Fab Feb 2009: baby coos, stinky poos - three months on...

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dinkystinky Tue 05-May-09 08:28:05

so here we go again grin

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littleboyblue Tue 05-May-09 08:40:10

I know!! What is it I'm doing to keep getting them? I never had a prob before this last pregnancy. Now I have to try to get a docs appointment but they prob won't have anything til friday. They are so rubbish at our doctors. I did send in a complaint about the dismissive convo I had with the reception staff last week re Luke's face rash and am now looking to register somewhere else. I don't know where there is another surgery though.
I'm going to go to the walk in clinic today about this UTIand see if they have info on local gp surgeries

Calico1 Tue 05-May-09 08:57:46

Morning all - I've calmed down a bit since DH's surprise resignation last week....it was on the cards but was hoping he'd have an actually job to go to before he jumped. He's going to work freelance for a while and see how things go.....bit scary as I am freelance too which equals no money at the mo......ah well I'll have to send DS out to work instead. He was washing cars at the weekend though mostly washing his trousers and shoes grin

LBB - sorry to hear about your UTI and rubbish docs.

Lardy hope your DS is ok?

KatieB - interesting about the weight charts, my HV told me not to worry about the fact that but my DC's are now on the 2nd centile - somebody has to be I suppose!

Dinky - your poor boys with colds again, both mine are snotty today too, and coughing as if they have smoked a pack of woodbines between them.

littleboyblue Tue 05-May-09 09:04:39

Got an appointment for today. Means I have to pull my finger out and get dressed now grin

Cocodrillo Tue 05-May-09 09:40:28

Lardy and Dinky hope your sick littlies are on the mend.

DD2 is much better, so has gone to the CM today. However, it is all over the news that swine flu has hit a school down the road. Can't believe of all the places in the UK for the epidemic to hit, it's come to my postcode!

swampster Tue 05-May-09 09:41:10

School photos this morning. Cue mummy desperately trying to prop up DS3 between DS1 and DS2 while not appearing in the picture. Cheese grin.

swampster Tue 05-May-09 09:42:16

I'm fairly near to it too Coco shock

Cocodrillo Tue 05-May-09 09:44:42


Cocodrillo Tue 05-May-09 09:55:45

Call me paranoid, but am not taking DD1 to her usual ballet class tonight as it takes place in a fairly upmarket location and it seems likely that siblings of children at the affected school might be among the class members.

Cocodrillo Tue 05-May-09 09:59:52

I sound like such a knob.

dinkystinky Tue 05-May-09 10:15:00

shock Coco and Swampster - will be avoiding sarf london for a while then...

Coco - probably wise. Kids arent the best hygiene wise at coughing into the crooks of their arms and religiously washing their hands - I'm still trying to train DS1 not to cough in my face! Though he's picked up on announcing he has a bogey up his nose a treat...

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PinkTulips Tue 05-May-09 10:29:06

morning all.

all very boring here, had a nice bank hiliday weekend and overslept massively this morning blush

dp has just headed down to social welfare... had hoped he'd be getting a job after his course, not just having to go straight back on the dole sad stoopid recession

aaron is still suffering with his cough but there doesn't seem much point in heading to the docs as there's nothing they can give him anyway, still praying it doesn't spread to his chest

swampy and coco shock at swine flu being near ye! don't blame you coco for keeping away from the ballet class tbh.

calico, hope it all works out for ye, freelancers might do well in the current climate as lots of companies don't want to hire staff atm so are contracting jobs out more.

lbb, ouch sad hope the docs help for once.

dinky, how goes OPT? ds1 kept himself dry all day at the party on sunday, so proud. he's still got a poo issue though, he's been doing them in his nappy before he hets up lately but no sign this morning and he's just gone ut with dp.... not looking forward to the mood on return if he pooes in social welfare offices wink

thehouseofmirth Tue 05-May-09 11:03:23

Dinky, South Hampstead High School is closed for the same reason...

dinkystinky Tue 05-May-09 11:24:14

Will be avoiding sarf hampstead too then THOM wink My nanny just told me about St Hampstead Girls High being closed while we were at GP surgery about DS1's chest/cough (another bloody chest infection of course). The surgery was packed - a doctor came out to announce that any one with a cold or flu like symptoms should just go home as they couldnt help them - and half the waiting room got up and went...

Pink - OPT ticking over. DS1 went to loo voluntarily by himself a few times over the long weekend (including twice at his party) - sadly he doesnt seem to have quite mastered pulling up pants and trousers afterwards so you know he's been when you see his little bare bottom wandering around grin He hasnt had any accidents though the nocturnal poos are continuing (though thank god no more dirty protests of late)... Hope Aaron's cough passes soon and avoids his chest.

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PolkSaladLucie Tue 05-May-09 12:27:33

Hey all.

Still sorting through all the ppw and insurance rubbish relating to the prang on Saturday... Am feeling a lot less chipper about it after spending the morning on the phone and running accross the road to the fax machine all the time!

Sorry to hear about the various ailments, dinky, lardy, and lbb. Hope things improve soon. I agree about the ballet thing coco, although it sounds like the list of places to avoid is ever increasing.

Well done to those on OPT - I admit that I'm like lbb on that one - doing a very good impression of an ostrich, although I'm gratified by a vague memory that I heard it's usually easier with girls?

Wanted to ask, M's still being a bit sick after feeds, and often there's icky looking mucus stuff in it - is that just from her being a bit snuffly or is there more to it than that? She's always sneezing, so I've sort of linked the two together, but it happened just now and made me think to double check.

Hope you all enjoyed your BHM, even if the weather was a bit poo. We went for a big group picnic at Bewl Water, and retreated to the coffee shop after about 15 minutes of desperatly trying to ignore the fact that we, and the food, were all sopping wet!

littleboyblue Tue 05-May-09 13:38:12

PSL Hope you get the car stuff sorted soon. Re M's sick, Jacob continued to be very sick after every feed right into weaning, although he was treated for reflux. I can't remember exactly when it stopped, maybe 8/9 months, maybe.
But, like you say, if she's been a bit snuffly, she may be swallowing a bit of mucus that's upsetting her a bit. With things like this, I give them 3 days to right themselves or if not, I pop to the gp.

I don't even know the symptoms of swine flu blush

I got some AB's for the UTI, doc said it's probably because I'm tired and run down and I should try to drink more water.

I really need to do the hoovering today, there are crumbs all over the living room floor and ds1 has just thrown a packet of fruit flakes on the floor. Although I rarely have visitors at home, I am very embarassed that I have allowed my living room to get into such a bad state.

lardybump Tue 05-May-09 14:37:01

afternoon all. PSL sounds like M is mucusy to me if sick is slimy looking. If it just looks like the milk that went in then maybe pop to GP. DS sick looks the same as when it goes in iykwim or sometimes it looks digested (like curdled milk)

We are off to GP again today. HV requested I go as DS not only has green poo but is going about 6 times a day when he usually goes once every two days.... She thinks he is ill!! I have also got to cancel his jabs so he is going to be at least 11 weeks before he has his first jabs now... I am a bit worried about that, or is that fine??

dinkystinky Tue 05-May-09 14:48:00

Lardy - it really doesnt matter about your DS getting his jabs later on. Its important you make sure he's well first. DS1 had his first set of jabs at 2 months, second at almost 4 months and third at almost 6 months due to illness bouts and the nurses said it was really normal. There's something to be said for leaving them till the babies are abit older as I think they end up coping with them better (as DS1 barely blinked at his third set of jabs having screamed for HOURS after his first set).

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McDreamy Tue 05-May-09 14:50:25

Hello all, haven't been on here for ages! Hope everyone is well. Can't believe we are at the 3 month mark! Abi gets christened on Saturday! Will now spend some time catching up with your news smile

littleboyblue Tue 05-May-09 14:50:51

lardy Maybe you should take a soiled nappy with you so they can send off a sample to be tested, check it's not gastro-thingy.
I wouldn't worry too much about the jabs being late, plenty of babies have them a bit lae due to colds and things, just maybe take a bit of extra care in general, is what I'd do.

Why is it that after mopping the floors, you never see the bit you missed until you put all your cleaning bits away and sit down?

lardybump Tue 05-May-09 14:58:56

Thanks everyone LBB I have a nappy all wrapped and ready to go!!! he he

rosieposey Tue 05-May-09 16:04:31

Just a quick wee to mark this thread - will be back later, hope everyones having a good one

dinkystinky Tue 05-May-09 16:09:10

Am thoroughly fed up. Danny has been crying or feeding or snotting/coughing/sneezing (or a combi of all the above) all bloody day - and refusing to sleep even though he's totally knackered (wont even drop off in the sling or when I take him for a walk). DS1 is in uber clingy threenager mood - wont go to his nanny for anything, everything has to be mummy (including mummy removing all snots from his mouth, giving him medicine, cleaning up after him etc.). Bloody builder who swore blind that all work he's doing on the house will be done by Thursday (he's done maybe a third of it - been "working" on the house for nearly 4 weeks now, though mostly not) still hasnt turned up today. DH and I are having issues in that everything I say to him sounds like a criticism of him apparently - so we spent most of the bank holiday weekend not talking and despite trying to have a civilised talk it out dinner last night he's not returning any of my calls or emails today... grrr. I want today to be over now sad

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herbgarden Tue 05-May-09 16:20:56

Still not had time to catch up but aw Dinky sorry you're having a bad day....can you pass Danny to Nanny and get her to try so that at least you don't have both of them?...Maybe best to leave DH to stew a while and then talk about it. Today doesn't sound like the day. Roll on 7pm eh wink

dinkystinky Tue 05-May-09 16:39:01

Thanks Herb - have discovered a left over easter egg so am currently eating my body weight in chocolate to cheer myself up.

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