May 08 babies,,,,,,,they9;re turning one!!!....pass the 'Toddler Taming' book!

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luckymummy74 Tue 28-Apr-09 19:44:30

Hi girls, thought I would start a new thread as DD2 is one on Thursday grin.

Can you believe a whole year has passed already?

HM LOL at your little independent DS...I know what you mean. DD2 is v cute but also getting v independent. I do a mix of spoon feeding and finger feeding (I know not BLW as such). She is thankfully a very clean eater like her must be genetic!
I know people will slate me for this, but I really couldn't cope with all that mess. My days are demanding enough!

Joking aside, the latest version of Christopher Green's 'Toddler Taming' is brilliant.

Big news in the lucky household...DD2 took 3 steps on her own today!!! So she may well be proper walking before her birthday (you've got 2 days pressure!)

Still no sign of chicken pox.....

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luckymummy74 Tue 28-Apr-09 20:02:58

OMG and we just had the google maps van in our cul de sac!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was cleaning DD1's teeth when I saw what looked like a massive camera on a street light, when I looked out, it was attached to a car with the google logo on it!!

Damn....wish I'd done the garden!!!

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fuzzypeach Tue 28-Apr-09 21:48:05

thanks for starting the thread LM I wish the googlevan would come round near us as I am so nosy i love looking at where people live !!

Cant believe they are coming up for one - Hope DD2 has a fab day on thursday LM we are the day after smile still cant decide what to do on her actual birthday though - we took DD1 to Chester Zoo but its quite expensive and probably would be more for DD1s benefit than DD2s.. Great news about walking!

HM aww DS sounds so cute though and very grown up!! I cant stand the mess either, so I dont have any answers im afraid!!

Nothing much going on here, just trying to get everything sorted for the weekend (DD2s birthday and party) although theres a few kids not coming now due to illnesses etc so not as many to deal with! We are having work done to the outside of our house which was meant to be finished last week but they have faffed around and now saying they cant finish it due to weather (the last bit is a new carport roof) so they turned up this morning and said rain was forecast so they were starting another then didnt rain all day!! And if they dont finish by sat, the garden will be out of bounds as all their equipment etc and big skip is in there so it wont be safe sad so fingers crossed, although im not holding my breath!!

Haribosmummy Tue 28-Apr-09 22:15:23


Just checking in before bed. DS and I have been out tonight! What little ravers we are!! grin

Hope you both have lovely birthdays with your LOs. DS is 17th... but we are just having a garden party.

I'm afraid I am struggling with the mess too. Thankfully, DS's high chair is this one and can be dismantled to clean. I'm going to buy a spare accessory pack tomorrow so one can be in the wash! grin I do like to let DS feed himself, but I might send him around to yours, LM, for some hygiene lessons! grin

Night all!

macaco Wed 29-Apr-09 15:11:48

Hi all,

just posting and running. Happy Birthday to all those just turning one! DS was 13 months the other day, where does the time go!

Haribo we BLWed from about 7 months or so, after a false start with puree. It can be messy but I just think it is sooooo important for them to learn about textures and "mess", and they get better at it quite fast.

When in the high chair I put a cot sheet underneath for things that drop on the floor. (A small dog also comes in quite handy to hoover bits up grin). DS wears a toddler coverall bib with sleeves. And sometimes a pelican bib over that, but not usually.
For out and about he sits in the pushchair (jane) with a sleeved bib on and I drape a muslin over the bar that goes across his legs IYSWIM
Some foods are much messier, brocoli is dreadful, like confetti! For out and about I take "cleaner" food like little baby pancakes, mini babybel, cucumber sticks, tortellini, dried fruit, sandwiches etc.

monkeysmama Wed 29-Apr-09 17:39:10

Hi girls

Typed a long post this morning but lost it.... angry

I've resigned grin!

Dd is grabbing wildly at my bra straps - she's teething and is in a right old state today. She hardly every cries so when we have a day like today where she has cried and whined alomost all day I get a bit frazzled! I am using calpol (having to force it in with a syringe though because she's refusing medicine lately) and those A&P powders and a frozen plastic lemon icecube. Any miracles?

Dd was BLW-ed hmm and it gets less messy quickly! I stopped myself from cleaning her and around her all the time (which encouraged throwing things) and within max 2 weeks she was much cleaner! Shenow feeds herself yoghurt(spg?) with a spoon and the only really messy foods are salmon - which she insists on rubbing all over her face and hair, and spaghetti bolognaise! I bought one of those little hand held 1980s style hoovers which is good for cleaning up after.

LM hope your shoulder's still okay.

Happy birthday to all the LOs celebrating - we've got until 14th of next month. Doesn't seem like a year since I was on here worrying about what my midwife wanted to do to get dd started and checking everyday to see who'd had their babies, how much they weighed and waiting for the birth stories.... teary eyedsmile

Better go - the grabbing is now full on pinching - seems only the boob will do.

MM wink

Haribosmummy Wed 29-Apr-09 21:07:23

MM - I'm forever losing posts now too - But that may have something to do with the fact that I log on with DS on a morning and he helps me type wink In fact, I just bought him his first Vtech computer today - it's only from Oxfam but works perfectly well and gives him something to bash the keys on. We're a bit PC mad in our house - we have to static PCs in the study and 4 laptops (yes, we all have our own! blush and we have wireless connections all through the house so you can print etc., log onto the internet anywhere in the house. That's probably quite sad, but we all spend so much time in different places (DSDs at school and with their mum, DH in Russia, me... err... I don't leave the house much! blush) it's a good way to all stay in touch!

Well, congratulations on resigning... I'm sure it's the right thing for you, as it's something you have given a lot of thought too. Welcome to the world of SAHM!! grin

Thanks for the advice re. BLW... Macaco you made me laugh so much about the small dog comment.... I have a rather larger version here who has his very own brand of hoovering / cleaning up after Harry, but since Harry wants to feed himself, I actually have to shut him out of the room - otherwise, harry tries to give the dog his food and Doof (stragely, for a chocolate labrador!) doesn't refuse!!!!

You are right, MM - what an eventful year! Harry and I are such a team now... I can't believe how nervous I was in the early days, when I never thought I'd get my head around being a mum (and here I am on the verge of having two little monsters!!! grin)... I can honestly say that you lot have been a lifeline to me and I appreciate you all listening to my rants personal thoughts grin

I'm doing Harry a photobook for his first birthday... Well, I suppose it's more for me than him, but words simply can't describe how much love, joy and happiness he has brought into my life grin and it seems like a good way to capture all the fun things we've done - from paris with the DSDs to playing in the swing park!

I'm also feeling very happy tonight, as I think I might have found the perfect childcare solution - fingers crossed on that one!!

Best go, DS is asleep and I should join him in the land of nod!

HM xx

Haribosmummy Wed 29-Apr-09 21:08:03

And, happy birthday LuckyDD2 for tomorrow!

Hope you all have a lovely day! grin

luckymummy74 Thu 30-Apr-09 08:49:20

Feel a bit emotional today as my beautiful little girl is ONE!!! V strange thinking of this time last year sitting in hospital bed with 4 hour old baby and now she is crawling/crusing all over the den playing with her toys grin.

Going to Pizza Express for lunch when we pick DD1 up from playgroup.

Parties this weekend!!

LM x

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fuzzypeach Thu 30-Apr-09 09:02:23

happy Birthday to DD2 LM ! Hope she has a fantastic day!

Im already getting emotional thinking about this time last year.... smile

macaco Thu 30-Apr-09 09:48:05

Happy Birthday LM's DD! And happy birthday to all the other little ones. I know what you mean about the emotional side, I felt quite emotional for a few days before and on the day. happy but emotional, so many memories! My mum was saying the same thing, that everyone thinks it's all about the baby as it's their birthday but it's the mum's day too IYSWIM? We had a teeny tiny party on the day and a big party and all the family at the weekend as I wanted something quiet and private for the day. Think I might have cried over people if we'd had the party (and it was a big one) on his actual day.

Haribo DS fed the dog for a while and we too shut her out cos otherwise she was going to get obese! He doesn't really do it any more now though. But our dog is little so we can make her hide under the table where he can't see her!

Mitchell81 Thu 30-Apr-09 12:38:47

Happy Birthday LM DD Hope you all having a wonderful day.

shonnomanom Thu 30-Apr-09 13:06:26

mm we have been using these for when dd is biting everything

hm i love the photobook idea!

congratulations birthday babies!!

dd has started to take a few steps between furniture. we'r still hoping for no hands walking by her birthday (30may)

sho x

Mitchell81 Fri 01-May-09 13:23:08

Happy Birthday Fuzzypeach DD2 Hope you have a great day.

fuzzypeach Fri 01-May-09 14:59:10

thnks mitchell - i feel bad we havent really done much to be honest, went to TGI fridays for lunch which was more for DD1s benefit, and were going to go to the park, but it started to chuck it down, so we are home now and playing with new toys and having family round at 4, and party tomorrow! I cant decide how i feel today other than very weird!! x

Mitchell81 Fri 01-May-09 16:43:45

Fuzzy Just think this time last year you had just had a C-section and how far you and DD2 have come since then.
I think on DS2 birthday we will just have a normal day, maybe with cake and a special dinner(more for his siblings and us). DH is working and I am picking up my new car and want to take him to the babyclinic to get weighed. Not very exciting, will have his birthday 'party' on the weekend before.

Haribosmummy Fri 01-May-09 17:46:45

Fuzzy - hope you've enjoyed the day! it is odd to think that our little babies are one and I think that all of us will take a moment or two of private reflection.

Hope everyone is well.

HM x

luckymummy74 Fri 01-May-09 22:17:13

Happy Birthday DDfuzzy!! We did much the same as you...went out for lunch, more for our benefit and DD1's, but saying that DD2 giggled for the whole 1.5 hours and seemed to enjoy flirting with the waiter (I don't know where she gets that from??!! hmm)

Party tomorrow, I've just made and decorated DD1's cake (it's more for her than DD2 the party). Sounds very impressive huh? Well no, it's just a victoria sponge with glace icing and piped 'Happy Birhtday Sophie' and a '3' candle! Nigella I am not.

HM keepiing my fingers crossed for you on the childcare thing...let us know when you can.

Might have to re-open my profile just to put some photos of DD2 on her birthday for you all to see....

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luckymummy74 Fri 01-May-09 22:30:45

there...done it.

Can we see some more photos of our little May babies as they turn one please??!!

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macaco Sat 02-May-09 08:51:04

Lovely photos LM looks like you had a lovely time. Great cake by the way! I'm just uploading some pix of DS and his cake and then some later ones, cake courtesy of my mum!
How are everyone's LOs doing on walking/talking? DS cruises furniture but doesn't walk unaided and chats away all the time but no "actual" words yet. He seems to understand a lot of words though in both languages. He definitely understands about 10 words in English and maybe as many in Spanish. Also points for what he wants. He's just started to clap as well and does it all the time now, very cute!

macaco Sat 02-May-09 08:59:31

OK photos up....for a limited time only ladies!

have a lovely weekend everyone!

luckymummy74 Sat 02-May-09 12:57:30

Hi Macoco- lovely pics too. He looks so different with his hair shorter...he looks like a proper little man!

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Mitchell81 Sat 02-May-09 14:40:28

LM and Macaco what lovely photos. I have added some new ones aswell, blush but will have to wait until the 12th for DS2 1st birthday photo.

fuzzypeach Sun 03-May-09 23:05:12

Thanks for all the birthday wishes for DD2, she had a fantastic birthday and party yesterday, the sun was shining and we had a great day! I will put some piccies on - but also for a limited time only! the amazing cake was made by my best friends husband and Evie's godfather (who is not a cake maker, its just a hobby!!)

macaco and LM your pics are great! Im very impressed with your writing skills on the cake LM whenever I try to write on cakes it looks awful!!

monkeysmama Mon 04-May-09 10:13:45

Hi ladies

Stealing half an hour to drink a cofee in peace and catch up on MN and FB while dd and dp have a nap upstairs and my muffins are in the oven cooking. Did anyone else try them? I make them every few days with different things in and am looking forward to a banana and coconut one for breakfast. Mmmm.

I will put a few snaps on dd on my profile though she isn't one until the 14th. All the babies are lovely - Macaco your little man is so cute! As you know, dd is bilingual too and it is so funny to see what languages she understands what things in (does that make sense) When dp says "clap hands" she looks blankly, when I say "Batti le manine" she claps wildly. She learnt a new word yesterday - my favourite yet "bum bum" - it is so lovely when she says it though I said to dpwe shouldn't encourage it as she'll be shouting it out soon and we'll be going blush everytime she does!

We're celebrating next weekend at dp's parents with her cousins and a few close mates, then on her birthday we're going to have fun locally so she doesn't have to spend the day in the pram / car and the following Saturday we're having a big party in the park with c.20 mates and 30 kids!shockhmm

I got all emotional about dd being almost 1 yesterday. I was at my mum's in May 2008 when I had a show (my midwife was coming over later that morning to the sweep I was dreading!) and when we went out to get in her car the windscreen had been smashed so I ended up in a taxi. The tunnel between where I live and where my mum lives was temporarily closed and I was stuck in traffic for over an hour in the boiling heat in a taxi during the starts of labour. (If you knew my in RL this would not be a surprise - this is the kind of thing that always happens in my life hmm) Anyway, yesterday dd & I were in the back of a cab stuck in traffic in exactly the same place with the sun streaming in through the window & I had an overwhelming memory of last year. I am so in love with my daughter. This has been the best year of my life. grin

Have a happy Monday girls.

MM wink

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