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Dec 08 mums - from rolling to sitting and everything inbetwean

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waitinggirl Fri 08-May-09 18:20:33

there i've done it - hope that is ok.

Veggiemummy Fri 08-May-09 18:38:30

Thanks WG good title. I've been bored you lot have been quiet so have been insighting violence on other threads.

tillyfernackerpants Fri 08-May-09 18:56:31

thanks wg

Veggie, can't imagine you inciting violence shock grin

traceface Fri 08-May-09 19:31:20

Veggie - did you say you use chamomilla for fever as well as teething? Poor P is full of a cold so has gunk coming her eyes and nose and has been hot all day. Her temp has not really come below 38 - I've been giving Paracetomol but she's very good at thrusting it back out with her tongue! Would the granules help at all do you think?

traceface Fri 08-May-09 19:38:03

I am helping my friend out at a car boot sale tomorrow so have to be the other side of York by 7am shock. It will be just my luck that P will actually be asleep so I'll have to wake her to take her!

DH is out tonight at his school leavers' ball - he was telling L that he was going to a ball and she said "who are you going to marry?"!! I think her only frame of reference is Cinderella smile

So DH is out, I've finished my book, there's nothing on TV and I have no trashy mags in the house - I need entertaining and it's up to you girls! Is there anyone there <there...there...there...>? Echo <echo...echo...>

traceface Fri 08-May-09 19:38:45

and there's no chocolate in the house sad

sybilfaulty Fri 08-May-09 19:40:03

Just bookmarking for later. We have guests - the outlaws! Currently entertaining himself whilst I get the kids ready for bed.

More later. Hope all are well.

Nolda Fri 08-May-09 20:12:08

Thanks for the new thread WG. Good title.

Trace, sorry to hear that you are bereft of chocolate. There should be a delivery service similar to phoning for pizza.

I don't suppose anyone knows why it says 'do not swallow' on oilatum junior emollient bath additive. DD swallowed some of her bath water and although she seems fine and I'm thinking not dangerous as it doesn't say seek medical attention, I have a nasty niggle.

Veggiemummy Fri 08-May-09 20:15:08

Hi trace I'm here just perusing the Chinese takeaway menu. Yes I use both pulsatilla and chamomilla but you would need at least a 30 potency. Which you give depends on their mood, grumpy is pulsitilla chamomilla is clingy and whingy. I have to say to be sure I give both sometimes. The great thing about it is that paracetamol takes 1.5 hrs to reach full efficacy but the remedies work quickly so they kind start things off help them settle and get off to sleep while the calpol helps keep the temp down in the longer term. Obviously you can just keep giving the remedies if you want as you can't really overdose.

PinguRocks Fri 08-May-09 20:16:51

Hello ladies.
I am finally back online but don't stand a chance of catching up on everyone's news.
Fingers crossed for Lal and Arti's test results.
On weaning, I am in denial and hoping to leave it for as long as possible....
Veggie I've been meaning to say for ages that I grew up in Derby and whenever you mention places like Markeaton Park and Elvaston Castle it makes me all nostalgic (as does all the talk of A-ha - Morten was also my first crush. How I loved him...).
Anyway, hope everyone is well and the babies are behaving and I will try and be better at checking in!

traceface Fri 08-May-09 20:24:44

oooh Veggie what are you eating from the Chinese? You've made me very jealous! I had a slice of yesterday's cold quiche. not so yummy. I can never be bothered to cook for just myself - it's a good job I'm not single as I'd live on tomato soup! Thanks for the advice. She's sleeping at the mo but I'll give her some chamomilla when she wakes up. Poor thing - it's so sad when they're not themselves.

Nolda - chocolate take-away - fantastic idea grin Minimum order would obviously have to be £10 so then you'd have to eat that much just to make it worth it! And P has swallowed many a mouthful of Oilatum-filled bath water and doesn't seem to have had any ill effects.

Hi Pingu!!! Nice to see you back!

Nolda Fri 08-May-09 20:39:57

Trace I like the idea of the £10 minimum order. Thanks for the reassurance on the oilatum.

I must go and cook the dinner now. I'd love a chinese take away though, Veggie, lucky you.

Veggiemummy Fri 08-May-09 20:44:06

What an amazingly obvious idea! Chocolate delivery, why has no-one thought of this. There is a Hotel Chocolate in Nottingham I will mention it in there when I go over there next. Actually Trace you would live Nottingham as well as the HC there is an amazing chocolate cafe that just does hot chocolate, but they do it in loads of different varieties and varying sweetness and bitter versions. Mmmmmm I'm gonna have to go back soon. Oh and they also sell homemade chocolate. Also they have markets in the square and every second one sells home made chocolate (with taste testing of course) and every other one sells cheese, it's heaven!

Hi pingu so good to see you. Do any of your family still live up here? I was supposed to be doing the race for life in Darley park this weekend but forgot to actually sign up and it has sold out!!! I was going to just turn up and sign on and was just checking website to see if I could do that and discovered it's full!!! Oh well will do something else with ds2 was thinking of going to some of the standing stones, I love in a-lentilweaving kind if way, but also because we have nothing like it back home.

Trace we are having sweet corn soup, (I loved it while preggers) aubergine in wines(?not sure why it's plural) & chilli, and pak choi. I wanted veggie Singapore noddles, and banana fritters as well but DH is in a sensible mood so just the three dishes and soup.

MomOrMum Fri 08-May-09 20:44:17

Trace - No chocolate is a disaster! I am sitting here waiting for DH to finish work so that I can go through the motions of eating dinner and ultimately get my hands on the Mint Magnum I have stashed away in the freezer. Yum.

Veggiemummy Fri 08-May-09 20:45:22

Oh and Nolda I think the oilatum warning is only if they swallow it neat.

Veggiemummy Fri 08-May-09 20:55:12

Oh and forgot tofu in satay sauce this place does amazing satay sauce.

traceface Fri 08-May-09 20:57:18

it was sounding yummy until you mentioned the satay! Anything with peanuts does NOT agree with me (rash, swollen lips and tongue, vomiting...), but I'll have a bit of your sweetcorn soup if there's any left over wink
Enjoy your tea!

Veggiemummy Fri 08-May-09 20:57:44

Mmmmmm magnum. I'm now kicking myself I think I should have ordered hot&sour soup not sweet corn, bum too late now it's here. I could murder a Chan Cua soup from Viet Hoa on Kingsland road.

traceface Fri 08-May-09 21:02:26

Chan Cua? What's that?

Veggiemummy Fri 08-May-09 21:34:38

It's this really really yummy clear soup that is like hot&sour soup but a vietnamese version. The viet hoa one has loads of fresh yummy veggies and chilli.

Nolda Fri 08-May-09 21:46:46

Hi Pingu, lovely to hear from you again. I didn't mean to ignore you earlier, sorry.

tillyfernackerpants Fri 08-May-09 22:14:23

Hi pingu, nice to see you again

trace poor you with no chocolate, have some of my caramel thingy dessert [passes one across]. Lol at your dd, she's so sweet! Hope P is feeling better

veggie enjoy your takeaway. Dh & I have decided no more takeaways for a while sad

Our tv broke last week & our new one turned up today. It's huuuuuggggge, you can tell dh has chosen it!

traceface Fri 08-May-09 22:23:43

oh dear. P has woken and is poorly sad. She has loads of snot and it's quite bloody, and her eyes are glued shut, and she is so very miserable. She is moaning and won't even feed from me (she never refuses a boob normally!). Have topped up the paracetamol and given the chamomilla but veggie it's only 6, not 30, so will it help at all? She won't take meds from a spoon or syringe so I'm dipping my finger in the calpol and she's chomping and sucking it off! We're now watching the baby beethoven dvd for the second time today - and quite possibly not the last! am in a quandary about tomorrow now - do i help my friend at the car boot and drag P out to be outside for 5 hours, or do I keep P home and let my friend down - there are only the 2 of us going so she'd be on her own.

thanks for the caramel thing tilly!

tillyfernackerpants Fri 08-May-09 22:30:16

Trace, poor P sad. Personally, I would cancel & keep P at home, I'm sure your friend would understand. Re temperature wise, I was always told to take the nappy off as this can retain a lot of heat & to sponge with a luke warm flannel, not a cold one. Not sure how accurate it is but it always seems to have worked for ds1 in the past.

traceface Fri 08-May-09 22:35:52

thanks tilly. i just text my friend to explain that P's not well, and she replied "well you'd better tell her to get better because I'm not going on my own". I think she's only half joking.

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