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October 08 - Chit chat

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CantSleepWontSleep Mon 11-May-09 08:42:52

That's us with the chit chat, not the babies!

10th Sept (Due 1st Oct) - loulou33 - Boy - Joe Louis David - 6lbs 12oz - Induction due to rhesus sensitivity, G&A.
16th Sept (Due 8th Oct) - Ksal - Girl - Emma Rae - 6lbs - Just beat induction for PE!
21st Sept (Due 5th Oct) - myjobismum - Girl - Naomi Caitlin - 5lbs 10oz - Fast and furious hospital birth.
22nd Sept (Due 10th Oct) - Lozza70 - Boy - Sander Gene - 7lbs 5oz - Em C-Sec due to raised BP and high ALTs from liver.
2nd Oct (Due 12th Oct) - star6 - Boy - Quinlan - 5lbs 15oz - 36hr labour, ventouse and stitches.
3rd Oct (Due 26th Sept) - purpleflower - Girl - Rebecca Jill Erzsebet - 8lbs 10.5oz - Homebirth with paramedics due to meconium.
4th Oct (Due 30th Sept) - Aubergenie - Boy - Stanley - 7lbs 12oz -
5th Oct (Due 4th Oct) - hedgepig - Boy - Oliver - 6lbs 3oz -
5th Oct (Due 29th Sept Oct) - CherryChoc - Boy - Ryan - 6lbs 11oz - 3 day labour with natural birth in hospital
8th Oct (Due 6th Oct) - ronshar - Boy - William Dexter - 7lbs 11oz -
8th Oct (Due Oct) - RedElsie - Boy - Daniel - -
9th Oct (Due 17th) - Marthasmama - Girl - Martha - 7lbs 10oz - Elective c-sec
10th Oct (Due 1st Oct) - CantSleepWontSleep - Boy - Duncan Elliot - 8lbs 4oz - 4 day induction with 1 hour established labour!
12th Oct (Due 4th Oct) - pistachio - Boy - Thomas Fraser - 10lbs 2oz - Homebirth.
13th Oct (Due 15th Oct) - mum2jakeyroo/jrsqueak - Boy - Joshua - 7lbs 2oz - Delivered in car by dh!
16th Oct (Due 17th Oct) - rowanmac - Girl - Anna Ruth - 7lbs 2oz - 2 hours ARM to placenta delivery.
16th Oct (Due 11th Oct) - heather1980 - Boy - Alexander James - 9lbs 5oz - Homebirth
17th Oct (Due 10th Oct) - pepperrabbit - Girl - Jessica Rose - 7lbs 15.5oz -
17th Oct (Due 27th Oct) - Rhian82 - Boy - - - Episiotomy and ventouse.
24th Oct (Due 29th Oct) - Ekka - Boy - Matthew - 7lbs 15oz - Home water birth with gas and air.
26th Oct (Due 20th Oct) - jenwa - Girl - Phoebe Jasmine - 9lbs 2.5oz -
28th Oct (Due 23rd Oct) - RachieW - Boy - Jack - 7lbs 4oz - hospital birth, epidural, stitches, 24hrs start to finish
28th Oct (Due 31st Oct) - Jojay - Boy - Edward Alexander - 7lbs 7oz - hospital birth - gas and air, 2nd degree tear. 7 hrs start to finish.
1st Nov (Due 22nd Oct) - SmudgeyDoodle - Girl - - 8lbs 2oz - Hospital water birth.
5th Nov (Due 29th Oct) - Honeymoonmummy - Girl - Poppy Grace - 6lbs 15oz -
5th Nov (Due 30th Oct) - MamaG - Boy - Harry James - 10lbs 9oz - Em C-Sec. Back to back and knotted cord around neck. 24 hours of labour first though, and don't you forget it!

RachieW Mon 11-May-09 09:10:26

Joyjay- I've only just noticed that our babies share the same birthday- aawwww

RachieW Mon 11-May-09 09:10:27

Joyjay- I've only just noticed that our babies share the same birthday- aawwww

loulou33 Mon 11-May-09 09:24:33

Love the Office shoes, very high and impractical but very very nice - can i find an excuse to buy them?

Jenwa - good luck with the cleaning - i have been doing loads of washing since we got back, luckily the weather has been good for drying so far.

Joe is still not feeding from me very well. Last night in desperation, i gave him formula which he wolfed down and he slept all night. He didn't really want a feed this morning despite 12 hours without eating, you'd think he'd be starving. he did eventually but he gets so distracted by any noise and i can't expect ds1 to be quiet, he's only 3. I think it might be time to admit defeat which makes me a bit weepy tbh but there is no point in getting into fights with him and trying to 'force' him to feed....

off to put more washing on - ho hum

Jojay Mon 11-May-09 09:36:51

Rachie - so they do! Looking forward to those parties!

sad loulou33 - maybe the writing's on the wall though. You've done amazingly well to get this far, remember that smile

Ed's sleep is getting much better. I've probably jinxed it now, but he went from 10.30pm to 5 am, then to 7.15am last night - woo hoo!! Definitely one of his best nights ever! He's hardly eating anything food wise and still won't take a bottle angry so I don't know why it's suddenly got better - not complaining though!

Any top tips on getting him to take a bottle gratefully recieved. I've tried every day for 10 days now, no joy yet.

Dh tried yesterday and had no more luck than me. We're using an Avent no 3 teat which he used to take perfectly well before he went on strike hmm He kind of plays with it in his mouth, but won't suck on it properly.

WE're off to see a friend today, who's pg with no 2 nad will be having a homebirth in the next month or so - respect to her!

Have a good day everyonesmile

Marthasmama Mon 11-May-09 10:02:30

<achooooooo sniff sniff ugh> Just marking this thread. Feeling rough. Back later sad

loulou33 Mon 11-May-09 10:07:20

Thanks Jojay - i don't know when they are supposed to naturally wean off, i thought it was much older but hey ho. Why not try a beaker instead of a bottle? I have used the Doidy cup with Joe (although a bottle is easier as there is less spillage) and he loves it or use a beaker with a soft spout?

Sorry you're feeling rough mm <loulou passes a tissue over and some olbas oil>

Marthasmama Mon 11-May-09 10:15:19

Loulou - DS stopped bfing at 7 months as he just wouldn't concentrate. They usually self-wean at around 18 months - 2 years. If you;re determined to carry on it might be worth speaking to a bfing counsellor for ideas to keep J's. I do know how frustrating it is, especially when you're out and about! So far I've been lucky with M as she likes her milk too much to be distracted! Oh and I have a fear of Olbas Oil as when I was a child I rubbed an Olbas Oil soaked tissue all over my face including my eyes. shock [stupid emoticon]

Marthasmama Mon 11-May-09 10:26:59

Right I might be being thick but do bfing counsellors get paid and who employs them?

star6 Mon 11-May-09 10:29:04

hmm not sure about bf counselors... I thought it was voluntary? They are LIFESAVERS, though!

aubergenie Mon 11-May-09 10:31:33

Thanks for sorting the new thread CSWS.

sad about cold MM. How are you both feeling today Heather and Myjob?

I got my Rose and Rebellion carrier today (went for the Hearts one in the end and I remembered I'd already ordered skull and crossbones cosytoes for the buggy). It's lovely and padded, and seems very well made. I took ds out in the front carrying position this morning for an hour and he was very comfortable. I was as comfortable as I'm going to be with a big fat lump heavy boy on my front. I wouldn't want to use it for a child any younger as his legs are very splayed out. I haven't mastered the back carrying position yet, which is what I really wanted it for. I think that's going to take some practice.

KSal Mon 11-May-09 10:31:47

hi just marking my place!

aubergenie Mon 11-May-09 10:35:10

Oh and I'm on a mission to sort out Ds's sleep. Got a copy of The No Cry Sleep Solution here and I'm going to use it! The first thing she suggests is logging your child's sleep patterns. Here are S's wakings from last night:

Sleep at 6.40
7.18 wake for the day.

That was a reasonable night for us.

Marthasmama Mon 11-May-09 10:39:41

Oooooo Aubergenie - I was planning on getting that book. For us it isn't so much the frequency of wakings at the moment but rather the trouble in getting her back to bed. Let us know how you get on.

I've just joined NCT and am going to request some info about bfing counselling. I will probably do it anyway, I'll just be more limited to when DH is around to have M as I won't be able to afford nursery.

ronshar Mon 11-May-09 10:39:52

Poor MM full of snot.

Aubergenie. Nice carrier. I suppose you can have too much pirate action!

Ditto with the hayfever here. Rubbish.

William has started a very painful habit of pulling really hard on my nipples. He pulls his head right back then lets go. Then he smiles at me. DH thinks it is hilarious. Me not so much. DH asked if it was time to stop feeding? He might be right. My breasts are hurting like William is a new born again!

aubergenie Mon 11-May-09 10:57:39

Ronshar - Ds is doing that as well. Painful. He's also practising his pincer grip by pinching my boobs. I got a breastfeeding necklace last week which seeems to distract him a bit.

MM- What appealed to me about that book is that she's very pro-breastfeeding and co-sleeping (even though I'm trying to wean off that now, but end up with S in the bed because I get too tired to put him back after a while), and the methods that she suggests are gentle. It's a series of tips rather than a routine, so she warns not to expect drastic results overnight. I'll let you know how it goes.

aubergenie Mon 11-May-09 11:04:13

There's a programme on Radio 4 at the moment about a woman who had her first baby at 57. Makes me feel like a spring chicken.

jenwa Mon 11-May-09 11:05:51

jojay sorry ds not taking his bottle, Phoebe can be awkward with hers, she does not like it when you hold her close, always liked lying on my lap on a pillow but now she seems to want to sit up back against me and take it so she can watch whats going on too hmm

Just done some washing, hung it out, cleaned the bathroom floor on my hands and knees, hoovered the whole house, cleaned behind the unit with the sky box and all the bloody leads, washed the dining room floor, cleaned adn wiped down the sofas, picked up dog poo, and cleaned the skirting boards (not all!) Am going to have a coffee now. Need to strip beds etc. Hoovering is such a pain, not yet got my dyson ball but am sooo looking forward to that grin how sad! We sleep in the loft so carting the hoover up an extra floor is a pain especially on space saver stairs like these! I can then leave my other dyson up there!!!

MM hope you feel better

csws thanks for new thread. Are you off to ball pit then? have you left DH at home? You should pull a very important cable out the computer and hide it grin haha!!

See you all later

loulou33 Mon 11-May-09 11:37:16

<loulou takes olbas oil and hides it away from mm> stil smells though - ouch for your eyes, that will smart a bit!!

Joe has just dribbled on the key board - dh will be cross when he gets home but at least it wasn't sick.
mm - i thought bf counsellor for nct were voluntary but nhs one up here is paid - but she works full-time and is really busy - answers call into late evening and weekends. she's ace and will give her a call i think

ronshar Mon 11-May-09 11:39:51

Flipping heck Jenwa. I would never make it up those stairs let alone back down them. I am well known for my complete lack of stair ability. If there are stairs I will slip down them. We are in a bungalow at the moment so it is a nice relief not to take my life in my hands every daygrin

William almost always refuses a bottle so I have full sympathy for you Jojay. There are always lots of threads about it so it might be worth a quick search to see if anyone else has a few tips for you to try.

I have to say with regards to sleep training that often you have to be really really strong. All the programmes I have seen and also in my very humble experience x3. The most effective and quickest way to get little ones to sleep is to basically just keep putting them back in their own beds. Even if you have to write off a week of your life once you have changed the habit then it should stay changed. I am not a fan of the crying stuff. It doesnt have to be traumatic for you both but to be honest you cant carry on indefinitely with out getting proper sleep. Both you and baby will end up poorly. (MM, CSWS to name but a few)

lecture oversmile

aubergenie Mon 11-May-09 12:13:37

Oh my god - I'm just trying to imagine trying to get up those stairs after a few glasses of wine. Lethal.

Marthasmama Mon 11-May-09 12:14:17

Ronshar - DH and i agreed last night that once M is better we will be getting tough <bottom lip wobbles> but while she is ill is seems a bit too mean. There is no way I could have done it while dh was away as I am too soft. But now he's back we can power through together.

If anyone is feeling flush I have a discount code for this website. It is worth 15% off if you order by midnight tonight, 10% off by tomorrow midnight, 5% off by midnight wednesday. I got this rug for M's room and some other bits. I'm now thinking I should have got this too. hmm The code is MAY09SALE

Marthasmama Mon 11-May-09 12:20:22

Jenwa - I think we'll have to get those stairs when we convert the loft, if only to watch dh fall down them every morning! grin Hang on..... How the bloody hell did you get up and down them 9 months pg? I struggled with normal stairs!

Jojay - M had a bottle in hospital when I was too knackered to feed her one night. She doesn't know what to do with a bottle!! It's a good job I am not planning to go out ever again until she's 1!

I think I'll do the bfing counsellor training no matter what as it will help with applications for mw courses I'm sure. M's sleep issues are rapidly putting us off number three........

aubergenie Mon 11-May-09 12:32:58

MM- a friend of mine is currently training as a BF peer supporter (rather than a fully fledged BF counsellor) with the BfN. She's doing some voluntary sessions at a GP surgery at the moment and there's the prospect of some paid work at one of the hospitals near here, apparently. Maybe that's a route you could start with?

Marthasmama Mon 11-May-09 12:41:17

Argh!!!!!! I don't know what to do now! I've just had a look at the BfN stuff Aubergenie. I might have to be able drive first and foremost. I need to sort my life out! But yes it might be better. Ultimately, I want to be a bfing specialist mw.

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