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Jan 07: Part 31. Nearly halfway through the terrible twos!

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Lizzzombie Fri 05-Jun-09 13:05:28

Welcome to your spanking new thread girls.

Roll call please!

eandh Fri 05-Jun-09 13:55:56

thank god for the new thread - the old one was taking ages to load!

PS The terrible twos are still happening with my 4 year old wink

laughalot Fri 05-Jun-09 14:00:29


Lizzzombie Fri 05-Jun-09 16:54:30

la la la la la la!
<<covers ears>>

eah I CAN"T HEAR YOU!!!!

Wilkiepedia Fri 05-Jun-09 17:50:49

Boo - am here, thought it was all starting this morning, mum set off from grim but after an hour and half it all stopped again so she turned round and went back! Grr.

Back laters x

Wilkiepedia Fri 05-Jun-09 17:51:35

*BTW - Grim is short for Grimsby!

Oh and Smallone - thank you for advice, rash has just about faded but itching remains - tres odd!

Reggiee Fri 05-Jun-09 19:11:50

I'm here grin

Hi smallone. Come back! And all you others who lurk come and say hello.

Nowt to report here. Enjoyed the sunshine (no burning here <sensible and smug emoticon>). B been a bit unsettled this last week and don't know why - seemed to be slightly better from yesterday so hoping for the best. He now weighs 11lb 3 (P weighed 7lb 13 at this age) and is smiling and cooing smile.
PCF how you doing?

Lizz did you hear back from the docs?

Vino hope you caught the Apprentice this week. I love the interview stage.

Is anyone watching Big Brother? I have recorded it but not yet seen it.

Wilkie no pressure, but am rushing to my phone every morning for news .....wink

Lal have a fab holiday. I'm not jealous....envy. Where are you going btw EAH? I can't remember.

2H where are you?
Would love to see some of the old guys back - Kat if you're lurking say hi. And what happened to LTH who came back for a micro second??

Reggiee Fri 05-Jun-09 19:12:30

DH just brought me a glass of wine grin. And he's just gone to cook another £10 M&S meal deal...

eandh Fri 05-Jun-09 19:18:07

I am off to Dorset in 2 weeks (may just about survive a week in a caravan with E&H and dh although haqve a feeling I may be on the brink of a nervous breakdown when I get back grinwink the 3 of them get so stupid together and dh reverts to being a child with them!)

Manic day tomorrow as Ellie has party in morning here but Hattie not allowed to come (offered to pay but the Mum said no!) so got to drop Hattie to my Dad at 9am (DH working as is my Mum) the head to party get back to my parents just after 12 to get them both changed and ready to go to Eddas dd 5th birthday party in the afternoon then home for a chinese (courtesy of my boss as I missed a work night out as the stupid people forgot to ask me!!)

Wilkie - bummer that it started and then stopped, fingers crossed he'll be here soon!

Rgee - lovely to hear from you glad all is going well and hope B is feeling better

Laughalot - your chinese arrived yet wink

vinorouge Fri 05-Jun-09 20:20:27

Vino's here too, but off to bed shortly as whacked.

vinorouge Sat 06-Jun-09 19:55:22

Hi all

Wilkie - how are you doing?
Rgee - yes I saw the apprentice. Looking forward to the final. I think I'd like Kate to win.
E&H - hope you got al your transporting done ok
Smallone - <waves>

I took e&S to a party this afternoon. There was a bouncy castle, bouncy slide and bouncy ball pool. Usual food for kiddies plus a pizza delivery for the parents, then the ice-cream van arrived for everyone to have a 99. How cool! It was a bit chilly outside though so by the time we had walked home S was a bit on the cold side. Oh well. A bath soon warmed them both up.

laughalot Sat 06-Jun-09 21:09:40

Hi guys

Just sending all my best wishes to wilkie as we fly monday but im off to airport tomorrow night to stop in a hotel.

Hope all goes well and you have your little boy all safe and sound very soon. Eah will text me wink.

See you all soon take care xxxxx

pinkcandyfloss Sat 06-Jun-09 22:10:10


Wilkie- Glad the cream has helped a bit. Doesn't sound like it will be long until your little boy arrives!

Laughalot- Have a lovely holiday.

eandh- Hope your day went well.

Vino- That party sounds fantastic.

Reggiee- Sounds like B is doing really well

Hello to everyone!

Toby is doing well. He was 7lb 13oz when I got him weighed on Wednesday. Still tiny compared to my others! Forgot how much the disrupted nights take it out of you. Just keep thinking that it won't last forever (I hope!) Doesn't help that it feels like I have hardly seen dh since about Wednesday due to work and he went on a course yesterday which was a 3hr train journey both ways. He worked til 3pm today and then went out at 6pm to my bro-in-law's (to be) stag night, which I don't mind at all because he hardly ever goes out but means I'm on full Toby duties tonight. Just feels like I have a child with me 24/7 at the mo. Is to be expected with a newborn though I guess!

Wilkiepedia Sun 07-Jun-09 10:54:20

LAL - have a lovely holiday!

Reg/Vino - I want Kate to win as well, will be watching with interest - I think this has been one of the best ones yet actually

PCF - I think you are doing so well coping with three children including a newborn! Hats off to you my dear grin. Your FB pics of Toby are just gorgeous, he is so teeny and cute

EAH - sorry I logged off MSN the other day suddenly, my phone went!

LIzz - got my nursing bra the other day, 36DD from House of Fraser, has a little room for growth so hoping it will do the job OK!

Well, itching has subsided somewhat, have had three nights with no 3am bath now which is improvement. My boobs and bump are itchy (but no rash) so I think they are just dry from where the rash was, have stopped putting steroid cream on boobs in readiness for BFing and am just lathering Aqueous cream on.

Am really fed up and narky. Due a week today but just want him here now this very minute. I have been expcting him to come early as J was 9 days early - big mistake - as it is just dragging now. Have had MIL here for 3 days and although she has been a big help, I am fed up with having people in my house (I am being very unreasonable I know but guess it is just hormones) yet I want the help - they can't win really can they?!! It just feels like life is on hold until bubs arrives. DH is going to have the snip definitely, I can't do pregnancy again - I just don't enjoy it a single bit.

raisingrrrl Sun 07-Jun-09 11:12:30

Hi everyone - I'm here!

Wilkie - Z was 2 weeks early and then Merry arrived bang on her due date, so I guess there's no telling is there!? When is your EDD? I'm glad the itching seems to have subsided a bit.

We are all good here, Merry has put on loads of weight (no idea how much as I am lax mother and haven't had her weighed for ages!) and is much more chubby than Z ever was. She is nearly rolling too - she gets onto her side then gets really frustrated and annoyed that she can't get all the way over! blush She's very cute though, sleeps from 8pm till 6am so I can't complain. Z's sleeping is getting to be beyond a joke though - he's such a rubbish sleeper, I think he probably always will be.

What are your toddlers obsessed with at the moment? I swear, if I have to watch the Incredibles one more time I'm going to go MAAAAD! We've tried getting him into other Disney Pixar stuff (Monsters Inc, Robots, Finding Nemo, Toy Story) but to no avail. He's also totally obsessed with Mr Men and Thomas (obviously). He's a lot of fun but very challenging at the moment. I'm amazed I haven't killed him yet!

Shimmer Sun 07-Jun-09 20:53:05

Hi all. Good to hear from you UD! Sounds like Merry is dong really well. I sympathise with the 'i'm amazed i haven't killed him yet'! sentiment! I'm finding lots of ups and downs with F at the moment. He's so incredibly cute and funny and i love that he can play properly now and chat and everything, but he's also completely infuriating a lot of the time!!!!!! I'm having sleep issues at the moment too. How many of yours still have a daytime nap?? F does - he gets quite tired around 1/2pm and if he doesn't nap then he gets SO tired and is a terror from about 5pm. But it means he's really not that tired in the evening and WILL NOT GO TO BED!

<in fact he's just wandering downstairs again now... GGRRRRRRRR. Ok it's decided. Must stop nap tomorrow!>

All finger and toes crossed that bub arrives quickly Wilkie grin

I wore maternity jeans for the 1st time (this pregnancy) today!shock I don't really have a bump at all yet, but they're just so comfortable! blush I'm just at the horrible stage now (13 weeks) where my jeans are getting a bit tight and nothing seems to look right or feel comfortable. I don't look pregnant, just like I've gotten a bit fatter, which is very annoying. I'm supposed to be going to a friends hen night next weekend and am kind of dreading it as I have nothing to wear and am feeling generally fat and frumpy sad. Got my 12 wk scan on Wednesday though, which I'm really looking forward to!

raisingrrrl Sun 07-Jun-09 21:37:55

Shimmer - Z still has a nap because if he doesn't then he's MORE of a nightmare to put to bed! I'm finding that the only way to get him to bed at vaguely sensible hour (anytime before 10 counts, to be honest!) is to completely wear him out. So today we have been playing in the garden (in the rain! grin) and then this evening we took them both swimming, Merry for the first time! She really loved it, I think I've given birth to a couple of water babies!

I can fit into my normal jeans - I was back in my 501's one week after Merry was born <<conveniently forgets to mention the massive muffin top!>> but I love wearing maternity trousers so much that I'm still wearing the light cargo type ones I have! blush I also have a hen night to go to in a couple of weeks but have no idea what to wear either. Any ideas? My boobs are MAHOOOOOOSIVE and I've got a bit of a flabby tummy going on - it's a casual thing, curry and a few cocktails I think. Will be the first time I've left Merry! <<gulps>>

Lizzzombie Mon 08-Jun-09 08:37:47

LAL Have a good holiday
EAH Cute photos on FB
Wilkie Glad the itching has subsided a bit. Good girl getting your BF bras sorted!
Shimmer I (hardly) ever give DJ a nap. If I do then he won't get to sleep until 8/9ish and I am dead on my feet. I just keep caning him until 4pm and then he has his tea about 4.30pm, Bath at 5.30pm and bed (asleep) by 6.30pm. I know its really early, but its the only way I can get him to sleep! If he starts flagging in the afternoon, I just give him something sweet to kick start him again.
Do you want to borrow a black maternity dress at all? Its prob a bit hot for summer but could be useful.
Where is your scan?
Raisin (YO! - where you been?) Glad Merry is turning into a little chubber, I love fat babies!
DJ is TOTALLY obsessed with Fireman Sam & Fire Engines. Thomas is waning (thank goodness!) but he will still watch it. But generally he could watch Fireman Sam all day. He walks around muttering big chunks of it under his breath. Even if we are at the playgound I can hear him going on about "Norman or Rosa etc"
He is also totally obsessed with lifts, and would stay in one all day going up and down if he could. We often have to go into shops just to use the lift. And he's not too keen on sharing them with other people either.
He still doesn't sleep through, and probably hasn't slept in his own bed the whole night since xmas. He always ends up in our bed. Sometimes he can make it until 3am but normally its about 12 ish. I hate it, but I love it at the same time. Its weird. I don't want him to sleep with us at all, but the 'mother' part of me just wants to cuddle him all the time.
re. your outfit for covering muffin top and allowing for big boobs, I'd be inclined to look for a slash neck tunic/kaftan which would sit mid thigh. There are a few around. New Look has some in the sale. Pop a thick belt on below the muffin top, on the hip, to draw the eyes down and hey presto. V'necks would be ok too, but I always feel like my tits are on show big time when I wear them. And as they never go brown and are very white, its sort of off putting!

Incidentally, I phoned the Drs last Monday for a call back re Breast Clinic appt. He lied through his teeth about a mix up happening, but promised he'd get the receptionist to chase it. On Thursday I recieved an appointment letter. For the morning of the 25th. Fingers crossed.

Ugh. We had a BBQ yesterday, DP was in charge of cooking/cleaning. My kitchen is now totally squalid. I need Kim & Aggie round as I have NO IDEA where to start! Its officially minging. And seeing as how he was cooking outside, I am not sure how the inside got so filthy!

Laters xxx

Lizzzombie Mon 08-Jun-09 08:38:26

ps - DJ's short hair photos now on FB.

Wilkiepedia Mon 08-Jun-09 11:02:39

Very quick post for SHIMMER. Matalan have got some GORGEOUS printed gypsy style skirts with a big elasticated bit at top which works brilliantly as either an over or under the bump maternity cover. Only £14. I have bought two. Lovely and cool for hot days!

Back laters x

eandh Mon 08-Jun-09 18:51:03


HAttie is not allowed to nap ever as she will be up till 9/10pm I keep her going and listen to the moaning and pretty much follow the smae routine as Lizz (tea at 4.30 bath at 5.15 and in bed 6ish) it worked for Ellie till about 6 months ago now she goes up between 6.30 and 7 has a story etc but then plays in bed/looks at books till 7.30 then lights out

Shimmer - good luck for scans

Lizz - I ordered a fireman sam toy on ebay the other day as Hattie is obsessed with it(makes a change from peppa pig!)

UD - awww cute with teh swimming (I found a pile of almost new 12-24 month tights yesterday do you want them? If so message me you address ta)

Wilkie - skirts sound nice and hope you are feeling okay (I was going to apologise for wandering off msn Chris arrived home!)

PCF - glad all going well for you T is so cute (and Max looks so grown up next to Toby)

Havent seen Dragon lately hope shes ok?

Not been up to much, work today and pottering around getting bits done around house, need to go and photo some bits for ebay so laters xx

eandh Mon 08-Jun-09 18:51:54

oh and LAL text me they got to Turkey safely and both the kids were well behaved on the plane (she was stressing about L kicking off!)

vinorouge Mon 08-Jun-09 21:43:45

HOw do you lot manage to not let kids nap? I don't have a car so don't have the problem of them falling asleep in the car but if we are going somewhere in the buggy/bus E usually falls asleeop at some point. She has started waking early and being WIDE awake at 4/5am. Sometimes she asks for a sleep after lunch. I have started waking her after an hour so that its limited, but she seems to need it. She doesn't always wake early but I have no idea what causes it. Her room has black out curtains and it isn't the side where the sun comes up. We are going to talk to her and say that we'll leave her gate on when we go to bed and come to take it off when its time to get up. Currently we take it off when we go to bed so she can come straight to us when she wakes up. We'll see how it goes. She is a blumin nightmare at the moment when she wants to be, if she wants to ignore us she will.

Anyway....other than that life is ok.S is pulling herself up and standing at her walker etc, looks so pleased with herself all the time and eating really well. BTW Lizz, S is a chubber - meaty thighs!!

Sunday was chilled - home in morning then dropped kids at my parents, dh and I did bit of shopping then vegged at home watching apprentice final. I was peeved yasmina won and didn't like her image in the you're hired show.

good to hear lal got to turkey ok

e&h - e has only just got onto peppa pig so its new in this house!

Raisin - E's current craze is a tweenies nursery rhyme book that you press buttongs to play the tunes (she plays it ALL the time) and her dolls, who are called baby. We haven;t hit disney or anything on tv longer than peppa pig etc yet, am sure the time will come though

raisingrrrl Mon 08-Jun-09 22:32:28

Vino - Z has a dolly called Sherpa. I have no idea why it's called Sherpa, any more than I know why his cuddly rat is called Bunge! At least if all E's dollies are called Baby it's not hard to remember their names!! wink

raisingrrrl Mon 08-Jun-09 22:33:46

PS - did everyone see Lizzz being "defiant" in the Independent??

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