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Jan 09 - weaning,smiling,laughing and chatting and loads more fun to come:)

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stripeywoollenhat Sat 09-May-09 21:25:57

there. smile

stripeywoollenhat Sat 09-May-09 21:31:14

let the chat about exploding poos recommence... grin

PatTheHammer Sat 09-May-09 21:33:16

Wondered why I couldn't see it in post-natal grin
Certainly wasn't going to be searching in the ante-natal area!

PatTheHammer Sat 09-May-09 21:35:07

I thought I talked a lot about poo pre-children, but since I've had the DC's it has completely taken over my every conversation smile

TheDOGmamma Sat 09-May-09 21:39:56

Message withdrawn

stripeywoollenhat Sat 09-May-09 21:56:15

funnily, poo and its consistency rarely crossed my mind, not to mention featured in any conversations i was party to prior to the arrival of the small girl. but i am terribly repressed. i have noticed that you can tell whether or not any vegetable matter has passed my lips by the colour of her poo. healthy food makes it disconcertingly green, which is as good a reason as any to live on cake and digestive biscuits, i'd say... grin

PatTheHammer Sat 09-May-09 22:14:21

Just wait till whole vegetables come out in her nappy, oh and raisins are also delightful!

EachPeachPearMum Sat 09-May-09 22:41:16

pmsl @ being in ante-natal threads!!! grin

Must be poo day today- ds had leaked everywhere this morning... threw him straight in the bath... had another enormous one this afternoon as soon as we arrived at BIL and SIL's... what a polite chappy! wink and yes hkz sainbos ones are rubbish- we had them in newborn size, and he used to leak (wee, not even poo) all the time- horrendous!

Yes...(rray?) weaning poo is sooo unpleasant compared with milky poo!

And I don't mean to scare you, but my boobs never went back to pre-pg size... was 32D before DD, 32E afterwards.

OMG TREE shock added you in fb- one of your best friends is a colleague of mine (and I dearly love her too)
I hadn't realised you'd been here for her wedding... shock

Lenni I am very touched that you too think I am witty... blush feel all under pressure now to type good stuff every day ...eek! Was v proud when I read that in the middle of the night!

tink how old is dd1? My brother had to have specs from a very young age, but I think they look very cute on teeny children actually... its just the breaking them and losing them that is hard....

EachPeachPearMum Sat 09-May-09 22:45:45

Oh and the first blueberry nappy... Oh, unbelieveable... so dark purply, and full of seeds.... shock

Pat you are so young and lovely! (sorry- been browsing fb)... I am very blush because I have all these pictures in my head of you all... and yours is Pat Butcher blushblushblushblushblushblushblushblushblush

It was a big surprise to see what you really look like! grin

I am going to google Pat the Hammer now... am suitably ashamed.

We had a lovely day today, over at BIL/SIL's... children were impeccably behaved, ds slept all through dinner (over an hour late on feeding, and not a murmer from him!)... they went to bed 2 hours late... methinks they will both be hellish tomorrow grin

JustcallmeDog Sat 09-May-09 22:49:49

Message withdrawn

stripeywoollenhat Sat 09-May-09 22:55:12

eppm, pat, i wasn't going to say, but i also seem to have had pat butcher in my head blush. but you are nothing like her, pat, of course...

stripeywoollenhat Sat 09-May-09 22:57:18

more trickling slightly down the thigh poo here today. imagine that's more my incompetence with nappy alignment than expulsion rate, really...

PatTheHammer Sat 09-May-09 23:02:22

OMG, I can just see Mike Reid in my head now, starkers, wearing that bow-tie going 'Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat' blush

Think I might follow suit and name change soon, either that or go and buy some hideous earrings from the charity shop!

LOL at the blueberry nappies! Raspberries are not much better plus you think there is something seriously wrong with your DC's bottom!

EachPeachPearMum Sat 09-May-09 23:04:20

grin Yay! Thanks stripey, I'm not the only one who is insane wink

dog yep... and I ran out of wipes again at BIL's... the amount that comes out of them shock

EachPeachPearMum Sat 09-May-09 23:06:48

Ok- finally googled... Pat the Hammer is quite cute actually! (though supposed to be a bit dim? "I'm a hammer" <thunk>)

JustcallmeDog Sat 09-May-09 23:12:38

Message withdrawn

LenniEd Sat 09-May-09 23:13:52

Poo here too!! DS is only going on Saturdays at the moment so a big event with pompoms and flags and all sorts in our household. Poo obsessed?? moi?? grin

LOL at 'trickling slightly down the thigh poo' Stripey grin There is a whole new poo variety I haven't yet experienced. Although I'm totally with whoever had all over the foot and up the back poo earlier.

I've been meaning to put my pixi fotos on the group Dog - they were fab. Got a lovely keyring with DD on one side and DS on the other. Should have shown you the other day, wish I had now. We've booked for May to come back down there and are thinking about coming down later this year if DH's business picks up.

EPPM/Tree - how amazing that you actually almost know each other in RL smile and EPPM, no pressure!

Nope, I never went back to pre-pg either and I never breastfed DD. I went up 2 cup sizes with her and another 2 with DS, but expect I'll go down a bit when I stop feeding. Am now a G/H cup ish but had to have a J the other day and was blush as DH was trying to sneak in ever larger bras to the changing room. Empire lines and crossover tops are my saving grace with clothes, anything that isn't fitted around the boob area looks very tent like. I also avoid very high necklines like the plague as they make my boobs look like they've gone a lot further south than they have iyswim.

Clicked on Tink's link and found myself face to face with a Due in Jan 2010 thread and felt very very scared. I don't think I could go through those 9 months again ever, let alone the birth... shock even though it was actually pretty good as births go. I listen to the sogn that was playing as DS was delivered quite a lot to remind me of it blush hmm

MissJ - hope you are ensconced and it is lovely there. Hope Nye coping with all the upheavel too. See you back here soon.

Moose? Wherefore art thou Moose? Hope you are ok.

Still job/career hunting here. Looking at maybe doing part time something from Jan next year. Getting quite excited and apprehensive at the thought though.

Love all the name changes... there was more, I forgot and I've already probably bored you all by now grin I need an ability to be concise, it's just never going to happen though grin

sparkleandshine Sun 10-May-09 07:13:12

morning all - just bookmarking!

StercusAccidit Sun 10-May-09 07:16:39

EPPM...get reusable fleece wipes

Morning..bookmarking too !

hongkongzoe Sun 10-May-09 07:33:50

Was woken up this morning by another almighty poo explosion...
Before dc's I often clocked mothers sniffing babies' bums and thought...that's bloody weird I will never go round sniffing bums in public.... I do it every day now without a second thought. Have learnt not to get to close to dd's these days though...which reminds me i must get on with potty training.

Does anyone have any potty training you use pull ups or just start with normal pants straight away? I am veering towards normal pants and just getting on with it...

DP in a foul mood this morning, no idea why, has stormed off with DD for a spot of dog walking...he's not a morning person. DS wakes up at 6, DD who always used to wake at 8 has now cottoned on and we just moved her to a bed so she is up early too...DP not a huge fan of this! smile

Think we are going to go for an early wonder to the flower market for some stuff for the garden and a cup of coffee... there is a guy selling fresh oysters down there too...mmmm...can't wait...i love oysters grin

EachPeachPearMum Sun 10-May-09 07:34:05

SA- I only use wipes when we're out... at home I wipe his bottom with dew and peach blossom reuseable wipes or cotton wool (if its a bad one!)

Hope you are okay though... you've been put through the wringer recently sad

StercusAccidit Sun 10-May-09 08:37:49

Yeah i'm fine thanks

I mentioned reusable wipes because i find that i only use two fleece wipes MAX even for explosions..i use an old sandwich box to store them in, with a drop of lavender essential oil in water to soak them in, or tea tree oil if he's sore which he only has been once (damned pampers nappies) and despite tuts from mil(x) i have saved sooooo much money and don't have to use twenty wipes per poo change lol.

Am loving the bumgenius nappies as well, was discussing pro's and cons with sis yesterday grin

rrrayray Sun 10-May-09 08:44:04

EPPM i only use wipes out too. Still using cotton wool & Water at home.

Lenni Oh Nooooooooooooooooo i was banking on going back to some kind of normal sized boobs!!!! Boo! My best friend BF and shes gone back smaller than she started out... So maybe there is SOME hope!!!

Poo So i'm due a MASSIVE poo am i? ha! Esme did 2 yesterday, but no bigger than usual!

tink Maybe the full nights sleep are too much of a shock to the system! :-)

Its now 4 weeks until one of my best friends wedding & it means leaving Esme for 24 hours!!!!! shock Have been expressing about 7oz a day at 9.30pm after Esme is in bed & Freezing it as my Parents are coming to look after Esme, in our house. I'm sure i'll miss her far more than she'll miss me! Nervous though..... i've not been away from her for more than 2 hours!!!!!!!!! hmm

JustcallmeDog Sun 10-May-09 09:33:29

Message withdrawn

EachPeachPearMum Sun 10-May-09 09:38:32

hkz I'm sure its the early mornings getting to DP... I am foul in the morning too blush re potty training- most people leave it till warmish weather so children can run round half naked tbh- we put dd in knickers, but no trousers- less washing, but also less work to pull up and down 15,000 the first few days grin
We only used pull-ups if we had to go anywhere distant in the car or (in dd's case) on an aeroplane (we went on holiday 4 weeks later, but she had no accidents).

rray you are very brave... cannot imagine leaving mine for 24 hours... I am not expressing (yet)- never have time...

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