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Jan 09 - The one where our teeny baby's were eaten by much bigger baby's

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JustcallmeDog Sat 06-Jun-09 20:13:37

Message withdrawn

LenniEd Sat 06-Jun-09 20:29:41

Bookmarking - ta Dog smile

JustcallmeDog Sat 06-Jun-09 21:05:03

Message withdrawn

PatTheHammer Sat 06-Jun-09 21:15:04

Just bookmarking! DD's haircut went well, she was very good smile. Aarrgghhh, the dread of the party is creeping up on me................................

EachPeachPearMum Sat 06-Jun-09 21:20:00

oh dog- big hugs...

LenniEd Sat 06-Jun-09 21:49:53

Good luck with the party Pat they are soooo stressful to organise aren't they?! DD is still going on about her friends coming to her party - 3 weeks after the event! Makes it worth it. Sure you'll all have fun when you get going.

Thanks Dog tis hard since he's getting more and more spots (over 80 at last count) and I'm just dreading DD getting it, which is pretty much inevitable now I guess. Looks like he's going to get it bad enough to not get it again though which is good in some ways. Will look for Eurax - don't think DS needs anything really as a bit oblivious to the itching but will def need it for DD. Just don't want her to scar sad - am praying she escapes entirely or just gets it mildly. Potty training looks like it's cancelled for next week.

Sorry about potential snip - will docs do it when he is so young? Seem to remember a friend's DH going at 31 and being refused as too expensive to reverse if changed his mind hmm

JustcallmeDog Sat 06-Jun-09 22:16:28

Message withdrawn

moosemama Sat 06-Jun-09 22:40:00

Lenni Oh the poor little thing 80 spots. shock Hope he makes a speedy recovery, its so horrible when they are poorly and you can't just make it all better for them.

Dog Thanks for the new thread. Am really sorry you are feeling so sad. I totally understand it, I keep looking and dd and having similar pangs, but down to my age and finances rather than anything else (although I know exactly what dh's response would be if I even hinted at wanting another). By the way, my ex brother in law was refused the snip until he was mid 30s as well.

Pat Glad dd's haircut went well, good luck with the party tomorrow. Are you doing the party yourself or have you booked somewhere?

Ds2 has been invited to a flippin MacDonalds party and he really wants to go as the little boy is one of his best friends. Dh and I are more than a little peeved as we swore our kids would never set food inside one, but at the same time we don't want him to be upset and feel left out. As it is they only offer fish fingers as the vegetarian option on the kids party menu, so he can just have the fries, fruit and a milkshake. (Since when were fish vegetables fgs?)

Apologies to anyone who likes MacD's by the way, our disaffection for them goes back a long way, but each to their own.

Am really struggling with the no sugar thing today. Haven't given in, but have been sorely tempted. We were up until 2.00 am last night and I have been so tired all day as a result that my body has been screaming out for sugar. On top of that we usually have one of the Tesco takeaway curries with garlic and coriander naan on Saturdays while we watch a film. I knew I couldn't have the naan, but then found out at the very last minute that the veggie curry has sugar added to it! Grrrr! Ended up with yet another salad and its put me in a right old grump. That said, had a gorgeous lunch of toasted pitta pockets stuffed with avocado and homous today, will definitely have that again it was delicious.

Finally, just had a right old strop to DH about my birthday as its looking like its going to be crap yet again (same old story every year). DH will be at work, boys at school, ds2 has a pta thing to watch a film in the school hall from 3.30 to 5.00 but ds1 doesn't want to go, so that means an extra trip up to the school to fetch them separately. We can't get a babysitter, so are not going out for a meal as planned and anyway I couldn't eat anything if we did. I am officially cancelling my birthday, yet again!

Ignore me, its just lack of sugar and sleep talking, thing I'd better get meself off to bed. blush

elkiedee Sat 06-Jun-09 23:50:31

Hi all, am bookmarking so I can find the thread, and goodnight as it's nearly midnight

chefswife Sun 07-Jun-09 06:31:38

moose DH and i were just talking about that. the McDonald's thing. i haven't eaten in a fast food restaurant in 10 years. i know how bad the food is and what the FDA allows for human consumption. fish fingers as the veg option. i never understood that. idiots. it would be better if they had a milk instead of the milkshake... it is made with, along with the hamburger meat, about 50% plastic. its a plastic food thickener that is approved for human consumption. go figure. DH says to let them go but because we would educate our child on why not to eat that food, they likely wouldn't go to many after that first time. glad your night out was sort of a success. a little is better than none. before DH and i head out anywhere i lay down the ground rules and one of them is i am not going anywhere afterwards so don't even ask.

yesterday DD and i went for our weekly get together with with our friends for lunch and a walk. K and i were holding our little ones in facing each other and for the first time Violet really engaged with Mathilde. it was so sweet. she would put her hands on Mathilde's face and smile and they were trying to grab each other's hands but neither is quite that dexterous but very sweet. usually at group, Violet just sort of sits there when the other babies come up to her so this was fascinating.

today we went to our first BBQ of the season and although the sun was hiding it was warm and the company was great. some of us from group have made friends, about 10 of us, and our babies range from 6 months (Violet) to almost one year. almost one for every month really. all the dads came too except DH and another girls because they were working. it was such fun. Violet really played. she was trying to grab little Gordie's shoe and she took back her nuby when little Jesse tried to steal it. she adores Riley and loves his mom too. C held DD for about 10 minutes while i quickly ate some food. she doesn't let anyone but DH and me hold her that long. it was a lovely BBQ.

we got some fantastic news when we got home from the BBQ. my girlfriend and her OH's offer on a house went through which means we will be moving back into the fab little house they live in now. DH and i lived there with them from 99-01. its a great little 4 bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, full open basement, (STUDIO!!), fireplace, huge backyard and front yard, 1 minute walk to the ocean's edge and 20 minutes walk downtown and fiendishly cheap! we would be complete idiots not to move into this place. its what we've been waiting for. the best thing is that when we moved into Uncle's suite, we told him it was only temporary so i have no qualms of moving out of here. (damn though. my garden is just starting to sprout). his girlfriend's dad is looking for a place and he lived here last summer so i'm sure he'll move back in. so awesome! i can't wait to get back to the house.

DH also got a big raise! grin and we bought a new couch! oh life is good! thanks to the universe. grin

chefswife Sun 07-Jun-09 06:32:53

dog yes, the teeny babies were eaten by the big ones. where did those teeny little creatures go? guess i'll have to get me a new one...

SparkleandShine Sun 07-Jun-09 06:59:00

morning - just bookmarking!

pat good luck with the party!

dog just had a lecture from the doctor about a longer term form of contraception (made me feel about 12 blush) she is pushing a mirena coil. why don't you suggest it to your DH? they last 5 years in case you change your mind....

missjackson Sun 07-Jun-09 10:24:21

Love the thread title dog. I don't think you are being unreasonable to feel sad about potential snip - seems a bit drastic at 26 though. Can't you just have the coil fitted for a couple of years and then see how you both feel? You are both so young.

Haven't really been able to catch up on the thread so will just take it from here!

Lenni sounds inevitable that DD will get spotty, but at least it's out of the way then, and hopefully she won't have it too badly.

MM sorry for impending crap birthday - just make sure you do something nice for yourself, even if it's just something little.

hkz and elkie great to see you last week, if I didn't tell you that already. And it was lovely to meet your DD hkz, what a total sweetie!

chef sounds like a fab place, of course you must move. Shame about the garden but you can dig up lots of your plants and take them with you.

I just saw the time and I really must go - off to a horse show today, fingers crossed it doesn't rain!

Hope you all have a good Sunday x

missjackson Sun 07-Jun-09 10:26:27

ps ray I bought the einstein lullabies CD inspired by you, and Nye loves it - we've moved his swing into his nursery, and last night before bed he had 10 mins swinging and listening to lullabies while I unpacked around him - really chilled him out. Thanks!

hongkongzoe Sun 07-Jun-09 10:57:18


LenniEd Sun 07-Jun-09 11:36:21

Up to 120 spots today - day 3 of spots so surely no more new ones now? <hoping>

Off to make DD sized sleepsuit now just in case - thanks Dog

Scotia Sun 07-Jun-09 11:43:30

Oh what a shame about chicken pox, it's sooo itchy! I had it at 18, but I'm still not immune (and I had them EVERYWHERE!), so I remember it well.

Dog, what a great thread title! I sometimes look at my ds and can't recognise the wee baby from the day before - he's growing like a little mushroom.

I'm an infrequent visitor to your threads - ds (Kerr) was born on 21st January - because I can hardly keep up with it, but hope to make a few more visits now he's getting a bit bigger

JustcallmeDog Sun 07-Jun-09 11:48:50

Message withdrawn

hongkongzoe Sun 07-Jun-09 12:20:03

Lenni Sorry about the pox...120 spots shock Hope is is coping ok. Is he scratching at all? Are you going stir crazy yet? How is the potty training going, or have you put it on the back burner while th epox are going on. have tried this week with DD (she is 2.1 ) but was a bit early. Am just getting fed up pwith her constantly asking me to change her nappy...thought that was a sign she might be ready. She is more interested in wearing the potty as a hat and putting knickers on her teddies grin
Am following all the pox threads very attentively as all of DD's friends have had it the last few months and am hmm that we haven't had it yet. DD's friend was over yesterday and she had new spots on her neck...I pointed this out to her mum who was pretty unbothered by can have quite serious effects on very young babies and pregnant mothers can't it...hence the incubation? I was a bit shock. I have a theory that DD will get it just in time for our holiday in two weeks...we shall see.

Dog Sorry you are sad about DP getting the snip. It does seem very final. I have just had a copper coil fitted and it was pretty straightforward. I didn't go for the mirena one as just want to be hormone free for a bit iyswim. Have been on the pill for years and wanted a break. What's happening witht he new house? Do you know when you can move?

Moose Chef Am with you on the whole Macdonalds thing. Its a hard one with DCs. I think I am just going to let them make up thier own minds about it without ever actively taking them. About once a year I think...oh, I know, I'll just have a MacD...and end up reminding myself why I don't eat them...Now BK Bacon Double Cheeseburgers are a different matter grin
I used to work in a very rough inner city school, there was an extremely high percentage of children who were meant to recieve free school dinners and borderline poverty was a real issue and a number of children were failing to thrive due to poor health and diets.. MacDonalds built a restaurant next door to the school and sold the kids a meal for £1 (drink, fries, burger) if they were in thier school uniform shock angry, so they were eating junk food every day. In the end the school had to keep kids in at lunchtime so they had to have school meals (which were far healthier) and even then kids from another school used to come and sell MacDs to them through the school gate.
Moose your lunch sounds good...glad the detox is going well.
Chef- Love the pics of Violet on facebook, she is lovely, and looks super cute sitting on the loo!

MissJ Elki It was great to meet you both last week and to meet those gorgeous boys. What a great park too, can't believe I haven't been there before. Glad to hear my bribing DD to behave (with crisps and biscuits [bad mother emoticon])worked...don't let her fool you!

Hello Scotia! Your Ds was bornt he same day as my DS! This thread is a nightmare to catch up on..I just gave up on th eold one!

tree happy camping...hope it's sunny where you are.

Pat How's the party going? Hope you are suriviving...the thought of anymore than 5 children under 4 in the same room brings me out in a cold sweat!

Hope all the babies are doing well. Jude had his last lot of jabs this week. He's teething big time too...those Teetha powders are great, they really chill him out, stillno teeth though. He is massive...still hasn't quite mastered rolling, think his tummy's in the way. We have just started on 6-9 month clothes too.
Had a busy week. Went to a really lovely baby naming ceremony on the beach in Rottingdean...I was a bit hmm when I got the invite, but it was actualy a really lovely way to welcome a lo to the world. Although I was a bit grin when we all had to sing 'Here comes the sun' on the beach, accompanied by a guitar, trombone and violin and lots of funny looks from the other people on the beach.

We went out last night and am suffering from my three..yes..three glasses of wine in the pub. I am officiall;y a light weight now!

Scotia Sun 07-Jun-09 12:35:24

Thanks for making me welcome here Ijoined the facebook group but don't really know how to get to know everybody.

Kerr had his jabs on Thursday - screamed the place down and been a wee bit more clingy since then, but not too bad.

I've got rotten blocked ducts today because he slept too long last night. Am frantically trying to feed him loads fron that side and massage the lumps to stop it turning to mastitis.

Scotia Sun 07-Jun-09 12:36:50

Oh, and three glasses of wine would have me fleeing drunk too! Most I can manage is 1

PatTheHammer Sun 07-Jun-09 16:39:16

We survived the party!!!! grin

16 children at a soft-play in cirencester, NO WAY I was having them in my teeny-tiny house! Was great cos they just buggered off and came back for food time in the last half hor. DD in bed now, absolutely crackered. DS wants feeding so must go soon.

Catch up later

Big hi to everyone, Hi Scotia, are you on the FB group? I am Natalie in RL. Sorry for your blocked duct.

Dog I think your DH may have to have snip done privately? It's not much though. My Dad was 28 and had to pay, 26 years ago!!! My DH thinking bout it but probably going to wait until in his thirties.

Chef House sounds fab. smile for all your good fortune. Was that a hint that there will be another mini chef in the oven soon????

Oh and Maccy D's..........yeuch! Having had to watch super-size me about 5 times every year as part of the GCSE curriculum. the mere thought of it brings me out in a cold sweat. DD also doesn't like chips or fries or burgers so there wouldn't be any point in us going to a party there. She actually cried on friday as we were at a party at a bowling place and all the meals come with chips, she hates them......what an oddball!

Right, boobs are now leaking......

rrrayray Sun 07-Jun-09 17:37:38

Hey all.

Another flying visit!!! :-)

Wedding was... Well... I'm still REALLY upset about it. We left 4 hours to do an 1 hr 30 mins trip. M25 was appauling and we ended up MISSING the wedding ceremony. I'm in tears just thinking about it. She is one of my BEST friends! i feel so cross with myself - we should have gone the night before or something?

Anyway, The bride and groom being so wrapped up Didn't even notice... and we're going to wait until home from honeymoon to tell them! But the reception and everything was wonderful.

Missed Esme like mad. My mother said apart from being VERY unimpressed at the 1st feed being from a bottle and not from mummy or Daddy she was a dream. Phew. But the massive grin i got when we got back this morning was priceless.

Gotta run, bath time! Will catch up later. Hopefully.

julesisoneyearolder Sun 07-Jun-09 17:57:19


mm - i am not keen on macedees
chef - what great newsgrin
rray - sorry about wedding

chefswife Sun 07-Jun-09 19:45:24

pat yeah the party went well. DH and i are hoping for another mini chef but when you're BF, how do you know if you're pregnant? i never had any symptoms except that at about 6 weeks, i just did not want coffee. we move at the end of the month and DD will have a lovely room all to herself so... needless to say... DH and i will have more time to get the party started.

ray boo hoo on missing the wedding. at least you made it to the reception. DH and i did the same thing but we slept in and missed the ceremony... but they didn't notice and we never told them. it was kinda funny, like the opening scenes of 'four weddings and funeral'. mind you, we weren't in the wedding party. did you find though you were constantly thinking of Esme. i'm worried about leaving Violet because i feel guilty about leaving a possibly crying baby with anyone... and she is now learning how to throw temper tantrums and has a very good squeal and shakes and holds her breath! DH says she clearly gets it from me. i never hold my breath! grin

ok... more good news here. DH came home last night and told me that the owners of the restaurant are going to buy us 3 plane tickets back east in the fall as his after summer bonus! sweet! keep it coming universe! grin

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