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F(l)ab Feb 2009: Primark pants and teething rants

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dinkystinky Thu 04-Jun-09 19:42:23

A brand new sparkling thread to mark the four month mark for our bubs grin

thehouseofmirth Thu 04-Jun-09 19:46:37


littleboyblue Thu 04-Jun-09 19:47:25

Link done smile

Cocodrillo Thu 04-Jun-09 19:59:01


littleboyblue Thu 04-Jun-09 20:00:50

Luke's 4 months today. Ds1 is 22 months today. It's all going far too quickly already.

dinkystinky Thu 04-Jun-09 20:33:17

cheers LBB - you're a techno-star!

SweetTalkinWoman Thu 04-Jun-09 20:55:35

You can run but you cant hide!!

Just spent £70 on the sling that PT recommended shock! have wanted one for ages and had to return the Baby Bjorn I borrowed to a friend.

I think we are turning a corner in the STW household. Sam really does seem happier now he's on this medication. He's regularly sleeping from 7pm til about 4am, having a feed then going down again til between 6/7am, which is manageable.

Got my best friend coming over tomorrow with her two kids and I'm really excited about showing off the garden! Hope she doesn't ask me what any of the plants are (she's v green-fingered) because I haven't a clue!

Better be off - I'm sterilising size 3 teats tonight because Sam is making strange noises when he sucks.

Bugger he's crying now - goota go.

swampster Thu 04-Jun-09 21:01:33




bumpsnowjustplump Thu 04-Jun-09 21:12:22

STW yay for better day... so pleased for you.

I have had a crap day. DS screeming all day and dd has peed on kitchen floor, lounge floor and in her high chair... Gave up in the end and put her in pull up then she pulled it down and pood on potty.... hmm

Heading to bed early as I feel like crap so will "see" you all tomorrow..

thehouseofmirth Thu 04-Jun-09 21:14:55

STW glad it seems like Sam's turned a corner.

If you fancy a laugh, have a look at page 62 of the July issue of Practical Parenting!

dinkystinky Thu 04-Jun-09 21:19:15

STW - hurrah for Sam sleeping abit better. Hope it lasts for you guys.

Bumps - tomorrow is thankfully another day. Hope you get a good night's sleep tonight. Apparently most toddlers are clean before they're dry (apart from my DS1 of course who was dry before clean - odd child) so its great that she pulled down the pull up to poo on the potty. I'd keep her in pull ups for a few days (she sounds abit unsettled, getting out of bed etc) but encourage her to use her potty if she wants to for wees and poos and wait for DS to be feeling better and then try again later on in the summer when things are less hectic.

TMI time - while I was on holiday I passed a small blood clot and had tiny bit of bleeding which ended after 24 hours. Happened again at the start of this week. Went to see the doctor who said it was probably my period trying to start and only to worry if it was still like this in a couple of months time. Didnt have anything like this with my periods after DS1 was born (came back when he was around 5 months I think). Has anyone else had this?

mslucy Thu 04-Jun-09 21:20:44

hello there everyone.
I've had my annual lurgy. I'm hardly ever ill but woke up this morning with the aches and shakes and a horrid sore throat.

DS1 was off school because its being used as a polling station - I'm afraid I couldn't face dragging myself down there which is very naughty.

I rang the GP as I was worried about passing on the lurgy to Stan in my milk, but they said it was absolutely fine and in fact good for him to have my antibodies. I actually dragged myself to the docs this afternoon (it is 5 mins from my front door) and got Stan his jabs which he HATED. He was very cross for a couple of hours but then conked out after a mega feed.

I'm going to try and get an early night. My Tesco order has arrived so there's no reason for me to be awake, but I'm very bad at going to bed at the best of times.

Supposed to be doing Pushy Mothers tomorrow - will see how I'm getting on. No way could I have done it today but I tend to shake things off quite fast, so you never know.

Good luck to you LLB with your stopping smoking. I stopped the minute I knew DS1 was in there but slipped back into my evil old ways a year or two later.

DH stopped 2 years ago when they brought in the smoking ban and I've kept off them too - find it much easier if there are no fags in the house. Have finally got to the place where I find smoking really gross, which is weird considering how much I used to LOVE it.

Calico1 Thu 04-Jun-09 21:58:54

Nice thread title Dinky - is anyone counting how many we've chatted through? Dinky I had one day of light bleeding last month - thought it was periods coming back but it went away again. Can't remember if this happened last time around.

STW glad that Sam is a happier chap - makes all the difference to the whole household doesn't it.

Bumps sorry you had a crap day - hopefully you're sleeping it off now.

Off to bed too now

night night

elkiedee Thu 04-Jun-09 23:04:06

Hope you feel better tomorrow mslucy - will hopefully see you at Pushy Mothers on 19 June or 3 July if not.

Someone's doing a cutprice version (under another name) in Finsbury Park several days a week - I went there to meet a couple of MN people yesterday, two of us were standing there looking out for the third and the instructor thought we might be there for her class.

mumoverseas Fri 05-Jun-09 06:26:22

hello all,
rosie, silly question, a pub one wink

THOM, hope T is ok, am sure he is fine now and you were more startled that he was

STW, good news that Sam is starting to be a bit more settled. lets hope he keeps it up and gives you a rest.

dinky, fingers crossed for you it wasn't an implantation bleed. LOL wink

bumps sorry you had a bad day, hope tomorrow is better.

LBB hope the no smoking is going ok and think of all the money you will save. You could afford one of those posh slings grin

spent a busy few hours last night re-arranging furniture to make room for H's cot in the spare room. Just have to hope DH puts it together this morning as promised. Real PITA as even though it is our weekend DS1 has an exam at 1pm so poor DH has to drive him to school which is a nuisance.
At least the roads should be quiet today, bloody awful a few days ago when Obama was out here as the King's palace (well one of them) is just down the road from our compound so the police were out everywhere closing the roads.

Have started packing now, can't believe I'll be home in 5 days although I have missed emotions about that and am dreading going down to mum's house but I have to go and choose some clothes for her to wear as my brother didn't do it sad

littleboyblue Fri 05-Jun-09 07:24:45

STW Good to hear you sounding positive again. Glad Sam seems better smile
dinky That sounds a bit odd. Not had anything like that, sorry.
mslucy Hope you're feeling a bit better today. I think the give up date for everyone else doing it is 15th June, so might wait and do it all together.
mos Can you imagine me with a sling? I'd probably keep falling over! The further away from me the dc's are, the safer they are hahahaha.

Fright of my life yesterday. I put Luke in the door bouncer on the bathroom so I could hoover living room (I could see him), he was very happy in there, so I cracked on, when hoovering was done, I went into kitchen (can still see bathroom) to do Ds1's lunch and heard Luke get a bit grizzly, put ds1 in highchair and gave him lunch while went to get Luke. As I walked over to him, I saw all this blood on the floor, panic panic panic, my heart racing OMG OMG OMG, pulled Luke out of bouncer and frantically checked his head and ears, all clear so started to calm down as couldn't be anything majorly serious if head and ears are clear, so layed him on rug in living room and found the tiniest little cut on his little toe sad. His little toes have been a bit scrapped from friction where he hasn't ben wearing socks and has been thrashing in pushchair, so he must have just bounced a bit funny.
Anyway, we all ok, still alive grin
Must get cracking, need to be at playgroup at 9:30 and have a bit to do first. Why are they always sick all over themselves when they know you're in a hurry?

bumpsnowjustplump Fri 05-Jun-09 08:07:54

Morning all

I have been up since 3. With a crying pukey baby. I am in tears at the moment. I cant cope with it all, and am fed up of doing it all on my own!! I vowed i would enjoy every second as owen will be my last but i am not, i hate it and sit here wishing his baby months away... How bad is that!!

DP doesnt help, he is taking on overtime every day and says they are playing up because i am stressed. He then tells me to call his mother (like fuck will I) He thinks I am over reacting because he is never alone with owen he doesnt understand how bad it gets. Already this morning i have got to strip and wash my bed covers, do the same to owens, wash the three sets of pj's for both of us and clean carpet in bedroom because it is covered in sick. It is all I smell all day long. And to top it off owen just puked up his meds before i had time to feed him...

so sorry for me me post..

mumoverseas Fri 05-Jun-09 08:38:03

bumps, hugs from me. We all get like that at times and anyone who says they don't is either G sodding Ford or lying wink
It will get better. Sit down, have a cup of tea and a choccie biccie and I'm sure you'll feel better soon x

LBB gosh, how scary, I'd have freaked out at that. I guess you are right about the sling, you'd probably fall over and land on him wink

Took DD swimming this morning at around 8.30am and it was lovely. Felt a bit bad when I got back though as I hadn't put suncream or her swim top and she just wore here bikini as it was so early and not too hot (she loves wearing the bikini now she is not in 'turd pants' any more) Anyway, only out there around 45 mins and when we got back I noticed little strap marks on her so she'd obviously caught the sun a little although not burnt. Can't believe at that time of the morning she could catch the sun shock

dinkystinky Fri 05-Jun-09 09:40:57

Morning all. Bumps - sending you huge hugs. It will get better - you're just at the lowest of the very low points at the moment. In a year's time all of this will be a thankfully very distant memory and Owen and your DD will be playing brilliantly together and bringing you so much joy that it will all be so worth it. Just hang on to that thought. Do you have any family (other than DP's mum) or friends who could help out and just give you a break from DD and Owen for an hour or two so you can sleep or just have some baby/toddler free time to breathe?

MoS - definitely not an implantation bleed as am pretty sure you need to have had sex for that to happen. wink Good to know you had some light bleeding too Calico - feel slightly less worried about it all now. Am amazed the sun was that strong at 8.30 in the morning! Good luck with the packing and for your DS1's exam today - and your DH's DIY extravaganza that is coming up for the spare room. My DH is going to spend this weekend sorting out the spare room with new furniture to turn it into DS1's room and then we're going to move Danny into DS1's current room (just next door to us so easier to do middle of night feeds). We had new carpet laid yesterday in preparation but the carpet fitters managed somehow to damage our expensive wardrobe in there - one door now doesnt open and the other doesnt shut without damaging the wood. As it was opening and closing just fine before the carpet was fitted I can only assume they dismantled it and didnt put it back together correctly but is most irritating. Was on the phone to John Lewis first thing this morning but still havent heard back from them - will give them till 11 then call again...

LBB - god, that sounds v scary seeing the blood everywhere!

MsLucy - hope you're feeling better and Stan is ok after his jabs.

Am exhausted as Danny is going through yet another sleep is for the weak phase (so he's exhausted and grizzly too but just wont bloody sleep) so am thinking of skipping Pushy Mothers today. Will see how am feeling by midday - if the black spots are still appearing before my eyes will definitely have to give it a miss...

thehouseofmirth Fri 05-Jun-09 09:49:20

bumps poor old you. I actually can't imagine how you are feeling. That kind of relentlessness must be soul destroying. DS1 has been ill and whiny all week and DS2 got me up at 5.30am yesterday both of which left me frazzled (and very tearful last night when I managed to catapult the dinner I was eating through the air and all over the floor...) but weeks like this (so far) are luckily the exception for me. I also find DH totally useless at the times when it all gets too much for me. This is probably not helped by the fact that instead of calmly asking for help I end up tearful and moany.

Does he do much at the weekend? Can you negotiate that he looks after the children all day for one day this weekend? If he thinks it's easy he shouldn't complain about this and it'll give you a chance to rest/recover while he learns the hard way exactly how difficult things are.

mumoverseas Fri 05-Jun-09 10:24:16

dinky glad you aren't going to be the first to return to the antenatal threads wink Maybe we should have a sweepstake?
What a pain about your wardrobes, hope you manage to get it sorted and repaired ok.

Sorry about the lack of sleep. It was my turn on duty with H last night and he actually slept through from around 10.30pm to 4am and then straight back after a little feed til nearly 8am. Feel almost human today.
Just trying to sort out packing etc today, am trying not to take too much back but need to take most of H's clothes as when we return in 13 weeks they won't fit. Also trying to fill in diary as suddenly have lots happening.
I'd been trying to find a mums and tots group near our house as was dreading 13 weeks of no nursery and whilst mooching on internet found some fabulous company that does baby sing, dance sign (babies and toddlers) and also buggy boot camp (maybe like pushy mums) and all in the village where I live, literally 5 mins walk from our house. Thats me sorted for Friday mornings and Wednesday afternoons grin

Just been on phone to funeral directors and florists to order flowers and got all choked when trying to dictate the message on flowers from kids. In the end the lovely lady just read out some suggestions so I just had to say yes or no and settled on a lovely one. We chose white chyrsanthenums (sp?) in the shape of NAN with red ribbon to match the red roses from myself and my brothers. Mum loved red roses as she and my dad had them for their wedding and she chose them for dad's funeral.
Still trying to practice the poem I am reading but can't get to the end without blubbing. Am wondering about trying to see the doctor and getting some happy pills? Anyone taken them before and got any recommendations/advice?

mslucy Fri 05-Jun-09 11:06:17

dinky still feeling a bit rough here as well - no more aches and shakes after consuming industrial quantities of paracetemol.
Stan is in a foul mood after jabs - think he is teething as well as red in face and gnawing hands.
I think pushy mums can live without us!
elkie like the sound of the cut price version as Finsbury Park quite do-able from here.
bumps sorry you're having such a terrible time. I think getting DP to spend a day in your shoes, so to speak, could be very instructive. I think he would be amazed that you cope as well as you do.

littleboyblue Fri 05-Jun-09 12:57:10

bumps so sorry you're having a rough time. I have been there many times.
FWIW I can't wait for Luke to be out of baby stage. I much prefer toddlers, nothing wrong with that.
Hope you're feeling a bit better now and get a better night's sleep.
One friday when ds1 was about 4 months, I packed myself an overnight bag and when dp got back from work I told him I was going to stay at my mum's for the weekend and left!
He has just now had a week off and I think def understands what life is like for me now. He asked me so many times why are they crying, and I just said, I never know why, just deal with it.
It will get better. Big hugs.
mos can't begin to imagine what it must be like, but really don't think anyone will expect you to get to the end of a reading. x

pluto Fri 05-Jun-09 13:21:59

Hello there everyone - just letting you know we're still here and lurking shamefully.

MOS - thinking of you, you are very brave to even consider doing a reading.

Babe and I are both good and still loved up! BFing much better now as sore nipple has fin ally healed after 3 months of pain and bleeding. I am very proud of myself for persevering. Not getting as much sleep as I would expect tho - he wakes 3 times a night on average.

Where has the sunshine gone?

mumoverseas Fri 05-Jun-09 14:23:31

afternoon all, have a couple of hours of peace and quiet as DD has a party and DH has gone and taken H as well (the dad is a good work friend of his). At first he questioned how he was expected to cope with both and I pointed out that I have to 5 days a week! Just wasn't in the mood for a girly pink party. Have just done lots of sorting out and tidying and filling in dates in my diary. suddenly looking very busy now.

Thanks for your comments about the readings but I feel I have to do it. I did two readings at my dad's funeral and I can't let my mum down, I would want her to be proud. Neither of my brothers will so someone has to represent the family. I think I can just about manage the 23rd Psalm (the lord is my shepherd) but still struggling with the poem my mum wrote. DH popped into work today (our Sunday) and printed off the memorial booklet with the poems in. I found it impossible to decide if I wanted it on white or pink paper so bless him he has done 100 of each. Excess baggage on the way home I think wink

pluto, nice to see you back on here and well done for perservering with B/F.
Think the sunshine is here, around 45 degrees today grin

so who is up for the meet up then. Am really looking forward to meeting some of you

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