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Feb 08 - Teething, Toddling and terrible two's rapidly approaching!

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here we go ladies, our new thread, !!!!!!!

missnatalie Sat 09-May-09 13:33:22

Hi Sarah, thanks for the link. Did you have a look at all of my new pics on FB. How grown up does my baba look!! Maybe its time for another wink....No not yet, id never be able to cope lol. Did i tell you that Greg passed the theory side of his VETASSESS application for australia. Hes got the practical July 17th. The move is getting even closer. Its scary x

your pics are fab, and yes he is growing up fast all our lo's are- scary how quick the time goes, --- i am totally trying to convince dh that a third would great- but he is taking his time to get the message!!!!!grin

So exciting to be planning your move to a much better place, My DH wants to go to NZ- but i am not too keen on leaving loved ones behind, but then i think of the childrens future and its so hard to make such a huge life changing decision!!!!!!i think if money was no object we wouldn't hesitate, but finances dictate alot!!!!!!

hope everyone finds us ok!!!!!!lol

alkar Sun 10-May-09 10:36:32

Thanks for sorting the new thread Sarah and hello missnatalie.

All ok here with DS he has a cold so his temp has been up all weekend so I have been watching him very carefully but I think he's ok. It just seems to be teething + cold = fits!

DH has just said he wants to go on a residential work course for a week in September and got annoyed when I said it wouldn't be practical. I think I am going back on shifts in September so its going to be dificult to sort childcare. Theres no way he would be OK if I announced I wanted a week away angry

oh Alkar, thats a pain isn't it, hope you manage to sort something xxx

dd is also teething and full of cold and cough- seems rto be ok though, xxx Hope u dont get any fits again xxx


YEAH had my implant removed this afternoon, arm is vfery sore but its made me happy to know its gone,

DH is worried to death about a surprize baby!!!!!! lets hope the pill is ok!!!! and of course that i remeber to take it1!!!!!LOL

Swotty how is bump doing? Hope you guys are all good,

Hi everyone else, come back and chat to us

elliepac Tue 12-May-09 21:22:58

Good evening ladies, am new to mumsnet and wondered as I have a Feb 08 baby whether it would be possible to join in with you guys?

bovrilsarnies Tue 12-May-09 22:30:09

Thanks for sorting the new thread Sarah, and may I say I am honoured that my title suggestion was used grin.
Sorry to hear about your sis!! a friend of mine is in the same boat - was laid off 3 weeks ago and hasn't had any luck with finding a new job so far sad

Rozzy - well done you doing a half marathon!! I'll be at a wedding next saturday, hopefully getting pleasantly sloshed on free booze and dancing to cheezy wedding music - so I will spare you a thought!! Good luck with it!

Gosh Missnat - you are soooo much braver than I am. I love the idea of a new life in another country - but really don't think I could ever actually do it. I always thought that I would move around loads, but I have managed to stay in or very near to my home town all my life!!

Alkar- hows your DS now? hope his temp has come down now and there has been no fitting!!

Hi elliepac, welcome to the thread. It's a very friendly bunch here, so you are more than welcome to join us. do you have a boy or a girl? and is it just the one??
I have a little girl called Seren, she's gorgeous - but I'm finding her a handfull!! especially as she seems to know exactly what she wants to do and "distraction" techniques DO NOT WORK!! especially when she's exploring places she shouldn't like the kitchen cupboards <note to self - must buy some cupboard locks> or banging her hands on the TV screen!! HaHa! If I tell her "No" she looks at me, shakes her head, grins and then carries on doing whatever it was I said no to!!hmmor, if I move her away from whatever it is she's distroying, she throws herself on the floor and has an outright tantrum- kicking and screaming and head bashing!! shock The works!!

Well, gonna get me an early night tonight, coz I've been up with DD since 5.30 this morning. It seems if she goes to bed late, she wakes extra early!! wierd huh!

Hi Elliepac and welcome, !!!!!

i have two children, Harryed aged 4 and Rosie, was bone 7th feb o8!!!!!! Like Bovrils daughter we have all the same complaints!!!!!!!lol

Look forward to getting to know you, the thread is very quiet just lately so lets get chatting!!!!!!

Egg Wed 13-May-09 13:50:42

Hi girls am joining the new thread in a hope that I can keep up again as have been reading the thread but rarely managing to post on the other looooooooooong one.

Hello elliepac smile. Welcome to the thread. I have DS1 who is 3.3 and twins DS2 and DD who are 16 months (they were due Feb 08 but born three weeks early in Jan 08).

Am a bit worried about strawb having seen she was sad. I found she had started a thread worrying about her DS having cystic fibrosis. I hope she is ok and her DS gets the all clear.

Sarah hope you are feeling lots better now the implant is gone. And that your DH changes his mind about DC3!

Bovril my two are the same, if they go to bed later than 7pm they wake up at 6am, but if I get them to bed by 6:45 they normally sleep til 7am! And we have those throw yourself on the floor tantrums here too! Gah.

DS2 has been referred for allergy testing as his reactions to tomato/peppers/celery etc seem to be getting worse and new things crop up.

missnat that's fab news about Oz!

Alkar hope your DS is feeling better. You must be on high alert the whole time the second he gets a slight temperature.

Am going to post this now so I can get back in with the gang! Will be here more often now I promise grin.

sorry i have managed to spell my sons name wrong!!!!!! it should read HARRY not Harryed!!!!!lol

hhhhhooooooorrrrrrrraaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy welcomwe back egg- glad to hear ds2 is getting some tests done so you can be sure of his alleries!!!!!

Bessie123 Wed 13-May-09 19:10:12


as usual, it's been ages and I only have time for a quick one. I have been thinking about you all and wondering how you are getting on.

Egg - what reactions does ds2 have to food? my dd gets a red rash around her mouth when she has salmon, raw tomatoes or spinach. I give them to her anyway because whatever it is doesn't look too severe, but perhaps I shouldn't. I hope all is ok with your ds2, anyway.

ImSallyIHaventAClue Wed 13-May-09 23:49:14

Just stopping in briefly to say hi to all.

DS is gorgeous atm. He has his own little routines and favourite things.

He apparently answered my mobile the other day, it was one of my bosses from work who told me today "I rang you and all I could hear was Ga Ga Ga" blush

DS has just learnt to say NO (or rather "Na na na!") so the fun is only just starting...


Why arent there enough hours in the day????????
WHAT did I do with my time before having DS?

These things I will ponder while getting ready for bed.

Hi bessie and Sally, good to hear from you guys, xxx

strawberrycornetto Thu 14-May-09 14:58:16

Hi all. Have found our new thread grin/. Am glad, the old one kept crashing my computer!!

Egg, thanks for asking after us. I have had a bit of a rotten time. We are going to see DS's consultant this afternoon so I am hoping we might at least start looking for some answers. I am worried about cystic fibrosis but hopefully I'm being paranoid and its "just" asthma! hmm Will update you.

Is there any news on Swotty? I haven't seen any messages from her for ages.

Welcome Elliepac smile

I will come back on this evening and post properly, I am supposed to be working but am too worried to concentrate!

Egg Thu 14-May-09 17:48:13

Oh strawb hope it went ok, fingers crossed.

Just did search on swotty's name. She has been on MN but not on here and sounds a bit low and fed up. I think I have her email address and possibly even phone no so will give her a shout and check she is ok. No baby yet, I think she still has a couple of weeks to go.

Sally grin at your DS answering the phone!

Bessie DS2 used to just get really red raw spotty cheeks but now they get swollen, he got an all over rash last time, I think he gets abdominal pain as he screams (even more than usual!) when he has had something a bit suspect, really red bottom when he poos it out and last time also think his tongue was affected as he was constantly making sucking noises and fiddling with it! Not had a reaction since the bad one 10 days ago as am being way more vigilant now!

elliepac Thu 14-May-09 19:10:09

so i suppose i should introduce myself smile
Thank you for your lovely welcome messages. Myself and DH have been together for 13 years, married for 8. I have two DC's. DS who is 5 and DD who was born 16 feb 08 hence me wanting to join in with you guys. Already it is so nice to hear of other people experiencing the tantrums etc. that DD is suddenly demonstrating after having been an angelic baby! I am a busy working mum (teacher) although dearly wish i could be a sahm. I am really looking forward to chatting to you all.

strawberrycornetto Thu 14-May-09 22:13:16


The appointment was ok. DS has been referred for tests into his immune system and for cystic fibrosis sad but I am kind of relieved that at least its being taken seriously and we will know, hopefully. The doctor said he thinks asthma is the most likely so I am trying not to worry.

Otherwise, DS is adorable! He's almost walking, lazy thing that he is, but he's just into everything and such a character. We also have quite a few words now, my favourite being makkapakka!!! We also have lie down on the floor screaming tantrums, I didn't remember seeing them so early with DD.

Elliepac, we sound similar. My DH and I have bbeen together for 13 years too, married for 110!! My DD is 4 and a half, and my DS was born on 26 Feb. I am a busy working mum, although its got so miserable busy I am thinking of quitting.

Egg, glad to hear Swotty is around. The end of pregnancy is such a drag, isn't it. I hope you get the allergy tests done soon, we've been there too and knowing what we were dealing with made it easier.

alkar Fri 15-May-09 01:53:44

Hello Egg, glad you're back with us! And hi to elliepac.

I am working the night shift again, there was no-one else to do it so I said I would. No idea what they would've done if I'd said no they would've had to shut the hospital shock. Halfway through now though 8-8 is a long shift.

DS was OK with his cold, he managed to control his temp so fingers crossed for future pyrexia!

DS has started sayin book now, its very cute. He doesn't say many words just gobbagobba, hiya, ta and now book. He seems a bit slow woth his speach but he understands things we say to him so I'm not worried. He doesn't have bad tantrums yet, they can all be avoided by distracting him at the moment, not looking forward to the big ones! He may just be easily distracted like his dad though grin

Did your DS get tested for CF with his newborn heal prick strawberry? Most regions do now. How are they testing for it? It was always a sweat test but I'm not sure how they do it these days with genetic testing getting better and cheaper. Hope he's ok xx

strawberrycornetto Fri 15-May-09 16:39:10

Hi Alkar, assume you are home and in bed now! Poor you, doing the night shift.

Glad your DS was ok with his cold. My DS is having the sweat test done. He did have it in his heal prick test but apparently its not infallable, especially since he was 3 weeks early.

Book is a good word, shows he's academic grin. I love this stage when they start really communicating. Their little personalities are really starting to show smile.

Am looking forward to the weekend now, only an hour left at work...

miniandme Fri 15-May-09 17:23:24

Woohoo found a new thread,havent been around much this week at all have been mega busy decorating the hall and stairs- it is almost over but i must say it would make a perfect form of torture !!!

Egg nice to see you back again.Didnt realise you had allergy probs? ds1 has a peanut allergy for which he carries an epipen though he seems to have grown out of if we arent taking any chances !!

Feel sorry for all the sick littlies and the poor mummies and daddies looking after them all. We have Abby with the cold but can pretty much second guess Jack wont be long just in time for us going away on holiday! We are off on monday to filey for the week,we went last year when the dts when just ickle so cant wait to see them running round enjoying everything this year.We have loads of speech from Abby including shoes and clever girl!! as well as mummy,daddy,ta ta,hiya,ally,katie,jack, night night,moggy our cats name,no,juice and bath ! Jack on the other hand we have the most fantastic babbling just sad we dont understand a bit of it cause it sounds so interesting at times grin. They are both using signing too which is simply just for fun though proved invaluable when after being up screaming for an hour jack signed for juice and settled as soon as he had had a wee drink ! Its more for my amusment as its so cutsie to see them do it !!

hi everyone,

hope alls well, We have lots of words here, BIRD is fave at the mo!!!!! and GRANDDAD everywhre we go she shouts grandad!!!!lol

she also says: mommy, daddy, please, ta, HAAAAAA(harry) merlin (the dog) out, down, cat dog, with sounds!!!!!lol she say me!!! bath, nooooooooooooooo heehee

Harry has tonsilitis again took him to docs yesterday and he is pretty rough bless him, came out and had a flipping parking ticket!!!!!oh dear that will teach me for leaving my front wheel on pavement!!!!! didnt realise the carpark opposite was closed and would not have had enough time to go the opposite side of the shpping centre and walked a good 10 mins!!!!boohoosad

well its been very wet here so we have stayed in the warm in the hope no one else gets sick before our holiday to perranporth which is may 30th!!!!!

my lil sis is 21 next weekend and we are going out on the town in raunchy fancy dress!!!!! oh dear is the politest phrase i have!!!!!!PMSLgrin

lljkk Sun 17-May-09 09:32:37

Hi Strawberry, I'll X my fingers your LO doesn't have CF .

We don't get head-on-floor tantrums, we get head banged-on-dishwasher-or-cupboard-door tantrums.

envy at those of you with talkers. I shouldn't be, because all DC have been late talkers. Only one dc has had speech therapy, and he's not too bad. Would be nice, though, to have a different experience!!

DC4 is a fussy eater -- not just the limited selection of foods he'll eat, which I can cope with and is prety normal for toddlers. Usually when people talk about fussy eaters I think it's the parents who are the fussy ones, tbh. BUT DC4 is a fussy eater with a twist... he is fussy about HOW he eats. It's like a ceremony with him and if you miss out parts of the ceremony he won't eat.

So for instance, in the mornings DH points to the cereal cupboard and helps DC4 open it and then DC4 takes the boxes out & hands them to DH, who puts stuff in a bowl with a spoon. Then DC4 goes up in his high chair.

Woe betide me, I didn't let DS do all that this morning, I just plonked him in high chair without him taking boxes out, and it was me sitting with him, not DH. So DS refused to eat, has been having loads of my milk instead. His fussiness about how he eats is driving me crazy.

lljkk Sun 17-May-09 09:34:39

Oh, and Hi Elliepac, welcome to the group.

rozzyraspberry Sun 17-May-09 10:27:20

Hi everyone.

My lo is not much of a talker either. Not worried about that at all though - ds1 didn't say much until he was about 2 and has no problems with his speech - in fact his teacher is always commenting on how articulate he is and how good his vocabularly is - and he has verbal diarhoea!!

lljkk - your ds4's routines sound cute to me bbut that's only because I don't have to deal with them I suppose!! Ds3 is still a pretty good eater although he's more keen to feed himself now than to be fed. He also sometimes gets fed up in his high chair so throws everything off - then when we let him down he picks up the toast or whatever he's thrown off and wanders about quite happily eating it.

Strawberry - hope your lo is ok - it's good that they're doing the tests - at least you'll have a definitive one way or another as I've a feeling there would still be a niggly worry if the consultant had just said he was fine.

Nice to hear from you egg and hello ellie.

Well I did my first half marathon yesterday - was quite good apart from the torrential rain for the last 3 miles. Managed to run the whole way round and finished in just over 2 hourssmile. Glad it's over though - dh is taking me out to dinner tonight to celebrate!!

Weather looks brighter today - off to pil for lunch as fil is 60 this week.

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