May 2009 - loved-up new mums and/or sleep-deprived zombies this way please

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pulapula Sun 17-May-09 12:05:32

Here's a nice new thread for us to share our experiences with our new LOs.

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pulapula Sun 17-May-09 12:12:31

MAY BABIES SO FAR (from May 2009 ante-natal club)

1ST APRIL 2009 :
SpangleMaker, BOY - Harvey, 9:55, 5lb 12oz, 35+3 (first child)

23RD APRIL 2009 :
LoobyLou36, GIRL - Matilda Rose, 5.53am, 8lb 3oz, 38+4 (first child)
Reggiee, BOY, Ben, 7lb 8, 39 weeks (DD age 22 mo)

24TH APRIL 2009 :
EmmalinaC, GIRL, Niamh Elizabeth, 9.56am, 6lb 2oz, unplanned vbac! 38+5wks (DD aged 2.4)

29TH APRIL 2009 :
llareggub, BOY, George, 8am, 7lb 9oz, VBAC (DS1 2.5)
gert2a, GIRL, Edith Ann Elaine, 10.14am, 7lb 10oz, ELCS (first child)

30TH APRIL 2009 :
Jael, BOY, Jacob, ELCS (DD aged nearly 3)

1ST MAY 2009:
1stMrsF, TWIN GIRLS, Amelia Carys (7lb 6.5oz) and Georgiana Bronwen (6lb 12oz), c-section 14.06 and 14.07

2ND MAY 2009 :
Divedaisy, GIRL, Sofiah Rose, 00:47am (DS age 6)
Momino, GIRL, 04.05am Harper Grace, 8lb 1oz.(DD age 3 and DD age 1.5)
Tummum, BOY, Gethin Thomas, 9pm, 9lb 1oz (2 DDs)
LadyHelen, BOY, Rufus, 2.15am (DS 3.7)

6TH MAY 2009 : Aquababe, BOY, Ethan, 4:51am, 8lb 6

8TH MAY 2009: bekkaboo, GIRL, Evie Mae, 7lbs (DS age 2)

9TH MAY 2009 :
Daizydoo, BOY, Jasper, 2:08am, 8lbs (DS age 2)
Ses, BOY, Owen Edward, 10:17am, 8lb 9oz, born by section

11TH MAY 2009:
Belgianchocolates, GIRL, Claire, 4.49am, 9lb 10oz (DS 7, DD 5)
Dandylioness, BOY, Hector Frank, 6lb 9oz, 1:25, emcs (DD age 4)
Flippineck, GIRL, Angharad, 11:15am, 8lb 3oz (DD1 2yr1m)

12th May 2009:
Pulapula, BOY, Samuel James, 4.16pm, 8lb 3oz (DD 4.5 and DS1 1.11)

14th May 2009:
Jennster, GIRL, Rachel Mary, 8lb 7oz

15th May 2009
Detsy, BOY, Archie, 8lb 5oz

Anyone else who has had a baby in May 2009 is welcome to join our group. Just post your details and start chatting!

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llareggub Sun 17-May-09 12:37:25


pulapula Sun 17-May-09 14:53:35

I was just curious to know if anyone has stood on the scales yet post-delivery?. I gained 3.5 stones with this pg and stood on scales today (day 5) and am 1 stone lighter than before delivery. I was hoping for more, but guess there's a bit more water retention to go! I remember with DD i gained 4 stone and only lost 1 straightaway. With DS I only gained 2 stone, so didn't have so much to lose. I may need to go clothes shopping in a couple of weeks as i don't want to be wearing maternity jeans too long, and the post-delivery jeans (1 size up from usual) i bought last time are way too small (can't get them over my hips blush).

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llareggub Sun 17-May-09 15:58:44

I'm a stone lighter than I was at my booking in appointment. Just need to continue with the diabetes type diet now! I'm wearing jeans that I last wore before my wedding in 2004. I am thrilled!

EmmalinaC Sun 17-May-09 16:17:17

Well done for starting new thread pula and congrats to all of you with new babies!

Am just bookmarking for later - I seem to have my hands full all the time at the moment...

Belgianchocolates Sun 17-May-09 17:01:56

Hurray, a post natal thread. Never thought I'd get there. I bet we're all doing the 1 handed typing thing smile

I've weighed myself yesterday. I was 10st pre pregnancy, gained 3.8stn and I'm now 11.8stn. hmm quite a bit to go still, but a 2 stn loss in 6 days is pretty good grin My mat clothes are now starting to get too big, but I'm nowhere near a size 10 I was beforehand (especially in the chest), so I think I might have to go shopping soon and treat myself to a few size 12 bottoms and size 14 tops.

Talking about weight. C was weighed today and lost only 5% of her birth weight. She fed every 1.5h yesterday and was quite unsettled untol after midnight, but then fell asleep and slept 4 4h! So I actually feel OK today, despite the broken short nights, because after 4 I never go back to sleep properly due to the sun coming up so early.

Dh is coming back today at about 6 and taking us all out for a meal. No cooking. Looking forward to that. Hopefully C will behave herself during her 1st meal out. I'll try and fill her up before we go too.

I went to ASDA today too and couldn't resist getting a few pink things, because at the moment she's only got white and cream babygros.

Reggiee Sun 17-May-09 17:18:39

Hi all and welcome to the 'other side' wink. Thansk for setting up the thread Pula.

I have 3lb to loose to get to pre pg weight shock grin. I am now thankful for bad morning sickness as I din't put on too much weight because of it. Also, yesterday I put on my jeans. I have a little muffin top but am amazed compared to last time.

Last night was fun, as dd has a cold and decided to wake up crying at 3am, just as I'd settled down to feed B. In the end I was too-ing and fro-ing from room to room, but then went and woke dh up to see to dd. It took an hour and a half to settle them both, then as soon as I'd done that, the cat came in screeching - he had a mouse - grr, but I left him to it so we had a present on the kitchen floor this monring.

My best friend had a baby girl yesterday grin. She's not a MNetter though <shock at the thought of her having a real life>

Still raining here....

ladyhelenatealltheeggs Sun 17-May-09 18:29:03

Quick post on here.

Went on scales last weekend. Was 13 stone 7 just before delivery and down to 12 stone 5 within a week. Not dared go back on yet!! So I have 1 and a half stones to lose. I think that is quite do-able.
{envy) at reggiee and your 3 lb!!!
AAAhhhhh - DS1 just giving out kisses. Bless him. He is a cutie....

Tummum Sun 17-May-09 18:32:07

Hi everyone ! Can't quite believe I am on a PN thread as I thought I would still be pg now and facing induction. Hooray that it didn't work out like that.

Well, thank goodness the weekend ends today and DDs go to school / preschool tomorrow. We've just about survived and managed to get out and about a bit. I treated myself to some new jeans but am a bit upset that they are 2 sizes bigger than pre-pg hmm but I have been so knackered from the feeding that I have been stuffing my face with chocolate and cakes etc. So that stops now. Honest. Until I am knackered again !

Belgian - enjoy the evening out with no cooking. Sounds lush

Reggiee & llare - envy at weight loss

Pula - thanks for setting up the thread.

SpangleMaker Sun 17-May-09 18:59:55

Pula thanks very much for setting up the thread smile

Well, I got on the scales the other day and it said 'EEE' so either I have put on horrific amounts of weight or the battery is going, hmm! I reckon I'm mostly the same as pre-pg apart from my belly, but then I was bigger than I wanted to be then. Am blush to say I have definitely been eating too much since H was born. I'm going to be a bridesmaid at my step-sister's wedding in August along with two 30-yr-old glamour pusses so I must really start making an effort. Yesterday I bought 2 cheap pairs of trousers in a size bigger than normal to see me through to if when I get back into shape.

pulapula Sun 17-May-09 20:12:37

Am very envy at those who are almost back or even less than their pre-pg weight. I know i have stuffed my face during pg and i know i have lost the weight before, but i am now 12st9 and was 10st4 pre-pg so it will be a while til i can fit into my old clothes sad. Before children (when i got married and was at my absolute peak fitness/weight) i weighed 9st. Oh well...

It doesn't help that we got bought a giant box of chocs which have nearly all been eaten...must start being healthy again.

definite 1-handed typing going on here- feeding little s and cuddling in between as he keeps dropping off and waking for more.

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daizydoo Sun 17-May-09 20:16:42

Hi there ladies, thanks pula for setting this up.

I have no idea what weight I was before I gave birth, but managed to get a pair of pre-pregnancy jeans on. I have a muffin top, but figure that's allowed a week after birth wink

J was weighed by the midwife this am, and he's lost and put on 1lb in a week, so all this feeding is having some benefit! The midwife mentioned his jaundice this am, I had to point out that he's no longer yellow its his natural colour, as Dh is quite dark skinned hmm

My hormones are really playing up at the moment. I think I'm trying to come to terms with the fact that I'll never have a dd, as dh doesn't want anymore children. I love my ds's to bits, but have always wanted a dd. I'm sure I'll get there though!

detsy Sun 17-May-09 20:32:26

Thanks pula juat bookmarking back soon

llareggub Sun 17-May-09 20:33:13

Same here, daizydoo! I have 2 boys and although I don't yearn to have a DD, I think it would help make our family feel complete. DH isn't overly keen, but I am quite keen on having a bigger gap before trying again in maybe 4 years or so. I'd stop at 3 though!

daizydoo Sun 17-May-09 20:37:26

Dh thought I'd flipped last night - I got upset because I'll never be pregnant again - even though I haven't enjoyed my 2 pregnancies!! I'm not sure I want anymore children - everything is blurred by these pesky hormones!!

llareggub Sun 17-May-09 20:40:53

I know what you mean about the hormones. I burst into tears last week because I couldn't find a parking space at the hospital and would therefore miss DS's hearing test.

pulapula Sun 17-May-09 20:54:11

I think 3 children is more than enough for me, so i am going to enjoy cuddling my LO as i won't ever have one so small again. I dont think my body can go through another pg and birth (3rd c-section) so i think this is it.

I feel lucky that i had my DD first as i really wanted a DD. I think having 2 DCs of the same sex is very cute and i am hoping my 2 boys get along when they are bigger.

I am amazed at how well my 2 eldest are behaving with the new baby. Maybe its because my DH has been doing lots with them, and DS2 sleeps a lot so isnt crying non-stop or anything. Not sure how i'd cope with the 3 of them on my own but i shouldnt need to do that for 3 more weeks as DH or my mum will be around.

My anxieties are coming back though from last time, as i felt that my DD became a lot closer to DH as he spent so much time with her when DS1 was born (he took 6 weeks off work and took her out on trips). So i am trying to do things with DD and DS1 when DS2 isn't feeding.

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pulapula Sun 17-May-09 20:59:42

belgianchocs - hats off to you going out for a meal. Dont think i'd take DS2 out yet- he is very vocal although i guess i'd just need to stick a boob in his mouth to quieten him smile. I guess your 2 eldest are older than mine which makes things easier. I think it must be nice to have a good age gap.

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Tummum Sun 17-May-09 21:24:49

Evening all. Rant alert. aarrrggghhhh! G has been awake and feeding on and off since 4.30. He's knackered and hungry but I have simply run out of milk (it seems that way anyway.) I got that desperate I tried formula milk which he fussed over while I bawled my eyes out feeling likea failure, but then he promptly threw it up everywhere. And he is sill screaming. I am desperate for a shower, my lochia has returned, DH is off for 3 nights from tomorrow and I am pissed ^ off^ ! End of rant !

Tummum Sun 17-May-09 21:25:50

and did I mention I was hormonal too !!

Momino Sun 17-May-09 21:29:07

hi all! thanks for this pula. i'm with you on the age gap: my 3 are 20 mos apart and i wish i'd left a bigger gap somehow. although id like a boy, 3 is enough for me as well so i'm enjoying Harper's babyness as much as poss.

on weight, i gained about 2 st and 2 lb. weighed myself nearly 2 wks after birth and have lost 19 lbs. think it was mostly water weight. i'm into pre pregnancy jeans but squeezing into them and also have a muffin top grin.

am eating rubbish food although someone (belgian?) said 'only' 500 extra cals are needed. loving cake at the moment!

Momino Sun 17-May-09 21:33:07

tummum, i'm feeling similar and - bad mummy - having a large glass of wine. you're free to join me even if it's a virtual glass!

off to eat dinner. finally.

Tummum Sun 17-May-09 21:35:33

Ooo Ooo alcohol... now that's a great idea grin

So G is back on the boob and I think he's fallen asleep which will change when I take him off but at least he's quiet wink

llareggub Sun 17-May-09 21:38:16

How long does lochia last anyway? I can't remember!

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