The all new and exciting May TODDLERS thread...

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GeorginaA Sun 01-May-05 14:05:05

... it's May 1st folks...

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Newbarnsleygirl Sun 01-May-05 14:06:06

Is that anyone with a toddler then?

GeorginaA Sun 01-May-05 14:08:18

We used to be the May Babies thread but now the class of 2005 is hot on our heels and we have 1st birthdays upon us, we've started a May Toddlers thread But anyone's welcome to crash really

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Newbarnsleygirl Sun 01-May-05 14:11:39

I have a screaming 18 month old, I should qualify, shouldn't I?

I'm just leaving for half an hour to go and buy Malteasers and I'll be back

GeorginaA Sun 01-May-05 14:12:57

bring back enough to share...

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Newbarnsleygirl Sun 01-May-05 14:56:46

I'm back along with 2 175g bags of Maltesers

SusiS Sun 01-May-05 15:45:11

yummy! roll a few my way

hey girls!! how exciting! a may toddler thread!!!
can't believe lucas will be 1 next week

not much happening here. i am 18 weeks today and feeling quite allright (pains here and there and sleeping is not going too well )

lucas is just such a joy!!!! won't take long for him to walk about. he stands alone more and more and is just perfect in cruising around!
he also got very chatty over the last few weeks! copies just everything he hears!!!! lots of talking for me now
dp says he can understand words!!! guess words that only parents can understand
sleeping is great. won't really say it but the last few nights he slept till whispers 6.30! (hope i didn't do any damage now)

and feeding is great as always
just started on 'self feeding'; well, i pick something up with a fork, and he grabs it and woops in his mouth it goes! and the fork comes back to me to pick up more

he did the same with a book yesterday! well, no fork involved!! - but he handed me a book and stared at me untill i sat down to read it with him - very cute

how is everybody else doing????
hope you all enjoy the lovely weather

GeorginaA Sun 01-May-05 15:53:41

LOL at the self feeding Susi - ds2 is the same, if you're eating something he resorts back to his early pterodactyl screech and stretches himself up onto his tippytoes begging like a little puppy dog If we have to feed him early (i.e. we eat later) for some reason, he'll just end up packing in two meals depriving his poor mother out of food in the process

Ds1 and ds2 are currently out on the new patio, ds2 getting in the way while daddy and ds1 are washing down all the garden toys that have been put away while the extension was being done Of course, I'm supposed to be planning the week's food right now...

Save some maltesers for MEEEEEEEEEEE nbg

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Newbarnsleygirl Sun 01-May-05 16:02:07

Oooops have nearly eaten a full bag

Lol at Susis with the fork grabbing.

spots Sun 01-May-05 19:51:31

God, toddlers? Is that us, then?

Nice to hear from you Susi, hello Newbarnsleygirl.

Bozza Sun 01-May-05 21:23:41

Yes nice to hear from you susi. Well I don't know where to start because I haven't been on here for a week. First thing is that Mumsnet has been blocked at work. Am somewhat concerned that it is because they have been monitoring my useage. Was really busy last week and DH was away Wednesday night. And although the May babies/toddler might be fairly sniffle free I have had a really heavy cold/cough. If it hadn't been my last working day of the month on Thursday I would have phoned in sick. But being off the last day of the month is horrendously complicated. So I went in planning to do the bare minimum but because my boss is off next week ended up with sorting all sorts of things out. Found two upper molars in DD's mouth on Saturday morning.

Now here comes the bad bit. Saturday 2pm was expecting my friend and her two kids round anytime, DH and gone to golf and I was feeling sorry for myself (after DS playing up at his swimming lesson, parent participation and heavy cold). A complicated series of event occurred and basically DS shut me in my bedroom and then left the stair gate open. And next minute there was a bang and loud crying and DD had fallen the full flight of stairs. I ran down and got her and she'd got a large, wet graze on her cheek and a huge slightly grazed lump on her forehead. Was trembling. Rang DH, then rang friend who offered to have DS. So we took DD to A&E. She cried until we put her in the car, then slept and then was totally bright and jolly at the hospital. Spent all afternoon in A&E being seen intermittantly, triage nurse, duty doctor, paed, xrays - expecting to be sent home and told to keep an eye on her. Only they decided to keep her in. So about 6.30 got transferred up to children's ward. DD was tired and hungry by this point. Anyway when I finally managed to get some food out of someone she was fine. DH went home and got our things and brought them back and my friend kept DS overnight. So DD and I spent our first night in hospital - remember she was born at home. She did really well and coped with the two hourly observations without much disturbance. I OTOH am knackered. Am hoping DD's face goes down a bit before her birthday.

spots Sun 01-May-05 21:34:19

Oh Bozza - poor you and her and all involved! Am so glad all was ok. Was just thinking today, in a gloomy moment, about how awful it will be when DD has accidents! Talk about fearing the worst - and there was you, in the middle of it. give her a little kiss from me will you?

GeorginaA Sun 01-May-05 22:12:13

Bozza that sounds horrific I'm so glad that she's okay though and that it seems like they pulled all the stops to make sure she was okay. Please pour yourself an extra large glass of wine tonight, okay?!

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GeorginaA Sun 01-May-05 22:13:12

*Georgina attempts to get the world record for putting the word "okay" in one sentence*


Been on the wine myself, for no good reason other than it was there...

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Judd Sun 01-May-05 23:16:26

Oh Bozza, what a horrible thing to happen. DD fell down the stairs when she was 11 months. I'd put her in a skirt and left her in her room to see if she managed to crawl in it. She did, and went headfirst down the stairs because I'd forgotten to put the gate on. I felt absolutely awful about it.
Is she better now? I hope so.
On a different note, commiserations re: work blockage. I once temped at BAE without any internet access and very little to do. The days went incredibly slowly.
We are drinking wine too, because tomorrow is "a play day!". Also watching snooker and rooting for Mr. Murphy, although I still find Matthew Stevens quite fit.

hunkermunker Sun 01-May-05 23:35:44

DS is an April 2004 babe, but I'm crashing this thread to wish all the May babies wonderful first birthdays!

Satine Mon 02-May-05 08:21:04

Bozza, how awful for you. My dd (1 in 2 weeks) is hell bent on climbing any stairs she can find and sooner or later I know she's going to fall down them again. Hope your dd has made a full recovery. My dd is really babbling now- -only two or three recognizable words but still, she thinks she's saying stuff of Great Importance. I can't wait for her to start walking - I love letting her and ds play in the garden but every item of clothing she has is a dingy mud colour now! She's like the Queen, 2 or 3 outfits every day...

spots Mon 02-May-05 10:08:25

Hello Satine - what date is the big birthday? My dd's is May 14th, as is another May babe.

Hunkermunker, thanks!

Libb Mon 02-May-05 10:25:58

Oh Bozza, your week sounds a little like mine except without the internet monitoring.

I have an insane head cold that just won't shift, then on Saturday I managed to trip over whilst carrying DS. He grazed his forehead on the corner of the fireplace and now has a big gash. I fell on my back and have bruised it so badly I can barely move - luckily we didn't need a trip to A&E so my sympathies are with you. I did phone the emergency doctor but he could hear DS screaming in the background so wasn't too concerned. Ex dp had stayed out the night before and his face was a picture when he got home to find us both covered in blood and asleep on the sofa.

I have to also say that I am fed up of putting CDs back into the rack, DS has a box full of toys?!!! Why does he do this?????

I have an appointment with a housing association next Friday (the 13th!) but they have no vacancies at the mo - and when they do they get referrals from the Council, who don't even have the decency to answer my countless e-mails. I am not even going to start on this topic. Thankfully Ex and I are maintaining a good relationship in front of DS and I know I have a good friend in him if nothing else, he is a fantastic father to DS and intends to be very involved. We are having a party for DS so I hope his friends don't have a problem with the situation, it is an odd one I must admit!

spots Mon 02-May-05 11:04:08

Hello Libb. Oh deary dear, more blood on this thread! poor you, what traumas.

Glad things are bearable on the home front. Apart from the CD's - yes, DD loves to take on a pile of paper (bills, wallets of photos, letters and receipts, you know the ones) and STRIP IT DOWN by shooting them off whatever surface with the palm of her sticky hand. We are still not very good at DD-proofing the house so I suppose we can't really grumble.

GeorginaA Mon 02-May-05 12:37:02

Oh Libb - sounds horrible

We've just had a near miss which has made my blood run cold. We are so complacent as he's our second. He just pulled a cup of tea onto his head - fortunately all the liquid missed him and it wasn't hot enough to scald anyway. Given us both a wakeup call I think. My heart is still pounding

Ds1 has just learnt to peddle his trike though, so we had some nice stuff happen today too!

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GeorginaA Mon 02-May-05 12:38:47

Oh Libb - sounds horrible

We've just had a near miss which has made my blood run cold. We are so complacent as he's our second. He just pulled a cup of tea onto his head - fortunately all the liquid missed him and it wasn't hot enough to scald anyway. Given us both a wakeup call I think. My heart is still pounding

Ds1 has just learnt to peddle his trike though, so we had some nice stuff happen today too!

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GeorginaA Mon 02-May-05 12:41:17

sorry for the duplication - dh messing with the wireless network!

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egypt Mon 02-May-05 16:08:54

blimey, will you all just STOP having accidents? i am having heart failure. poor dd bozza and your ds too libb. and i hate to say it, but there's always more to come isnt there? i felt so sick the other day when dd just fell off the chair in the lounge. blimey, if she fell down the stairs........ glad she is ok bozza.

are we planning a june meet-up then??

been in garden all morning, getting the new patch of ground ready for grass seeding. dh and my dad decided to play golf whilst me and mum took dd to the park. then the heaven's just opened. bless. went to the bottle bank instead. what fun. dd asleep in car.

hi newbarnsleygirl! now known as nbg.

helsy Mon 02-May-05 16:31:26

Weeeeeeell, not to be left out, Dd2 has also been in the wars today. We went over to my dm's for the weekend and DH and I went to do a car boot sale ridiculously early this morning whilst dds stayed in bed at mum's. Called them at 9 to see how they all were, and dd1 got to the phone first to announce that dd2 had fallen off the bed "because grandma didn't listen to me when I said she was going to fall". Dd2 then appeared at the car boot having managed to scratch her nose, and then later when we were all sitting in my mum's house she lunged to the side whilst on someone's knee and knocked her head on the side of the chair AND bit her lip at the same time! And I've just had to take a coin out of her mouth. All this after a reasonably eventfree 11 months. Still it's always nice to go to mum's to hear what an appalling mother I am - yes, she was in YOUR care when she fell off the bed, mum...

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