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May 07 - The Terriffic Twos. (No harm in being optimistic, I say.)

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twelveyeargap Fri 15-May-09 09:55:19

Morning ladies. Sorry I have been AWOL. You'd think with DH having been at home for a full month that I'd have had time for MN. Actually no, if any of you have ever had a DH at home for a full month you'd know exactly why I haven't had time. grin Get your mind out of the gutter Gin, it's not that.

Thought I'd start a new thread since MKG's lovely girl arrived such a long time ago!

April, am very sorry about your friend. How sad.

Have only had a skim through I'm afraid, but Scoot; you obviously have the patience of a saint dealing with all those tantrums, grin so I think you'd make a great driving instructor. Is it really what you want to do or are you trying to think of jobs to fit in with family life? Is it a reaction to the current job do you think?

Congratulations on the wedding plans SKY.

Belated birthday greetings to everyone I've missed and happy birthday in advance to all the rest. Seriously, if I go off to find the birthday thread it might be weeks before I get back!

LG&T, is there any way you can channel B's energy into activity? A gets quite naughty when she's bored or hasn't been "out". "Out" can just mean the garden and "out" means she doesn't sound so loud to me, thus killing two birds with one stone. I'm wondering if you being (understandably) afraid to leave the house with him is actually making things worse? Something like a trampoline in the garden could be great because all the bouncing up and down would use up tons of energy and wear him out, whilst also being "fun" for him and "quiet" for you.
Also, re B's nappy rash. Remember A had a hideous rash that needed anti-biotics etc? Well it went away and then was back a couple of weeks later. I thought it couldn't possibly be teeth again as she seems to have all her teeth. Took her off milk and hey presto, the rash was gone in 18 hours. Plus her soft, foul-smelling poos have turned into normal firm not-awful smelling poos. She's fine with butter or the occasional bit of cheese, but any more lactose sets her off. I wonder could B have a similar problem? A's excema also got worse on milk and is now clearing up. I think it's probably temporary, she had a similar problem last year, but for now she's on rice milk or the Lactofree products when I can get hold of them.

I was at the doctor on Weds to get my Mirena removed and replaced with a copper coil to see if my libido would come back. GP couldn't "find" the Mirena. I have to go for a scan to find it, then to a family planning clinic to have it removed if they do find it. She said it's probably just lost, rather than come out, but it's kind of put me off using coils altogether now. <<sigh>>

DH still not redundant yet. It's been a month since he was put "at risk". He's seeing HR today and I suspect this will be the final meeting and they actually sack him. His manager admitted they were hiring new people for the desk, but not for "his role", which is just a load of crap. You can't make a position redundant on the basis you want to hire someone "more senior". That's just a staff upgrade. Hopefully they'll make a settlement offer today, otherwise he'll have to appeal and start sending solicitors letters. However, he's had loads of interviews, lots of callbacks and good feedback.

twelveyeargap Fri 15-May-09 10:04:12

I like that dress BTW, Scoot.

I bought these shoes the other day. I am in lurve with them. Zebra Print Shoes.

SKYTVADDICT Fri 15-May-09 10:29:18

Hi TYG - glad to see you back. Fingers crossed for DHs settlement.

Not been around much as had a busy week and now L seems to have D&V - just what you don't need on a rainy day when you can't dry outside. Luckily we have two bouncy chairs as one got full of sick!!

Hope you have a good weekend away TMAM. Feeling like I could really do with one again. Just DP and me would be nice - not likely to happen though as no-one seems to be offering to have 4 kids overnight grin

Good luck with the shopping Scoot

Reading between the lines - congrats on the scan Pink.

Sorry to hear about your friend AM

Hello to everyone else.

SKYTVADDICT Fri 15-May-09 10:30:58

Also forgot to say love the shoes TYG.


Good luck to LG&T with mumsnet 'mum of the year' x

MmeJaffaB Fri 15-May-09 10:36:31

<<packages up gaffa tape for PJ, throwing in a few spare nails for extra measures>>

TYG, good to have you back, hope something gets sorted for dh it's not nice feeling in Limbo. Hope they find the missing coil hmm

I had a really lovely day yesterday, thanks again for all the b'day greetings. My cakes went down a storm at class last night, the french don't do sponge or butter icing so it was all quite new to them. Lots of people had more than one though so they must have been ok. They sung happy birthday in English (badly) and then in French was really nice but also quite blush. At least 4 people said they thought I was in my 20's so obviously the french are blind as well as mad. grin It's also OK here (apparently) to ask someone their age as EVERYone did. Why are we so careful about asking someones age?

Have a busy weekend ahead again J's little lunch party tomorow followed by a show in the evening which means Sunday will be a write off for me.

SKYTVADDICT Fri 15-May-09 10:40:46

In case I don't get back on (what with sicky and pooey (sp!) clothes)

Happy Birthday to J for tomorrow and L for Sunday x

MmeJaffaB Fri 15-May-09 10:41:53

<<chokes>> 65 quid for shoes..... I need to get out more! Or become richer maybe. grin Do you have an event in mind for them TYG or will you wear them to tesco's? wink

JamInMyWellies Fri 15-May-09 11:07:00

Great thread title TYG. Sorry its still so up in the air hope DH gets a good settlement today. DP found out yesterday that they put the rest of his (old job) dept up at risk makes me glad he got shunted at at the first round can't imagine what it must be like being saved once only to go through it again 3 months later.

Sky poor you with the vom.

AprilMeadow Fri 15-May-09 13:14:03

Nice shoes TYG but how the hell do you walk in them?

SKY sorry to see that L is poorly

MrsJB glad you had a good day and the cakes went down well.

Pink i will be HUGE by the time of the meet up so you have no need to worry! grin I ate loads of crap until the sickness stopped so i wouldnt worry about it. Just remember that this time you have a toddler to run after - keeps the lbs off grin Am dreding getting on scales when i get back..... at 20wks i had only put on 8lbs and was 8.5 sheets on TPT measurements.

Leaving Disney today and heading down to Vero Beach to another Disney hotel for a week on the beach away from theme parks.

largeginandtonic Fri 15-May-09 16:39:42

TYG great thread title. Nice to see you back, we have missed you.

It's funny you should say that aboutthe poo, i have stopped his milk in the last 3 day's as the nappies were joke worthy. It does seem to have cleared up an awful lot. I may get him some rice milk (Jonah had it for yonks when he became intolerant to flippin everything) I will get him some dairy free puds as well i think.

He is better whe distracted and tired out. We have a 14' trampoline in the garden, he3 just get's on and off at will though and plays in the dirt and esacpes from the garden. It is a pain in the arse tbh,the kids all flock to it from all over the patch, they leave the gate open and Beau and Carrots (rabbit)escape. I end up shouting them all in just to keep the garden safe.

Lovely shoes btw and i am hoping dh get's the result he want's at work. Fingers crossed they pay up.

AM have a fab time in the new hotel and thank you again for nominating me.

In fact thank you all for being so lovely about it smile It warms the heart.

SKY sorry to hear about the poo and sick. Hope it passes quickly.

MRSJB glad you had afun birthday and you dooo look in your twenties! Lovely FB pic of you in that black and white dress.

Pink all calm on the western front? What is your plan re sleeping with new baby wink Is Lexie going to cuddle her in her bed? I say her, i just have a feeling.

Tills are you feeling ok now? Have you told dsd about it all yet?

I expect to see large tummies in July ladies (to match my still wobbly one) wink

DH is home! Hooray. We braved Ikea and have got him a bed and gate for his room, lets us pray this works...

Pinkjenny Fri 15-May-09 16:53:06

<buries head in sand and sobs> I don't know!!

MmeJaffaB Fri 15-May-09 19:01:58

ahhh will be fine PJ, baby number two is a doddle. She'll be fed, changed, put in bed, sleep for hours and the cycle shall begin again.... she will mark my words, AM will agree. wink You won't have the time for her to be any different to that. smile

MmeJaffaB Fri 15-May-09 19:04:06

Oh yeah... <<snort>> 20's... Oh I see, 29! grin Thanks anyway <<chouette>>

Tillyscoutsmum Fri 15-May-09 20:11:34

Hi TYG <<waves>> - hope your coil is located and DH gets the news he wants soon. Love the shoes as well

SKY - sorry to hear about D&V. Til was down with it for a couple of days last week. I can't deal with vomit at the best of times but at the moment, I am just completely useless. DH had to deal with it all (on his birthday as well, poor lamb)

AM - please stop posting lovely status updates on FB... I am very envy. Have a lovely time at the beach envy envy and did I mention I'm envy ?

MMe - glad your b'day was good - the cakes looked yummy

Gin - hope the gate and bed work and "enjoy" having DH home wink

PJ - I'm definitely over eating. Feeling a bit nauseous most afternoons and the only thing that helps is Ben & Jerrys, Haribo, full fat coke and fresh cream cakes blush I will be the size of a small country come July

Not told dsd yet - will wait til after 12 weeks (although I did catch her looking at my tummy the other day so think she might start asking questions soon enough !)

elkiedee Sat 16-May-09 00:19:46

Welcome back TYG, those zebra print shoes look fun (but hard to walk in).

MmeJaffaB Sat 16-May-09 08:34:32

Happy Birthday to Kimi & George today, incase either of you decide to have a lurk.

So will my baby change today and become a pain in the arse "special"? God I hope not.

lg&t, yay for dh home and I hope the bed and gate work.

Tills, will she be excited?

largeginandtonic Sat 16-May-09 14:25:23

Till eat away my sweet, tis the only fun while pregnant smile I bet dsd will be thrilled!

TYG i just said to dh about your coil going missing << shudder >> hope they find it easily. It would put me off a coil too.

The bed and gate did not work. He was up most of the night. He was also spiking a temp most of the night too though so i am not sure if we will have more success when he feels better. No idea what is wrong with him just super hot. I had to brufen and medised him through the night. No obvious signs of any illness hmm

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the babies! MrsJB can you believe 2 years ago today you were thinking nah i'm not in labour wink

Is it the Saturday or Sunday we meet? I have a wedding reception on the Friday night and may have a tipple or two. hehe

SOH is off to the Lake District for a wee hol, she was packing yesterday. I think J is working loads. I am hoping she comes to stay with me for an extended stay soon.

DH is only home for 3 weeks then that is it sad Am trying not to think about it.

Pink the baby will be an angel, she will sleep beautifully. Please don't fret about it. B and H were both terrible before the new babies arrived and by some miracle improved. It will all fall in to place.

Tills do you have any names yet? I have re named the girl India Bluebell wink

AprilMeadow Sat 16-May-09 15:05:50

Pink, number 2 will be an angel! Ella is re sleeping. You end up being a bit mean about it but it works. Jack kept his same crap sleep routine and Ella was much more disaplined. She had naps in her moses basket/cot very early on and i took a no crap policy to night time sleeps. She was in our room for 8 weeks, 6 wks longer than Jack lasted. Moved her into her room and set the monitor up and she did ok on the sleep front but didnt sleep through until 8mths when i finished bf'ing.

Happy Birthday Jorja-Mai grin

Kids are being devil children! Screaming, shouting, not listening, pushing, climbing, falling etc etc etc been here less than 24hrs and dh already threatening to change the flights!

Had breakfast with the Princesses (Cinders, Belle, S/Beauty S/White and Ariel) yesterday morning in the Castle before we headed down here. Was very sweet but all the photos are 'ruined' by Ella's very special facial expressions - mouth stuffed with food, weird blinking eyes, not looking, half talking etc. It's a lot cooler down here as we are on the beach - its a welcome coolness. Lots of activities for the monsters to do and for $30 we can put J into a kids club from 5-8pm and he plays and has dinner, followed by a family Campfire sing-a-long. Not sure how much we will use it but nice to know its there.

Saw my belly move last night while bubs was having a hic-up session. It was very odd

MmeJaffaB Sat 16-May-09 15:10:31

I know! shock It took my neighbour to say, you know I think you are in labour at about 5pm having been talking to me for half hour or so and noticing my pauses in speech every 6 mins! J was born by 10pm

It's the FRIDAY 22nd lg&t.... grin if you are asking about "our" meet?

AprilMeadow Sat 16-May-09 15:16:37

I remember you being in labour - was so exciting grin

The July meet up can be either day to be honest..... cant remember whether it was Saturday or Sunday. Please just let me know the preference..

MmeJaffaB Sat 16-May-09 15:28:33

Ahhh you see I thought you may have been talking about the July Meadow Towers outing.. wink hence the "our" meet bit!

Mine wasn't as exciting as yours I nearly crapped myself when you text.

largeginandtonic Sat 16-May-09 20:25:03

Yes AM you did take us all by surprise when little E was born!

Either day is ok as i am one of the closest. I am hoping that SOH is satying with me.

I have lost 6 pounds since dh has been away! Hoorah. The wii fit does not lie.

largeginandtonic Sat 16-May-09 20:26:01

You are on the calendar MrsJB. Scones and clotted cream?! grin

JamInMyWellies Sat 16-May-09 21:22:11

Happy Birthday Jorja and is it lexies this wkend too??

AprilMeadow Sat 16-May-09 22:15:50

Am hoping for a less dramatic birth this time grin

It's Lexie's birthday tomorrow.

I so cant wait for the g2g, just wish MrsJB could be there as well But am looking forward to seeing her next Sunday grin

Woo hoo on the 6lbs LG&T

Just dropped Jack off at the kids club 5pm-8pm.... bliss. He was soo excited bless him.

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