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June 2008: the One Show (almost)

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Essie3 Tue 28-Apr-09 09:41:52


DebInAustria Tue 28-Apr-09 09:44:16


Amberc Tue 28-Apr-09 10:41:37

Do you think all the babies will be one by the time this thread runs out?

I have just put on fake tan for the first time in ages! Gawd knows what it'll look like. I decided that with the baby I wouldn't be doing much sitting in the sun and so wanted to be brown(ish)before revealing my corned beef legs to anyone. I also had a bikini wax yesterday. I actually had to apologise to the woman before she did it. I'm sure she's seen worse but I still felt like the woman out of life and loves of a she devil pre surgery!

Mark had a major go at me this morning over a microscopic dot of food which had stained the carpet. God knows what he'll be like when the baby has a crap on the carpet which I am sure he will do at some point in his life.

Anyway - hope everyone is well. Off to do a bit more packing. How dull I hate it,.

whinegums Tue 28-Apr-09 10:49:20

Amber, I thought you were going on holiday several days ago!! Packing is crap isn't it - it used to be exciting when I was younger, but now it's just a chore. Never mind, you will have a fab time when you're there.

Mark should come and look at our carpets/floors - then he'll know where he's well off! (Disclaimer: the Whinegums household is not quite ready for Kim and Aggie, but microscopic dots of food are usually ignored for a day or so).

Deb, can't believe someone asked if you were Ethan's grandma! Cheeky cow!

Essie, loved the wedding pics too.

My niece is a year old today! Can't believe where the time has gone (and this means B is a year old in 10 weeks time). shock

DebInAustria Tue 28-Apr-09 10:58:16

Amber - I'll send him some photos of our carpet after the boys got black space putty stuff all over it at Christmas time!

Whinegums - trouble was that she was obviously speaking in German so I wasn't 100% sure she was saying Grandson, otherwise I'd have at least looked insulted and sucked my tummy in!

AliandHerScallywag Tue 28-Apr-09 13:40:02

Hello new thread! Thanks Essie for setting it up.

I have just booked flights to Austria, but now that I have heard about Deb's carpet I am having second thoughts wink. Actually if you could see the state of my house you would all be horrified (I am). This morning P managed to knock a load of mud off the pushchair and that did actually motivate me to clear it up. He was eating the mud.

I am very excited because I have just booked flights to Austria in June, and then to my parents' house in France in July. The highlight hmm of the trip to the deep south of France is going to be the folk dancing festival. My parents are assuring me that it is good really.

Amber- ignore Mark grin, at least you didn't drop fake tan on a brand new wool carpet like I did a few years ago. Guess what: I tanned the carpet blush, and didn't tell DH. He eventually noticed when he was vacuuming months later.

neenztwinz Tue 28-Apr-09 15:07:58

Love your thinking Amber re pooing on the floor one day! Esther has started doing that before her bath - we take her nappy off, she pulls herself up to standing... and then poos. Lovely!

Essie, I also have much more toned arms now! It used to really want lovely toned biceps but could never be bothered to do the weights etc. Should have just had twins! BTW you look nothing like a person who has just had a baby! You and Tim look very sweet.

My house is also a state, the kitchen floor has lots of food on it. blush I had to apologise to DH cos I think really I should keep more on top of the cleaning but I just can't be bothered when I am here with the DTs on my own. I don't mind cleaning at the weekend when DH is here to look after T and E, but during the week... no way. He doesn't mind anyway.

Debs shock - what are people thinking when they say these things?

I have solved the nappy-change problem - I sit on the floor with my legs stretched out in front of me, put the baby on the floor between my legs (if you like hmm), stretch their arms out 90 degrees, put my right leg over their left arm and vice versa - then they are pinned to the ground and can't wriggle away. It is genius!!

Amberc Tue 28-Apr-09 15:55:13

oooh - I'm going to try that Neenz - Luke is a nightmare, he runs off as soon as I have the nappy off him, pooey bum and all.

Rolf Tue 28-Apr-09 16:21:00

Deb noooooo. That's as horrid as my "oh, are you having another baby?" horror last week!

Thea's much better,but now DS2 is vomiting sad.

Ali your holiday sounds lovely. Deb's place looks gorgeous.

Amber how will Mark cope with poo and lumpy sick on the carpet?

Neenz like the nappy technique!

abdnhiker Tue 28-Apr-09 16:56:39

Amber Fraser managed to poo on the rug the other day. A spot of food is nothing. (Although this was a brown rug.) Go on vacation and enjoy yourself!!!!

New Lanark was great, but DS1 was miserable. We had a not-so-good night in the hotel last night thanks to monkey #2 so DS1 was tired and now is running a fever. Such is life ... but we did have a nice break and it was well worth it since DH had to go down anyways.

Deb she must have been a teenage mother. If you'd had one at 16 and they'd reproduced at 16... well, most of us would be grandparents by that standard.

Rolf hugs...hope DS2 doesn't get as sick.

PiggyPenguin Tue 28-Apr-09 16:56:57

Deb, a friend of mine who had a baby 8 months ago was asked when her baby was due at an evening out with friends. She was mortified, especially as she was wearing her 'slimming' pants at the time.

Feeling rough today but dh has worked from home so that I can lounge around and not do much other than feed Jamie. If only I didn't have a sore head it would be bliss

AliandHerScallywag Tue 28-Apr-09 18:46:11

Deb - didn't the same thing happen to Libra a while back? You aren't alone.

poppy34 Tue 28-Apr-09 19:59:45

great thread title - re carpets I was dead chuffed as eternally house proud dh spilled red wine on the carpet last night and was glad it wasn't me. but in no position to criticize as we still have a burn mark on the garden decking where I put a pan that had boiled over blush. Amber have an ace holiday and tell mark if he's so anal re carpet to clean it himself.
Another vote for a mirror lover here - and love neenz nappy tip as edie in major danger of escaping and falling here.
grin re Ali and essies thread title comments but couldn't agree more. And grandma deb isn't there a gran net bit ?I had other problem recently when electricity man asked if owner was in thereby implying I look top mentally incompetent to own a house(probably true given I just realized problem with the front door lock injad whined to dh about was because I was turning it the wrong way blush.

parofleurmapu Tue 28-Apr-09 20:01:27

Quick hello b4 dinner!

All well here lots of screaming when we drop Fleur off at nursery though now in the morning its quite heart wrenching

Quick reponses etc:

Zapp . I have one foor travelling etc cause its so smal . and fleur slept in it loads for the 3 weeks were in UK at Xmas and she was only 7 months old So think its alright

Flowers in hospitals - when i had fleur i was allowed flowers but not in the room they had to go on the floor outside the door!!! Made the corridors look pretty though!!!

Packing- blergh dont even go there !!!! dont know where to start!!!

Ok baked beans and cheese is here!!! Yes i know really not healthy but no energy for anything else no wonder i still look preggers too!!!

Might check in 2morrow but off on mini hol with FIL and his Gfriend from thurs to sat as thhey are over herre at mo

Essie3 Tue 28-Apr-09 20:55:38

Glad the new thread title is acceptable!

Thanks for the comments on the Zapp, btw. I forgot until I saw Paro's comment just now! Thanks, Paro. Whinegums, the big discount was...Mothercare! It was down to £100. Still a lot, but it is funky! blush I wanted to ask the pram thread guys about the issues with sleeping in it, but one of them was selling one s/h, and then I got a brand new one reduced, but I regret not buying the s/h one because there were accessories with it and I hate spending money! But sometimes it's nice to get something brand new.

Iestyn has been quite hard work tonight <adopts Geordie accent> 'Day 3 in the 3 weeks of single parenting house'. Mum and Dad came round because Dad cut the grass for me, and Iestyn gets totally overexcited when Taid is around. We eventually managed to feed him by moving his Tripp Trapp to the patio doors so he could squeal, wave and point at Taid who cut the grass. Taid also helped with bathtime, and I think Iestyn was just too excited to sleep. So it took me 45 minutes to settle him, and he's stirred and needed me to go in 3 times so far.

Also, speaking of nappies and poo, wink Iestyn had a nappy leak on my duvet this morning, but he was in a disposable because of his little problem down there! Any tips on solidifying his nappies? On Sunday he appeared to have mild diarrhoea, with 5 dirty (but runny) nappies since lunchtime. He was fine on Monday, but the 1 dirty nappy was still v. loose, and same today, v. loose nappy this morning and this evening. He's fine in himself, quite chirpy and happy if a little clingy, and is eating as normal.

Sorry, that was all TMI.

Amberc Tue 28-Apr-09 21:09:23

Luke's nappies are fairly firm at the mo but were just as runny as newborn up until about a few weeks ago. Thankfully they are semi hard now I am about to put him in a swim nappy. Essie I think their tummies do all sorts of funny things because they are so immature. They'll probably be normal again next week. Try a diet of baby porridge - Luke's poo is like play doh when I give him that!!

That's me all done now - am officially on vacation although i bet you I check in from Cyprus as I am that sad.

PS the fake tan looks so good I was tempted to give Luke a tanning session (joke!)

poppy34 Tue 28-Apr-09 21:10:49

Sympathies on single parent an over excitement - I struggle on nights when nick not home as edie looks for him and gets hyper if has too full on a day when he is home. Re nappies what has he been eating? Anything new ? Salmon had similar effect on edie as does pro biotic yoghurt. That said it could be a very mild bug or the end of a cold( has happened here).
Am quite envious of your new bargain as had same old maclaren here since birth (although it is good although edie has a complex relationship with it).
Think I may be getting back into the mumsnet working groove smile.

DebInAustria Tue 28-Apr-09 21:10:53

Thanks for all the kind words - apart from you Poppy - Grans net - I could go off people you know!!! smile

Ali - I'm excited to be finally meeting someone from our group(those London meet ups always sounded such fun) and it will be so lovely for Ethan to meet his Birthday buddy! You can report back on my carpet afterwards!

Abdn - glad you had a nice break despite ds1 feeling poorly.

Neenz - like the nappy technique

rolf - hope ds2 is soon better

Sybil - hope you feel better soon

Paro - beans and cheese are your comfort food aren't they?

Esie - I'm assuming Taid is Welsh for Dad or Grandad? No ideas about the nappy -sorry. Is he teething?

Ethan is dribbling like mad, he's like one of those slobbering dogs at the moment, and snotty too. He's slept very little today so it's been a long day and I'm feeling really down. Don't know why - I'm just so grumpy!

Amberc Tue 28-Apr-09 21:18:45

By the way - anyone who saw my facebook status about going to see A-ha, well out of interest I just looked on Youtube for 'stay on these roads' which was one of my favourites and nearly had an accident in my pants - Morten Harket is sooo utterly gorgeous I think that's decided it for me! Check him out... Morten

poppy34 Tue 28-Apr-09 21:23:20

But deb I love your stories about how the GIs gave you chocolate and nylons ....wink amber I really thinkbyou need a holiday- is ashes to ashes mo enough to give you your eighties fix? Didn't a-ha make a --rubbish attempt to get cash-- comeback a year or two back or is this part of it?

poppy34 Tue 28-Apr-09 21:26:51

HE WAXES AND WEARS LEATHER TROUSERS - just add comvertible sports carb complete the mid life crisis!but who am I to judge given my early crushes

DebInAustria Tue 28-Apr-09 21:27:56

Oh Poppy don't make laugh dear I've run out of Tena!

DebInAustria Tue 28-Apr-09 21:28:35

what were your early crushes? Obviously you wouldn't know any of mine!!

Rolf Tue 28-Apr-09 22:08:30

John Taylor from Duran Duran blush

Essie3 Tue 28-Apr-09 22:22:38

Who cares about early crushes? I'm after Morten now! He's lovely!

Poppy I totally failed to be super positive about you being back at work. How's it all going? Tim started eyeing up Maclarens in Mothercare but I stopped him because I'd kind of been after the Zapp... blush Zapp could be useful for you when you're travelling (mind you, the Maclaren can be too - is yours a travel system or the usual Maclarens?), but if Edie has issues, then the Zapp might not be for her. It's very upright.

Had 5 distress calls since I last posted. He seems quiet now (shouldn't have typed that!!) but I gave him Calgel. Am I being a bit dim? Could this poo issue be anything to do with teething? Iestyn doesn't have any teeth yet. (Yeah, yeah, kept that one quiet!!)
Thing is, he hasn't eaten anything different (unless you count a rich tea biscuit at Puree's grin) and he doesn't appear to be ill. But this waking thing isn't like him.

Deb well deducted - I hadn't realised that I hadn't explained that Taid = Grandfather. Future reference: Nain = Grandmother.

Amber for goodness sake, go, woman! grin Have a fab time.

I'm going to copy Ali and try to be in bed by 10.30. Oops... Ali, how's Peter sleeping these days? Haven't heard the latest in Sleepgate. smile

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