Tue 10-May-05 19:39:54


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karen01 Thu 12-May-05 09:55:32

trinityrocks- I am an Army wife, DH hasn't been away yet but will be on our next posting. There is a thread for military wives on the the Chat topics, some of the hubbies on there are away at the moment in Iraq come over and you and oyu can chat to us all and moan about the forces etc etc etc.

gscrym Thu 12-May-05 09:57:58

I'm a submariners daughter. I wasn't here when he was one though.

Might be worth seeing if there are any navy wives here.

tabitha Thu 12-May-05 10:01:53

hi there trinityrocks

I used to be a submariner's wife, although dh left the navy over 10 years ago now, so I do remember what it was like. 6 months is a really long time for your dh to be away - I really feel for you having to cope on your own for that long, although I'm sure you will be okay. The longest my dh was ever away, when I knew him, was 4 months although he did go on a 3 month Patrol when dd1 was just eight days old. I found that really tough
Is your dh based at Faslane? Do you live near there or somewhere else? Do you have much support/family/friends?

trinityrocks Thu 12-May-05 14:49:40

He is based at faslane but we live about 2 hrs from there so there isn't any other naval families close. I do have some close friends for support but they do have children and hectic lives and I don't want to ask too much.

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arrraagggh Wed 25-May-05 09:57:12

Hi trinityrocks, my dh is in the navy we are based in plymouth.

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